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Summary:Twins thirteen year old orphan genus witches Liza and Lily work for the CIA. One day when the girls head home, they see a fourteen year old girl with wings fall from the sky. The twins save her life and try to help her get back to her flock and defeat the school. Problem? Liza and Lily can not let them know who and what they are. What a wonderful way to spend a summer vacation.

Disclamer:Only the twins, a few other characters, and the plot belong to me. The rest all belongs to James Patterson.


Liza's p.o.v.

I woke up at five in the morning to Lily's head leaning on chest using it as a nice pillow seeing as how we were both flat. Somehow over night it was still on and the ear phones hadn't fallen off. Now it was playing Potential Break up Song by Aly and AJ.

"Wake up, Lil," I said while shaking her gently.

"What time is it?" she groaned.

"Dawn," I answered.

"Why the hell did you wake me up at dawn?" she grumbled.

"I woke up at dawn so according to my logic, you should to," I whispered while pointing to the flock members dead asleep on the two beds.

She got the note and replied just as softly, "What kind of logic is that?"

"My logic," I said. I took my bag and janked out an outfit identicial to Lily's T-shirt and shorts. I changed and we dyed our hair into a light brunette color that would come out after three washes. Then we tied it into matching ponytails with a stripe of ribbon with spikes in it so that anyone who pulled our hair would get a nasty surprise. Lily handed me ice blue color contacts that went over our green eyes.

When we're about to do something that might blow our secret, we go into heavy disguises that would stop anyone from finding out who we were. I hesitated then dragged Lily into the bathroom. I handed her long black pants that were easy to move and run in. I pulled on black sneakers and she did the same. We changed into a bullet proof vest underneath our newly changed into black T-shirt. We slipped on a black jacket and put on a black cap that covered our face.

"I got everything?" she asked.

I checked her over as she did to me and we nodded in unison at each other.

"Maybe we should change our hair to black," I mussed as we hid our weapons on our body.

"No way. No more black. Nudge is going to talk her head off if we do," she said.

One hour later, Max woke up. "Who are you?" she asked us.

"Who do you think?" I asked in replied and Lily fell to the ground in laughing her head off.

"What did you two do to yourselves?" she asked, horrified, "Do you have any idea how much Nudge will talk when she sees you?"

"We were consdering to make our hair black. Be happy we didn't," said Lily still giggling a little bit.

"This is actually how we look like," I lied.

"Really?" she asked.

I shook my head and answered, "Actually when you first saw us, we were coming home from our last day of school so we weren't in disguise. Unless we're about to do something or get involved with something illegal, that is."

"Illegal?" asked Max.

"Yeah. We have enough evedience to get them tossed into a cell for about three centuries, literally," answered Lily.

"Look, I just wanted to say, thank you for helping us with everything," she said.

"No problem. We were going to have an uneventful summer if you hadn't falled out of the sky. Besides it's our nature to help people and right wrongs," I whispered softly knowing that Max would hear me.

"LILY, LIZA, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WEARING?" shreaked Nudge as she woke up while waking everyone else up as well.

I cringed and Lily did the same thing. Max glared murderously at us. "What do you mean?" I asked sweetly.

"It's completly black. Yesterday's was bad enough but now all black. That's so unfashionable," she replied.

"Nudge, we don't care about fashion," I said with a sigh.

"Don't be so rude," muttered Lily with a poke at me.

"Oh, be quiet," I replied.

"Well? Wanna go destroy the school once and for all?" I asked with a bright smile after we had breakfast.

"Let's do this," murmured Lily.

We flew over to the school and I asked the flock, "Wanna see something funny?"

Without waiting for an answer I dropped out from the air and Lily followed me. She motioned the flock to watch but not do anything yet. I walked inside the school and said in a loud voice, "You are all arrested for doing illegal experiments on humans. Please put your hands behind your head and step forward." I showed them a fake police badge.

I have to say that the two scientists there had a quick reaction. They didn't even wonder how I got my hands on a police badge. Sadly it wasn't the reaction I wished for. One called for the others and flyboys while the other one shot at me. Lily darted forward and slammed two fingers into his pressure point. I did the same to the other one and we tied them both up. Lily had done her job and literally fried the pager's power and tossed a soundproof barrier around the room. I motioned for the flock to come in.

"You're police?" asked Fang.

"Nope. That's a fake badge. Don't ask," I replied cheerfully.

"Hold on," called Lily. She jogged over to a corner and picked up a small device that caused the soundproof barrier.

"Who are you people?" asked Max.

"We're Lily Stone and Liza Stone," said Lily, "nothing more nothing less."

"I never heard your surname before. Is it your real one?" she asked.

I nodded and pressed a finger to my lips. She got the message and got quiet.

"The flyboys are machines. They should have a device or something that controls them. Find the device and give it to Lily or me. If it's to big find us and tell us. Angel, we'll put down our barriers so you'll beable to get into our head. We'll find you. We should be able to use it to destroy the flyboys. Stay out of sight. If someone sees you, knock them out, tie them up, and hide the body. Try not to kill anyone," I ordered in a whisper as I gave them some rope. Now when I think of that time, it feels funny that I gave orders to people older than me.

I put down my barrier and we split and tried to find the device. I was careful to keep my supernatural thoughts behind a metal wall.

After fifteen minuets and sixteen seconds I heard Lily in my head. In extreme situations where every second counts we turn on our clock. "I found it. Find my aura and you'll find me and the device. Let's hurry up. I'm trying to find the selfdestruct button but there are a lot of buttons."

Auras are colors around everyone. Witches see auras on everyone. The auras tell their feelings and if they're supernaturals. We get use to is since we have to. Auras are different on every person. Everyone's aura is a different color. If the aura's dark it means they're feeling crappy feelings like sadness, anger, etc. If they're a supernatural, the dark aura can also mean that they don't have good itentions with their power(s). If the aura is light then it's the opposite. I hate saying evil since it just sound so weird.

When I got to the room, I saw what Lily meant. There were 537 buttons on it. My mind cacluated it exactly. Oh, I love being smart.

Lily pointed to the machine and pointed four fingers at me then six meaning that there were fourty-six buttons that might be the selfdestruct button. I signed to her in sign language as quick as possible why we couldn't press all of them. You're probably wondering why we don't use the soundproof device. Simple. We couldn't hear the people on the outside and it might backfire on us.

She replied that we might accdentically press a button that made the flyboys go crazy and slaughter everyone in sight. I gramanced. I casted a spell that allowed me to see the fourty-six buttons.

Finally finding possible one, I motioned to Lily to come here. I mouthed that the button would make the flyboys kill each other. She hesititated and put up one finger at me meaning wait. She sent out a thought to Angel to tell everyone to stay far away from all flyboys. She motioned to me to press the button. I did and heard gunfire. A scientist ran to this room to see the two of us in here. He opened his mouth to call out an alarm, but I had already knocked him out. Lily bound him and we left the room.

"Nudge," I gasped as I her her scream. I ran toward her aura and saw three scientists restraining her. I yanked out my gun and Lily did the same. "Put. Her. Down. Now," I ordered as I reached underneath my shirt to throw a knife at them. The scientists hesitated and Lily shot forward and tapped their meridian points. They fell to the ground and we tied them up.

"Ya 'kay?" I asked her worridly.

"I'm fine. They didn't do anything to me yet," she whispered.

"Yet," I muttered.

The flyboys are all gone. I heard Angel say in my head.

"Okay, so now all we have to deal with are the scientists," I whispered to Lily and Nudge.

They nodded and we all went their separate ways. Now that the scientists had all heard Nudge's scream they knew that the flock was there. Just then Fang saw me and grabbed my hand. "Is Nudge okay?" he asked.

I nodded my head, and he sighed in relief.

What Came After:

The flock, Lily, and I knocked out and tied up the rest of the scientists. I got the video camaras' tapes. We dragged all the knocked out scientists and left them on the front of the school. Lily and I burned down the whole school into ashes. We wrote a letter to the police and left it on top of the tapes. I checked over the tapes to make sure that we left zero tapes that showed the flock.

We called the police and left an anonymous message that led them to the capture. Lily left a tiny camara that allowed us to see the scientists get taken into justice. The camara selfdistructed.

"Lily, Liza? Thanks for everything you've done for us," said Max as we got ready to part ways.

"It's fine. I'm sorry that we had to keep some secrets from you. So whatcha gonna do now?" I said.

"You know Jeb? The person I told you about? Well he wasn't there. Besides the voice told me that it wasn't over yet. I still have to save the world," she said.

"Oh yeah, I just remembered. Take this," said Lily as she handed Max an envelope. Inside was the left over money and a letter from the two of us. "Don't forget us."

They flew away and we turned and flew away on the board as well. As we got back to our home in San Jose, we forgot one little detail as we saw Serena.


"Oops," we said in unison.


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