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The moon was at its peak over the northern sky. The Imperial outpost shined like a glittering rock as the Britannian flags fluttered madly in the wind. At the entrance, soldiers dressed in grey and black armour and helmed visors stood attention like statues, their rifles ready to turn at any intruder. Their leader, one of the famed Gaston knights dressed in a maroon uniform with a sabre by his side inspected the situation.

An explosion struck the entrance, blowing up the door and walls into pieces. Soldiers fell as the debris struck them. Volleys of lead from different directions cut down any survivors. The knight tried to rally more guards when a crimson Knightmare with a metallic claw smashed through the wall. A duo of Imperial Vincents appeared from the side to investigate the attack and fell victim to the monstrous red. The Knightmare slashed its claw tearing one Vincent apart with a single blow and side-kicked another. It happened in mere seconds. The knight could only stare in shock. Another one of the purple mass produced Knightmares appeared and drew its MVS lance and attempt to skewer the invader with its blood red blades. It was a valiant act but futile. The crimson machine grabbed its head with its claw and a beam of red-violet beam appears and it turned the Vincent to dust.

"Zero, come in. This is Kallen. I've gotten them all." A red haired teenage girl spoke over the microphone.

"Good work, Kallen." A muffled voice replied. "Now take over that outpost! It's crucial that we take it so we can isolate the Britannian forces. Now go do what you do best!"

Grinning she replied, "Yes, Zero!"

A man dressed in a black cloak stared at the red-haired Black knight as she cut a bloody swathe through the Britannian Knightmares. Lelouch Vi Britannia sat on his couch in the command centre thinking about all that had happened.

"It all seemed like yesterday since that day in the Getto." The Britannian prince and Knight Commander muttered to himself.

"Hmm?" A green hair girl dressed in a Black Knight uniform turned to face him.

"She's been by my side since the beginning, CC. She's been there through all..."

"She's a rare girl…that's considering my experiences through centuries." CC said with a rare smile.

"She's was willing to become my slave…it suppressed my calculations time and time again." Lelouch muttered in amazement.

"Really? You actually miscalculated about her?" CC asked surprised. "Thought you said she was the most devoted to Zero?"

"I did." The Britannian prince admitted. "But I never expected it to be this high."

The immortal chuckled. "Why you asked her to go back with you to Ashford?"

"What?!" Lelouch turned surprised.

"I was there when you two were having your romantic moment in the Chinese Federation remember? When she asked you why you returned, you didn't answer and asked her if she would come back to Ashford when the war is over. I shouldn't have ruined that moment but that Chinese sauce just wasn't my taste."

"I just admire her because she's fighting for what she truly believes in." He answered trying to avoid the question.

"I thought you called her a pawn?"

"She was never a pawn! I've lost mother, Shirley and Euphie. I can't bear to lose her as well!" He all but shouted, feeling suddenly angry.

"When did she become so close?"

"Oh be quiet, you witch!" Lelouch said annoyed. He glanced at the screens. "Look, Todoh needs some help at sector B. Go help him out."

"Ok, 'Zero'. Just one more thing." The immortal got up and started for the door.

"And what's that?"

"Have you considered her as your queen? I mean literally?" With that she walked out of the room leaving a puzzled Lelouch alone to think what it meant.

Months later after the destruction of the Tokoyo Settlement

Lelouch Vi Britannia stood surrounded by the Black knights with Kallen. Lights pierced through the darkness like a sword through flesh. It's over. They found out.

"Wait a minute!" Kallen shouted, positioning herself protectively over him. "This is all one-sided! Look at how far we come because of Zero! At least let him answer!"

"You're in the way, Kallen!" Tamaki shouted. "Do you want to die with Zero?"

"Don't tell me he used his Geass on you too!" Ohgi added.

Lelouch knew that it was over.

"I need an answer, Lelouch." Kallen whispered to him startling him.


Lelouch tried to think of every possible way to save them. Perhaps there was a way out. The prince glanced at a corner and saw a tall white figure and knew that it was hopeless. 'Schneizel…so you made your move by calling check…' He thought. 'There's no way out for me. It's over.'

"What do I mean to you?" She continued. "I need…to know…If I could stay with you I would…Please…"

Lelouch looked infront of him. Kallen was still there shielding him from the others. He knew she was willing to die with him. She can't die now; he needed someone to protect CC. She had to live.

No, that's what he was telling himself. It was more than that. He was right earlier. Kallen Kosuki would always be there for him since the beginning and now she's there infront of him when everyone is against him.

Such loyalty…she was willing to be his slave unlike others whom he had geassed. She had followed him everywhere anywhere w He understood what CC had told him earlier now: Kallen was deeply in love with him. That explained why she had been acting to him strangely earlier and why she was outrageously jealous when CC told him to take off his clothes. Lelouch had always made fun of her by mentioning of them being a couple many times before but he had never been serious about it. He knew now why she was able to perform so many deeds before.

Love is power, Lelouch! Shirley's voice rang in his head.

Of course. People would do things that were insane beyond reason for those they love regardless for what happen to oneself. It gives them the will, strength and power to go on beyond all expectations…against all odds. It was the most powerful weapon anyone can have. Love…the fear and grief in his chest was replaced by an unfamiliar emotion. It was similar to that of how he felt for Euphie, Shirley, even C.C. when she sacrificed herself to save him but this was much stronger. He had lost so many of those he love…mother…Nunally…Euphie…Shirley…and now Kallen…No! Not Kallen as well. He would see to her that she live even without him. Kallen was his knight…his friend…his queen and now he felt the feeling he was willing to die for her as she would for him…The Black Prince suddenly found out what that emotion was…love...he loved her as well…

He no longer cared about the guns and Knightmares pointing at him. All that matter to him now is to keep Kallen safe.

"Please answer me, Lelouch!" Kallen begged him. He knew that there was only one way to save her. Although it hurt him more than it will ever hurt her, he had to do it.

Lelouch Vi Britannia let out a evil laugh.

"Fools! So you finally figured it out. That I've been using you all! That's right! You're all pawns in my game." He removed his helmet and grinned at the assembled knights. Kallen let out a grasp and turned to him.

"Zero…so you really are…"


While many painful cries came from the Black knights, none were as painful as that of Kallen's eyes which were wide as wide as saucer plates…the beautiful orbs filled with shock and hurt…But he must press on the act at least until he die.


"Kallen," He started, fighting not show any sign of emotion from the painful words that were going to come out. "You were my most useful piece. It's like a well played knight." He looked up to the others to make sure everyone would hear him as well as to not look at Kallen. His whole act would break if he looked at her face any longer.

"This whole world was the board for the game…all for my entertainment!" He struggled to keep the evil grin as Kallen turned her back.

"I see…" She made no effort to hide the pain and disappointment in her voice, a further attack on his act. He knew her eyes were tearing though he couldn't see it.

"Good bye then Lelouch!" She said that last part out filled with utter hatred.

"Get ready!" Todoh shouted. Guns cocked and aimed at the Black Prince. But Lelouch did not care.

Tears swell his violet orbs as the words rang into his mind. It could not be avoided if she were to live but it hurt much more than he thought he would feel. He dipped his head to hide the tears that were coming out and the fading grin that was changing to a bitter frown. The act was breaking up. He could not let them see had hurt the one person who stood by his side after all the evil he had done. He had hurt his queen…his love...After all the failures he had done, at least Zero, Lelouch Vi Britannia succeeded in saving the person who would have wanted to share his life with in another life.

"Kallen…you…have…to…live…" He muttered absently, closing his eyes preparing to hear the sound of gun fire and the bullets to pierce his black heart.

Lelouch imagined himself in another time, in another world. A world where there was peace everywhere. He would be back in Ashford with Nunally, mother, Euphie, Suzaku, Milly, Shirley, Rivalz and everyone else.

They parted and she appeared striding towards him gracefully. Kallen would be dressed in a white beautiful dress looking at him. Her hair was neatly down by her shoulders. Kallen's face turned red as she walked up to him. They were but a few inches apart. He would put his arms around her as he bent to kiss her. He mused remembering the last time he tried to do that and she had slapped him hard. But this time she responded passionately, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He opened his eyes slightly to see her one last time. To his surprise, he saw Kallen had heard what he had muttered and looked at him. The hatred was replaced by confusion. Her eyes lit up upon realizing what he had said. The Britannian prince smiled, glad that he had seen the one last person he love before dying.

As for what Kallen mean to him? She was the world to him now...

"FIRE!" The guns blared.

"NO!" Kallen screamed.

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