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Summary: After an encounter with an old friend, Naruto accidentally travels back in time. Why is the Yondaime still alive and just who is after him now? Is there any way to get back to his present time? Minato Namikaze, alive.

Time Frame: Set after the Kage Summit. Slightly changing it, making Naruto oblivious about his and Minato's relationship. He never met him in his mind scape, he has only seen picture's of the man in the Hokage office.




Two Blondes, One Time Era

Chapter One

Published: 8-4-09

Updated: 1-26-10

I'm getting to old for this, the Godaime groaned.

Tsunade continued her daily grumbling to herself, often questioning her sanity about taking the position of Hokage. She wanted nothing more than to settle down for a nap after downing a bottle of her favourite sake. Figuring it would be too obvious to set fire to the Hokage tower, the Legendary Sucker shifted her eyes to the towering pile of paperwork on her desk, smoldering her hopes of a carefree morning.

The pleasant greeting of "Good morning master!" quickly brought her out of her despair, glancing up quickly, happy for the distraction.

...Only to drop her smile instantly from her face, frowning at her pink haired apprentice – or more at the large pile of awaiting paperwork in her arms. She sighed deeply, was there any perks to her job at all?

"Sorry Tsunade-sama" Sakura laughed nervously, knowing of the violent thoughts in her master's mind "The write up reports about the fire in the west of the village last week, you know it can't be put off"

The Godaime waved it off, "That's fine, I'll see to it shortly. If you have time later would you find that blonde teammate and inform him to come get his next mission?"

"Of course, Tsunade-sama." Bowing quickly, the pink haired medic rushed from the room, grateful to evade the depressing mood of the busty blonde.

Sighing dramatically again, Tsunade eyed the larger pile with distaste, wanting nothing more than to toss it out her window. So focused on the pile, she never noticed Shizune enter the room during Sakura's departure.

"Staring at the work isn't going to make it go away Tsunade-sama" Shizune stated dryly, picking up the stack and dumping it on the desk in front of the Hokage.

"Anything other than doing the actual work is an improvement," Tsunade grumbled, cupping her chin with her palms, the better to be comfortable whilst wishing her work away.

Grinding her teeth in frustration, Shizune marched forward, slapping her hand down on the added addition of paperwork to gain the blonde's attention.

"What?" Tsunade finally snapped, reluctantly tearing her eyes away from the pile to glare at her apprentice.

"Get to work Tsunade-sama" Shizune snapped "You haven't completed anything today. The workload is only going to enlarge if you neglect it any longer."

"I know, I know, quit reminding me," the Godaime protested. "Although," she added, smiling smugly, "you standing around bickering all day isn't going to help me work either," she mentally congratulated herself for thinking so quickly, nodding her head proudly.

Shooting one last glare at her, Shizune simply tsked and headed for the door. She paused in the doorway and looked back warningly. "Get it done Tsunade-sama, no slacking off like every other day now," with a smile accompanying her words, she turned and vanished, closing the door with a soft click behind her.

Once sure her apprentice was long gone, Tsunade sighed before putting her head between her hands "Why am I still Hokage" she mumbled to herself, thinking of how many years it had racked up to be now.

Naruto should have taken over by now, she smiled to herself, thinking of her favorite blonde. The years had passed smoothly after Nagato had attacked the village, save for Danzo raging constantly since she was reinstated as Hokage. The look on your face after learning your term as Hokage was so short lived was quite amusing, she smirked, remembering a particular part when Danzo's visible eye began twitching when informed.

She sighed again, her thoughts reverting back to Naruto. I can't believe how far you've come since I've met you, she smiled, thinking fondly of the now 18-year-old. How things have changed since you were the dead-last academy student.

Pulling herself out of her thoughts, Tsunade grit her teeth in determination Focus now, focus. Like Shizune said, if I don't do it now the pile will only grow.

Pulling the first stack towards her, the Godaime glanced down at the first report and felt her willpower drain away instantly. "I can always do it in the afternoon," she muttered, pushing the stack away from her.

"There's only one thing I need right now, and that's a pick-me-up," she grinned, hand already rummaging under her desk for a spare bottle.

After leaving the Hokage tower, Sakura lengthened her stride towards the hospital, intent on seeing if her help was required. Smiling pleasantly at the passing civilians and waving to a couple she recognised, the time passed smoothly and soon she was approaching the hospital doors. Upon walking up to the building, she quickly ran into a familiar face.

"Forehead" Ino smiled in greeting, pausing to talk to her once again best friend and rival "Keeping busy? I haven't seen you since you left for your last mission."

"Pig" Sakura retorted quickly, grinning back at her friend. The once teasing names they had used for each other had now become an affectionate reference, although neither girl would admit it. "Not really, Tsunade-sama has upped my training but no big missions have come by lately," she paused. "Is the work schedule here under control?" she gestured to the building behind the Yamanaka.

"Oh yeah," Ino waved her hand dismissively, "Been a real bore, not many people coming in lately, I suppose that's a good thing though," she grinned.

"Easy work for us then," Sakura laughed, "Thanks Ino, I was just making sure, had to try and fill up today somehow." Turning after waving goodbye, Sakura began making her way back down the path. Ino smiled at her retreating figure, brushing a strand of her long blonde hair from her face.

"Hey, Sakura," she paused as the Slug's apprentice turned back to her questioningly. "We should catch up sometime soon," she called, grinning widely.

A slightly surprised Sakura gazed back at her, now immsensely happy she and Ino had gotten over their squabble. This was the Ino she had become friends with when they were children. This was the Ino who helped her redeem her self confidence. "Sure Ino," she beamed, "I'd like that." With one last cheery wave to the blonde, Sakura turned and began her hunt for Konoha's most unpredictable ninja.

Naruto you better be up, Sakura thought dryly, jumping from building to building towards Naruto's apartment. Upon arriving at the nearly run down apartment, she knocked on his door lightly, quickly proceeding to his windows after no response.

Growing slightly worried, Sakura ventured nimbly back to his front door. Turning the handle, she was surprised to find it unlocked, yet hastily pulled it open, quietly walking inside and flicking on a light.

Peering into the living room, there was no sign of the blonde anywhere. Frowning slightly, she walked into the kitchen, opening the blinds throughout the house as she did so. The stuffy apartment smell soon began to dissipate. Upon seeing the empty kitchen, she ventured towards the bedroom, tensing slightly as the door creaked, she peeked into the room, catching site of an empty, unmade bed.

"Ah, where would he be at this time," she mused, "if he just got up that leaves one place." Sighing in realization, she made her way out of the apartment, squinting slightly into the bright sunlight as she took to the roofs again.

Landing on the ground next to her destination, Sakura eyed the sign and snorted slightly. "Ichiraku Ramen, why didn't I come here first?" she sighed, making her way into the booth.

Entering the stand, Sakura sweat dropped at what looked like a blonde pig inhaling bowel after bowl of ramen. She shook her head in disgust, Naruto made it appear as if a magic trick was at work, making the contents of each bowel simply disappear instantly. 'Was he a bottomless pit or something?' Sakura's mouth quirked, as she tried not to laugh.

Composing herself (and adding an appropriate 'I am furious' look) she stormed up beside the blonde and glared, finally capturing his attention.

"Good morning Sakura-chan," Naruto peered over the top of a half finished bowl, foxy grin firm in place, "what ya doing?"

Chanting at herself to not smile at his expression, Sakura breathed slowly through her nose before looking up calmly. "I was looking for you for the last 20 minutes, Tsunade-sama wants you in her office."

Slurping up the rest of his ramen, the blonde gave her a questioning look, to which Sakura just shook her head unhelpfully. "Alright then, thanks for the meal, old man" he yelled joyously, jumping up before speeding towards the Hokage tower, leaving Sakura behind.

"Hey Baa-chan, what's up" Naruto called, jumping into her office via the window. When no answer came, he peered down at the dozing Hokage before striding closer, muttering obscurities which sounded suspiciously about old women who waste his time.

"Wake up, Baa-chan!" he chanted enthusiastically in her ear, earning a chakra infused punch to the stomach, sending him crashing through the wall into the entrance hall.

"Damnit, what took you so long?" Tsunade grumbled, releasing a yawn as she slowly sat up "I have a new mission for you."

"Really, what?" Naruto yelled excitedly, charging back into the room, his sore stomach already forgotten. "Please tell me it's an A rank" he cried, stars shining in his eyes. "Or maybe even an S rank, have you finally come to realize how totally awesome I am Baa-chan?" he pumped his fist in the air, pulling off an almost identical Gai/Lee enthusiasm scene.

"Umm," the busty blonde scratched her head, "afraid not, this one's only a B rank," she laughed, seeing the blonde's falling glee. "With Kakashi and Yamato both out on missions you're stuck with solo ones" she paused. "No matter how good you are I'm not sending you alone for an A rank."

"Fine, fine" Naruto grumbled, straightening up "What's the mission then?"

Twitching with irritation at the continued use of his nickname for her, the Godaime cleared her throat "You're to travel to a small village about 30 miles north from here. It's a civilian village with no records of any ninja currently residing there. Lately, a band of four ninja's are invading the village at night, stealing any valuables they come across. With no ninja's of their own, the village is defenseless" she stopped, grabbing another scroll and pulling it towards her. "According to the information gathered from the civilian's, the speed and strength place these four ninja's at around Chuunin level. Your job is to take them out or, if possible, incapacitate them for interrogation. Clear?"

"Yes!" Naruto punched the air with his fist "This is gonna be too easy!" Looking back at the Godaime, he gave his foxy grin "So, when do I leave?"

"As soon as possible" she smiled, gazing at her favourite blonde affectionately.

"Right! well I'll see you later then!" with a farewell wave, Naruto jumped back out the window, eager to begin his mission.

After one last stop for some more Ichiraku ramen, Naruto bade farewell to Teuchi and Ayame, promising to pay back his large ramen debt after his mission.

Pushing forward with a burst of speed, he sped towards the village gates, glimpsing a blur of indigo in his path much too late to stop in time, only allowing Naruto time to promptly swear before crashing head on with it.

"Ow..." Naruto groaned, attempting to free himself from the mass of arms and leg's "Ah, sorry, Hinata-chan."

Giggling at the embarrassed look on the blonde's face, Hinata quickly composed herself as much as she could while lying in a patch of dirt. "It's quite alright Naruto-kun," she smiled brightly at him, discreetly trying to flick dirt from her long locks of hair.

Still smiling apologetically, Naruto rose, offering his hand and pulling Hinata to her feet. After brushing himself off he fixed her with his foxy grin. "Hey, Hinata-chan, are you just returning from a mission?"

"Yes, Naruto-kun, I am" she replied brightly, melting inside at his smile "It was just a simple transport mission so I never ran into any trouble," she surveyed his shouldered backpack, "are you heading off for one now?" Seeing his affirmative nod, Hinata steeled herself 'I should ask now,' she pondered, not giving herself a chance to chicken out. "Naruto-kun," she took a deep breath, still unable to prevent the pink tinge which quickly appeared on her cheeks. "Do you want to go out somewhere together after you come back from your mission?" she blurted out quickly, steeling herself for the worst.

Naruto's face turned red, memories surfacing of Hinata pronouncing her feelings for him before facing Nagato's Deva Path head on. Neither had mentioned what she had shouted that day but both still thought about it often. Naruto believed she only said it during the heat of the battle, as she never brought it up again. Finally realizing the white-eyed beauty still desired him, Naruto's heart swelled inside.

"U-um I would love to Hinata-chan" he stuttered quickly, quite flabbergasted, flipping the tables and suddenly becoming the nervous one out of the pair.

Blushing even more from his acceptance, Hinata beamed at his answer. She's not that shy girl I used to know, Naruto mused, chuckling to himself, reflecting on the many times Hinata fainted around him.

"Okay then," she shuffled her feet slightly, eyes fixated on the movement, hiding her face from view. "I guess I'll see you later then Naruto-kun" she smile became, if possible, even wider, as her eyes finally rose up to meet Naruto's again. She gave a slightly hesitant wave as she turned and began making her way to the tower to get a report sheet.

Grinning after her retreating form, Naruto vowed to make their time together as memorable as possible. Turning back to the path, he raised a hand to shield his eyes from the sun as he looked back at Hinata. "It's a date!" he shouted suddenly after her, before quickly running out the gate.

Blushing furiously, Hinata quickened her pace to the Hokage tower, heart beating frantically.

Jumping through the trees, Naruto knew he was making great time to the village. "Should be there before nightfall" he muttered, eager to punish the ones responsible for wreaking havoc upon the innocent civilians of the village.

Adding an extra spurt of chakra to his feet, he pushed off harder from the trees, leaving small dents in his wake. As the sun made it's duration over the sky and dusk began to settle, Naruto knew he must not be far off. Slapping a mosquito from his arm, Naruto stiffened slightly as his senses suddenly picked up four other chakra signals around him approaching swiftly. Halting suddenly on a tree, Naruto strained to determine where would strike first. Of no doubt he had that these people intended to incapacitate him, the malevolence of their chakra was thick in the air.

Crouching down slightly, Naruto evaded a lazily thrown kunai that was thrown at his head from his right. Are they underestimating me?

"Naruto," a cold voice stated coolly from his left, instantly drawing his attention to the slightly familiar voice. "Fancy meeting you out here," the voice chuckled, as its owner walked confidently into Naruto's line of sight.

"Sasuke" Naruto grit out, glaring at his once rival. Feelings of conflict were whirling in his mind that his once team member had set off. He wanted Sasuke to return home, yet Sasuke himself was making that pretty impossible. From joining Akatsuki and attacking the Kage's at the summit, it seemed he didn't intend to ever return home. Technically he couldn't after Danzo had announced an 'Uchiha Sasuke Hunting Season.'

"Ehh, this is the host of the Kyūbi no Yōko?" a young shark looking man questioned, slurping an icy drink as he considered Naruto. "It's hard to believe this was the person who defeated Pain," he commented, surveying Naruto with interest.

"Suigetsu, stay out of this," Sasuke threw a single glare towards the blade wielder, who quickly fell into silence.

Sasuke is so cool! Karin's thoughts were known to all as hearts appeared in her eyes, the three other members of Team Taka rolled their eyes while Naruto looked on incredulously.

"Well Naruto," Sasuke raised his eyes to Naruto, still perched on his tree ledge, "I decided to end out little.. triviality, once and for all." He grinned as Naruto tensed further, fists clenched at his sides. "How about we pick up from where we left off?"

"Hmph," Naruto scoffed, watching almost casually as a chidori sprung to life on Sasuke's hand, the loud chirping sound echoing throughout the forest. "No level two course seal this time, Sasuke?"

"Orochimaru's... influence was removed from my body," Sasuke laughed coldly, "not that I need it to beat someone of your caliber." He paused momentarily, observing Naruto charge up a Rasengan before giving an approving nod of his head. "Not going to cheat with that demon's help? How noble," he sneered, "Isn't this your cue to whine about how you're going to drag me back 'home'?"

Ignoring the remark, Naruto straightened up, his Rasengan whirling on his hand. "You know Sasuke," he jumped from the tree and looked across at his ex teammate sadly, "I would, but why bother trying with a lost cause?"

Gritting his teeth in concentration, Naruto dashed forward, covering half of the distance between them in seconds. Rushing out to meet him, the raven haired teenager grunted in approval, before both boys met in the middle and slammed their attacks into each other.

"What the!" Karin yelled, jumping backwards, sensing the off chakra. "Sasuke!" she bellowed, "get out of there now!"

Blindly trusting his team mate, Sasuke threw himself away from the blonde moments before a deafening BOOM! blew him off his feet and causing himself to slam into a tree.

"What the.. heck," Sasuke groaned, rising to his knees with the help of a concerned Juugo, "what happened?" He quickly glanced back at the crater in the early, failing to see any sign of the blonde.

"It was.. something when both your chakra mixed," Karin managed to ground out, "I have never felt anything like that before."

"Hmm, what happened to him?" Sasuke questioned aloud, casting another glance over the ruined site. "Did he get away?"

Shaking his head, Juugo answered his suspicions. "No, he just vanished when the explosion occurred, he didn't get away."

"Imagine that," Sasuke scoffed, finally getting to his feet and turning to leave. Pausing at the entrance of the clearing he looked back, dark eyes smoldering in disappointment. "Nothing more than the dead last after all."




"What?" Naruto questioned, opening his eyes and gazing around the dark room "Who is that?"

"Naruto." a voice echoed throughout the darkness, a loud rustling echoed throughout the seemingly large cave. "You always get us in the worst situations," a large sigh penetrated the air.

"Huh, Kyūbi, is that you?" questioned Naruto, turning around to be met with the fox's piercing red eyes, shattering the blindness. "What do you mean, worst situations, I didn't start that fight!"

"But now we have to suffer because of it," the moody fox grumbled, "this is going to be interesting."

"Interesting?" Naruto piped up enthusiastically, "what's happening to us?"

"Don't ask nonsense, kit, I have no definitive answer of what has happened, only my suspicions," the fox growled. "Although my suspicions usually turn out being right, so this is going to be.. awkward," the kitsune half smiled, displaying his massive canines.

"Wha.." Naruto scratched the back of his head and grinned sheepishly, "mind letting me in on your theories?"

"Hah, you'll find out soon enough," the demon laughed once more before blasting Naruto from his mind.








"Urgh" Naruto groaned, his wits finally, but slowly, returning to him. He paused before sniffing the air, bleh, he must be in a hospital; nothing else smelt so.. clean. Allowing his other senses to roam, Naruto realized the irritating beeping sound was coming from a heart monitor hooked up to him. Twitching his hand to release a cramp, he winced slightly as he disturbed a needle residing in his hand, must be an IV drip.

Finally managing to raise his eyelids, he surveyed a large stretch of white. "Definitely the hospital" he murmured, voice cracking.

"Ah, you're awake," a brisk voice called, drawing his attention. He gazed at the attractive brunette who was busy observing his set of monitors for any irregularity.

"Where's Sakura-chan?" he croaked out, looking around for sight of his pink-haired teammate.

Pondering his question, the woman propped him up slightly and poured him a glass of water which he quickly drained.

"Sakura?" the woman pursed her lips in thought, "I can't think of anyone called Sakura, Sorry hun. Who is she?"

"She's-" he began, breaking off as a swift knock came from the closed door.

Throwing him one last questioning glance, the nurse proceeded to the door, pulling it open slightly. "Ah Hokage-sama, come in," she beckoned with a smile, opening the door further.

Hearing these words, Naruto attempted to sit up further, eager to start his mission 'Complain About Being in Hospital.' Instead, through the door came a tall man, shaggy blonde hair falling wildly over his hitai-ate. Deep blue eyes met his own, staring at him in suspicion, a frown on his face. Naruto gasped, looking at the man, before glaring suddenly.

Pointing a shaking hand at the newcomer in anger and awe, Naruto couldn't control himself, his blue eyes quickly bleeding away to be replaced by crimson. "You!" Naruto yelled furiously, launching himself out of bed and at the taller blonde, claws extended.

To be continued

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