The Stolen Glasses

Aizen woke at the usual time on a usual morning and got dressed in his usual way. Shower, clothes, collect work while tea is brewing, then put on his glasses. He would be going to his captain's room in a while to collect him for breakfast.

Only problem with his routine was that he couldn't find his glasses.

He only thought about the problem for the whole of 3 seconds before knowing exactly where they had gone. It was actually quite obvious. He'd had a feeling he'd heard something rustle outside his door in the early morning. And who, except that one person, would steal his glasses of all things? He didn't need anyone to tell him. He knew.

But that didn't stop an annoying voice from calling to him in the morning, far too energetic for his liking. "Fukutaichou!" she burst through the door without waiting for his consent, grinning from ear to ear. "Aizen-Fukutaichou! Taichou told me to tell you 'bother, bother, bother! I stole your glasses!' then he told me to annoy you until you actually came to get them, and that he hopes I annoy you really good! Then he said if I hear noises coming from inside I'm only allowed to peek after they've gone quiet again but he says that I'll probably peek anyway and that I might as well enjoy the show." her grin was so wide and leering that Aizen had a hard time believing she was innocent at all.

He went to retrieve his glasses.

Anything to get away from her.

Shinji was brushing his long silky hair when Aizen came in, the green square glasses perched on the end of his nose. "Did you want something, Sousuke?" Aizen gave Shinji a smile. "You look happy for someone who is actually very angry."

Aizen's smile simply widened. "May I have my glasses back now, Taichou?" Shinji smiled right back, taking off the glasses. Rather than hand them to their owner, he fingered them thoughtfully with a lecherous grin.

"You know what you have to do to get these back, Sousuke." Aizen sighed, kissing Shinji fully on the mouth, letting his Taichou take it from there. He wished sometimes that Shinji would behave himself, but decided that his Taichou wouldn't be his Taichou if he didn't do things like this.

"You're annoying." Aizen said in between kisses, thinking that they were probably going to miss breakfast and be late for the squad meeting.

Shinji grinned, allowing Aizen to comb his fingers in his hair. "Love you too, Sousuke."


this couple needs love.