Chapter nineteen: Epilogue

Two Years had passed now and everything was going perfectly. Edward and I had stayed happily married with the girls and are surviving with little arguments. Alice and Rose often complain that we are not normal, that couples need to release there anger. When I told them we didn't have any, they told me I was lying.

Alice and Jasper were married a few months after mine, and they are now happy and living in Forks where they can stay close to everyone. Jasper opened up a architecture building in Port Angeles and is now a very successful growing firm.

Rose and Emmett were married as well, me and Edward decided we started a trend, but there marriage was only a few weeks ago and have just gotten back from their honeymoon...Rose giggles every time we bring it up, and then we immediately drop it, afraid she might go into details of what exactly happened. They also moved into a house in Forks, the same street as Jasper and Alice, and have just announced that Rose is pregnant.

Edward and I have just recently moved up to Forks, deciding we hated being out of the loop. We are now happily settled into our new home in the same street as Rose and Emmett and Alice and Jasper, this was planned, so our children can all grow up together. Edward has opened up a music shop where he can sell and teach children how to play piano and other instruments, and I have decided to open up a small cafe with Alice and Rose.

Carlisle and Esme are thrilled that we are all in Forks and planning on staying. They are always over at one of our places, and I'm beginning to think they spend more time in this street than their own.

These past years,when I look back on when I was afraid to face the people in Forks and tell them that I had twins I mentally scold myself, if only I hadn't been so scared, this life, all these happy moments, may have happened a lot earlier. But then again, if had of told them straight away, none of this might have happened. Edward agrees when I told him, I am happy things played out the way they did.