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Warning: Yaoi, Mpreg, violence, swearing, and naked people running around.

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Prologue: The war

The war had raged on between the humans and the demons for centuries, no one knew how it had started, but everyone knew that it never seemed to end. It was typical war; borders, territories, and even trade all played a part in it. Neither side could come up with a treaty to agree on, so the war raged on... and the blood never stopped flowing.

Then one day when it seemed like all hope was lost, after almost 200 years of war, the feud stopped. No one exactly knew how it had happened, just that all of the sudden things had returned to normal.

The humans left the demons alone, and the demons did the same for humans.

But this story takes place almost 16 years after the war ended.


Chapter 1: The Outsider

Konohagakure, the village hidden amongst tree leaves, also known as the village of demons. Yes demons, but not like the bloodthirsty or barbaric ones like in the bed-time stories told to us when we were younger. The villagers of Konoha were friendly, they traded and bartered, lived in beautiful buildings, respected each other and their children went to school to learn to read and write.

Well, all but one that is...

His name is Uzumaki Naruto, a tiny fox kit with bright blonde hair and sky blue eyes, a small, an almost delicate body which was tanned skin from all the time he spent in the great outdoors. A pair of red fox ears sprouted from the top of his head, and long fluffy sleek red tail stuck out from under his tattered Yukata.

Now this little fox kit wasn't like everyone else, he wasn't treated fairly by the other villagers; they shunned him and his heritage. For you see Naruto wasn't like everyone else, but he didn't know how he was different. He would watch the other kids play together and go to school, yet he could never do what they did. He wasn't allowed to go to school, and parents would usually chase him away if he ever wanted to play with their children, and soon their hate passed onto their children. But he got used to it.

Naruto was walking through the forest, little hands searching for dry enough twigs and piling them together and then tying a rope around the bundle to hold them together. He hoisted the bundle over his shoulder and made his way back home.

The young Kitsune lived in the outskirts of the bustling village, near the forest in a small run-down shack. It wasn't much, but it was quiet; hardly anyone came all the way out here, so he could live a relatively peaceful life. And the only person who ever came to see him was one of the few people who actually acknowledged him.


The Kitsune looked up, and saw in the distance beside his small shack was the man waving at him; he had lightly tanned skin and dark brown hair pulled up in a high ponytail, and a light scar running over the bridge of his nose. He was the demon named Iruka, who teaches at the nearby school.

He and his partner, a dog demon, both saw the Kit as he truly was: a sweet, kindhearted child who needed protecting. Which they tried giving him to the best of their abilities, but there were certain unsaid rules that stopped them from giving Naruto what he actually wanted. A family.

The village elders had forbidden anyone to associate with Naruto, hoping that the young kittling would die sooner or later. Yet Iruka and his partner did it in secret; they would visit the little boy and take care of him like he was their own pup. Iruka as a teacher started teaching Naruto the basics of reading and writing; even though he had started late in his age, the fox was a fast learner, and adjusted quickly to the new texts.

He watched in sadness as the young fox ran up to him, dropping his load beside him before taking him into a tight embrace. The blonde always smiled, which made the pain in Iruka's heart worse. No one could be this happy after what they had been through. Only Naruto was special, and Iruka knew that.

Naruto let go and gave another dazzling smile up at Iruka, and the older man smiled right back, while ruffling the Fox's blonde locks. The Kitsune was actually quite small, he barely reached up to Iruka's shoulders, and Iruka was small for his own age. This made the kit look younger than he actually was, even though he was fast approaching maturity, and with that, his first heat.

But Iruka pushed those thoughts behind him; for now he would focus on teaching his little pup.

"You're late Naruto," the man finally said

"Sorry Iruka, I had to gather some firewood."

"It's alright. I was just worried when you weren't here," he said, ruffling Naruto's blonde hair again. "So did you read the scrolls that I gave you and make a short summary of their contents?"

"Yup!" the fox replied back happily and gave an enthusiastic nod.

"Alright then, let me look over them for any mistakes, alright?"

Naruto nodded again and led the way while Iruka followed him behind.


The sun was out, and the air was crisp with the early onset of autumn; even some of the green leaves were already tinting orange and a fiery red. The sky was clear blue with no traces of grey clouds and birds twittered around, getting ready to make their long journey south. All of this beauty was watched by a young wolf from the open window.

But Sasuke wasn't out there enjoying the beautiful weather, why you might ask? Because he was stuck inside, listening half-heartedly to another one of his father's many lectures.

"Sasuke are you listening to me?" the large wolf demon in front of him asked.

'No,' Sasuke thought, but not aloud obviously; instead he gave a nod that he understood.

"Sasuke..." his father growled out in frustration. He was a hard man, with shoulder length black hair and slightly worn features from age and stern with a pronounced jaw; his skin was tanned lightly unlike Sasuke, who had milky pale skin which he had inherited from his mother, and dark eyes. He was easily over six feet tall, with lean muscles like all other wolf demons, and right now was very unhappy with his youngest son.

"Sasuke, I can easily forgive the fact that you have not taken a mate the last two seasons, but this is getting ridiculous! You will have to find a mate soon, it is your duty to your clan!"

"Why don't you ask Itachi to do it? He has already passed through six years and never taken on a mate." It was true, Itachi was his older brother and seen as the prodigy of the Uchiha clan. Sasuke had always wondered how his brother had managed to go through six years of not having a mate.

Going through heats without a mate was a painful endeavour, all the time craving for something and not getting it would drive any demon crazy, while at the same time your body would get so hot and sweaty that wearing any kind of material would become a bother. This wasn't mentioning the insatiable lust.

So whenever his heats came on he would barricade himself in his room 'til the two weeks passed. While his older brother still seemed to be able to live his life normally, and even continue working like nothing was wrong. Bastard.

"Your brother has other duties to take care of Sasuke, but you know as the second son what is wanted of you."

Tch, it was always the same; while his brother was left with the duties of being the next head of the household, he had to find some weak submissive and produce heirs to the Uchiha clan.

"Sasuke, I want you to attend the mating meeting that is in a week's time, you should be able to find a potential submissive there, and there is no arguing about this decision Sasuke, you have to go. Understand?"

Sasuke gave another nod to show that he was fine with the situation, but on the inside he was fuming with anger. "Good, you may leave now, but don't be late for dinner." And with that dismissal Sasuke stood up gracefully from his seiza position and left through the shoji, and closed the sliding doors behind him.

As soon as he stepped outside he ran straight through the Uchiha compound. The Uchiha's owned a large amount of land that was inhabited by all the members of the Uchiha and their branch families. He didn't think he could handle talking to anyone from his family right now, so he kept on running, jumping over the wall that separated the village from the outside, and ran into the forest.

He came to a stop by a large tree and started taking off his kimono; placing it upon one of the branches, he then stood there in his nakedness, letting the cool air prickle against his warm skin as he slowly started to transform.

Dark coarse hair grew out of his skin and spread over his body, while his fingers scrunched together to form powerful paws. He crouched down and groaned as his bones snapped and moved through his body to change his stance, and his nose elongated to form a snout, and razor-sharp teeth replaced his more human ones.

Sasuke was still angry; he needed to run this rage off, and what better way to do it than running through the dense forest.

He did this every time now, whenever he was angry or agitated, he would let his wolf out and just run. Ducking, diving, and jumping over trees, or rocks, paws digging into the ground while his sleek body gave him the agility to move quickly and avoid any collisions. He could run like this forever; his lungs burned as the crisp air went through them, and the scenery blurred into one.

When he finally came to a stop, he found himself in an unknown part of the forest. He had run further then he had first thought; sharp ears picked up the sound of running water, and Sasuke thought it would be perfect to cool himself down after such a hard run.

He trotted towards the sound until he reached a small clearing where a small stream ran through. Near the one side crystal clear water ran down a sequence of small waterfalls, which led down to a stream that formed a path through the dense forest. The large wolf went towards the stream and sniffed the water cautiously before deeming it safe, and then he started lapping the clear liquid to clench his thirst.

After a few minutes of him enjoying the tranquil quiet of the place, he noticed something odd. It was a particular scent in the air, still quite fresh, and Sasuke had noticed that the scent hung all over the place; he couldn't think who would actually come out so far from the protection of the village.

Suddenly the crunching of leaves could be heard behind him, and Sasuke jumped to quickly hide in the bushes. He waited and watched as slowly through the undergrowth, towards the other side of the river, where the branches started to shake as something made its way through.

Soon another demon stepped through dense forest, but before he could get a good look at the stranger, another scent caught his attention.

It was his brother!

'Father has probably sent him to bring me back,' the young wolf thought, and without another glance he ran towards where his brother's scent was coming from.


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