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August 1, 2009 12:10:00 UMT

The Arctic

Team Leader's Half Daily Observation Log

Target for the first half of the day's research is achieved. Very satisfactory. Would've achieved more if Howard and his conspirators didn't drug me. Apparently there is how they amuse themselves. Very juvenile. I'm disappointed in Leonard participating in it.

They think I'm afraid to give them strikes or make a new contract. However, there's not much point as they can't go anywhere. I can't simply kick them out of the hut to freeze to death. That will be anarchy and more importantly, no one will drive me if they die. I can't rely on Penny all the time. I believe Howard doesn't care about being kicked out as he thinks he can score with the women outside and live with them. He of course has as much chance as Leonard's winning a Nobel prize. Of course I keep track of how many strikes each of them earn. I'll surprise them when we return. They need a few lifetimes (well at least for Raj who believes in reincarnation) to reset the strikes. Mwahahaha. Howard has 187 strikes, Raj 34, and Leonard 41. Raj surprisingly has fewer strikes than Leonard. I must reevaluate his importance.

I think Howard is doing his best to be annoying. Today he already tried to tweet me with 5 spoilers for Star Trek. He knows I have to check my Twitter. Doesn't he think he spoils himself as well by spoiling me. So far, I can manage to filter his tweets but if this keeps going on, I don't know how he is going to reset his strikes. I need to put an extended lecture plus extra essays just for him. Perhaps I can ask him to test my food and drink (using different plates and glasses of course, I'm still sane despite my situation) so that he can redeem himself faster.

I noticed he had also been making 3 crossbows since we came here. Perhaps he thinks he can hunt polar bears with Leonard and Raj. He is wise enough not to include me as I will not participate in any outdoor hunting. I would like him to test out his crossbow so I can correct the physics. It's strange that when I asked him, he had this manic glint and muttering about if only he is allowed but Leonard won't like it. I guess either Leonard doesn't like the idea of killing polar bears or he has promised Howard that he can help with the testing so won't let anyone else help. Apparently he thinks his experimental physics is sufficient in increasing crossbow efficiency. Well, one less thing for me to worry then. Let lesser minds deal with matters of no importance.

I have chatted twice with Penny today. The time difference helps. She is definitely not a morning person. I have asked her to air the cushion, especially my spot, take our mails, feed my fish (I put it outside, she is still not allowed into my room). She said she knew what she was doing, after all, it's the one millionth time I told her doing the same thing. I know maths is not her strong suit but miscalculation by 999,905 is worrying. I suggested her to have a brain scan to make sure everything is OK. She said her brain is fine, something is wrong with my brain and with my whole being. I should give the result of my brain scan and my quarterly check up result to prove that I'm OK. I still have the proof that I'm not insane to show her since she keeps insisting I'm a whack-a-doodle, which is not even a word, but from the context she uses, I think she means I'm insane. Something is really wrong with her use of vocabulary. That is worrying, reduced functioning of logical reasoning and language. I will accompany her to the hospital when I come back, I will put it in my priority and she has agreed. After all, I want her to sing Soft Kitty which I need quite often lately. I think I miss home too much. I also still need her to rub Vapo Rubs when I am sick.

On the positive side, her gaming skill has improved so she still has some hope. She can still kick some asses (forgive my slang, but this is after all my personal diary so I can write whatever I want) at the Age of Conan. I would like to introduce her to the World of Warcraft but I simply just don't have the time to help her increased her level.

I realise I have spent more time with Penny (outside work) than Leonard, Raj, and Howard, although I stay with them. I know the cause really well though. I simply don't trust them after what they've done. Penny, despite her lack of intelligence, has not done any single thing to disappoint me on purpose. The panty pinata war was an exception and that was different, I also do things to annoy her. Besides, they don't really want to chat to me but Penny still wants to although with a lot of complaints.

I notice Leonard strangely hold on to the Snuggles tightly whenever I chat or play game wit h Penny. I think this must've some deeply behavioural trigger like Pavlov's dog. I know Penny is Leonard's imaginary girlfriend but I only chat with her, nothing more. I try to tell Leonard that his Snuggles stinks as he hasn't washed it by cringing my nose but he took it like I was jealous that I don't have the Snuggles. Who wants that unhygienic thing? I could simply tell him that he needs it to get washed but they already think that I have overstepped my team leader boundary so I'll try to convey the message using body language which he doesn't get. What's wrong with the people around me? Are they getting dumber? I think the answer is more likely yes. Unless I get smarter and the theory of relativity holds. Only 51 days to go before I go to watch Star Trek plus having Penny and my health check.

I'll go back to work now, will be back in writing the second half of the log at 8 pm.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper

August 1, 2009

Gee, today is a long day, in fact like any other days I work in the Cheesecake Factory. I thought kids cannot get any nastier but they can. There must be some award about the nastiest kid, which they compete for. That or it must be some reality shows secretly shot in the Cheesecake Factory.

I thought I could go back home, drink diet coke, eat some cheap takeout, lift my feet on the coffee table, and watch some rerun of Grey's Anatomy and pretend I'm in the cast. But stupid old me had to check my emails first despite knowing what'll happen next. Surprise, surprise, Dr. Whack-A-Doodle is online and a few emails from Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj. All the guys said hello (well Raj waved, that's counted as halo for him) at the web camera and they said they miss me and the warm Pasadena. They said that Leonard keeps wearing the Snuggles. Perhaps I should buy two as Leonard need to change. Back to Sheldon, he should know by now I remember what I need to do in his apartment by heart but he still thought I'm an idiot and give detailed instructions. Perhaps I shouldn't take any offence as he thinks everyone is an idiot, well Leonard less than others. He had the cheeks to ask me to go for brain scan and health check. Does he know how much I earn? I can only afford cheap takeout and next week's rent. I think he thinks I can simply borrow money from him whenever I need to. That is sweet and so 1950s, not that I know what happened in 1950. He said we can go for check up together and he can lend me money as health is very important and he needs me to be around for a long time. When I teased him whether it's a date. He said well, yes, technically we agree to go out together to know each other's (health, but I like to take one out) better so it can be defined as a date. Oh, that guy really has no clue.

We also ended up playing the Age of Conan (no surprise there, we play nearly every day). I must say I'm not a noob anymore and I can now give pointers to other noobs. Did I just use the word noobs? Ah well, never mind. I guess reading emails, chatting with Sheldon, and playing games while eating beats drinking alcohol, watching some rerun, and day dreaming. Perhaps that's the reason I check my emails first instead of taking the easy way out to switch the TV on. I think Sigmund Freud will agree (Argh, I hang around Leonard's mum too much).

If only 21 September will come sooner so we can have takeouts and watch TV together with all the boys. I miss all of them so much (I won't admit it to Howard directly but he can be funny if he was n't trying hard to hit on me). Only 51 days to go until they come back.