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Summary:Twins thirteen year old orphan genius witches Lily and Liza work for the CIA. When one day going home, the twins see a girl at the age if fourteen with wings fall from the sky, they save her life. They help the girl get back to her flock and defeat the school. But the problem? The twins can NOT let them find out that they're CIA agents. What a wonderful way to spend summer vacation; trying to help an girl while keeping who and what they are a secret

This story is set after School's Out-Forever, but I read all the books so it might be a little strange and include detailes from the later books. I can't remember if it's the erasers or flyboys so I'm going to go with flyboys. I'm only going to make this in the p.o.v. of the twins since I'm not sure how to do it for the other characters.

Disclamer:The only things I own are my own characters and the plot. The rest of it belongs to James Patterson.


Lily's p.o.v.

My twin sister and I were walking home from the last day of our senior year at high school. We had already got accepted into Stanford (sp?) and were planning on going there for university. Yeah I know what you're thinking. We're only thirteen. How are we going to university already.

Well you see, my sister and I are both twin orphan geniuses. We skipped a few grades already and yeah. We work for the CIA. We're also-I am NOT crazy-witches. Yes you heard me correct. Witches. As in the pointy hat turning people into toads witches. Actually I'm just joking. At least about the turning people into toads and wearing pointy hats.

"This is so heavy," moaned Liza, "Tell me again why we're each carrying four spell books plus a bunch of other things?"

"We can't risk being found out," I said patiently. I'm the patient, calm one. My sister's the risk taking sucidial idiot.

"Um...Lily? I see a falling angel," said Liza weakly.

"Dear sister, you have officially gone crazy," I replied cheerfully while looking at the direction of the "falling angel." I casted a spell that increased my sight. I saw a girl with wings dropping. She seemed to have cuts all over her body and one of the wings was bleeding.

"It's a girl, you idiot," I said and started jogging towards her with Liza following me.

"Gunshot at the wing. Claw marks on the rest and a few brusises. Three broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. She's also out cold," reported Liza as she examined the body.

"Let's get her some where safe," I murmured. Suddenly a bunch well more like 5 of silver robots with wings landed around us.

"Give us the girl and no one will be hurt," said one in a stiff, well, robotic voice.

"Yeah sure when pigs fly," said Liza in a sweet voice a.k.a. the voice where she's about to beat the crap out of something or someone.

"Fireball spell," she whispered to me.

I got ready the incantation in my head and got ready to fry someone or should I say something.

"On three, THREE!"yelled Liza. I was used to that since we were always too lazy to say one, two, three, go. One by one, the flying robots got fried. All that remained were ashes and ashes and more ashes.

"Hello?...Yeah it's Liza...Lily and I are going to be home late...No...We just want to do a little bit of research on Stanford...Yeah...Of course it's her idea...We won't...Around eight thirty...'kay...bye," said Lily as she called Serena, the person who takes care of us.

"Did I metion before how I hate hearing half a conversation?" I demanded at her.

"Of course, dear sister. Why do you think I do it?" she replied.

I bruied the ashes careful not to leave any trace of anyone being here.

I carried the girl into the woods and sat her down next to a tree. "Cast a perimeter spell, Liz," I ordered as I looked at her wounds. The bullet had passed neatly through the wing so I first bandaged that up. Then I set the ribs and took out bindings. Then I fixed up her ankle. "Sometimes it pays to be paranoid," I said cheerfully.

I carried her deeper into the woods and arrived at a tree house Liza and I had built a few years ago when we were living on the streets. Our parents had died when we were nine years old. We discovered out powers at age ten. We joined the CIA at age eleven. Got a proper education and now at thirteen, two years later, we graduated high school.

I casted a high jump spell and landed on the edge. Inside was a bed and I left the girl there. Liza took care of the girl and I got out my laptop. I made my laptop by myself. It was solar powered and I could go online anywhere and everywhere. I took out a notebook and started researching for a few hours and muttering about how a stupid twin sister made up a stupid lie and making me do all the stupid research and jotting down stupid notes and getting stupid blisters over my stupid hand.

"I don't think I ever heard someone use that many stupids in a sentence," groaned an unfamiliar voice.

"You're up," I said and continued looking at websites on Stanford.

"Where am I?" she demanded and try to sit up.

"We get to do the interrogating," snapped Liza, "Number one: Who are you? Number two: What are you? Number three: Why do you have wings? Number four: Why are you hurt? Number five: say thank you to my sister for saving your life.

"I'm Max Ride. I'm and avian human. Scientists gave me my wings. I was attacked. Thank you to my sister for saving your life. Why am I saying all that?" said the girl.

"Blame my sister. I'm Selene and that's Serena," I lied with a smile. "You were shot through the left wing. Three of your ribs are broken and you dislocated your ankle so I wouldn't recomend moving. You're in the woods and safe," I said while not looking up from the computer once.

"Time?" asked Liza.

"It's eight. We should go," I said. I shut down the computer and picked up my notebook. "And Max? Don't go any where. You're safe while you're in the house."

"I'll run to get something for her to eat. Be back in five," said Liza as she leaped from the tree house and vanished into the woods. I picked up my pencil and went to the walls. I started drawing a bunch of protective runes. Five minuets later Liza came back with chinese food. I left plastic spoons, forks, bowls, and wooden chopsticks.

"We'll be back tomorrow," I said as we disappeared into to woods.


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