Quote: "A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?" -Albert Einstein

Song: Hold Tight by Valentyne Krush (reminds me of Alice's bubbly attitude)

Emotionally Wrecked


It was cold.

It is always cold here. Nothing I do makes it warm.

I'm tired of this place.

Being here makes me emotionally and physically exhausted.

But its all I have…my only home.

They feed me, even though the food is horrid and distasteful. They give me a room, even though it is small and windowless. They give me a bed, even though the bed is lumpy and unforgiving on my body.

They even give me clothes…well rags that are called clothes. The fabric is unflattering and just plain hideous.

Style is the one thing that set me apart from everyone. Match that with my personality, it made me…unique.

But now all I am is…emotionally wrecked.


I was sent to the asylum when I was 14, I'm 17 now…almost 18.

It has been the longest 3 years of my life.

The reason I'm here?

You tell me.

They think I'm crazy.

No, I've never killed someone. No, I don't have one sided conversations with myself. No, I don't see things that aren't there. No, I don't here voices inside my head.

I'm just me, Mary Alice Brandon…ignore the Mary.


"Mary." Sans my approval, Victoria, one of the workers here, came barging into my room without a care.

"Its Alice." I murmured. "How many times do I have to tell you people."

"Hmm…well Mary." Bitch. "Its time for your session with Dr. Cullen and then your off to lunch!" She tried to sound cheerful, but it came out as fake just like her plastic face and breasts.

I reluctantly got off of my bed, making it creak as my weight was removed off of it. Placing a fake ass smile on my face, I brushed past her out of the room.

Victoria led us down the familiar halls, swaying her hips like the tramp she was.

I watched as her fiery red hair swished back and forth. I wanted to rip every strand from her pasty skull. That is how much I hated her.

Maybe I am crazy.

"Here we are." Victoria stopped in front of a white steel door, turning around to face me with her beady brown eyes. "Have fun, Mary." She sang.

Did I mention that she was a bitch? I did?…good.

I resisted the urge to flip her off. Turning toward the door, I grabbed the handle and pushed it open.

I walked into the office, letting the door close softly behind me.

Carlisle was sitting behind his desk, looking attentively at the papers in front of him. When he heard me come in, he looked up at me with a smile.

"Alice." I smiled in returned. He respected my wishes on being called Alice. "Have a seat, please?"

"Carlisle." I greeted once I sat down. Carlisle encouraged me to call him by his name, so that I would feel more comfortable around him.

I would feel comfortable around him anyway. He just has that calmness around him. I've known Carlisle since I first arrived here.

I remembered him standing there dressed in his white lab coat with his blonde hair perfectly combed back and his blue eyes sparkling friendly.

Since I was only 14 and very frightened, he made me feel more at ease. He was like a father to me.

"Before your check up, I just wanted to ask you a few questions?" Carlisle waited for me to nod before continuing. "Okay have you been taking your medication?"

"Though they're unnecessary, yes I have been." I leaned back into the chair and crossed my arms in front of me.

"Any nightmares, disturbing dreams?"

"Other than being in this hellhole, no." I smirked at his raised eye brow.

"Have you been adjusting to your new roommate?"

"Bella? Yeah I have, she's a little shy, but I think we could be the greatest of friends." I started fidgeting with the sleeves of my long grey shirt, nervously. "I have a question of my own."

"Ask away." Carlisle put down his pen and leaned back waiting for me to speak.

"When am I getting out of here?" I held my breath already knowing what the answer is going to be.

Carlisle sighed and I cringed in response. "You know I can't answer that. There is not a definite date, but I can say that since your almost 18, you will have more options. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear."

"Its fine Carlisle." I raked a hand threw my cropped black hair. "So ready for that check up now?"


After my session was over with Carlisle. My favorite person in the whole world (note the sarcasm) aka Victoria met me outside the door so she could walk me to the cafeteria.

We walked in silence which I was thankful for. Something about her sickly sweet voice makes a person want to commit suicide. And in my opinion maybe its not such a good idea she works here.

I mean…hello…we are in an asylum right now, where some people are here because they attempted suicide. Not a good combination if you ask me.

"Enjoy your gourmet meal, Mary." Victoria said once we reached the cafeteria.

"Bite me, bitch." I said quietly, but I knew she heard me.

"Watch it, pixie." With a scowl she finally left my presence, taking her highly perfume scent with her.

What a comeback, making fun of my size. Not like I haven't heard that before.

I'm not short, I'm fun sized.

Walking into the cafeteria, the smell of freshly cooked food surrounded me.

Lesson I learned here. Just because it smells good, definitely does not mean it taste good.

I walked over to the line and grabbed a tray for myself. Looking down at the food, I tried to determine which one would less likely give me food poisoning.

"Get the pasta. I made it, today." Esme gave me a motherly smile while pointing at the pasta she was talking about.

Esme is Carlisle's wife. She comes here every other day to help cook some of the food which I am appreciative of. Her cooking is amazing, way better than the other cooks, Ms. Cope and Mr. Banner.

"Well than scoop me up some, please." I held out the plate so that she could place some food on it. I grabbed a bottle of water along with it. "Thank you Esme."

"No problem, dear."

I waved at her before exiting the line with my tray in hand. Looking around the cafeteria, I spotted a Bella sitting at our usual table with her boyfriend, Edward by her side.

I quickly made my way over to them and took my spot across from her. "Hey Bella."

Bella put down the banana she was eating and smiled at me. "Hey Alice."

"Hi, Edward." Edward looked up from his tray and gave me a sheepish smile. He never talked much, except to Bella.

Bella told me that his parents died in a brutal fire. It was so dramatizing to him, he closed himself off from people.

The surprising thing is the moment him and Bella met, he connected with her instantly. I haven't seen them apart from each other since.

They were soul mates, but I didn't feel jealous, because my special someone was near.

I've see him in my dreams. Tall, blonde, and brooding. The dreams have been more and more frequent, so I know that we will met very soon.

"Having another vision Alice." Bella teased pushing back a strand of her long brown hair. I could see her hand shaking slightly as she did so.

Bella had a serious drug addiction. By serious I mean she took everything: pills, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, acid, etc.

One night she took to much. Bella told me she woke up in the hospital with wires and needles everywhere. Her father found her on the bathroom floor convulsing, she almost went into a coma.

Bella was sent here the day after she was released from the hospital.

"No, just thinking." I forked some of my pasta and took a bite. I almost moan out at the taste. It was absolutely delicious.

"Guess what? Edward has a new roommate." Bella said taking a bite of her apple after she finished her banana. Bella likes to eat fruit, she says it helped her when she was going through withdrawal.

"Really?" I looked at Edward. "Where is he?" Edward pushed back some off his bronze hair away from his face before speaking.

"He has a session…" He looked at Bella for help.

Bella gave him a chaste kiss and took one of his hands in hers. "Jasper has a session with Carlisle, but he should be here soon."

"Jasper that's his name?" For some reason the mention of his name made my heart stutter.

"Mhm. Jasper Whitlock."

"He's Rosalie's half-brother." Edward spoke up in a hush voice. He looked up at me with his jade eyes before quickly looking back down.

Even though we are friends Edward is still hesitant. I'm not offended we all have problems.

Bella Swan has an addiction, Edward Masen is distant, Emmett McCarty was abused, Rosalie Hale was raped, and I have visions. None of us are crazy, we just had rough lives.

"Why is he here?" I didn't want to seem noisy, but something about this person made me want to know everything about him.

"I don't know much, but ya' know how Rosalie was raped by Royce?" I nodded at Bella. "Well Jasper went on a rampage and beat the hell out of that prick. He almost killed him."

"Wow he did that all for Rosalie? How sweet…" I was in awe that he would care about his sister so much that he would do that for her.

"Speaking of Rosalie, here she comes." I followed Bella's gaze toward the doors where Rosalie and Emmett were standing along with another male at the front. Rose flipped her blonde hair over one shoulder and leaned into Emmett while she talked to her brother.

Emmett ran a hand through his short dark hair and gestured toward the lunch line. I watched intently as they got there food and made their way over to us.

One word to describe Jasper was…perfect.

His blonde hair was sun kissed and fell over his eyes in a sexy way. His eyes were slightly hidden by his gorgeous hair, but I could see them very clearly.

They were a startling grey, but not just a dull lifeless grey. No, they reminded me of the sky just before a storm.

I wanted to brush back his hair, so I could unleash the full force of his eyes.

"Hmm." Bella cleared her throat to get my attention. "Alice are you okay?" Her brown eyes were sincere. "You look like you just had an epiphany."

"Huh?" Great, now I'm not even coherent anymore.

Bella opened her mouth to say more, but Rosalie cut in. "Bella, Alice, this is my brother Jasper. Edward, you two already met."

Emmett and Rosalie took a seat at the table, leaving a chair unoccupied right next to me.

Right. Next. To Me.

Jasper took his seat causing his intoxicating smell to wash over me. It was bittersweet and I loved it.

Edward surprised me by waving at him. He must be okay if Edward likes him.

"Hi Jasper." Bella greeted with a timid smile, she blushed a light pink. Bella was shy too, just not as much as Edward. "I'm Bella, Edward's girlfriend."

"Nice to meet you Bella. I've heard a lot about you from Edward." You have? Jasper then turned to me with his stormy eyes boring into my blue ones. "You must be Alice?"

"Yeah…" I said in a whisper. I was breathless from his voice. It had a twang to it, I loved that too. I held out my hand. "…I'm Alice. Nice to meet you."

He looked down at my hand amused before taking it within his own, bringing it up to his kissable lips. When his lips made contact with my skin, everything snapped into place.

My dreams are him, he is my dream. My soul mate.

"I've been waiting for you." Everyone's eyebrows raised in question, everyone's but Jaspers'.

He chuckled against my hand…his cool breath gave me goose bumps. "Sorry I kept you waiting, darlin'."

"What the hell took you so long?" I smirked wickedly, my hand still engulfed in his.


I realized being emotionally wrecked and stuck in this asylum isn't such a bad thing…with Jasper Whitlock at my side.

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