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Team Walker

Chapter 1: It All Started When….

Tp Tp Tp Tp

"Come back here, brat!"

The snow-colored haired boy ran through the dreary, dark hallway of an abandoned building. Water slowly dripped from the rusty pipes hung on the wall. His and a few thugs' footsteps echoed in the hallway as they ran; and also the splashed sound from the small puddles.

He glanced back behind from the corner of his eye to the few thugs pursuing him. The man in the middle was bulk and had a fair tan. He was the leader and he and his followers had Duel Disks on their left arms.

The boy smirked, "Just try and catch me."

He continued to run down the hallway and made a few turns here and there. He knew he could run fast like Road Runner; but according to the plan, he just had to adjust his speed below half of his usual speed. He wanted those thugs tail him for a few minutes.

Allen silently counted as the leader and his followers entered the third hallway. "5… 4….3…. 2….1."

He increased his speed as he ran down the hallway, losing the leader and the others' sight. He continued to run as he entered a huge vacant area inside the building. A few feet above him were glass windows and light bulbs that hung on electrical wires. He spotted a pair of stairs a few feet in front of him.

Allen walked towards the middle of the room without hesitation. As he approached the middle, he stopped in his tracks as two men each from each side appeared before him from the darkness. The four men cornered him with a grin filled with killing intent.

Allen slowly stepped back as he was cornered, then stopped. He glanced behind him and out came the leader and his followers, who didn't seem out of breath from running. Allen stood his ground as he was surrounded by the Duel Gang of 7.

"Heh, you got some nerve into sneaking around our turf, little runt," the leader scowled.

"We got you surrounded. Any last words?" one of his lackey's cackled with a mischievous grin. He was a few distances away on Allen's right.

"Boss, he doesn't have a duel disk. Should we still teach him a lesson?" another lackey inquired. He was a few distances away behind the boy.

"Heh, there's no problem with having a little beating, right?" the leader remarked with a smug grin, cracking his knuckles.

"Like I need one?" Allen said bluntly, holding up his right wrist towards his neck level. A white wristband with a blue orb was wrapped around his wrist that resembled a watch. As he pressed the button on the side of the orb, the orb flickered with a couple of lights before the light bulbs in the area and windows suddenly burst as if a rock hit them sending the room into complete darkness.

"Wha- what?"

The seven men glanced around the area. The clouds in the night sky had blocked the moon. Six of the men shook nervously as they had either heard the sound of rushing cape behind them; or spotted a dark figure that resembled a sly creature waiting for a chance to slay his pray.

A nervous sweat trickled down from the leader's temple as he suddenly heard painful cries and explosions from his teammates. He glanced at Allen as the clouds slightly parted and the moon hit against the boy's figure.

"Do you have any last words?" Allen mocked.

The leader scowled. "What the hell? Is this some kind of trick? Don't play these dumb games with me, boy!" he spat as he activated his duel disk.

Allen grinned playfully as his response. "Meh!"

"You're my opponent."

The leader froze as he heard a stern voice behind him. As he slowly turned towards the voice, the moon's light shone his bottom half of the owner's face that showed a smirk.

There was then another explosion from inside the building. The leader gaped in almost horror as he collapsed to the ground, his life points briskly turning to zero. His cards scattered over his body and his duel disk had been crashed.

As if right on queue, the dark clouds decided to split in the night sky showing the moon. The moon's rays fully revealed the four new comers. Three of them appeared behind Allen.

One of them had raven spiked hair with yellow highlights and startling blue eyes. He was Yusei Fudo.

On his left stood a tall spiked blonde man with extensions wrapped in purple strings. He had violet eyes; and named Jack Atlas.

A bit shorter man beside Jack had spiked orange-red hair and a blue bandana with two silver rings beside his right temple. He had an "M" shaped yellow mark on his forehead. He was Crow Hogan.

And lastly, the leader of Team Satisfaction, Kyosuke Kiryu. He had light-blue hair that had the same short hair length as Allen. A light purple bandana was wrapped around his forehead. His yellow eyes shone victoriously as he glanced at his teammates.

Kiryu knelt down and spread out a map view of Satellite on the ground. He colored one small spot with a black marker.

"That's another Duel Gang down, many more to go," Kiryu announced as he stood up. "Great work, Team Satisfaction. We'll call it a day and go home."

The gang held their fists in the air and bumped their fists before heading towards the exit. Kiryu playfully ruffled Allen's hair on the way. Allen pouted as the others snickered. He then entered one of those episodes of flashbacks….

I wasn't exactly sure how I ended up here in Satellite, Japan. I knew that everything was real and not a dream….

It all happened five weeks ago…. On a mission….


Flashback: Start

Allen and Lenalee sat together on the couch in front of Supervisor Komui's desk, while Lavi leaned against the bookshelf.

"Nii-san, what did you call us all here for?" the dark haired girl asked curiously.

Komui stared skeptically at the two teens, his eyebrow twitched. Just seeing his precious little sister sitting almost close to that boy made him nervous. Rumors had spread throughout the Black Order that they would make a cute couple.

He forcefully pushed that certain thought aside in his mind and tried to focus on the subject.

"I called you three here to inform that there have been some odd occurrences in Peru," he said sternly. "Mostly in the Nazca Desert."

"Odd occurrences?" Allen repeated.

Komui nodded. "I'm not sure about the details, but it might be caused by an Innocence; that is why I want you three to go to Peru and investigate."

Allen and Lenalee nodded understandingly, as Lavi grinned. "Roger."

Lavi kicked off from the bookshelf as Allen and Lenalee stood up and headed towards the exit. Allen stood rooted for a moment and felt a chill run up his spine when Komui warned,

"Allen Walker….. lay one finger on Lenalee and you'll be sure that…."

"Supervisor!" Komui winced and Allen slightly relaxed.

"Now that your little meeting is over, why don't you go back to working on your paper work?" Reever chided.

Lenalee sighed in disbelief as her older brother whined. Komui then cried after them as Allen and Lenalee were at the door.

"Lenalee!! Save me! Please!!! I wanna go with you!! I wanna see the Nazca Lines!!" he cried as he crawled over his desk and seemed like he was held back by shackles. He was reaching out to her.

"Finish your paper work!"

Allen grinned a bit sheepishly, feeling a bit sorry for the older man. Lenalee lowered her head, almost embarrassed. She then waved back at her older brother.

"We'll be going now, Nii-san."

With that, few moments later Allen, Lenalee, and Lavi were on their way to Peru on a cruise ship.


Allen gazed out into space. Lenalee glanced at him with concern as she sipped her cold iced tea with her straw. The three of them sat at a round table covered with a white linen cloth. The dining room of the ship shone slightly bright by the chandelier that hung in the middle of the room.

The three waited for their order of food with their cool drinks given to them earlier.



"Is…there something wrong?"

"Oh, I was just wondering about those Nazca Lines that Komui-san mentioned," he admitted.

Lavi glanced up from making bubbles with his straw in his soda. He grinned as he placed his glass on the table. His ears had pricked up hearing "Nazca Lines" and thought of "sharing" a bit of information he read once in a book on Peru.

"There are geoglyphs of many different creatures carved in the Nazca Desert," Lavi remarked. "Like a spider, hummingbird, a giant, lizard, monkey, orca, and probably hundreds of others."

"Wow," Allen's said in awe.

"It's been said that Nazca people carved these geoglyphs with their bare hands with simple tools to honor their gods," Lavi added. "Also, they used the geoglyphs for other purposes."

Allen and Lenalee's eyes shone with awe and interests.


Lavi nodded in agreement.

"I would like to see those Nazca Lines," Lenalee chimed as she gleefully clapped her hands together. Her long dark-green pigtails slightly swished to her excited gestures.

Allen smiled at her cheerfulness. He admitted that she looked cute with that smile of hers as he glanced at her. Seeing her smile made his heart filled with warmth and tranquility He didn't stare at her long when he smelled a delicious aroma in the air. He glanced towards that aroma and noticed their food arrived.

"I'm hungry!" he beamed. Lenalee chuckled. As their food was placed in front them, the three exorcists chimed simultaneously,

"Let's eat!"


The cruise ship docked at the Peru pier the next several mornings. Sailors and passengers hauled their luggage as they walked along the wooden plank, stepping off the ship.

Lavi, Allen, Lenalee stood someplace near the ship on land with their belongings. They wondered what they should do right now.

"Let's book in at a motel," Lenalee suggested.

"Sounds good," Lavi said. His eyes widened in astonishment when he spotted something from the corner of his eye. "What's that?"

Lenalee and Allen looked up in the sky towards where the red head was pointing. They spotted a purple spider geoglyph in the clouds. It was strange that no one else seemed to notice. Allen's left eye activated as a small group of akuma was heading towards the geoglyph.


"Yosh! Let's go after them!" Lavi exclaimed. Lenalee went ahead of the boys as she activated her Dark Boots.

"Shape-shifting Hammer! Extend!"

Lenalee continued to chase the small group of akuma. As she was about to attack, a pack of clouds blocked her path. At the same time, the geoglyph disappeared.



"Allen-kun! Lavi!"

"Did you get 'em?" Lavi asked.

Lenalee shook her head disappointedly. "No, and it seems both the akuma and the geoglyph disappeared."

The Allen and Lavi jumped off of Lavi's hammer as they reached the middle of the Nazca Desert. Lenalee deactivated her Innocence, while Lavi's hammer shrunk. They glanced around their surroundings and noticed that the group of akuma was nowhere to be found.

"Damn!" Lavi hissed between his teeth. "And what was that about? The spider geoglyph and the akuma…."

"I wondered what the akuma were up to," Lenalee pondered out loud. Allen thought the same thing.

"Phew! It's hot here! It's no joke that this is definitely a desert!" Lavi cried exasperated, wiping his forehead with his forearm.

"We should head back," Lenalee suggested. She then glanced towards the other exorcist. "Allen-kun, we…."

Lenalee, Allen, and Lavi braced themselves as a sandstorm forcefully brushed passed them.

"What the… is it the akuma?"

Allen glanced up and spotted a tall shadowy figure on the other side of the sandstorm. The figure resembled a tall man. Even with his left eye activated, he didn't sense that man was an akuma. A Noah, maybe? He couldn't tell.

The figure gestured for him to follow him as he walked away. Allen didn't hesitate to follow him as he fought to pass through the sandstorm.


The Chinese exorcist was about to chase after her friend, but didn't succeed as her body was forcefully hit with sand. She and Lavi quickly covered their mouth and nose to prevent sand from entering their system; and slightly closed their eyes.

Allen successfully passed through the sandstorm a minute later and met a tall man. His upper half of his face was covered with dark shadow. He wore a white business suit with a light green tie. Allen wondered who this man was.

"I've been expecting you, young man," the man said sternly.


The man searched through his suit. Allen's eyes widened in astonishment as the man took out an Innocence fragment.

"You're exorcists, am I correct?" the man inquired.

"Who….who are you?"

The man grinned in reply. "I am known as a member of Yliaster."

"Yliaster?" Allen repeated, puzzled.

The man slightly nodded. He held up the Innocence in front of him.

"Please give me the Innocence," Allen said. He wanted to ask what the meaning of Yliaster was, but it slightly slipped from his mind when his top priority was retrieving the Innocence.

The man smirked. "Is it really?" he inquired. Allen quickly rushed foreword to retrieve the fragment as it purposely slipped out of the man's grasp.

As Allen was a few distances away from the man; and as the Innocence touched the ground, Allen was suddenly surrounded by purple light. He held his ground as harsh winds forcefully pushed aside the sandstorm. He noticed the man had disappeared.

Lenalee and Lavi relaxed at some ease, but became astonished to see Allen standing in the middle of what they recognized as the same spider geoglyph.


"Lenalee!" Lavi held her back.

"Stand back!" Allen exclaimed.

"Allen, would you explain what in the hell…." Lavi and Lenalee shielded their eyes and watched helplessly as the bright purple light consumed their close friend. Was this the odd occurrence Komui told them about?

"No…way…he's…." Lavi stood, stunned after the light died down.

Lenalee's knees trembled. She was stunned to see that Allen was nowhere in their sight. "Allen….kun…." she whispered, weakly. She bit her bottom lip. Her heart ached. She couldn't believe it….that was is true… Allen was gone.

"Where…. have you gone?"


Allen continued to fall into a deep, dark vortex of swirling colors of white, black, and gray. He felt his head spinning. He held his head, cringing in pain as high pitched agonizing screams echoed through his ears to his brain. The pain in his head was close to that as if his head were to explode any minute.

Please….stop…. he cried. "Stop…."

As if his prayers were answered, the screams subsided. Allen's eyelids suddenly became heavier as he approached closer to a puddle of light. His vision became blurry until it was shrouded in darkness. He wondered of where the vortex was leading him before his mind blanked out.


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