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"Shit! Damn! Fuck!" Charlie cursed again as he kicked at the loose gravel. Billy said nothing as he finally made it to his feet and started walking up stream. Charlie sighed in anger as he ran to catch up with Billy.

"We'll pick the boat up after we get the truck. It's only a few miles up stream." Billy stated, confusion and heartache heavy on his voice, not removing his eyes from the ground ahead of him.

"Sounds good." Charlie said with a nod before dropping out into silence. They remained this way for the remainder of the hike back to the pick-up. Time to time the slight in-take of breath would occur like one of them was about to say something, but the noise would always fade away just as the other's body would tense in preparation for the words.

Finally the duo made it to the camp site they had created and both got into the truck without much thought. Charlie walked around to the passenger's side and Billy made his way to the front. As they pulled themselves into the seat, Billy's hand slid across Charlie's and their eyes locked. As much as they both would have liked to forget what had just happened, both knew that could never happened. Too many years of knowing one another, too many moments of endearment, and too many emotions had been felt for them to just let it go. However, both men pulled their hands away, both slamming their doors in frustration, and both sat down without a word.

As they drove down the small dirt road they had just walked, the silence between them grew heavy on their shoulders. Finally Billy broke the silence. "So, Bella's coming up in a few weeks to visit. Do ya have any plans?" It was uncomfortable and awkward to ask but it was better then silence.

Charlie just stared out the window as a soft rain started to splatter across the windows. "Not really, I thought about teaching her to fish."

Billy nodded as he pulled up to the shore where the boat was. As the roar of the engine cut off, they both jumped from the truck on cue and went over to the boat. With a few manly grunts, they managed to haul the hunk of metal and wood off the beach and into the bed of the truck, their gear, strapped down under the seats. When the boat was tied down they got back into the truck and started their drive back to camp.

The silence continued for the remainder of the drive. It had started raining heavily and after a scramble to cover most of the camping gear with tarps, Charlie and Billy made a mad dash for their tent. It wasn't a small tent, but the restrictions of the seven by seven tent left them with less then two feet between their sleeping bags.

Chilled from the rain, Billy quickly dove into his sleeping bag and put his face down into the pillow. Seeing this, Charlie chuckled softly as he stripped off his wet tee shirt and threw it into the corner of the tent. "Ya know, you're gonna catch a cold if you sleep in wet clothes." Charlie reminded Billy.

Billy groaned into his pillow before quickly stripping off his shirt and throwing it out of the sleeping bag and, after so rustling with his jeans, his pants soon followed. "There, you happy now?" Billy mumbled after he put his face back into the pillow.

"It's not about whether or not I'm happy, I just don't want you getting sick, because then I have to hear you bitch and moan about it." Charlie joked in an attempt to bring back the easiness between them.

"Hey I don't bitch nearly as much as you do, mama's boy." Billy laughed as he looked up from his pillow. "Who was it that whined the entire time we were on our senior trip in college because you couldn't get a hold of you're mom to tell her you were alright?"

"Hey!" Charlie retorted, throwing his wet tee shirt at Billy's face. "My mom is crazy. We were in Canada, she would have posted an amber alert for me if we hadn't managed to send that telegraph from that outpost."

Billy just laughed, "Yeah, alright mama's boy."

"I am not a mama's boy!" Charlie roared playfully before tackling Billy, who was confined by his sleeping bag. Billy screamed in jest and struggled against his best friend the best he could before the sleeping bag zipper came undone and he could finally fight back.

"How do you like that res kid?" Charlie asked, poking fun at Billy's heritage lightheartedly, as he managed to pin Billy down for a moment.

"Not as much as you're gonna love this, whitey." Billy replied as he rolled the pair over and straddled Charlie's hips, locking Charlie's wrists to the ground above his head. "Or maybe I should call you Officer Piggy. Oink, Oink!"

"Why you….." Charlie struggled against Billy's grip but was unable to break free.

"That's right, who's the master?" Billy teased; his face mere inches away from Charlie's.

Charlie sighed and closed his eyes. "You are."

"Damn right I am." Billy bragged triumphantly, "Now for you're punishment."

"But, but Billy, come on. We haven't done that in years." Charlie knew what was coming. Growing up, when ever one of them beat the other, the winning one would spit into their hand and wipe it on the loser, it was a quickly dying practice now that they were adults with families, but they sometime dragged it out of the closet for special occasions. This seemed to be one of them.

However, Billy had one problem, to spit in his hand he would have to remove one of his hands from one of Charlie's wrist and Charlie could easily escape. So he had to do the next best thing. As Charlie struggled, Billy hesitantly leaned his head down and licked a long slow trail up Charlie's next and across his cheek.

Charlie froze as soon as he felt Billy's tongue on his flesh and despite himself let out a soft moan of pleasure. Hearing the whimpered response, Billy looked into Charlie's eyes. Charlie's chocolate brown eyes had darkened with forbidden need and it drove Billy over the edge.

In a breathless moment, Billy's lips captured Charlie's lips in a shattering kiss. Charlie, instantly responded with a shuttered moan against the kiss and allowed Billy's adventurous tongue to venture into his mouth. Billy's tongue explored every inch of Charlie's eager mouth; tasting everything and memorizing every detail. Soon, however their lungs began to burn from lack of oxygen and Billy pulled away slowly, his lower lip caught momentarily between Charlie's teeth.

Their hot breathes mingled between them for a few moments at they recovered from the passionate kiss. Slowly, Billy's hands released Charlie and he laid his head down on Charlie's chest as it rose and fell quickly.

Charlie's arms seemed to rise by their own will and wrap themselves around Billy's body. Billy listened to Charlie's racing heart and chuckled softly as it pounded loudly.

"What?" Charlie asked with a soft smile.

"You're heart's racing like mad." Billy answered.

"It always does that," Charlie explained, "when I'm around you."

"Really?" Billy looked up at his friend. Charlie looked at Billy for a moment and considered his answer.


"Hmm, me too." Billy shrugged before placing his head back down on Charlie's chest.

They laid there for awhile, listening to the rain as it pelted the tent. Sometime later they had unzipped both sleeping bags and made a bed for the pair of them. And then even later, after the darkness of night had fallen, they finished stripping their few remaining article of clothing and fallen asleep wrapped around each other; their naked flesh pressed against each other with heated need.


Author's note: So how'd you guys like it. So yeah, no real sex or anything and it's kinda shorter then my other chapters usually. But I have a good reason for them not having sex this time. I did it because I feel like these two have one of those relationships that when they do get to have sex finally it's beautifully tragic so just wait and you'll see what I mean. I think there's going to be one or two more chapter if not more due to me posting short chapters.