Title: Again and Again 1/?
Disclaimer: I don't fucking own this. If I did, oh, the naughty things I would do. Heh. /bricked
Pairing: America × England
Rating: HOLY COW IT'S AN NC-17. So yeah. Smut, smut, smut.
Author's notes:Crap. I should probably begin by saying I'm a huge vampire fiction fan (but not of Twilight, orz). And the first part is from an old fanfic I wrote a long time ago (nearly three years ago) that I altered a bit. Yes, yes, it was for a different fandom.

The anon who requested this wanted this to be as smexy as possible, so I obliged, plot be damned. Well, there is a bit of plot. Somewhere. Clichés abound. Possibly OOC. IDK. IDK.

This was partly inspired by a yaoi manga. Bonus if you can identify which manga. And no, its not Junjou Romantica.

WARNING: Possibly contains blasphemy. IDK. Because there's sex between a priest and a man. Okay? Okay.


There are haunters of the silence, ghosts that hold the brain and heart:

In the mansion of my being they have placed a room apart:

There I hear their spectre raiment, see their shadows on the floor,

Where the raven, Sorrow, darkens Love's pale image o'er my door.

The Haunters of the Silence by Madison Cawein


It was the kiss that proved to be his undoing.

Ice. His lips were icy at first touch, so cold they almost seemed to burn against his lips. But as the kiss deepened, the ice became fire, and all he could feel was heat and warmth, devouring him.

He did not know how long the kiss went, but it was all over too soon.

His lover was about to go to the door, outside, away from him, away from them, but the young lord grabbed him by the arm and pulled his lover against him. He wrapped his arms around him, resting his face against his hair, ignoring the way the lithe body stiffened and struggled against his touch. "Don't go yet."

His lover's struggles ceased for a moment, and then he took a deep breath. "I must go," he said in a quiet voice. "What if someone goes to the church and does not find me there again? Enough suspicion has been cast upon my disappearances. A priest must be in his church at this time of the night. I have cannot stay any longer."

The lordling's lips brushed against the nape of his neck, and he could feel the priest shiver against him. "They will not look for you. No one goes to church at this hour. Stay with me. It's been so long." He tightened his hold around him when he felt the priest struggle again. Oh, no you don't.

With one swift movement, he swept his feet off the ground and into his arms, carrying him to his room as a man would carry his bride into their bedchamber.

"What do you think you're doing?" the priest cried out as he flailed about in this grasp. "Put me down this instant!"

"This is your fault," he told him calmly, ignoring his struggles.

"My fault?"

Kicking the door shut behind him, he all but tossed him onto the bed, and then he leaned over, smirking. "Your fault," he repeated in a deadpan voice. "You should not have kissed me like that."

The priest looked up at him, eyes half-closed, looking a bit dazed. The lordling's breath quickened at how beautiful he looked like in that moment, even in the darkness, pale and delicate and vulnerable. His hand cupped the back of his neck, drawing the priest's face closer. He kissed him gently on the corner of his lips, a chaste enough gesture belied by his next words. "I want you," he whispered against his lover's ear. "I love you." He felt him shiver in his arms, heard his sharp intake of breath.

Green eyes opened and stared at him with such an expression of want that it sent shivers down his spine. A hand cupped his cheek, and he leaned into the touch, so warm in this cold room. "It's dark in here," the priest suddenly said. He gently pulled away from him, and he went to the window, taking hold of the curtains and pulling them apart. Moonlight flooded the room with pale, dreamy light.

He then turned to the lordling again, green eyes aglow, and approached him, his steps slow and measured. He stood still when he was finally in front of him. "No," he said softly, tilting his head slightly to the side, as if he was thinking about something, "I should have not kissed you like that."

"Let me," he said in a quiet voice, his fingers reaching out, then touching the lordling's throat, "then show you how I should have kissed you." Spellbound by the sudden desire in the priest's eyes, the lordling made the barest of nods, and with a wicked smile so out of place in a man of cloth, the priest began to undress him.

Slowly, he unbuttoned his shirt, placing soft little kisses on the patches of flesh being revealed. He could feel him smile as he gave a soft hiss when his lips brushed against his nipple. "Ar–"

"Hush," the priest said softly, his breath warm against his bare skin. His shirt dropped to the floor with a whisper of sound. "It's all right."

Then his hands drifted to his breeches, fingertips ghosting over the rising mound of heat as he unlaced them, and the lordling bit back a moan that rose to his lips. Then with a brief but firm tug, the priest divested him of the rest of his clothes. As he took a step back from the puddle of clothes, the priest placed a hand on his chest, and he pushed him down to the bed, making him sit on its edge.

He watched with fascination as the priest undressed himself before him, each movement smooth and graceful, slow and teasing, seducing him with every article of clothing he removed from his body—the collar, the crucifix, the robes, the undergarments—all stripped off and tossed to the floor. He had never been like this before, in all the times they had made love, in all the times they have been together. The aggressive change in him made the lordling's heart race with anticipation, and, for heartbeat, an unknown fear.

This was how the lordling wanted to remember that night. The person he loved leaning in front him, bare skin aglow against the moonlight. He reached out to touch the priest's hair, running his fingers through the short, choppy locks, and then encircling him within his arms. He drew him against him, and they tumbled into his bed, the priest on top of him, their legs dangling over the edge of the bed.

He lay flat on his back for a moment, content at looking at his lover's face. Even in the dim light he could see that his cheeks were flushed scarlet, as was the rest of him. Then he pulled him down to kiss him. The priest tasted of tea, of sacramental wine and spices, warm and intoxicating. His thumb brushed against a nipple, and he moaned into the kiss, and he slipped in his tongue, savoring the taste of him, trying to remember all of this.

The priest then slid away and sat up, almost straddling him. He closed his eyes as the priest's hands began to move all over his body, touching and stroking him. "I want you," he said simply as his hands wrapped around his already hard shaft. The lordling groaned at the touch, arching his back from the bed. "I know it is a sin, to want you, to desire this, but I cannot stop. My faith is nothing compared to this. To you. You drive me to madness and damnation, to the worship of false gods."

He looked at him straight in the eye. "This," he said slowly, "should be how I kissed you, my lord." He head bent down, his hair brushing against his stomach and thighs, tickling him as he slid away, kneeling on floor. By the time he realized what the priest meant to do, it was too late.

The young lord breathed in sharply as the priest's warm mouth engulfed him. He trembled as his lips slid back and forth against his length, tongue teasing the sensitive slit, hands massaging his sac. All coherent thought fled from his mind, except for one: the knowledge that he was doing this to him. He said his lover's name in a hoarse voice as he tangled his hands into his hair, twisting and breathless in his pleasure.

He could feel the heat building within him, and he almost exploded then and there, but then the priest pulled away at the last moment, leaving him hanging on the edge. The lordling managed to sit up, wrap his arms around his lover and ask, "What–"

"Quiet," he whispered in his ear. He could feel him tremble in his arms as he straddled him again, hear the rapid heartbeat in his chest (or was it his?). They were so melded together in the feverish heat of their bodies and passion that he could not tell which was his and which was the priest's. But it did not matter. Not now. Not ever.

"Let me love you, my lord. Just for tonight, please let me do this." And with a slow, tortuous but steady downward thrust, he was sheathed inside him, his entrance eased by their earlier tryst.

He thought he would die then, so overwhelmed he was of everything, of this constricting warmth around him, of the heat that burned in his veins.

But then the dammed priest moved.

"God!" he cried out. He was all but dimly aware of the priest letting out a choked laugh, muttering something about his choice of word.

There were so many things he wanted to cherish that night, to remember, but what he wanted to remember the most was how hot and tight he was around him as he rode him, how his fingers dug into the priest's hips as he gripped him tight, how sweet the pain he felt as the priest raked his fingers across his back in his passion, marking him, and how his flesh tasted of salt and tea and honey when he bit his shoulder as he finally came inside him. How he whispered words of love and promises of eternity. How exquisite it all felt then, how right, and how perfect.

But want he wanted was never meant to be.



Arthur Kirkland paused midway from sipping his tea and stared at his editor with a calm expression, although inwardly, he winced. Why must Elizabeta be so loud? With a long-suffering sigh, and ignoring the paroxysms of joy and rage being performed by his editor on his sofa, he remarked dryly, "I'm glad you seem to be pleased with it, but it's only a rough draft." A terribly written one, too. "And no, I don't have the rest of it yet."

Elizabeta makes an odd choking sound, and then cleared her throat and sat up. "I see. And the...inspiration for this just came to you...suddenly, hmm?"

"I told you. It just came to me while I was cooking." Arthur looks away to hide the sudden blush on his cheeks. He would not dare admit, even with his editor, who had worked with him for nearly five years now, that this little bit came to him through a strange dream. A very vivid, strange dream that kept him hard and awake the rest of the night writing and wanking, not necessarily in that order. The last thing he needed was her teasing him about his sexual frustrations and fantasies or his very recent break up with that fucking Frog.

"I don't see how an illicit homosexual romance between a noble lord and a priest can be inspired by the culinary arts, but then again, you do have a...unique way of cooking, so I suppose that it is possible." She ignored the glare Arthur sent her. "You didn't give them names yet."

"You know how I work." It was a writing quirk of his not to give his character names until he had a feel of their character, their attitudes and such. Names had meanings and power, he had long believed, and he liked to give his characters names that matched their personalities and circumstances.

This was not exactly the case with this one. Something inside of him seemed to keep him from giving them names; he couldn't even imagine how their faces looked, except for the color of the priest's eyes. Even in the dream, vivid as it was, as tangent and strong the emotions were and the smells, the sounds and the touch and the voices, the faces were blurred in his memory, all except those eyes—green, so disturbingly like his own.

"So when will I get the next part of this?" Elizabeta asks. "Do you mind if I show this to Darling, see what he think about this?"

Arthur blinks at her. Fuck, had he been spacing out again? He'd been doing that lately, ever since that dream. "Ah, no, I don't...mind. As for the next part, well," he paused. He had no idea what to write next, as if some internal . Yet another strange thing about this whole dream-inspired story. "You'll just have to wait and see when it turns up." As I will.

TBC...or not

Author's note, part 2: /runs and hides FOREVER