-1Author's Note: I do NOT own Twilight and or any character or plot lines associated with Stephenie Meyer's creation. This fan fiction contains yaoi a.k.a. homosexual relations between males. It is rated M for mature. Wow, so I'm actually writing a dramatic fan fiction. It's Billy x Charlie. I know… weird. Set pre-Twilight, somewhere after Charlie's wife has left him and just before Billy's wife dies in the car crash. (She really did die in a car crash and if you don't believe me look it up online. Oh and this is pre-diabetic wheel chair-ness for Billy too.) SO they're just two dudes in their early thirties who are best friends. Both are athletically built still and yeah…


Charlie sat in the small row boat looking out over the river. It was the perfect day for fishing. It was warm and the sun shone down through the thin clouds in shafts of golden light after a light misting rain. Charlie cast his line and watched as the fly skimmed the surface like the midge fly it mimicked before dropping below the surface.

Charlie sighed as he pulled on the line, making the faked insect jump through the water. Despite the perfect conditions nothing was biting. Still, Charlie persistently recast his line in the hopes that something would catch.

"You always were a sucker for the midge Charlie." A voice came from behind Charlie in the boat. Charlie looked behind him to see his best friend, Billy Black, sitting in the boat with him. Billy had already caught three trout and a small bass. "Ever think about trying a new fly?" Billy chuckled and he cast his line. There was colorful dragonfly leer at the end of his line.

Charlie just shook his head and cast his line again. "Naw, I'm good. Beside me and this midge fly have a history together."

"Right, that twenty-five lb bass you're always ranting about. The legend. The perfect catch. If it's as big as you say it is, I'd say that's a pretty smart fish. Don't think it'll fall for the same trick twice, Charlie." Billy commented, his leer bouncing across the water in a fluttering rainbow.

"She'll bite. You'll see. I know she'll come back. I just gotta catch her again." Charlie said confidently.

Billy shook his head and pulled in his line, setting his rod down in the boat. "Charlie, she ain't coming back. It's been almost five years since Renee left. You gotta get over this thing." Billy said as he reached out and patted Charlie's shoulder.

A silence came of the pair as they drifted down stream. Billy sat back and drank a beer while Charlie kept recasting his line, refusing to give up on his catch. Slowly the minutes ticked by and soon an hour had slipped away. Looking at his watch, Billy sat up and was about to remark that they should start rowing back up stream when there was a tug on Charlie's line.

Charlie practically jumped up in surprise as the tip of his rod was growing closer and closer to the water. Billy shot up and grabbed the rod with Charlie. Slowly the duo started to reel in the monstrous catch. Relentlessly the fish pulled back on the line, fighting Charlie and Billy with all it's strength.

"Told ya." Charlie ground out between clenched teeth.

"Told me what?" Billy asked as they grappled with the fish.

"Told ya she would come back." Charlie laughed as the fish started to relent.

Billy felt the release of pressure and let go to grab the net. As he looked over the edge of the boat, the biggest trout he had ever seen was thrashing alongside the boat. Billy tried to swoop the net down and catch the fish, but the fish swam out of his reached with renewed power. Charlie was struggling with the rod as the fish was again pulling at his line and the end of the rod shot back into the water. Billy came up behind Charlie and grabbed the rod again. Together the started pulling and slowly the rod out of the water and higher. They kept pulling and pulling and soon enough the top of the fish was visible above the water. They boat yelled in excitement as the gave the rod one more tug. The fish was almost in the boat but before they could get it in the line snapped and set the pair reeling backwards, the tiny boat rocking wildly and sending them tumbling in to the water.

"DAMN!" Charlie screamed as he surfaced from the water; slapping the water angrily. Billy came out the water, gasping, soon after. "DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!" Huffing, Charlie started making his way to shore, Billy following hi with the boat. Charlie collapsed on the bank, breathing heavily and cursing under his breath. Billy tied up the boat and joined Charlie on the damp and cold sand.

Billy looked over at the distraught looking Charlie. Billy could see tears forming in his eyes. "Relax Charlie, it's just a fish." Charlie looked up at Billy with fury in his eyes. "Hey, ah, sorry man. I didn't know it was that important."

With a scream, Charlie tackled Billy, pinning him down into the sand. Billy struggled against Charlie but was defeated due to Charlie's police training. Charlie looked down at Billy and spat his words like daggers, "It wasn't just a fish. It was her Billy. It's Renee." Charlie got off of Billy and sat down next to him. "She's the one who got away Billy but I'll catch her again and then she'll have to stay." Charlie looked out over the water, the clouds growing steadily greyer.

Billy sat up, brushing away the dirt from his clothing to no avail. There was some dirt under his thumb nail and he casually started to pick at it with his teeth. "Ya know Charlie, who gives a damn about her? I mean, she left you, she took your daughter and yeah that hurts, but she doesn't deserve a man like you."

Charlie looked over at Billy, "And what's so great about me that she doesn't deserve it?"

Billy shrugged, "Well you're a great friend, you're a good man who pays his bills, and you're a alright looking guy I guess."

Charlie tried to cover his smile and a faint blush from his cheeks with a overly manly scoff. Seeing through Charlie's act; a sly smile crept across Billy's face. "Beside's you're the new chief of police," Billy leaned over and wrapped an arm around Charlie's shoulders, bringing the two young men's faces mere inches apart, "Who doesn't like a man in a uniform."

A moment of confused and constricted emotions passed between the pair and soon the flood gates burst open and Charlie's lips collided with Billy's in a passionate and rough kiss. His hands wandering up to Billy's face, Charlie pulled the Native American man against him to deepen the raw intensity of the embrace. Billy froze for a instant but soon melted into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Charlie's neck, allowing Charlie to attack his mouth full force.

But the moment was just that and after a barely audible moan escaped Charlie's lips he forcefully pushed Billy away from him and scrambled to his feet. "Fuck!" Charlie spat as he looked down at Billy. Billy was in shock and was slowly becoming aware of what had just happened.


Author's note: So hey, I know it's been awhile since I posted last. I had surgery… and I had no time to write which sounds weird but it's true.. I've been living off Jello and I've had no energy to think about fan fiction… but hey.. Anywho I hope you like it.. It's part of like a three-shot.. The next part is the smut. So review, send me a request, etc… I love ya all..