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Chapter 17: Dream


Dark clouds and smoke enveloped the sky. Buildings in the distance have fallen into rumble in the sea or ground. A cold chill ran against her spine as the place she stood was empty like a wasteland. Her vision gazed around her and spotted bodies lying unconscious terribly bruised.

"Yusei….. Crow… Jack…."

Her eyes flew open and quickly sat up. She held her head to her knees, astonished. That dream… a nightmare? What?


She snapped out of her thought and glanced towards the voice. Yusei looked at her between concern and relief. In her mind, she was glad to see him all right, but slightly wondered about her dream. Yusei slightly averted his glance down, then away from her. Lenalee glanced down and blushed as she covered her bandaged chest.


"T-that's… okay…" She also noticed she barely had any clothing on.

"Yusei, why…. I mean…"

"I was left to take care of you," Yusei explained, not looking at her. "Since I have more control than Jack, Crow, and Kiryu," he said simply. "Also, the others had left for a mission earlier." Lenalee mouthed an "Oh".

It was silent between the two for a moment until Lenalee spoke. "Yusei, this may seem silly, but… have you had a dream that you couldn't forget?"

He glanced in her violet eyes. "I don't think it's a silly question, and yes. I don't bother to share my dreams with anyone, but…." He set his eyes to the ceiling as if he was thinking for a moment. "I do remember roses from my dream one time…and a girl."

Yusei stood up and headed towards the door. "Hungry?"

"A little…."

"I'll make you something and find some clothes…."

Lenalee gave a small smile as she watched after him. "Thank you."


Yusei scrubbed the dishes in the kitchen then stopped as he heard the door open and a familiar voice.

"We're home!"

"Crow, you guys came home early," Yusei remarked.

"Yeah, guess the team we defeated weren't as strong as we've heard," Jack scoffed with a smirk.

"How is Lenalee? Is she okay?" Allen asked with concern.

"She's fine, just…. Um…." Yusei watched his friends heading towards Lenalee's room. As the guys reached the girl's room, Crow turned the knob and the guys stood still for a moment, eyes widened for what they saw.

Allen blushed furiously and held his nose from blood spurting out. Lavi and Crow consciously grinned like idiots with blushes on their faces. Kiryu blushed, while Jack had an indifferent expression.

The Chinese girl blushed furiously as she covered herself with the blanket. She frowned as anger boiled in her veins.



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