Chapter 1: You Can't Rape The Willing

Rating: R? NC-17?

Warnings: Rape...ish? Language. Kinky good stuff?

Word Count: 4014 (Just the story)

Summary: Neku finds himself in a predicament. With rape.

Author's notes: Well...this came out of nowhere. Literally. I guess the idea was just floating around, but everything else was...blah. XD. I hope you guys enjoy!

To call it surprising would be an understatement, but to Neku that wasn't really the point at the moment.

Instead, he was much more concerned with the sudden force between his shoulder blades that sent him crashing into the nearest wall, and the pain that came along with the shove from his head slamming nicely into the brick.

The fact that a knee just jammed in-between his legs and the feel of a hand pinning his own above his head came to his mind a bit after the pain had faded. The sight of a smirking face, smug eyes and silver hair registered in his head next.

"What...?" Neku mumbled as he immediately started to struggle out of his hold. The captor seemed to smirk wider.

"Now, now, we can't let you escape just yet." He giggled. Neku continued with his struggle.

"Screw you. Let me go! Bastard!" He yelled. The smirking boy only tightened his grip.

"How rude. I'll have you know that I have a name."

"I don't care!"

"It's Yoshiya, by the way. Yoshiya Kiryu. Mother and Father call me Joshua though."

"I don't give a rat's ass, now let go!" Neku roared. Joshua rolled his eyes.

"I suppose you have a name, boy?" He asked.

"I don't need to tell you that." Neku said sternly. Joshua giggled. Before Neku could retort again, Joshua brushed his lips against his ear. The struggling boy blinked in confusion.

"It's Neku, isn't it?" Joshua giggled again. Neku stopped struggling instantly, and settled on staring at his captor.

"How did you know that? Have you been stalking me?" He growled low. Joshua frowned.

"You give yourself too much credit. Who would give the time and effort to go around stalking you?" Joshua smirked. "Oh, and if you're still wondering, your friend called out your name before you guys separated. That girl." Neku stared. Shiki. He'll have to ask her to stop that next time he sees her.

"So what, you just randomly decided to attack me?" Neku glared. "You're some sick freak." Joshua shrugged.

"Well, to be exact, it's not an attack." He replied.

"Then get off me!" Neku yelled, and renewed his struggle.

"You're such a simpleton. No." Joshua giggled, and pushed his knee up further. Neku winced. He opened his mouth to yell a reply, but was cut off when Joshua took the opportunity to press his lips against his own chapped ones.

"It's not an attack. It's rape." He murmured lightly into his mouth before pressing hard once more. Neku froze, as if a bucket of ice cold water was poured down his back. He stood unresponsive for a moment as Joshua began press light kisses to his jaw.

"Get off me, you sick fuck!" He roared, and started to struggle as hard as he could against Joshua's hold. The silveret giggled, before biting hard on his neck. Neku hissed as blood began to flow from the bite wound.

"Has anybody told you that you have amazing skin, Neku?" Joshua breathed against his neck as he slowly released his neck. Neku refused to answer.

"No? Sad. You do have amazing skin. It just looks better with blood." Joshua continued, and ran his tongue across the wounds to lap up the blood. The captive started to pant some, and his eyes clouded over.

"Your blood tastes amazing as well. Looks like I choose well." Finished with cleaning up the wound and all the blood that had leaked through, he trailed his lips up Neku's jaw and to his left ear. Flicking out his tongue, he traced the outer shell of the ear softly before dipping it into his ear and swirling it around. Neku shivered and released a small groan. Meanwhile, Josh's free hand crept up the back of Neku's baggy shirt and drew feather light circles on his back.

"See, that's a good boy." Joshua giggled before savagely pulling up Neku's shirt up and over his head, stopping at the wrists. Neku gasped loudly as the cold air hit his heated skin, and flushed when he felt the weight of Joshua's eyes roaming his skin.

"S-stop... " Neku tried to ground out. Joshua ignored him and wasted no time to raise his free hand to grasp and pinch at one nipple while his mouth busied itself with the other, and Neku threw his head back, groaning. The orangehead twisted and choked as the silveret spared him no mercy. With his fingers he pulled and pinched harshly, flicking the rosy bud with his fingers in an almost amused manner. With his mouth he sucked and licked, sometimes hard, sometimes soft. Mostly he bit though, and when he did Neku groaned loudly and arched his back as constant shivers was sent down his spine.

"Either you are very sensitive, Neku dear, or you are very vocal." Joshua teased as he released his nipple from a particularly hard bite. Neku raised his eyes through his panting and glared half-heartedly. Joshua giggled, and smirked. "No matter. It's still enjoyable."

He trailed his hand down Neku's side, ignoring the shiver when he passed by his abdomen. He traced every crook and nanny on his chest with a ghostly touch, not really touching the skin but still making Neku feel the full effect.

"Stop this. Don't...!" Neku gasped out, face flushing even more as Joshua took to trailing butterfly kisses down his neck while sucking at some points. He licked and sucked especially hard at his pulse causing Neku to moan and unconsciously tilt his head back to allow Joshua more room.

The hand was trailing his chest again, only now pressing harder. His lips reached his collarbone and he sucked again, drawing out a large gasp from the panting boy. His knee started to move, ever so slightly, along the bulge that was beginning to show in his shorts. Neku squeezed his eyes shut. This guy is everywhere!

They snapped open when he felt Joshua bite into the junction between his shoulder and his neck. Neku yelped loudly at the sting, and glared at the top of Joshua's head. He could not, however, resist the groan that ripped from his throat when Joshua started to suck and lick at the wound while his finger twisted his nipple almost painfully and his knee pressed into his crotch hard.

"Bitch." Neku hissed out, and Joshua raised his head, showing him his smirk.

"Who, you?" He laid out before closing in and claiming Neku's lips. The two pairs of lips stayed closed for a moment before Neku felt Joshua's tongue licking at his bottom lip. Neku growled and refused to open. Joshua pulled away, giggled, and before Neku could glare at him, plunged back to kiss him again. This time, however, he instantly bit at Neku's bottom lip - hard. Neku gasped, and Joshua shoved his tongue into the moist cavern and exploring fervently. Blood mixed in with their saliva, giving both boys the taste of metal. They continued to kiss passionately as Joshua's hand continued to explore his upper body, now returning to Neku's nipple once in a while to press hard on the bud. Neku would moan into his mouth, and he would smirk into the kiss. Finally, he sucked harshly on Neku's bleeding lip before retreating.

For a moment, all Joshua did was stare. Neku stared back through his pants and flushed cheeks before both of them leaned in into a soft kiss. The silveret dipped his fingers beneath the hem of the orangehead's shorts and stayed there. Instead, he moved his knee again, rubbing against Neku's crotch. He threw back his head and groaned loudly. Unconsciously he thrust his hips forward on the knee. Friction. He needed more friction.

"You look like you're enjoying yourself, Neku dear." Joshua giggled in his ear as he moved his knee faster. Neku groaned in response.

"D-don't be stupid..." He muttered. "You're still a bastard." Joshua rolled his eyes.

"And you must be a bitch in heat." He replied. Neku's angry eyes flashed up to meet his own.

"Am not-" He began before his eyes widened. Joshua had swiftly moved his hand to his clothed hard-on and started to stroke it harshly. Neku cracked his head against the wall and gave a long, loud moan. Joshua smirked.

"I beg your pardon?" He mocked. Neku didn't even both to meet his eyes again, too busy with the feel of Joshua's hand stroking his cock.

An idea passed by Joshua's head. He smirked. Giving Neku's cock a few more hard strokes, he suddenly backed away from the boy. Neku, without any support or any realization that his legs had lost its strength, crumpled to the ground harshly. On his hands and knees, he panted for a bit before raising his head at the giggling boy in front of him.

"Hey! What was that for!" He yelled. Joshua simply smirked and shrugged his shoulders innocently.

"You wanted me to get off, didn't you? To stop, right? And I did. Why are you so angry?" Joshua asked, amusement lacing his tone and his eyes as he looked down to the boy. Neku faltered.

"But I..."

"Oh, look at the time! If I don't hurry, I'll be late for an appointment. I'll be seeing you, Neku." With a wave, Joshua turned his back and started to walk out of the back alley that he had dragged Neku into earlier on. The orangehead's jaw dropped.

"Wait! You can't just leave me lying here!" He yelled at the retreating figure. Joshua stopped, turned his head, and smiled.

"Oh, so you want me to continue...?" He asked coyly. Neku paused again. Did he want him to continue? Joshua walked back to the boy on the ground. Squatting, he took Neku's chin in his hand and tilted it up so they were face-to-face. The silveret stared into Neku's unsure eyes and giggled.

"Do you? There is no turning back, though. I'm pretty rough." He whispered. Neku showed concern on his face, and he privately mulled it over. Meanwhile, Joshua trailed his hand down Neku's bare back softly before reaching his shorts. Neku's eyes started to cloud over once more, and a pink tongue darted out to wet his slightly parted lips. Keeping eye contact, Joshua moved his hand further, down his lower back and into his boxers. There, he caressed the soft skin of Neku's bottom, causing Neku's breath to hitch in his throat. He squeezed a few times, earning a soft moan from Neku. Slowly, Joshua dipped one finger, two fingers, into the crack in between the two cheeks, and Neku leaned in for a kiss...

...before Joshua tore his hand out of Neku's shorts. Neku's eyes flashed, and he took in Josh's smug face.

"Well? Do you want me, Neku?" Joshua asked again. This time Neku bobbed his head. Yes. Screw everything else.

Joshua instantly flipped the boy over. Cradling a kneeling Neku in between his legs in his squatting form, he sucked at his ear while his hands trailed down this chest. Stopping to play with the orangehead's nipples, Neku groaned as the silveret moved his hands down south. Reaching the shorts, he instantly started working on unbuckling them. Neku gave a weak chuckle.

"Here. Let me." He murmured before quickly undoing his belt and his shorts and shimmying both the shorts and the boxers down his legs to his knees. Neku shivered and groaned; the cold air to his cock sent shivers up his spine. Joshua traced his hands up and down his legs and inner thighs, but never once touching his manhood at all. Neku groaned in desperation.

"Jo-osh..." He groaned loudly. The boy in question giggled.

"He-ey Neku. You want me, right?" He asked quietly in his ear. Neku gave a distinct nod, but looked suspiciously at the silveret over his shoulder.

"Well, I was thinking. Since it's you who wants me, I think you should..." Joshua leaned in closer, so his lips were pressed directly on Neku's ear, "I think you should beg me."

Neku's reaction was instant. He whipped around and glared straight into Joshua's amused eyes.

"What?" He hissed. "I will not." Joshua giggled.

"Oh yea?" He asked, smirking. Neku's defiant eyes continued to glare into his own before Joshua trailed a finger up the underside of Neku's cock. The boy immediately sagged and gripped onto Joshua's shoulders as a shudder raced through his body. A groan ripped from his lips.

"How about now?" Joshua asked, his confidence rolling off his form in waves. Neku gave no answer, his lust filled eyes staring intently at the ground. The hands gripping onto his shoulders were still trembling. The silveret giggled, and traced his thumb over Neku's slit. The boy threw his head back and groaned loudly, panting all the while.

"Have you made up your mind yet, Neku? I can't be here all day, you know." Joshua stated impatiently. "Perhaps I should leave."

"NO!" Neku shouted, his wild eyes looking scared for a moment. Then he drooped his head lower. "" He asked awkwardly.

"How about, 'Please take me Joshua, I want you, I need you. Please take me with your big strong cock!' I think that would suffice, dear." Joshua offered, smirking. Neku blushed intently. It took him a few moments to gather his wits before raising his head.

"P-Please take me Josh...I...I want...I want you! So please..." He mumbled, eyes looking away. Joshua took his chin in his hand and gave him a congratulatory kiss.

"That's a good boy." He murmured into the kiss. "Not quite what I was looking for, but I guess beggars can't be choosers, now can they?" He quipped. Suddenly, he stood. Neku stared at him with desperation, disbelief, and betrayal.

"Now now, don't look at me like that." Joshua giggled before dragging the boy to his feet as well. Quickly, he shoved the shirt back down over Neku's head with one hand while quickly tugging up his shorts with the other.

"Come." Joshua hissed before dragging the dazed boy further into the alley. They walked a short distance before they came to a door. Releasing the boy's hand, Joshua fumbled with the keys.

"My place." He explained to the confused boy who was still sporting a hard on. Finally, Joshua picked the right key and once the door was unlocked, kicked the door open impatiently and dragged Neku in. Slamming and locking the door once the boy was in, he eagerly locked lips with his soon-to-be lover as he tossed the keys onto the kitchen counter. The back door, Neku thought faintly in his mind.

The two figures staggered together in refusal to break their lip lock before they finally landed on a couch with Neku on top. They continued for a few moments in their passion before Neku risked breaking it. Sitting on the silveret's stomach, he quickly pulled his shirt up and over his head before tossing it in an unknown direction. Joshua retook in the sights and before his hands could reach up to trace Neku's form once more, he was pleasantly surprised when the boy pushed by his hands and started to unbutton his blue shirt. He giggled.

"Eager, aren't we?" He smirked. Neku ignored his jab and finished unbuttoning the shirt. Violently, he pushed the fabric to his shoulders before leaning down and crashing his lips to Joshua's. Hands now exploring freely, they both groaned into a kiss that was all teeth and tongue. Not that they cared.

Pulling back to observe the body of the person who had wanted to rape him only a short time ago, Neku eyed him carefully. From his shoulders, his hands followed his gaze as they greedily took in the sights. Finally, Neku's hands settled on Joshua's nipples, and he started to twist, pull and pinch as Joshua had done to him before. Neku watched the expression on Joshua's face. A slightly furrowed look with his lips slightly parted, his curly hair spread out on the pillow. Neku smirked softly before attaching his lips to Joshua's neck. The boy now on the receiving end raised his hands to stroke them lightly through Neku's spiked hair while muttering, "Now there's a good boy..."

However, Joshua liked power and control. Deciding that he had already given his toy enough control for the day, he flipped them over and pinned the surprised boy to the couch.

"That's quite enough from you." He said, smirking. With quick fingers, Joshua ripped the shorts and boxers off Neku in a single, fluid movement. Neku hissed at the cold air once more, and gasped with Joshua gripped his cock tightly with one hand. Looking up, Joshua's smug eyes met with Neku's desperate ones. Slowly, while keeping eye contact, Joshua began to pump his fist.

Neku groaned and moaned, and with each passing second they grew louder. He twisted and thrust his hips forward while his fingers scratched at the couch looking for a place to clutch at. His eyes squeezed shut as sweat began to roll down his face.

"That's a good picture." Joshua said softly, and Neku's eyes snapped open to observe him. His free hand had reached into his pants that were now bunched up just below his hips, and was bringing his own manhood out. Neku's eyes widened slightly at the size of it, but it simply didn't matter when Joshua grounded their hips together in sweet contact. The orangehead threw his head back in a loud groan, and panted hard as Joshua brought their two cocks together and started to pump them both. Neku reached down with one of his hands and started to pump along with him, fire starting to build up at the bottom of his stomach.

Suddenly, Joshua pulled away. Neku groaned with the loss of contact before three fingers were shoved into his open mouth.

"Suck." Joshua commanded. Neku obeyed as he sucked the three appendages, his tongue swirling and dodging in-between them. Joshua watched, transfixed, before tugging his fingers out. "Enough."

The three fingers coated in Neku's saliva reached down and massaged Neku's entrance. Neku watched, and threw his head back as a finger protruded into him, forcing a loud yelp out from his throat. The finger started to pump in and out of Neku, while the boy in question shifted awkwardly. It's not like it was hurting, it was just uncomfortable.

Neku yelped again as a second finger joined the first unexpectedly. He groaned with the pain and wiggled his hips to try and lessen it. The two fingers now scissored while pumping in and out of his entrance. Then, Neku's vision turned white as fire raced from his lower regions and up. He yelled out loudly, his back arched, and his toes curled.

"There! Hit there again, Josh!" Neku yelled. Joshua giggled.

"You called out my name." Joshua said. He pumped his fingers in again, and hit the spot once more. Neku yelled again.

"That is a good thing." Once Joshua said that, he added the third finger in. Neku hissed in pain.

"You need to relax, or it will continue to hurt, Neku. Do you understand?" Joshua stared at Neku. The boy nodded uncertainly, and tried to relax as Joshua continued to stretch him while pumping in and out. Soon, Neku had gotten used to it and was moaning freely again. The three fingers continued to pump for a moment, before they were withdrawn. Neku groaned at the loss.

There was a pulling on his hand. He looked down in a daze and trailed the arm who was pulling his up to Joshua.

"Neku, sit up." Joshua ordered. Neku sat up at once, looking up at Joshua with curiosity in his eyes. Joshua stood, and placed a foot on the side of Neku where the seat met up with the back of the couch. His cock stood proudly in front of Neku's face.

"Suck." He commanded bluntly. Neku stared for a moment, glanced once at Joshua, before opening his mouth and encasing the member cautiously. Joshua's breath hitched from entering the moist chamber, and groaned softly as Neku began to bob his head up and down his shaft. He sucked softly and ran his tongue over the slit on the head, earning a loud moan from Joshua.

"That's enough." He panted out, and Neku slowly released his cock with a loud smack. It glistened with saliva. Pushing at Neku's shoulders and telling him indirectly to lay back down, Joshua quickly dipped his fingers in his own mouth and shoved them into Neku's entrance again, making sure that Neku was adequately stretched out. He pulled them out quickly, leaving Neku breathless.

"Ready?" Joshua asked quietly, positioning both his legs over his arms and one over his shoulder. Neku shakily nodded a yes.

"Remember. Relax, or else it will hurt more than it has to, alright?" Without waiting for a reply, Joshua gripped Neku's bony hips tightly with both hands, and entered Neku with a swift thrust. Neku tilted his head back in a silent scream as his back arched to impossible angles. He dug his fingernails into Joshua's shoulders, drawing blood without meaning to. Slowly, Joshua edged forward until he was fully sheathed in the boy. He opened his eyes to watch Neku screw his eyes shut and gasp in pain.

He only waited for just a moment before pulling back and slamming into the boy again, making sure that his hips were angled enough to hit his prostrate. This time, Neku screamed out, still not used to the size or the presence of Joshua's cock. The dominating boy disregarded the orangehead's reaction and continued to pull out slowly and slamming back in, moaning softly all the way. Soon, Neku had stopped screaming and began moaning at the violent thrusts from Joshua, even bringing his own hips up and meeting Joshua's thrusts half way. The two boys moaned loudly.

"F-faster!" Neku yelled.

"'re so tight..." Joshua groaned out as he picked up the pace. Each thrust the two made continued to hit Neku's prostrate straight on, causing Neku to let go of Joshua's shoulders and cling onto the arm of the couch instead. Joshua reached to Neku's cock and gripped it tightly, pumping it in time with his thrusts. Neku moaned loudly.

"Joshua! Josh, I-I'm coming...!" Neku yelled out.

"Heh. Fine. Come then." Joshua replied breathlessly as he continued to pound into Neku. Soon after, Neku screamed his release as his fluids flew and coated both their chests. Joshua came right after, seeing as how Neku had unintentionally clenched Joshua's cock as he came.

Joshua continued to pump both his hand and his cock as they both rode out their orgasms. Neku collapsed against the coach tiredly as Joshua fell on top of him. The two panted heavily, breathing in the air that smelled of their two scents and sex. Slowly, Joshua pulled out of Neku with a wet plop. They stayed there in silence in each other's presence. Finally, Neku opened his mouth.


"Boss, I'm back!" A voice sounded from the hallway. Neku started to sit up, muttering a dark, "Shit!" before Joshua pushed him back down.

"Don't worry." He muttered before snuggling down into Neku. The boy stared at the silveret in bewilderment.

"Hey boss, check out wh - oh." Neku stared at the newcomer in horror, as did the newcomer with Neku.

"Sanae. Go away for a while, will you?" Joshua waved his hand in dismissal. "You are making him nervous." Sanae Hanekoma backed up slowly, before jerking his head in what seemed to be a nod before rushing down the hallway. Neku winced at the slamming of the door.

"Was that really necessary?" Neku muttered. Then he remembered.

"So you succeeded." Neku declared. Joshua looked up and blinked sleepily. "In what?"

"In raping me." Neku stated bluntly. Joshua giggled.

"Oh, you think that?" Joshua asked, wrapping his arms around Neku's chest.

"...wait, what?" Neku asked, his mind a bit fogged up.

"Of course I didn't rape you, you simpleton. You can't rape the willing."

Author's note: Well, that's how it is. My first lemon! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Please note that this is a series of one-shots...although some one-shots could be connected to other one-shots. I will probably not be updating regularly. Most likely you can see with my other stories. :)

Review as you see fit! I'm certainly open to anything at the moment. If you have been reading my other stories and suddenly this one pops up, and you're going, "WTF?" Um, yea. Sorry. -_-'