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Disclaimer: I only own Gretchen. She isn't real. Also, I've never heard of a Grayfield's Diner, I made that up on the spot, so if you're out there, please don't sue me. I had no clue you existed! But I'm sure you make terrific blueberry pie! :)

Summary: My name is Gretchen; and I'm here to warn you all of this boy, in hopes that you don't get stuck in the mumbo-jumbo yourself. Dasey.

What She Doesn't Know Will Hurt Her

A Prologue of Sorts

I watched on in sympathy. I mean, I really just wanted to scream, holler, anything; just to get my point across.
But I couldn't very well do that, I mean; I didn't want to seem insane or anything.

It's just- I wanted to warn the poor girl about what she was getting herself into.
She thought she was just innocently flirting with a hot guy. And to anyone else, that's what it looked like.
But I knew better. I know that with him, it's opening up this whole can of insanely-hard-to-get-rid-of worms.

He was good-looking, sure; everyone knew that. He was smooth, charismatic, sarcastic(in the good way-for the most part-), basically everything you'd want in the bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold type. Except...


I'll get to that later.

I should probably start off by telling you who I am, exactly... and why I'm even writing this.
My name is Gretchen; and I'm here to tell you about a boy. A boy who's a heart-stealer, an admiration-winner, and well... a boy who happens to be my ex-boyfriend. I'm here to warn you all, of said boy, in hopes that you don't get stuck in this mumbo-jumbo yourself.

I guess I should probably start with the day it all started. The day I met Derek Venturi.

It was March 12th, 2009. I was in the very same restaurant I'm in now, Grayfield's Diner. It's a quaint little place, and the owner doesn't usually hire anyone outside the family.
But for some reason, they'd hired him. So, needless to say, I'd been intrigued. Especially since, well... it's my favorite restaurant.
I make frequent visits to the place; they know me by name, know my orders(according to which day I come in), know my story. I'm practically part of the family, as well.
So when I saw an unfamiliar face, I questioned it.

"Who might you be?" I asked, turning a side of my mouth up a bit, lifting an eyebrow in the process. So maybe I was flirting a bit, but hey. I told you, he was scorching.

"I'm Derek;" He reciprocated the smirk(it seemed he'd practiced it for way too long), "And what's your beautiful name to match your beautiful face?" He'd asked. Oh boy, was he a smooth-talker. I specifically remember my breath catching in my throat at this point.

But I responded, nevertheless, "Gretchen." My gaze bore into his. We were locked in this long battle of... eye-ball chicken, or something. But I won as he glanced down at the pad of paper in his hand.

"Right, well, Gretchen... can I get you anything? A coffee? My number? A burger? My number? Oh! Or a piece of pie?" He spoke animatedly, yet with such conviction. Oh, he was good, alright.

I smiled endearingly at him, "What was the last one?" I knew his response before he'd even opened his mouth-

"My number?" He smirked. So yeah. I knew that wasn't his last option, but it was definitely expected. He was a player, I knew the type. I've dated many like him before; that doesn't make him any less attractive.

"Right." I laughed, "I'll take that. With a side of blueberry pie."

"Coming right up." And as I watched him walk away, I knew then... that I'd be in big trouble.

I vowed not to let myself get close to anyone after my last boyfriend. It had been going well for quite some time, but this... Derek Venturi guy... he made it hard to remember any of my morals, my values, my promises to myself. My mind went blank when he was near me, and I just... I felt like he and I were the only ones in the room.

Derek had come back some time later with my blueberry pie in a packaged to-go box. On the top of the box he'd written, "555-0817 - Derek V." and he gave it to me with a wink. I walked to the counter to pay for my food before leaving(a bit reluctantly), a dazed expression on my unknowing face the entire time.

I eventually called him, and we set up a date.
But boy was I in for a big surprise. One that would change my perspective on life, forever.

...A surprise named, Casey McDonald.