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Kallen flexed her body and was surprised to find that it was far less painful than she had anticipated.

"Modern medicine is just amazing." She muttered, inspecting her bandaged torso wound. It was bad enough with the bruises given by Chiba now she has a hole there. The wound was surprising closing fast. Probably due to the medicine quality and the food.

It's been a week since they got back. Lelouch visited her everyday despite the workload he had. Kallen would have joined his side at once if her wound wasn't so bad.

There was a knock on the door and Kallen quickly dressed herself.

"Come in."

C.C. appeared carrying a bundle of clothes.

"Mistress, I brought you some clothes." The green haired immortal laid it out for her. "You said you like uniforms so I found this."

Kallen looked at the folded uniform. It was crimson like her old pilot suit but that's where the resemblance ended.

"Do I really have to wear that?"

C.C. gave her a smile. "You'll look beautiful."

"I am not going to dress like…" The green haired girl gave her a pleading look that Kallen could not imagine the old C.C. giving.

Kallen adjusted the collar on her neck, coughing slightly as she did. It was too bright. Too lavish for Kallen's more Spartan tastes.

C.C. on the other hand had enjoyed dressing up the heroine that saved and took care of her. She fought with Kallen's hair and it was now straightened down to her shoulder.

Inside, she was wearing a tight fitting maroon long sleeve shirt and trousers with a red tailed single button coat on top. Both her hands and feet ended with white knee high boots and gloves both gold trimmed. The Britannian Imperial cross formed in the middle of her chest along her chest with gold lines along the edges of her coat.

"I look ridiculous."

"No, mistress!" C.C. protested.

"It's so tight and itchy!" Kallen continued. "Feel so pompous…" She was fidgeted with the belt.

"You're so beautiful." The immortal's face was flushed red. "Could you please smile a bit?"

Kallen sighed and posed in front of the mirror. C.C. clapped with joy.

"Ok, C.C. I think I want to sleep a bit…help me remove this…" There was another knock.

Thinking it was Lelouch, Kallen opened the door with a mind to get the emperor to change her outfit.

A tall blond haired woman in a deeper red version of Kallen's uniform greeted her.

"Milady, Knight Oldrin Zevon." She saluted with her right fist to her heart.

Kallen instinctively raised her right hand in a Black knight salute but managed to brush it aside half way and simply nodded.


"We've already assembled at the hanger. I'm here to escort you there."

Kallen blinked and look to C.C. in question.

"We are waiting for your inspection."

"My inspection?" Kallen exclaimed in question.

Oldrin blinked in surprised. "We are under your command, my lady." Kallen still wasn't used to getting called lady despite living for a time as a noblewoman.

"I didn't know."

Oldrin startled. "I apologise. We are a newly formed unit and were told that you were our commander. I assumed that you were ready. Forgive me, shall I tell the rest to dismiss?"

"No, no. It's fine." Kallen replied. "We can go now. I need to stretch my legs anyway."

Zevon saluted and brought out a sheathed long sword.

"This is for you." Kallen took it and examined the weapon. It was lighter than it looked and well balanced. She attached it to her belt. The female knight then led Kallen out with C.C. beaming at her.

When she regains her memory again, I'm going to kill her.

"Lady Kouzki," Oldrin asked after a minute. "May I ask a question?"

"It's Stadtfeld." Kallen corrected. "But call me Kallen."

"Lady Kallen…" She insisted. "You are the pilot of Guren?"

Kallen tensed but answered truthfully. "Yes. I was once a Black knight."

If Oldrin was disturbed by her answer, the knight didn't show it. "I see. They're retrofitting the Guren. It looked different from the simulations."

"Simulations? You fight the Guren in simulations?"

"Yes, my lady. It's the last test for all knights to pass. Most of the time, they just examined us based on how long we last." She added.

"And now you're meeting her pilot." Kallen mused.

Oldrin chuckled. "And that you'll be our commander."

The former Black knight smiled as well. "Yes, the irony. So you've been a knight for long?"

"Yes, when I was 16." Oldrin said, proudly. "I grew up as a noble of House Zevon. But I left and joined the army."

Sounds like what I'd do if I grew up as a Britannian. Kallen thought.

"What unit were you from?"

"Glinda knights. We were an anti-terrorist unit operating in the Homelands."

"I see. You could have grown up as a lady in a life of luxury. So why did you choose to be a knight?" That's a question that people have always asked Kallen.

The knight slowed her pace in contemplation. "I want to protect the smiling faces of the weak. I've never agreed with the Number system or our abuses of the commoners."

"You do know that at that time, those terrorists at that time fall into that category?"

Oldrin frowned. "Yes, I know. But now things will be different. All I ever wanted was to be a true knight."

Kallen laughed lightly. "Then I'm really glad we never got to face each other. You remind me of myself. My mother is Japanese. My father's a Britannian noble, House Stadtfeld. But when Japan became Area Eleven, I chose to fight for the freedom of Japan as a Black knight. As a terrorist to Britannia you might say."

"Yes, my lady. It'll be an honour to fight under you. We're here."

The hanger door opened up and Kallen was faced with four uniformed men and woman chatting over something

Oldrin's face reddened at the sight and barked at the group.


At once the group lined up and raised their fist to their chest.

Oldrin grumbled but Kallen was amused. Maybe not everyone's so stiff and formal.

The male members wore a black coat over a red vest while the females wore Oldrin's uniform in reverse colours.

All have swords at their side.

While Kallen did not know much of the other knights of Britannia especially since most of them served on the main fronts of Europe, she did know that they followed different protocols compared to the Regular forces.

And so, Kallen merely nodded firmly at them and folded her hands behind her back as she did back in the Black knights.

"At ease. I am Kallen Stadtfeld." The knights followed her gestures and stood straight.

Oldrin gave her their dossiers as she turn to inspect the individuals.

Charmelle Finlay was a soldier through and through and Kallen could tell the way how smartly she stood and saluted. She was older and experienced though left out in promotions despite her skills. Kallen also noted she was recently knighted by Lelouch after her stand against the rebel ground forces in Pendragon.

"My lady. Charmelle Finlay, at your service."

A real soldier.

Toto Thompson reminded Kallen of a dark skinned version of Nina. She seems gentle little girl but Oldrin assures her that she was a fine knightmare pilot. Kallen saw on her dossier that she was a maid to Oldrin's family before.

"Milady." She nodded politely.

Another Sayoko? That's scary!

Rockheart was huge and muscular and Kallen had to look up to see him properly. His battle scars were evident on his face yet it did not seem in anyway make him intimidating.

"A pleasure, my lady." He told her in an unusually gentle voice.

Friendly giant. Kallen thought.

Leonhardt Steiner was a slim auburn haired young man, not at all unpleasant to look at.

"Lady Kallen," He bowed low. "Honoured to meet you."

She heard sniggering from the female members.

Feeling rather playful, Kallen asked. "Something funny?"

Steiner's handsome face turned sheepish. "No, my lady. They're merely expressing…"

"What a terrible flirt you are?"

Steiner glared at the speaker. "I am not trying to do anything! I'm just being respectful."

"Leon!" Gino's voice suddenly appeared catching everyone off guard. "I didn't think I'd see you here again!"

"Lord Weinburg?" Steiner looked shocked.

The Knight of Three put an arm around his shoulder. "You do know that you're flirting with our dear Emperor's old friend now?"

Steiner's face now paled. "I…never…I was just being…"

Kallen now joined in the laugher. "You two know each other?"

Oldrin explained. "The Steiners are a sworn House to the Weinburgs."

Gino pulled Steiner closer. "We're old buddies."

"Ok, I think we can dismiss today's…uhh…parade?" Kallen thought they've tortured Steiner enough for the day. "I look forward to seeing you all in action."

"Yes, My Lady." They saluted. Kallen turned to Gino who was messing Steiner's hair.

"Where is he?"

"Just told me he was at some meeting. He said he'll be coming to see you though."

"I see." Kallen wondered what the nature of that meeting was.

Duchy of Nunavut,

Northern Britannia

"Here they come again!" The line of Imperial forces braced themselves against the coming tide from the forest.

The Vincent Wards and Sutherlands cocked their rifles while Gareths and Liverpools raised their massive cannons for covering fire.

The Vincent Commander drew his duel short swords as the rumble became louder. Scans were already showing at least several dozen knightmares. But none have appeared visually yet.

"For God, Charles and St. Darwin!"

The tree line exploded as white, gold and green knightmares swarmed out.

"Open fire!" The rifles and cannons opened up on the attackers. Bullets riddled many even as the cannon shells melted and shredded others.

An Imperial Ward fired burst after burst at every white, gold and green figure appearing in his screen but the numbers seemed relentless despite the numerical figure dropping on the scanners. After a while, his last shot was gone and a Sutherland with a lance smashed into him. The Ward however recovered and grabbed hold of the lance on the next thrust. Activating his stun tonfa, the Imperial smashed the arm off. Then with a burst of electric shock, the Ward tore the rebel's head off with the next blow.

However, a golden lance followed the explosion and it buried into the Ward's chest.

"They just keep coming!" The Vincent commander combined his swords to lance mode and severed one of them.

The Knights of St. Darwin, indeed live up to their reputation. With almost fanatical zeal, they struck the Imperial forces hard despite the disadvantage in technology.

One knight in a Gloucester wielding a lance customised into a halberd swung past his own men and cut through two Imperial Ward in a single swing even as it was being peppered by gun fire.

"They're breaking through!"

Indeed despite the heavy losses suffered, the rebel knights continued to advance in suicidal attacks.

"Gareths One and Two, fire all your missiles along the edge of the forest! All Liverpools, switch to depleted high powered HE shells."

The Imperials followed their orders and fired at their locations. At first the rebels still broke through, some charging fire balls that continued to smash Imperial lines. But as the barrage was became heavier fewer rebels survived and finally they only briefly appeared before being blasted to pieces. It all but annihilated the wave, leaving only scorching metal and burning corpses.

The Vincent commander scanned the area.

"That was it?"

Suddenly a dark mass of machines rose from the forest beyond.

"They're in the air!" At least two dozen customised Vincent Wards and Gloucesters and strange wedge shaped machines.

"Are those knightmares?" The Imperial commander turned his men to shoot down the air units. They moved lithely in the air and the strange machines fired a barrage of missiles on them but otherwise kept charging.

"Commander! Pull back! Those are Sutherland Ikaros."

The Imperial read the schematics and saw the weapons on his screen.

Coil guns, missiles, bombs and Megiddo Harkens.

The Imperial air support moved in to engage but the Ikaros proved to be far more nimble and agile than their appearances let on and avoided the Wards' attacks.

One took a hit but the rest were shafting down on the ground force.

However as the Imperials return fire, these Ikaros did not use their coil guns instead they opened up their missile chambers and fired crimson rockets down on them.

When they struck a massive purple flame consumed the area.

"BURN HERETICS!" The lead knight shouted as almost the entire Imperial ground force was eaten up by the armour melted like ice in the intense heat as well as flesh and bone and many died screaming in the horrible death.


The Imperial air units dove in to rescue but another wave of St. Darwin knights appeared and hit their flanks, shooting or cutting down many of them. A Knight Gloucester knocked an evading Ward into the inferno with his lance sending him to join his ground comrades.

"Fall back! We're being cut off!"

"Belay that order! Hold your positions!" Jeremiah Gottwald shouted, smashing into an Ikaros and activating his Sutherland Sieg's Shock System. "This is a TRUE Knight Giga Fortress unlike you wash outs." He launched one Lance Slash Harken into the prototype's chest and ended it.

The others fired and the Emperor's most loyal servant activated his Radiant Shields and moved into the barrage, ploughing through their lines with his Lance-Harkens.

Behind him, the gold trim ebony knightmares of the royal guard followed and engaged.

"Remember the plan! Spread out and tear their formations apart!" He fired the belly-mounted hyper-velocity cannon into one of the knights.


Several Ikaros fired their inferno missiles into the royal guard.

"EVADE! Don't let them hit you."

Most managed to evade or shoot down the missiles but not all fortunate. A guardsman activated his customised BLS as one headed towards him. The missile detonated on the green shield but the purple flames consumed the royal guard's knightmare like ants on a sweet.

"What kind of weapon is that?!" Another guardsman shot down the closest missile but the detonated purple fire engulfed him too.

Something similar to napalm? Jeremiah thought as several headed towards him. The former knight replied with his own missiles to intercept them. Several went off course and headed to a royal guard unit and Jeremiah launched a slash harken at them to save them.

The green conical harken detonated the missiles halfway but the lance was burnt so badly that even the wire melted sending the harken down.


"That is the fate for traitors and infidels!" A customised hybrid Vincent/Gloucester appeared at the head of the knights. The machine was deep green and had gold trimmed. "To burn in the deepest pits of hell!"

So the Grandmaster himself is here. Jeremiah thought.

"Stop fighting! The world has changed! Surrender peacefully and you will be treated with honour."

"The Knights of St. Darwin never surrenders! We will fight until the world Emperor Charles had dedicated has been returned. BURN!"

A second wave of Ikaros appeared and fired. For a moment, Jeremiah did not know what to do but then a white and gold figure zoomed pass the Imperial forces.

The Lancelot Albion appeared in front of them then sent out a massive barrage of VARIS and energy blasts with deadly accuracy. It seemed that the entire space between the Imperial and rebel forces were covered with the deadly inferno.

"Sir Kururugi!"

Then Lelouch's voice echoed to all the combatants in the area.

"Brave soldiers! You are the Chosen of the Empire! Show these zealots that true strength comes from honour!"

"For the Emperor!" Jeremiah screamed and charged alongside Suzaku the moment the inferno resided.


The black Vincents tore into the St. Darwin knights and a grim close quarter battle began between the zealots.

Knights as said by their name-sake were inferior in their machines but heavy customisation and years of experience made up against their Imperial counter-parts. The Imperial forces fought just as hard. They knew that if they defeat these knights it would finally be the start of a new beginning. The Emperor had given them a new reason for fighting and reintroduced the code and honour that hadn't been seen since the times of the Pendragon Empire something all Britannians regardless of their background have always admired.

But no one fought harder than more than the white knight himself. Suzaku saw in these fellow knights the things the woman he loved hated. He kicked and he slashed and parried and thrust with the blood red blade again and again occasionally launching slash harkens.

Euphie…The white and gold knightmare threw a kick into a charging knight then severed him with a single swipe. He blocked a barrage of bullets and countered with a slash harken. He deactivated his wings and dropped free fall to avoid a few of those inferno missiles.

The Japanese knight reactivated them as soon as they past and charged the owner slamming his sword down into the Sutherland head on the Ikaro. He leapt from the exploding machine to sever another knight in half.

"ELEVEN!" Someone called and Suzaku was soon blocking fire from the hybrid knightmare's wrist mounted grenade launcher.

Suzaku turned to face the knight commander and fired one of his VARIS and energy beams but the Grandmaster idly dodged the fire.

The Emperor's knight chased after him and using his superior speed caught up to the Grandmaster and slashed but his blood red blade met another blood red blade.

"He blocked sensei's move?" Suzaku knew few could match Todoh's swordsmanship and almost all were part of the Round Table.

In his distraction, the knight commander shoved him back and pushed Suzaku back with a counter-repulse. The green and gold knightmare then brought out one of the Lance style MVS and thrust at Suzaku. Using it as a short sword, the knight fought with a technique akin to the European sword and dagger though was far more aggressive and sword strokes were powerful enough to match the Albion's superior machinery.

Still Suzaku held the upper hand and when the Grandmaster struck him again the white knight activated both his shields and brought them across catching the slashing sword as it came.

With that, Suzaku shoved the St. Darwin knight off and dove forward in his trade mark kick. The knight commander blocked but the force damaged the hybrid knightmare's joints and left its internal systems unstable.

The Japanese knight readied his blade for the final blow when a golden lance suddenly flew towards him. Suzaku slashed and cut the lance in two.

However before he knew it another lance came towards him followed by another and another. He managed to parry and knocked a few aside with his sword and shield but the next two struck the Albion hard.

The armour wasn't punctured but it was badly dented.

The barrage of lances gave the knight commander time to regroup his forces and now the surviving Ikaros moved in positions and began a second barrage of missiles.

The royal guard and the Imperial regulars were still engaging the first wave of knight.

He's going to sacrifice his own men!

Suzaku advance forward and prepared his VARIS and energy wings to shoot down as many as he could.

However, as the crimson missiles flew towards the melee however a dozen or so purple and gold shaped figures below and above the white and gold knightmare.

They seem like a small squadron of mini-fighter jets and as one they fired rays of black and red Hardon beams detonating the missiles by the dozens. It took him a moment to notice that the beams struck in a pattern and between certain missiles. Those that detonated spread to the other missiles and soon they were destroyed in their own inferno.


In the Avalon, Llyod clapped his hands.

"The Firefly system is perfect! Unlike the Guren's remote arm, now we can remote control them without wires."

Cecile studied the controls. "They're performance is weaker in the distances. They need to stay within range."

"Well, that's better than I thought."

"But it's taxing for the devicer. At the moment only Emperor Lelouch could pilot it."

"Well, it is for His Arthur-ness himself. Let's sit back and enjoy. Maybe he'll add in one of his speeches later. I do love the ones he did as Zero."

When the purple flames subsided, a slim black and gold machine appeared.

The machine resembled the Gawain in appearance but it was roughly on par with the original Lancelot in size. Unlike its predecessors, this one did not have a flight system. Instead, to most here on the battlefield it looked like black and gold gleaming wings.

"It's the Emperor himself!"

The Knights were stunned to see that he would show up personally in this battle.

The Grandmaster however took the advantage of it. "Then kill him while he's out in the open! All units open fire!"

The St. Darwin forces emptied their armaments down on the machine.

Suzaku and the royal guard move forward to shield him but the black and gold machine held them back and instead its crimson eyes lit up and the Fireflies spread out around him. The wings glowed brighter and the Emperor was heading towards the barrage.

The small drones then formed a pentagon shape as the barrage came close. A giant purple energy formed as the barrage contacted.

"WHOO HOO! The Firefly system integrated perfectly with the Druid. How are things Cecile?"

"The Aurelius' energy level is stable. He's holding."

The moment the barrage ended, the Aurelius shot out one hand in gesture and the Fireflies were flying in formation and firing mini-Hadron beams into the rebel ranks.

The knights tried to fight back in vain but the Fireflies were too small and moving too quickly. A Ward tried to out fly one of them, firing its rifle as it moved but the Firefly was barely grazed and the beam sliced off the knight's arm off easily.

In an instant, the Emperor had taken down several dozens of knights. Encourage by his success, the royal guard fought with renew vigour against the rebels.

However the Grandmaster wasn't going to go down without a fight and the hybrid Vincent/Gloucester moved to engage the Aurelius. The Fireflies turned away from their original positions and surrounded the green and gold machine. They rained black and red beams but the knight commander avoided them with ease and taking several of the Fireflies down with his grenade launcher and sword.

The Lancelot Albion and the Sutherland Sieg moved in to meet the knight but the black and gold knightmare once again held a hand.

"No, I'll deal with him myself." The Aurelius moved in to engage and fired several shots from his wrist Hadron blasters against the grenade launcher of the St. Darwin knight.

"So you dare face a knight yourself!"

"If a king doesn't lead, how could he expect his own men to follow?" Lelouch replied calmly opening his chest mounted beam cannon and fired the beam.

The knight avoided the beam and lunged with long sword. The wings of the Aurelius' glowed and the blood red blade met thin air with the emperor far on the sides.

It was the quickest move Lelouch has ever been able to do in knightmare combat. It was both thrilling and frightening.

"Well, Miss Croomy, your new adjustments worked." The Aurelius was rebuilt from the wreckage of the Shinkrou with new adjustments from the original Lancelot. The energy wing system was installed originally but only pilots such as Kallen and Suzaku could handle such a thing it was adjusted and the two Camelot scientists created a different version where the Flight system instead produce smaller energy wings to compensate the difficulty but still keeping its incredible performance. It was still inferior to the Guren and Albion but together with the Druid and Firefly systems made the Aurelius formidable as the Shinkrou and with the Lancelot part replacements, it would be more durable than the Shinkrou ever was in close quarters.

The knight commander was stunned at first not believing the speed of his opponent. He knew the Albion was quick hence the St. Darwin knight only engaged it during the melee instead where it would have less space to maneuver.

This was not what he expected. The knight continued to strike the Britannian emperor but the gold and black machine avoided his blows and responded with barrage of beams.

As he missed his latest strike, one of the Aurelius' Fireflies struck home taking half the knight's left leg off. Another Firefly rammed it on the side.

"Face me! Fight me man to man! You spit on your mother's memory!" The knight cried out as he thrust again. The St. Darwin Grandmaster knew he had one last card to use but he needed to get close enough for it to work. At this rate the Emperor would wear him down.

To the knight commander's surprise, Lelouch agreed.

"You're right. I should honour her memory." The black and gold machine stopped its tracks and reached to his back where a black sheathe appeared below the left torso.

A bright purple blade appeared and swung at the knight commander. The knight met the blade with bright sparks which half blinded him.

The Emperor used it to his advantage and thrust again and the Grandmaster was suddenly on the defense. One slash made a deep gash in the green and gold machine's chest.

The Grandmaster remembered the dark haired little boy years ago. Thin, frail and bookish he was completely opposite of his knightly mother. The transformation through this machine shocked the knight commander seeing what his ideals were. How did all those weaknesses made him this strong?

No. No. He won't be beaten like this. The Knights of St. Darwin are the paragons of evolution, of human development, of the strength of humanity as Darwin dedicated. Strength and power develops from conflict and the knights have fought Numbers, Chinese, European, British and rebels throughout the centuries. It showed in how mighty the Order has become.

He would fight to the last and take down this upstart even at the cost of his life.

"ALL HAIL BRITANNNIA!" The Grandmaster charged at the Aurelius. The knight smashed his sword down again and again, different thrusts and strikes using his superior experience to his advantage.

"I am a knight of St. Darwin! We are the peak of human strength! You cannot defeat me at my own game!" He swung a mighty swing parrying the Emperor's thrust at the same time and activated the weapon installed on the hybrid machine.

Many did not think it possible to be installed on the likes of Gloucesters and Vincent Wards but this machine had been unique in the first place. It cannot be used more than a few times due to its energy consumption.

The chest open up, revealing to be a Hadron cannon and unleashed a torrent of black and red beam on the Emperor.

"NO!" Suzaku shouted and dove the Lancelot Albion forward.

However Emperor Lelouch merely dove in to meet the beam and swung his sword, deflecting the beam.

"What...How...?" The sword blade glowed purple as the Hadron beams parted before it.

There was only one weapon that was capable of such abilities. But that was lost with Lord Bis...

"I will win," Lelouch called as he closed the distance between them. "Because I wield..."

The Aurelius raised the sword and brought it down. The St. Darwin Grandmaster raised his own sword to block.

"THE EXCALIBUR!" The purple blade met and scattered the crimson sword and went through the green and gold armour and finally through the flesh and bones of the Grandmaster of the Knights of St. Darwin.

It seemed time slowed down to those watching it live on television and those on the battlefield. The severed pieces of the knightmare parted from the body and exploded as the Sakurdite core exploded leaving the black and gold machine to be flying alone in the sky.

The red eyes lit up as it gracefully stood to face them and raised the new slimmer Excalibur in victory.

Jeremiah screamed at the top of his voice. "ALL HAIL LELOUCH!"

"All hail Lelouch! All hail Lelouch! All hail Lelouch!"

The Aurelius lowered the sword.

"With the end of the rebel presence in Britannia, I would like to announce to the world that the Holy Britannian Empire would now request to join the United Federation of Nations. To solidify our stance for peace and as a sign of good faith, should the UFN acknowledge our request Britannia will let the members decide our meeting."

Several Hours Later

Back in Royal Guard Headquarters

Kallen was calibrating the arm mounted grenade launcher on the Guren's right arm when she heard on the P.A. that the Emperor was returning. She nodded to Oldrin who was helping her and the two quickly finished the work and joined all those assembling to greet the Emperor's arrival.

Half a dozen royal guard Vincents arrived first in pairs. The black and gold knightmares assembled in two lines and with their MVSs in lance mode formed a sword arch along the Emperor's landing position. Kallen formed alongside the crew and knights in a line.

A similarly gold and ebony knightmare that Kallen had never seen before appeared with glowing wings and landed gracefully. Instead of waiting for the stairs to arrive, Lelouch merely knelt and used his knightmare's arm to climb down. He was wearing a black and gold version of the Britannian pilot suit.

As one everyone in hanger bowed and the Emperor nodded for them to stand.

Only when he was in did the white and gold machine of the Knight of Zero and the large orange Sutherland Sieg landed, no doubt making sure no one was going to attack from behind.

Kallen noticed all the knightmares were badly scorched and dented. Even Lelouch's knightmare seemed to have lost some paint job.

Lelouch walked pass them greeting and telling them to be at ease when he noticed her.

"Kallen," He said, studying her in the new uniform.

Kallen blushed. "You did gave me a new command."

Lelouch weakly smiled and gestured her to follow him.

"How was work?" Kallen asked.

"That was the last major resistance group." The emperor looked worn.

"I'm surprised there're still groups around." She commented.

Lelouch scoffed. "I did destroy a culture that had stood and built and empire over the last few centuries."

That surprised Kallen. "So you don't blame them?"

"On the contrary," He replied. A servant came with a tray of water which the Emperor gratefully took. "It's obsolete. Something that should have been changed decades ago."

"It seems not everyone agrees with you." Kallen muttered snidely.

"Which is why they need to be forced to understand it. We won't be getting any trouble from Britannia. At least for a while."

"How about the Black knights? Do you think they'll stop you from joining the UFN?" The Japanese-Britannian asked.

"They won't. We have the approval of all the major nations in the world. No matter how powerful they are, the Black knights are still only the military arm. They can't do anything without UFN approval remember?"

"That's good. I don't think I can bare to see you fighting like that anymore. Might be forced to commandeer the Guren just to save you."

Lelouch frowned. "You should go back to bed."

"I was going crazy in there and you know it. Lelouch, you know that more than anyone. I'm a soldier. Not a damsel in distress."

"I know. I know." The former Zero rubbed his face.

Seeing how exhausted he looked, Kallen guessed she should give him a break.

"Well, at least you still think I'm military." She gestured to the uniform.

The emperor studied her. "I didn't order that for you."

"It's fine." Kallen waved it off. "Since I'm Britannian now, I might as well get used to it."

"Kallen..." Lelouch trailed off.

She ignored him. "Though officially what am I doing? The same as the captain of your royal guard?"

"Kallen..." They were now at the painting gallery.

"Did you find out anything about that creepy clone of yours? I don't think he's going to stay quiet for so..."

"Kallen!" He grabbed her hand and pulled her to him.

"What?" She glared back at him defiantly. Lelouch sighed.

"I hate seeing you like this."

"Like what?"

"I think I know better than anyone about how much you hate all this royal matters. Stop trying to be so Britannian. It's not you."

"I'm not"

Lelouch sighed. "No, it's my fault. You're only doing it because the Black..."

"Hey! Look! That wasn't your fault. It was theirs!"

They stood silent as a pair of nobles past them saluting.

When they reached his quarters, she continued. "You sacrificed so much for all of us! You fought against your own countrymen..."

"I was doing that for my own reasons!" He argued.

"You gave us the old fighting chance against the most powerful nation in the world..."

"I was building an army for my own vengeance..."

"You gave us back our name, our pride..."

"A strong military needs a sense of national..."

"You personally saved all their lives at one point..."

"I used them. I manipulated the JLF and Villetta's relationship with Ohgi to get what I wanted..."

"AGRAH!" Kallen raised her hands in frustration at his reasoning.

"Look, Kallen. Believe it or not I did many things out of selfish reasons. I'm not a saint. I'm certainly no knight in shinning armour. To compare me to Arthur is an insult to his name."

Kallen sighed and grew quiet. "So then," She said quietly. "Then what about me? What about Nunnally?"

Lelouch did not answer her. Encouraged, the former Black knight continued. "Why did you do it then? I asked you before at the Chinese Federation. Why did you come back if everything was gone?"

Lelouch wasn't really sure why either. He couldn't bring himself to fight Nunnally. He remembered all his friends there...everyone, Shirley, Milly, Rivalz...even Suzaku and C.C...

It hit him. "I wanted to create a gentle world."

"That was the dream my brother had." Kallen held his hands. "There was no great treasure for either of you in this world."

The red haired woman looked up with her deep blue eyes. "You did it solely for us."

Lelouch grunted as he took her in his arms.

"There's one other thing though."

"What's that?"

"Well I was hoping to see what was underneath that..." Kallen's face flushed red uncontrollable. That they were touching didn't help. She did the first thing that went in her mind.

"PERVERT!" She smashed her knee into his groin.

"OW!" He recoiled from the hit.

"You really just had to ruin that didn't you!?"

"Is..." Lelouch grasped in pain. "Is that how you're going to treat your emperor?"

"No. It's how I'm going to treat that perverted school, mate. And for the record, I kicked your ass even with this." She rubbed her wound as she turned away with her flushed face.

Lelouch slowly got back, that knowing grin of his was only hidden by the pain he felt.

"I'm going to screw you later in training. You fly like a girl." Kallen threatened him.

"Screw me huh?" Red flushed into her cheeks again.

"You...! You really want to get stabbed?!" She half drew her sword.

"Ok, Ok." He threw his hands in in mock surrender. "Your Emperor will reconsider his words."

She rolled her eyes at that making Lelouch chuckle slightly. And then another thought came to him.

"Are you free later?"

Kallen pouted. "Why?"

"I was thinking about dinner..."

Castle Helfinger

The door shattered in a thousand pieces and black and grey figures stormed in. Red lasers filled the dark room.


"Move in with extreme caution." Jeremiah Gottwald, General of the Imperial army and Lord Commander of the Royal Guard. He activated the inferred vision on his cybernetic eye.

The royal guard acknowledged and moved in silently despite their armour. Jeremiah led one of the squads into a hall way.

Castle Helfinger belonged to one of the nobles involved with the Geass Order. The blue haired cyborg remembered the crest from his days meeting General Bartley.

Jeremiah regretted the man's death. Despite everything, he had truly been loyal to the royal family. Had he been alive now, perhaps they might have more information on the Geass order.

"Lord Jeremiah, I think we found something in the basement."

The former noble made his way down where the royal guards found a neo-steel door.

The guard officer saluted. "We're getting explosiv..."

Jeremiah activated his wrist blade and punched through the door's electronic lock.

When he left a hole there.

"Plant your bomb there."

In a matter of seconds the door was sent flying down the tunnel.

"Breach! Go! Go! Go!" The troopers stormed filling the entire room with red lasers.

The officer lowered his pistol. "Clear."

Jeremiah followed the man and was surprised to see what was in the place.

"Most had been destroyed but our recovery teams have managed to pick up some pieces." The former noble reported to the Emperor back at his personal quarters.

Lelouch finished buttoning his jacket and took the datapad his guard commander was holding.

"Directorate agents in Britannia...interesting."

Jeremiah went over and keyed in a page. "Most are dead already but you might find this one interesting."

It showed a white haired young man with blue eyes, thin and lean like Lelouch. There was something about him that struck the emperor odd.

"Agent Rai. Real name unknown. Tactical genius." He scrolled down to his history. "Assassinated Lord Chamberlain in 2012."

Jeremiah used another datapad and handed to Lelouch. "Lord Walter Chamerlain assassinated by FSB agent Nikolai."

The nobleman took it back to key in something else and handed back.

"Burmese rebel Aung San Oo killed in 2014 by Chinese agents." Lelouch turned to Rai's profile. "Assigned to Burma, Chinese Federation in 2014."

The guard commander returned the other datapad. This one was a list of experts the OIS was using. There was a large number of Cosmetic and surgery experts.

Lelouch scrolled down the rest of Rai's profile but it was blank.

"Apologies, Your Majesty. We haven't cracked that part yet."

Lelouch merely took the datapad to his personal computer and downloaded the data. He took the waiting time to wear his belt.

"This shouldn't be hard." Lelouch activated a program and cracked the data, leaving his guard commander shocked and impressed.

"It's quite simple after the Firewall from the main computer had been shut down. Hmm..."

There was a list of aliases of Rai.

"I thought so." It was Jeremiah who said it. "Your Majesty, when I was one of the guards assigned to your mother when you were born. I would know if you really had a twin."

The hardened soldier's voice broke at the mentioned of his mother.

"So an elite assassin for the Geass Order. Smart, they change his face every time they sent him out."

"He's likely leading the surviving Directorate members."

"But what's he going to do?" Lelouch wondered. "What could he possibly achieve?"

"If I may, Your Majesty, he seems fanatically loyal to your father. Perhaps personal revenge."

Lelouch nodded. "I'd agree but something's missing. There's more to this." He felt his anger boiling at the audacity of the man for even daring to touch his Kallen but knew that the anger will only distract him. "Did V.V. mention anything about what the Order was doing?"

"No, Your majesty. But we did find this."

Lelouch opened the file. "Project Ragnarok? No details?"

"No, Majesty."

"It doesn't sound good." Lelouch handed the datapads back. "Find out what it is. Whatever it takes."

Jeremiah saluted smartly. "Yes, Your Majesty!"

Lelouch felt uneasy as he headed to the gardens where he planned to meet Kallen.

"Ragnarok..." Doomsday in old Norse Myths...

"What are you up to, Father..."

He stopped by the kitchen to take the food he prepared earlier and waited at the marbled bench in the courtyard. Since that date with Shirley, this was the first time he had taken the time to relax but he felt more nervous than he ever had.

Lelouch desperately wanted things to go well with Kallen. Too many thing have gone wrong already. There was no one really left.

Then he sensed her behind.

He turned, casually, so she wouldn't know how pleased he was she had decided to come, and prepared some smart-ass, cool comment with which to greet her.

What came out was a stunned, "Wow..."

Standing before him was indeed Kallen Kouzki, but most definitely not the Kallen he knew. He knew the knightmare pilot who turned killing into a dance, even if she had many partners in that grim waltz. He knew the soldier who, even if she questioned orders, obeyed and gave her utmost. He knew the comrade who despite her feisty attitude held a deeply compassionate and selfless heart.

He had never before met the woman.

Kallen had found a dress—God knew how—that fitted as if it had been designed for her. It wasn't a drop-dead gorgeous thing, nor was it skimpy and alluring. It was simple, a red and white dress. Her sculpted shoulders, strong with muscle but still feminine was clear despite it. For the first time since he'd met her, her shoulder long red hair was straightened properly. Her chest was covered, but there was a hint of cleavage. Surprisingly delicate feet were encased in light, strappy sandals, and she shifted her weight from one to the other nervously.

Kallen Kouzki. Nervous.

"Thanks," she said, giving him a fleeting smile. "I . . . hope this was the right thing to wear. Milly and C.C. almost killed each other over it. I try to look more ladylike..."

"Kallen, I just want to see the real you so long as you don't kick me in the balls again."

That made her laugh, one of the few genuine ones he had heard from her.

"I can't promise that..." She added snidely. "Not if you keep looking at me like that."

Lelouch gave her a smirk and held out an arm for her to take. She took it rather shyly.

"What's that?" She noticed the basket he was holding.


Kallen blinked in puzzlement.

"We're going to take a trip."

"Where're we going?"

They past a pair of black and gold guards who saluted them smartly.

"Somewhere different."

Kallen look at him suspiciously.

Lelouch chuckled. "You were expecting a grand candlelight dinner?"

The former Black knight blushed. "Actually I was. Should have expected something else from you."

"You wound me, my dear. I thought you hated all this luxury."

"Doesn't mean I don't want to enjoy it when I could."

"Well, too late. We're here."

Kallen stared at what laid before them.

"Are you serious?"

Lelouch smirked...

"Hold on to your reins."

"You could have told me earlier that I needed pants!" Kallen screamed at him as Lelouch rode with complete ease at her side on the white stallion.

He glanced back at her with that annoying smirk in amusement.

"I'm not sure if you really needed them." He said looking at her exposed legs.

Kallen blushed and swung a fist at him but he moved aside so quickly that she became unbalanced on the saddle.

Crying out she try to get back but she was falling to the side. Lelouch returned in the last moment and held her.

"Keep your legs tight. It's like riding on your Knightmare saddle."

Kallen was too frightened to hit her rescuing king.

"Knightmare saddles don't keep bouncing."

"Excuses." He pushed her back up and left her to balance on her own.

Lelouch grinned at her attempts to keep herself still. Despite her fears, she was too stubborn to give up and her struggle reminded the emperor of their times in school. She always did have a hard time keeping her fake sickly alias when getting emotional or like now focused on something.

It surprised him that her small frame held much muscles. It surprised him further that he hadn't really realise that before.

He had always found her attractive physical but had always kept in at the back of his mind.

Strangely or perhaps not strangely enough, Kallen reminded him of his late mother. Despite her beauty and lighthearted personality, Marianne Lamperouge was one of the most fearsome warriors Britannia had known. Lelouch had seen her in her old knight uniform when she was attached to his father when he was a prince and when she became a Knight of the Round Table with first the pink of Six and later the red of Two.

Perhaps, Kallen would like that. He watched that beautiful face of her consorted with determination to stay up. He moved to help her up but she stubbornly managed to stay stable.

The former Black knight turned to him with a victory grin and prepared a gloat but at the look he was giving her Kallen felt blood rushing to her cheeks.

"Stop staring at me like that." Kallen turned away.

Lelouch's smile widened. "I can't really help it." Kallen try to detect the tone of sarcasm but didn't hear it.

Feeling more flushed, the red haired half-blood accidentally kicked her spurs and her mare suddenly reared and charged.


The emperor let out a laugh and galloped after the screaming amazon. He easily caught up with her and closed in. Lelouch put one arm around her shoulders and pulled her reins and stopped and nicely enough it was where Lelouch wanted to stop.

Kallen was, to his surprise shaking in his arms. "You can look up now."

"Oh, gods. I swear, you did this on"

Red-gold lights bathed the two as the sun began to set.

"You wouldn't get a better view of the sunset than here."

The light made the gold laces on his red jacket glow and made his purple eyes glow. Just below the setting sun was a crystal clear lake with only a small roofed bench facing the water and sun.

Lelouch wanted to move to dismount but Kallen was holding him tight despite the awkward positioning on horseback.

Kallen leaned a head on his shoulders and he held her closer, just enjoying the view.

They stood there for gods knew how long, feeling each other's warmth and the presence, the texture of the clothing they wore, the feel of each breath taken.

"Let's get down." Kallen told him. "My ass' starting to hurt."

Her language made Lelouch laugh as she awkwardly leap down from her mare. She made her way to the lake and kicked her sandals off.

Lelouch dismounted as well and began to take a blanket and the dinner basket he brought.

The red haired woman was already walking barefooted down to the lake. Lelouch smiled at the sight remembering the last time he was here with his mother and sisters.

He remembered Nunnally kicking off her shoes in almost a similar fashion to dip her feet in the water. He felt his heart ache at the memories.

The emperor spread the blanket behind Kallen who sighed as her feet sank into the cool water.

Seeing her face, Lelouch removed his boots and socks and joined her side.

"Not asking for permission to sit by a lady?" Kallen asked snidely.

"It's my empire. I gave myself that leave."

"Heh." She rolled her eyes. "So what do you have in there?"

Lelouch pulled out a bottle of wine. "Just some things. I'm sure you won't like it though."

The former Black knight looked at him suspiciously as she took what looks like a chicken drum stick and bit into it. The fowl was anything but foul, for it was treated with a concoction of rosemary, bacon, and sheep's butter placed beneath the skin before roasting. Even cold it fell apart in the mouth.

The wine for its part was pungent, rich with bottom-land hops.

With little dinner formality needed, Kallen tore into the meal with gusto. The fowl had been freshly cooked and seasoned to perfection; the bread retained the pleasant scent of the oven even now. Forgoing manners, the red haired black knight drank directly from the bottle.

Lelouch smiled at Kallen's ravenous appetite and blunt manners and joined the meal.

Finishing their meal, they ate chilled cut fruits and enjoyed each other's company.

Night had fallen by now and Lelouch took another sip of the wine feeling the alcohol relaxing him.

Kallen's face was flushed from the meal as well and was talking loudly and laughing a mood he rarely see her in. Most of the time the two had been circling each other like wary dogs, dropping bits and pieces of their personal feelings before entering into one of their common bickering or getting interrupted by someone or something.

Lelouch wanted no interruptions this time. He was the emperor of Britannia. The single most powerful man in the world and he was not going let anything ruin this between them.

"I can't take another bite." Kallen muttered as she sat down, legs extended and touching the grass with her feet.

The former Zero finished the last bit of the wine. They managed to finish two bottles.

"Come on." He stood up and let out a hand. Kallen took it eagerly and stood up. "I want to show you something."

Lelouch led the red haired half Britannian up to a higher ground overlooking the lake.

"You come here often, Lulu?" She asked, childishly that made surprised the emperor. She was holding on to his arm.

"Maybe." He played along wondering what a drunk Kallen was capable of...

Perhaps that wasn't such a good idea. If she was sober...the cons certainly outweigh the pros in this case.

The cool gentle grass was really soothing to their feet.

"We're here." Kallen stepped beside him, her eyes glittering at the sight before he.

If the sunset wasn't a sight for sore eyes, the red haired woman didn't know what this was.

The lake glittered like a polished crystal surrounded by a green sea whose only occupant was the marbled shelter and their horses.

"Lelouch..." But the young emperor cut her off.

"That's not even the best part." He pushed her to lie down on the grass and face the sky.

The stars were bright and shining. It was like in those movies Kallen thought but it wasn't. This was real. And it made all the artificial scenes look like children's drawings.

"I've never seen this in Japan before."

Lelouch joined her. "My mother used to take us here. Me, Nunnally and Euphie would lie right on this spot and stare into the skies. Trying to guess the star patterns or whether they alive."

Kallen smiled and she slipped her hand into his and squeezed. "Thank you, Lelouch." She said it feelingly that tears poured.

Lelouch squeezed back. "Well, it's not even nine yet."

"Don't you have to go back to your duties?"

"I cleared everything for today."

Kallen smiled and moved over him. "Such a romantic. So what now?" A mischievous look returned to her face.

"Well, I did leave us here all alone...without interruptions..."

"Hmm..." Kallen leaned on his chest. "'s about time."

He did not reply and instead pressed his face closer to her and stared into her eyes. He felt like he was going to drown in them.

Their mouths came close to each other feeling each other's breath. Slowly, they pressed their lips, gently first then with passion.

Kallen moaned as she tasted Lelouch and roughly pressed harder against him.

Her lips were soft but not gentle. She was every bit passionate as he had always knew her.

For too long they had let the sexual tension between them bared from their feelings and now they threw that all away metaphorically just as they began to literally tear their clothes from each other. Memories from the Ashford, Shinjuku Construction site, arrival to the Chinese Federation returned as the two tore into each other finally acting on those repressed feelings.

They separated to pause for a breath and Kallen undo the red jacket and the white shirt underneath. She kissed the exposed skin and gnawed at it hungrily.

A growl of pleasure slipped his throat as he struggle to regain control. He pulled her up and pulled her dress down to see her bare shoulders. She impatiently grumbled and pulled the rest of the dress off.

With that out of the way, Lelouch pulled her back to his arms and they rolled in a tangle of kisses, feeling each other's skin and body. It awed the emperor that such a womanly figure and smooth texture existed despite her being a fighter.

He clenched his teeth as Kallen gnawed at his shoulder.

"Ow. Careful there. It's still healing." She slowed down and treated gently, giving the bandaged wound a soft kiss. Lelouch rolled her back and moved on top of her. She let him stay there, purring contently at his gentle strokes.

"Lower." Kallen said. And Lelouch moved down to her pale soft feet giving each a kiss as he moved up to her pale legs.

She moaned more as the dark haired Britannian reached her privates.

"Lelouch..." She said in between moans, her hands on his head urging him. Lelouch paused to admire her toned stomach and looking at the bandaged sword wound.

"How are you feeling there?" He asked, brushing it gently.

Kallen looked down. "It still hurts but I'll live."

"This could reopen it, Kallen. I don't think..."

"No!" She cried. "Don't stop now. Not when we..." Lelouch saw some tears forming in her eyes and nodded. He peeled the bra off like peeling a fruit and sucked on her nipples roughly.

"Yes...Yes...Don't stop...Don't...Ahhh..." She moaned in pleasure as he kissed, suck and nibble on them, alternating between left and right.

"You have no idea how much fantasy dreams when through my mind on this," Lelouch told her, brushing a strand of red hair from her face.

"I'm not surprised." She cupped his face. "I couldn't tell whether I wanted to kiss or beat up this face of yours."

He touched her hand. "So are we going know..."

Kallen smiled. "Perv." She pressed her lips for a sweet kiss. "I doubt you're going to last long though." She stood up to remove her bras and other garments.

Lelouch took the time to remove shirt and jacket. He had just finished removing his pants when a fully naked Kallen wrestled him down.

"I did say I'm going to screw you right?" She smiled at him slyly. Then she felt something poking at her privates as Lelouch rolled over her too.

"Well, I'm looking forward to it." The emperor thrust and both let out a cry of pleasure.

Crying each other's names, they made love for the night and soon the two were in each other's arms covered in each other's sweat breathing hard.

Black and red locks were entangled as they separated form another wet kiss.

"That was amazing." Kallen murmured. "I didn't know you could be such an animal."

"I learnt from the best." He fondled one of her nipples.

She smiled at the emperor then turned sober. "You found out more about that guy didn't you?"

Lelouch lost his smile. "I did. I don't have a twin. Jeremiah confirmed it."

Kallen rested on his uninjured shoulder. "So who is that guy? Plastic surgery?"

"Probably. He was one of my father's assassins. One of the best. And that he's out there scares me that he could return anytime without a trace."

The raven haired emperor sighed. "He's probably going to sabotage membership to the UFN."

"Plus those crazy cultists creeping around makes things worse. We'll see if my knights can do anything about it. They are an anti-terrorist unit."

"I notice your Guren seems sleeker now."

Kallen shrugged. "Just remove somethings and adding some others. Lloyd's idea anyway."

Lelouch sighed. "We still have the rest of the night. Do you want to sleep?"

"Hey! I'm not done with you yet." Kallen pulled him close. An entangled lock of black and red fell between their faces.

"True enough." He held her closer.

"And Lelouch," Kallen stared into his eyes. "Whatever happens later, you know I'll always love you right?"

Lelouch looked back at her, purple versus blue. "I know."

"Good. Now come on, I've always wanted to try this position."

"You watch those..."

"Shut up and get here already!" They fell together again in another tangle of flesh and moaning.

They made love three more times that night until their bodies could not take the exhaustion.

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