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Damned and Divine

Chapter 1: Cadence of her Last Breath

Haruka combed her blonde locks away from her face as she started getting ready for the night out. She was clad in a black button up shirt with dark blue jeans and her gold cross adorning her neck hidden underneath her shirt. She placed her comb back on her dresser and checked the time on her phone before placing it in her jacket that was currently hanging on her chair. She quickly stepped into her black small-heeled boots and slid on the jacket before padding into her living room for her apartment keys.

She was going to bar near down town to meet up with Motoki and Rei. Rei had earlier informed her that a new band was playing tonight and that Haruka might be interested in them since she mostly listens to classical music and occasionally some symphonic/operatic metal bands.

Tonight she was taking cab instead of driving there like usual hoping tonight just to have fun and possibly get drunk. Of course hopefully she wouldn't wake up next morning in Rei's bed naked with both her and Motoki like a couple weeks ago. Although neither of the three remembered anything and so they just left it forgotten.

She quickly walked out and locked her apartment before jogging to the elevator to head down. Once she was outside her apartment she waited a few of minutes until her cab pulled up in front of her.

"Ten'ou Haruka?"

"That's me," Haruka opened the back door as she slid in the cab. She buckled up before speaking to the driver "Bauhaus bar please,"

"The one near downtown?"


As soon as the car was in motion Haruka's phone rang. She picked it up not glancing at the caller ID.

"Haruka-chan you better be in that cab or we will kill you when you arrive,"

Haruka chuckled "I am,"

"Good, because last time you hired yourself a cab you got here an hour late,"

"Aw come on, that was one time. So anyway, what kind of band is playing tonight?"

"A band you might be interested in, it's a symphonic metal band. They're just starting out so Kyo decided to hire them for tonight. The lead singer is so fucking hot and there's something about her,"

"You say that about every girl you meet. Is she blonde?"

"Hey, I do not but seriously there's something about her. But not just her, the whole band has this mysterious aura around them. I would say magical but then I'd be sounding lame or something. And yes, she is blonde,"

"Thought so," she replied rolling her eyes

"Haruka, just listen and watch the band. Then judge, okay,"


Haruka made her way to Rei and Motoki giving them both a hug before sitting around the dark timber table. The bar was darkly lit with the main light on the stage of the bands that were performing tonight.

The bar was mostly dark red and brown timber. Different pictures of artist were hung around on the walls and a few neon sign marking entrance, exits and restrooms.

"So, when are they playing?" asked Haruka as she stole Motoki's beer taking a sip.

"In a few minutes. I was wondering if you're going to miss them play. They were only going to play one song and that's it."

Motoki reached over taking his drink back from Haruka and taking a longer sip "What's the band's called?"


The band that was playing before ended and soon the host jumped up to the stage and made his conclusion of the band and promoting them as the band packed away their equipment and left the stage.

Haruka watched as a new band came on and took out their instruments. She saw the blonde that Rei had mentioned earlier grabbing the mic stand and setting it down to her level.

Behind her were a young dark haired male who was quickly tuning his electric guitar and beside him brunette female pulling her hair back into a ponytail and snatched her bass guitar. Another mic stand was placed nearby the blonde with a mic hastily fitted. She also spotted a white-haired male setting up a keyboard and a brunette male sitting behind the drums. She was about to look away when she saw a young aqua haired girl entering the stage holding a violin in her left hand.

"And now please welcome Amarants playing 'Cadence of her last breath',"

"Was I right Haruka? They do have a mysterious aura around them?"

Haruka didn't reply as her eyes were transfixed on the young violinist. She watched as she gracefully positioned the violin on her shoulder and closed her eyes. The keyboard and guitar started playing before she joined them and soon the drums with the bass as well.

Haruka never heard someone play the violin like that. It was just perfect. Soon the lead singer began to sing and Haruka turned to her as she tried to listen to the lyrics as well.

"Running for her life. The dark rain from her eyes still falls. Breathtaking butterfly. Chose a dark day to live. Save one breath for me. A Loner longing for, the cadence of her last breath,"

The young blonde had chosen to dress in a tight dark red dress. Her long hair was let down to the middle of her back and her blue eyes were sparkling.

Haruka had to agree that she definitely held a mysterious aura as well as the rest as her band. The males of the band were clad in matching black clothing and the female bass guitarist was clad in an emerald muscle shirt with her black jacket and ripped denim jeans. She then gazed back at the violinist who caught her main attention.

She was clad in a flowing dark blue dress that hugged her curves and swirled beneath her knees. Her aqua curls were let down and a stand fell across her pale face.

"Why do I miss someone I never met? With bated breath I lay. Sea winds brought her to me. A butterfly, mere one-day. Miracle of life. And all the poetry in the world
finally makes sense to me."

At that moment the violinist opened her eyes and met Haruka's gaze. They continued staring at each other neither one breaking the eye contact.

"Save one breath for me. A Loner longing for,"

The male guitarist sang his own lines while the lead singer continued with the chorus, "Run away, run away, run away, run away"

"The cadence of her last breath"

"Run away, run away, run away, run away,"

"Put to rest, all that's not life. Drink for beauty. And fill my blank page,"

Haruka's breath deepened as it slowly got harder and harder to breath. Not only was her breathing was start to be constricted she felt as if she was hypnotized by the violinist. She shakily moved her hand grasping the seat of her chair.

All of a sudden she no longer saw the violinist and she started to see something else. Instead she saw dark clouds thundering before rain began pouring down. She then saw herself running in an alleyway and someone chasing after her. It changed again and she saw the violinist in the same clothes as she was now drenched from the rain. Everything flashed again and then she saw blood trailing someone's neck down towards the back of their shoulder.

The bar and the band performing came back in view and her breathing started to regulate.

"Sometimes a dream turns into a dream. A Loner longing for,"

"Run away, run away, run away, run away,"

"The cadence of her last breath. A Loner longing for,"

"Run away, run away, run away, run away,"

"The cadence of her last breath,"

"Run away, run away, run away, run away,"

The song then ended and everyone started applauding the band. The band members each took a bow as the host came back on.

"So Haruka, what do you think?" asked Rei as she gazed back at her. "Are you okay?" she asked as she noticed her friend's face was drained of colour and she had been breathing hard.

Motoki who had also noticed put his hand on her shoulder in concern. He looked at Rei and shared a concern glance.

Haruka gazed back at her friends before nodding her head "Yeah, I'm fine,"

Motoki took his hand off as he saw the colour returning in her face and her breathing had returned to normal. He glanced one more time at Rei who leaned back more relaxed.

"So, what did you think?"

"The band was good. I might start listening to them. I'll be back; I just want to get some fresh air,"

She got up from her seat and made her way outside. As soon she was out she took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly. She leaned back against the brick wall as she ran her hand through her hair and closed her eyes.

"What the fuck," she whispered to herself as she remembered what she saw while she was watching the violinist.

She then pushed herself off the wall and walked a few steps away staring up into the sky. She then heard someone behind her walking closer and closer to her. The hair on the back of her hair started standing up and she began to shiver.

She then abruptly spun around to face whoever was behind her "Why the hell are you staring at my back?" she groused glaring at the person behind her.

The person behind her was a male clad in ripped dark jeans and a red button up shirt. His short brown hair was messy and his cold blue eyes stared at her.

"It wasn't your back I was staring at, it was your neck deary," he responded revealing a pair of sharp fangs descending down from his upper gum.

"Shit," Haruka sprinted off as she tried to run away from the man behind her. She wasn't sure if she was seeing everything correctly. Vampires weren't real last time she checked. As she continued running she heard thunder above her and stopped to gaze up at the sky.

"It can't be,"

She watched the clouds thunder before it started raining. It was just like in her…vision? She sprinted off running again as she couldn't believe she just saw this happen minutes ago. It was too surreal. She stopped running as she reached a dead end.

"No, no," she frantically turned around as she tried to spot an exit "Fuck," She didn't want to die. It was just too soon. She then saw the vampire coming closer with a grin on his face.


Thunder erupted again and as he took a step forward he froze. He then glanced back revealing the violinist standing there. She glared at the vampire sending him running off away from them. She then gazed back at Haruka as she stared walking towards her.

Once again she felt as she was hypnotized and her body felt paralysed. Yet she wasn't scared anymore and her heart rate was slowing down.

"A-are you going to kill me?"

"No, why would I want to,"

Another flash of lightning and thunder and the young violinist was now a couple inches away from her.

"Don't worry, this won't hurt,"

She placed her hand on her neck and chin titling her head to the side. She opened her mouth revealing her own set of vampire teeth. She moved her mouth closer to her neck and started kissing her neck softly.

"It'll be quick, I promise,"

Haruka closed her eyes as she enjoyed the light kisses on her neck. She then felt a pressure on her neck but no pain just like she said. She began to feel light-headed as she was then pushed back and placed carefully on the ground.

Haruka opened her eyes when she felt the violinist pull away from her, staring into her eyes. The violinist raised her arm before biting her own wrist and leaning down to kiss her.

She felt her trying to gain entrance to her mouth and opened her mouth to receive tiny drops of liquid enter her mouth and run down her throat. She shut her eyes as they continued to kiss passionately before she felt a shock go through her body and reopened her eyes.

The violinist had pulled away as she watched Haruka gasping for air. She heard her heartbeat pounding loudly in her ears as it rapidly rose. The last thing she saw was the violinist and everything went black.


Haruka woke up with sweat pouring down her forehead. She was back at her apartment sitting up in bed. She closed her eyes as she placed her hand on her face and closed her eyes.

"Just a dream, just a dream," she murmured to herself

She then glanced at her alarm clock and saw the neon numbers change to nine thirty nine. She grimaced as she woke up later than usual and made her way out of bed. As she was walking out of her room her phone went off. Backtracking she picked up her mobile to hear Rei's voice on the other line.

"Haruka, we've being worrying sick about you. Where are you?"

Haruka furrowed her eyebrows together as she stopped for a moment. "At my apartment,"

"Where the hell did you go last night after the Amarants performed? You said you just needed to get some air,"

"I, I don't remember,"

"You don't remember?"

"No," Haruka made her way her bathroom running her hand through her hair wondering what was going on.

"You sure you were feeling okay that night? You seemed out of it,"

Haruka froze as she saw her reflection. At the bottom of her neck was a wound from a bite. She ran her fingers over it and swallowed hard. Everything just seemed out of place.

"Haruka, are you there? Are you okay?"

"Um, I don't know. I don't think I was feeling a hundred percent last night. I might be coming down with something possibly,"

"Okay, I'll be over in a couple of minutes. See ya,"

"Yeah, bye,"

Haruka set her phone down by the bathroom counter and looked closer at the mirror examining her wound. She opened up her mouth but saw no vampire teeth and closed her mouth. She traced the small holes again with her fingers and grimaced.

'What in the world is happening?' thought Haruka.

Knocking from her front door then interrupted her. She quickly grabbed a jacket and zipped it up just barely covering her wound. She then made her way to the door to open the door for Rei.

"That was fast,"

"I was outside your apartment building when I rang, I was checking you were in," explained Rei as she let herself inside.

Haruka closed the door before they made their way to the dinning room after she started boiling the kettle for tea from the kitchen.

Rei took the opposite seat of Haruka on her small round dinning table. She laced her fingers together and leaned in studying Haruka's behaviour.

"You don't remember the performance?"

"I remember that but after it. It was all a blur," She wasn't sure what was going on. Last night was a blur after the performance. And then she had that dream, well; she hoped it was just a dream although the wound on her neck frightened her as well. She was still in denial about it.

Rei rested her chin on her folded hands and pursed her lips together "hmmm, interesting," she then leaned back and flipped her black hair back with her hand revealing Haruka a glimpse of her pale neck and the faint veins.

The sound of heartbeats softly pounded in her ears and her eyes focused on her neck. She felt an insatiable thirst and her mouth began to water. She no longer heard Rei 's voice as she began discussing another topic.

Haruka swallowed hard and shook her head as she abruptly left Rei and dashed into the kitchen. But the sound of heartbeats was still pounding in her ears. She squeezed her eyes shut with her hands over her ears trying to make it go away but instead it got louder.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned around to face Rei who had worry lines all over her face.

Haruka tried to breathe but she couldn't. There was no breath coming in or out. Her focus was then brought back to Rei's neck, as the insatiable thirst grew stronger.

Rei reached forward to touch her forehead but she batted her hand away before stumbling backwards until she fell down.

"Just leave Rei," she shouted, the heartbeats still pounding in her head.

She stared at Rei's shocked face as she muttered an apology and hurriedly let herself out of the apartment. As she left the heartbeats decreased and became faint. It wasn't till the door was slammed that the heartbeats were gone.

Haruka dropped her head in her hands and ran her hand through her locks. An eerie silence came and she dropped back to lie on the cold tiled floor. She closed her eyes again and hoped to wake up.


Haruka bit her lip as her hand rested on the cool handle. She had quickly changed to her white and black leather motorcycle suit. In her right hand she gripped her back helmet. She closed her eyes for a moment before slowly opening the door and walking out. She quickly locked the door before hurriedly jogged downstairs to her motorcycle. With her helmet on she started up the engine before she rode off into the night.

She decided to stay in all day until nighttime when the streets had less people populating them. She didn't have a destination, she just needed to drive around and clear her head, to work things out.

One thing for certain she was a vampire. She couldn't ignore that fact after all the weird things that were happening. The odd dream of her getting bitten, the bite wound on her neck, her all of a sudden thirst for blood, the sound of heartbeats in her ears when Rei had come over. There was no point on denying that anymore.

But the dream she was unsure about. She couldn't remember much from it, like a normal dream; you wouldn't remember what exactly happened. But if it actually happened why couldn't she remember the details? She couldn't even remember who bit her or why she was far away from the bar in the first place?

As she turned right to the local park she heard a faint sound. Curious, she parked her motorcycle by the road and left her helmet by it.

She continued walking through the park, as the sounder got sharper and louder. She soon recognized it; it was a sound that a violin would play. It was a soft yet striking melody.

She continued walking until she saw the young woman standing on the bridge by the pond. She wore a dark blue dress with a blue-green ribbon tied around her waist. The moon shone on her pale face and the wind played with her shoulder length aqua curls.

Her eyes were closed as she kept on smoothly playing the melody.

She brought the bow down once again on the string creating a light note and carried it out. She then swiftly finished with a couple of quick notes. She opened her eyes revealing her cerulean eyes and smiled back at her.

Haruka didn't say anything as she felt herself being pulled towards her. She didn't break eye contact and soon they were a couple inches away from each other.

"You, you look familiar?"

Her smile grew broader as she put her violin aside on the flat wooden bridge rails.

"I should look familiar,"

Haruka blinked a couple of times before she remembered where she was from "Masaka, you're the violinist from Amarants. You played last night at Bauhaus bar,"

"That's correct, but there's more,"


"Last night. Think Haruka; it's in there. You just have to remember. It is that easy,"

Haruka furrowed her eyebrows as she tried to think back. She was about to answer when something just came in mind "Wait, how did you know my name?" she took a step back.

"I just do, but Haruka. You've got to remember last night,"

"I don't think I want to, and I think I'm going to leave now," Haruka turned away and started walking off. She slowly picked up her pace.

"What you going to do now? You don't know a thing about being a vampire," shouted the violinist at her causing her to freeze at the spot. In one second she was behind her and placed her hand on her shoulder.

Haruka slowly turned around as she faced her "You made me this way,"

"You're starting to remember,"

Haruka glanced away for a moment and gazed back at her "Last night, when you were playing. I had this, this vision. And it happened. I went outside and a vampire chased me. And then you came by saving me, and then you killed me,"

The violinist shook her head in disagreement "I didn't kill you Haruka. I brought you into a world you didn't know existed. I turned you into what I am,"

"A vampire,"

"Yes," nodded the violinist.


The violinist paused for a moment before continuing "Because, I was told to,"

"By who?"

"I don't know exactly. I had a vision about you a few nights ago, and I was told we needed you. To help us in this war, that you can help us win," Michiru glanced down for a moment and stepped back.

Haruka was puzzled as she furrowed her eyebrows again "What war?"

"There's two major clans in the Tokyo, there's the first clan, the noble vampires. They were the first. And then there are the renegade vampires; the new ones.

"The renegade vampires are starting a rebellion against us. At the start we vampires often kept hidden, we'd feast carefully on the humans so we didn't kill ourself. But the renegade vampires no longer want to live in the darkness. They want the whole world to know about us and make sure they are feared by us, by what's out at night. Their first plan is to destroy all us noble vampires, and once we are gone they're going to do whatever the want to do," she explained not breaking any eye contact with Haruka.

"And how am I supposed to help you in this war?" said Haruka sceptically as she pointed to herself.

"I don't know. My dreams tell me lots of things, all of them have been right. But this is what was supposed to happen. Please help us, if you don't. All the noble vampires are going to die and every human being so far in Tokyo are going to be at risk of dying. That's including your friends,"

Haruka stared at her for a moment before slowly nodding her head in agreement "Alright, I'll help. But there are more noble vampires than renegade vampires, right?"

"No. Unfortunately a few months ago three of the noble vampire clan's mansions were set on fire. There is only my clan of noble vampires left and an ancient vampire clan, the strongest clan of us all. They were the first of the first vampires, they're our leaders and we must protect them.

"The renegade vampires have increased and there are three clans that I know of in Tokyo. The rebellion had started right here in Tokyo and so far they have not left the city. If we're going to win this war it has be done here and soon. The war has gone on too long and sooner or later this war has to end,"

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