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Chapter one – Going to Grandpas

"Carly Alice, please put some clothes on." I called to my two year old twins who were running down the hall.

"No mama, we wanna be nakie!" Alice screamed while Carly laughed.

I sat back on the couch and sighed in defeat. "Fine, you win, but I guess we will just stay here then, we can visit Grandpa next month"

I heard there laughing stop and then their footsteps running toward me "No mama, we wanna see Grandpa now!" Carly said pulling on a shirt.

"Help us get dressed" Alice said, agreeing that she also wanted to see Grandpa.

I helped them get dressed and then packed some lunch. Once I was done I picked up our over night bags and got the twins into the car and then loaded everything in. We lived in Seattle and Charlie, my father who was their Grandpa, lived in Forks, a small little rainy town, where I had grown up. It was about an hour and a half's drive to Forks and hopefully, the girls can somehow stay quiet.

Fifteen minutes later

"My name is Alice" Carly said.

"No, Carly, I'm Alice, your Carly" Alice said.

"Na ah"








"Girls" I said through clenched teeth. I looked at them through the review mirror. There constant bickering was driving me insane "Alice and Carly, you both know who you are, please, stop fighting"

They smiled at me and waited until I was concentrating on the road before I heard a small whisper "I'm Alice"

Half an hour later

"Mama, are we there yet?" Carly asked

"Not yet, we still have almost an hour left" I told them.

"Now?" Alice asked me.

I looked at them through the mirror, raising one eyebrow, daring them to continue this game. I heard Alice huff in boredom. I gave into their small, sad, bored little faces and pulled over to the side of the road and got out my laptop. I put it onto the middle of the two front seats and tied it down with a bit of rope I had brought. I put on 'The Little Mermaid' for them to watch.

I started driving while they were happily watching the movie. Thank you for technology.

One hour later

I pulled in to the exit that I had to take and passed a worn out sign 'Welcome to Forks' when the girls saw that they got excited and started shouting and laughing. I let them; it's good to get them excited.

I drove passed my old school and silently thanked myself I wouldn't have to go inside it, it had too many memories, ones that if I were to think of, would make me break down.

"Mama, did you meet Daddy here?" Alice asked me, pointing to the school.

I nodded "yeah baby, that's where I met Daddy"

"Where's daddy now?" Carly asked.

Although I had answered this question many, many times, they still continued to ask me he same one "I don't know girls, I don't know where Daddy is."

The girls fell silent while I drove down the familiar street, passing the park where I used to spend many hours after school with my old friends. I pulled into Charlies driveway and hopped out of the car and went to get the girls out. Once they were released they ran up the few stairs and started knocking on the door, yelling "Grandpa, where here!"

He opened the door and hugged them both while letting them inside, then he came and helped me with the bags. "How are you Bells" He asked me.

"Good, I'm good" I said, kissing his cheek "How are you dad?"

He smiled "Fantastic now that I have my three favorite girls here"

"Wow, Girls you've grown so much" my dad said as he sat down to get to better look at them. I sat down on the arm chair, watching him hug and kiss my girls.

Carly Esme Cullen and Alice Rose Cullen were identical, in every way except for their eyes. They both had brown hair and were both very pretty. The different eyes were a dead give away to which twin was which. Carly's eyes were a bright brown, exactly like mine where as Alice's eyes were green, exactly like Edward, their fathers.

Edward, how I missed him so much.

I had grown up being very close friends with this group in particular. Edward and Alice Cullen, Emmett Hale, Rosalie and Jasper Whitlock. We all met at the very first day of primary school, which I still remember. Since that day we were barely seen apart. Over the years we grew up and matured together, but still stayed the same, the seven of us. That is, until the last few years of high school, Alice and Jasper fell in love and Emmett and Rosalie started going out. It took me a Edward a little longer but we also fell into a strong, deep relationship.

We graduated together as a group as well as couples. We were going to spend a year together, traveling before breaking up and going off to college, but that never happened. Before we started traveling Edward and Alice's grandparents both died in a robbery at their local supermarket and they had to both fly to Australia to go to the funeral. The night before Edward left we made love, promising to always be waiting. They stayed in Australia for a few months and while they were gone I found out that I was pregnant, with twins. It scared both me and my father, who constantly asked me to call Edward, or get rid of the baby. I could do neither. So I moved to Seattle and my mother moved down from Phoenix to help me during my pregnancy and when the girls came. She left a year ago, so she could spend more time with Phil, the girls missed her but I was happy I was trying to raise them alone.

I missed Edward and every day I tried to call him, actually picking up the phone and dialing his number, but I can never let it ring, I always hang up. I am terrified about what he will say and what he will do once he finds out he has children.

"Bella? Honey? You okay?" My father asked me, bringing me out of my memories.

"Um, Yeah" I croaked, my voice dry.

"Your crying Hun, whats wrong" He said, wrapping his arm around my shoulders, the girls stood at my knees, worried expressions plastered on their faces.

"I was just thinking, you know, the place brings back memories." I told him. He smiled sadly, knowing what I was talking about.

"Well, we have the town barbeque tonight, you girls wanna come?" He asked us.

I looked at the girls "well, you girls wanna go to a barbeque?"

"Yes, Yes, Yes, Please mama, can we go?" they chanted.

I laughed at the girls energy "of course"

They ran around the house collecting things they wanted to bring while I went upstairs and had a shower. I needed to relax if I was going to go to this gathering, lots of people means lots of more memories.

I let the water run down my back for a moment before stepping out and getting ready. Once I was sure I was dressed well to Alice standards I left the bathroom and went into my old room,where me and the girls were sleeping.

Alice was my best friend above everyone, except for Edward. She was a small girl, with jet black hair that pointed in all directions. She loved shopping and doing all of the girly things that every girl loves, except me. She constantly loved playing 'Bella Barbie' and although these things frustrated me, I loved her as much as I would love a sister, in fact, I thought of her as a sister. If she was to see me know, after I left Edward and her, I could only imagine that she would look at me with such shame that it would break my heart.

"Come on Bells, where leaving" My father called from downstairs. I picked myself up from the bed and walked slowly downstairs, making sure I didn't trip.

"Alright kiddos" I joked. "Lets go to the barbeque"

My dad laughed "who's the kid?"

"Obviously, you are, you have some food in your mustache" I said, wiping it away for him.

"Thank Bells, don't know what I do without you" he said while hugging me.

The ride there was uneventful, it held a few screaming girls, a laughing Grandpa and a Bella who was thankful for choosing to drive.

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