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Rolo felt that something was happening. His assassin's instincts were screaming at him now that his wounds had finally healed. They had been so bad that had Rolo even attempted to use his Geass to definitively finish what the Black knights and Schneizel's royal guard had attempted.

His injuries would have been fatal if he had not been found by the Britannian troops.

Now those very same instincts that he had honed into a fine blade as a child were warning him that there was an imminent threat looming over him.

Struggling to stand up, he realised slowly that it was becoming easier with constant practice when he walked with the Princess.

No. Not the Princess. Nunnally. She had been insistent that Rolo call her by her name. However, he was still having a hard time in saying her name. Before it was because he thought he could deny her existence as Lelouch's sister and just another pawn of his beloved brother's. But now…Rolo could feel his cheeks reddening every time he thought of it.

"Rolo?" He jumped even as he landed on the floor without sound. Was her hearing that sharp?

Knowing that he could not move on quietly without making his presence known, he walked to her chambers.

"I'm just getting a cup of water." He told her.

Her face frowned with concern. "You shouldn't do it alone. Here I'll call…"

"No!" He said it more forcefully then he had intended. Then whispered. "I don't want to trouble anyone. It's just nearby." Then somehow Rolo found himself sitting beside her bed to hold her hand.

She started slightly from his touch but then relaxed. Realising that he was holding her far longer than he had intended or was actually appropriate, Rolo politely asked, slightly flustered.

"Ahemm…" He coughed. "Do you want anything?"

Smiling lightly, she too recollected herself and shook her head. "No, just be careful please."

He nodded silently and left. Only halfway through the door did he realise that she couldn't actually see his gesture.

"She can't see." He mentally slapped himself. Feeling far more awkward than former assassin ever felt, Rolo concentrated on trying to figure out where he was.

The corridor was rich with paintings and smooth textures indicating that it was clearly a residence of someone with a level of wealth and power.

He was studying a statue that seemed to resemble that of Sir Richard Hector when he heard the familiar thud of military boots.

Blending in with the shadows of the room, Rolo watched as soldiers in the blue service uniform of the Britannian army marched rapidly past.

He would have ignored them if he hadn't seen the white and green of Schneizel's royal guard.

As he followed them Rolo found them stopping before a monitor screen.

It showed a ruined smoking city with far too many buildings in flame. There were flashes echoing. From another screen which the view was being blocked by a soldier there was rapid movement and flashes of gun fire.

Rolo struggled to move closer for a better view without being seen. After a moment he recognised the city.

Soldiers and Vincent Wards were exchanging fire with unseen enemies. And the screen flashed in a blinding white and pink light before breaking out.

Not just one but all the screens had become blinded.

Then he felt that he could no longer move as he realised what that meant.

The pieces have been moved. The political situation had been shaped into what he had planned. His armies mobilised, his knights rallied, his weapons shaped and sharpened.

All that remained was to wait for the fox to appear.

Lelouch stared into the sky where darkness was slowly giving way to the light coming from the east. He had not intended to awaken as early as he did, yet that he felt right.

Beside him, Kallen's naked form curled closely to him. He watched her for a moment and brushed a strand of red hair from her face.

Her face was so at peace that he was afraid that he would wake her. She was snoring lightly and he felt each of her warm breath down his bare shoulders. Lelouch watching her full lips was tempted to kiss them but instead chose to simply watch her contently.

This was the very least he could give her, after all the pain she had gone through for him.

This woman was the only thing that he had left from that war.

"Can't sleep?" She suddenly asked and opened her deep blue eyes to look at him.

Lelouch smiled. "I haven't slept better in ages."

Kallen pulled herself closer, hooking her leg around his. "What time is it?"


"It's still so early." The red haired woman yawned and leaned closer to lay her head nearer to his face. Lelouch felt her breasts brush his side and felt slightly aroused. Then he remembered the itinerary for the day.

"Today's the day. There's a lot to do."

Kallen frowned. "If it's not that important, ask someone else. You're the Emperor. You've certainly been acting like one since we first met. Don't tell me you forgot."

Lelouch chuckled and in his Zero voice quoted. "If a King does not move, how can he possibly expect his men to follow him?"

They shared a laugh at that.

"So what do you need me to do?" She asked, brushing her feet down his legs.

The Emperor thought about it. "Nothing that you haven't done before. I'll notify you of the details later." Lelouch idly fondled one of her breasts however a white light suddenly flashed at the corner of his eye and he glanced at it but could leave his eyes from it.

Kallen seeing his reaction, leapt up in alarm. "What is it?" She asked urgently and turned.

Lelouch could not answer, nor could he hear or move. He could not even feel anything despite the fact that there was nothing over his bare pale skin.

It should not surprise him. He had seen this before first hand and up close but it still did.

The night sky with millions of lanterns illuminating the darkness was lit no longer by the City of Lights as Pendragon was so well known for. Its radiance was so great that the capital could be seen the moment one entered the Imperial state.

Instead, there was a violet glow, almost blinding, like starlight on the lake. Above it, almost deceptively the sky that he and Kallen had enjoyed and bathed in seemed to reflect and absorbed the purple light and spread in a dreamlike sequence.

Brilliant showers of sparks littered here and there, jagged illuminations moving and turning, winking into existence and then from existence.

The pleasant scenery, as both Kallen and Lelouch now stood literally stripped of all barriers watched with awe, shock and horror. They could hear the strange eerie wave of slight buzz spreading out as if the very fabric of the world was cracking up and rent asunder.

Those caught in the blast were blown apart inside, as energy distorted and reform them down to the last cell. The buildings, cars and other structures too were being remade from the inside.

The soft white and violet glow that blanketed the Imperial Capital of Pendragon heralded the bereavement of lives numbering in the millions.

Nome, Britannian Alyeska military base

"Shield, we're reading unidentified air contacts in your sector, please verify."

The officer on duty removed his grey peaked cap over his face and replied.

"Negative, Baseplate. The skies are clear. You got yourself phantom dots. Over."

"Shield, be advised, running diagnostics to scan for malfunctions."

"What's going on?" His companion asked, entering with a cup of coffee.

The officer shook his head with a yawn. "His lordship pulling a prank on us again."

"You'd think, they'd be staffed with more competent ones now by now with Emperor Lelouch in charge. Coffee?"

A second transmission came in as he took the cup. It was from Baseplate again. Sipping it, the duty officer activated it.

"Shield, diagnostics competed. 20 UACs in your sectors."

"Check again, Baseplate. Both the sky and scanners are clear. We don't see anything here."

He turned to his companion.

"Where's the patrol?" His companion left the coffee on the table and turned to his computer.

"Mace-One, report status." He asked.

"This is Mace-One, Imperial-Two. Status normal."

"There! What did I tell ya?!" The duty officer muttered in irritation.

His companion however was not so convinced. "I don't think so, man. The Emperor's got the 8th Fleet standing by. We better make sure."

He sighed but repeated the command.

A second transmission came but this time it was from a different call-sign.

"All stations, be advised. We've lost contact with the Capital. Please respond."

Both officers smirked at each other before realising that the signal from the Capital abruptly died.

"Shield, here. Confirming signal lost. What the hell's happening?"

"What the hell's happening?" The duty officer lost all his sarcasm. "Check for any solar interference."

There were bombarding messages from other stations confirming Pendragon going dark.

"Stations, be advise. Capital going dark. Repeat."

"Shit! What does this mean?" The officers now checked all surrounding areas for any messages and alerts from the capital.

"Do you think the rebels attacked? Or the Black knights?"

"Can't be. Pendragon's got five different stations and only the brass knows the other two. And they're crawling with royal guards. No way could the rebels do that without alarming someone. And the Black knights? We'd be the first to see them if they come."

"Somehow that doesn't make me feel any better."

"Shield, not sure how to explain this but…we've got one large UAC in your sector."

"Repeat, X-Ray."

"Repeating, Shield. We read one large unidentified air contact in your sector. I'm not sure how else to explain but it's massive. Requesting confirmation."

"Stand by, X-Ray. All patrols, keep your eyes peeled for an UAC in your perimeters. Over."

He turned to his sardonic companion. "I hope you didn't jinx it."

His friend smirked and resumed his work.

"Shield, this is Spear-Two. The skies are clear."

"Sabre-One, the sector clear….wait hold on. Shield, we've spotted your UAC. I don't know how else to describe it."

"Spear-Two here. We see your UAC. It looks like a giant anchor. Possibly a mobile aerial fortress. Britannian design. Do we have any report of new vehicles? Over."

There was no reply however.

"Uh…Shield? Requesting orders."

Silence filled the radio channels, leaving all pilots confused and scrambled. Then Sabre-Two suddenly cried out in all channels.

"High energy signatures detected from unknown fortress. Requesting orders! Repeat! Requesting…oh…go…ds-"

Former Tokyo Settlement,

Nation of Japan

"We have gathered here today to witness history in the making as the Council of the United Federation of Nations awaits the arrival of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Lelouch for negotiations.

Since his ascension to the throne, the son of knight-turned Empress Marianne vi Britannia has reformed the oppressive and discriminative policies of his father and has likewise abolished the Numbers system.

Several uprisings took place in the Empire but the newly reformed Britannian army have reportedly crushed the last great uprising last week led by Emperor Charles' former knights.

The Emperor won great support as he personally led his royal guard against the rebel forces. The battle was broadcasted live as Emperor Lelouch fought the former Grandmaster of the St. Darwin knights and slain him in single combat.

Now here live in Tokyo, the Council awaits the Britannian Emperor in the Ashford Academy, the site of his choosing to debate the induction of Britannia to the UFN."

What remained of the Britannian private school was turned into a military perimeter with armed guards in black uniforms and purple visors at every turn.

Hidden from the naked eye, underground Knightmare platforms held fully armed and fuelled Akatsukis. The rest of the main Black knight military stood just far enough to intercept in case the Britannians tried anything.

The compound was surrounded by a crowd numbering in the thousands who eagerly waited to see the Emperor with their own eyes.

Black knight guards kept them at bay stood just as eager to watch this new Emperor who had destroyed and reformed the culture of their most hated enemy.

Beyond the eyes of everyone present, the Black knight command watched the scene with grim anticipation.

"I never thought I'd live to see Japanese welcoming a Britannian Emperor…" Todoh commented quietly.

The Black knight officers muttered their agreement.

Commander Hong Gu grunted. "We've given Captain Sugiyama and the men special lenses as Geass counter-measures."

"Sugiyama stated that should he look to be under Geass," Chiba added. "We're to shoot him via snipers."

"Here comes the Emperor's personal shuttle!"

A Britannian white and red trimmed plane appeared in the horizon escorted by two gunships and a flight of Black knight Akatsukis. The shuttle bore the crowned lion and serpent of the Britannian monarchy.

"So it begins." Xingke muttered as the shuttle landed.

The doors opened and the 99th Emperor of Britannia appeared in full spelndor.

His raven black hair was longer than they last seen in Zero's uniform. He wore a splendid white tunic, white pants and white boots all gold trimmed. A white and red cloak completed the uniform. In an uncanny way, it resembled his Zero outfit though in different in colour.

Sugiyama and the Honour Guard looked just as brilliant though in their jet black coats, polished boots and violet visors but it paled in comparison to the Emperor. He was basically glowing amongst the Black knights.

The people cheered for him as he began to walk towards the Guard.

"All hail Lelouch!" Someone shouted.

"Knight of Justice!"


The dark haired emperor turned to look at the crowd and his violet eyes seemed to have been startled by their cries.

He smiled at them rather shyly which only further endeared him to the crowd. He took note of a woman nearest to the shuttle from the transparent wall and approached her. The guards seemed to have been startled by the display but nevertheless parted for him to move closer to the wall.

As he approached, the crowd near him dipped their heads in respect which the emperor replied by bowing even lower.

Most of them were former Elevens or now properly known as Japanese, were moved by the Emperor's display of their customs pushed in closer to peer more closely at him. The guards moved but did not attempt to dissolve the crowd. In fact, even some of them were attempting to try and listen to his words that he spoke with the woman.

"Telling us how much influence he has over the people…" The Black knight command mumbled at how the man they had tried to kill for Japan not long ago was being showered with affection from her people.

Todoh watched with a wary eye as Lelouch spoke to the crowd in Japanese, making them laugh with tasteful jokes and anecdotes. With a seeming reluctant farewell, the Emperor of Britannia left his supporters in high spirits, cheering for him all the louder.

Even as the Emperor moved to face Captain Sugiyama, the general noticed Ohgi looking intently for a spot of red hair amongst the Emperor's escorts.

"I don't think she's going to be here, Ohgi." Villetta Nu, his dark skinned Britannian lover told him softly.

The deputy commander of the Black knights glumly watched the Imperial shuttle, as if expecting his surrogate sister to appear.

"She hates us now. Hates me…" Ohgi muttered in pain. Todoh knew that she was likely the closest thing to a family and her choice to side with Lelouch over the Black knights devastated the deputy more than he would care to admit. The Japanese general knew that he understood her decision but knew the pain was still there. No one could have foreseen who Zero truly was or what Lelouch's true thoughts were.

No. Todoh reminded himself. We don't know that for certain. We still don't know what game he's playing.

The former Japanese army colonel knew that he too was swept up by the enthusiasm of the crowd and to the service Zero had rendered to them in the past.

But the past was past.

Zero…Lelouch Lamperouge as Ohgi's Britannian lover indicated was no longer the half-blood castaway prince living as a mere student away from his lineage.

He was now Lelouch vi Britannia, 99th ruler of the Holy Britannian Empire and the most powerful individual in the world.

A flick of his finger would change the lives of millions.

Todoh and the Black knights knew that. And it was for that reason that they cannot afford to lower their guard.

Ashford Academy,

Former Tokyo Settlement

Kento Sugiyama despite knowing what Zero was capable and could not help but feel touched by the actions of the white uniformed figure in front of him.

The former resistance member supposed the Emperor was putting up an act but even if it was an act it was a flawless one.

Perhaps as one of the oldest members of the Black knights, the green teal haired Japanese should not be surprised but Sugiyama did anyway.

Sugiyama wondered quietly if Lelouch had used Geass on the crowd so animated were they by his presence.

This would be one of the few times he would met the man face to face and despite himself he was sweating facing this man.

He volunteered as he was the Captain of the Special Division whose unit was not as glamorous or as elite as Kallen's Zero Division or the Four Holy Swords but above those of the regular forces. His men were also part of the Honour Guard as well so thus as leader he joined his men though he did not wear the purple visor.

Hence Sugiyama had the greatest risk of being Geassed. He had little choice. Todoh and Ohgi were too important to risk and Tamaki was…well…

Tamaki was Tamaki.

It was up to Minami and Sugiyama. And Sugiyama knew that he couldn't just let his old friend Minami do it since he was the Commander of the Secret Corps.

So despite protests and Sugiyama's own cries of it being suicide, the Special Division Captain volunteered.

He watched with awe that reflected was shared with the guards when the Emperor spoke fluent Japanese to the crowd and some of the guards even chuckled silently when Lelouch made that joke.

No. He's just trying to trick us into believing him. He's been doing it all this time! Sugiyama told himself even as Lelouch walked calmly towards them.

Up close, Sugiyama realised that Zero, the Britannian Emperor was just a kid around Kallen's age. What startled him were his violet eyes which were unlike anything he had seen before. Sugiyama suddenly felt a fear that he could be Geass and he forced himself to stomp his foot in attention.

His men did the same and saluted.

"Your Majesty," Sugiyama began. "My name is…"

"Kento Sugiyama." Lelouch answered him with a friendly smile. "You're one of the leaders of the Black knights, are you not?"

That he knew full name startled him more than Sugiyama thought but the Black knight officer forced himself to stay calm and spoke.

"That is correct. I am to be your escort."

"Of course, of course." The Emperor spoke of it as if it was a pleasant stroll in the gardens. "Say, could we use the long way? I am rather nervous of this meeting actually."

Sugiyama saw him shuddering slightly. Nervous of meeting those who you had recruited in the first place?

He thought of whether there might be a hidden agenda behind it. The comment seemed genuine. Plus the long way left him open to snipers.

"Very well." He signalled his men and led the Emperor through the courtyard of Ashford Academy.

The change in direction caused a fuss amongst the Black knight command and the snipers were now tracking them closely.

The captain of the Special Division had been with Zero alone several times at least not with either Kallen or the green haired woman CC around. That had been a time when he had made some of the strangest requests. Like making pizza...pizza flavoured. Whatever that had meant. Zero's green haired companion was quite displeased however. They almost sunk the submarine in the ensuing fire.

"I miss studying here." The Emperor suddenly commented, watching the building with a longingly.

"Life had been so much more simple back then."

Sugiyama had forgotten that the infamous Zero was little more than a teenager.

It also made him wonder if Kallen had known the truth all along. It was no great secret that Kallen was the closest and most faithful Black knight long before the Black rebellion.

Did she know about this as well?

"I'm not what you expected?" Lelouch asked, grinning at him slightly.

"Well…" Sugiyama wasn't sure whether to answer him.

"Kallen's fine." He said quietly. "She's just…not that keen on coming back here."

The Black knight nodded slightly then quietly replied after a moment. "I'll let Ohgi know."

Lelouch gave him a sad smile. "Thank you. She means a lot to me."

Sugiyama was not sure if he should believe it but part of him was inclined to believe so.

"This war has cost too much for everyone." He stared at the site where the FLIEA had struck and ended 25 million lives.

"Did you know anyone there?"

"I did." Sugiyama said, truthfully. "I lost many family and friends there."

"I see." Zero's voice sounded almost sympathetic. "Don't worry. We will be reunited with our love ones. I will see to it."

From the way he said it almost made Sugiyama believe that he could.

Ashford Academy Gymnasium

"Chairman Kaguya Sumeryagi of the UFN Supreme Council," Lelouch started, his strong baritone voice carrying across the hall. "I desire that the Holy Britannian Empire be a part of the United Federation of Nations."

Kaguya felt herself feeling rather nervous facing Zero unmasked despite her seemingly calm exterior

He watched as the apparent leader of the UFN, a mere girl in her teenage years studiying the Britannian Emperor closely with what he saw as longing and recognition.

"Do you understand that this participation is dependent upon a two-third majority vote of UFN members?"

"Of course. That's the democratic way of doing things, right?"

"Yes, that is correct."

Kaguya pressed a button and steel walls formed around the Britannian Emperor and boxed him cutting him off from the rest of the room.

Around the hall, council members murmured in disagreement.

"This…is rather discourteous don't you think?" A European councillor asked.

An Asian representative nodded in agreement. "It was former Emperor Charles who carried out those crimes wasn't it?"

Kaguya grimaced at their words as she saw the point but saw little choice. They had to make absolutely sure.

The politician in her had also warned her that their treatment of the Emperor was going to instill needless fear into the council that the Black knights could do such things wantonly.

Turning her own private channel, Kaguya faced the handsome face of Lelouch vi Britannia.

He too pressed the same channel to join the conversation.

"Now what are you trying to do here, treacherous Emperor Lelouch?" She snapped more forcefully than she had intended.

Lelouch smiled at her calmly. "I'm surprised at you." He said it as if hurt by her words. "Isn't the new Britannia a better country for the entire world?"

"That remains to be seen." Xingke's voice came as his face appeared on another monitor from the Ikauga. "UFN resolutions are always determined by majority vote."

"Voting rights," Todoh said calmly. "Are proportionate to each member's population."

"The Chinese Federation has been broken up. So the nation with the largest population in the world is now…"

"Britannia." Ohgi answered.

"If we allow Britannia to join the UFN today,"

"You will have more than half the number of votes, Emperor Lelouch." Hong Gu added.

"In short, if we vote in your favour you would usurp our power and take control of the UFN."

"Break up your Empire. Let your territories secede from you. Or limit your votes to total 20%. Those are your only options."

Lelouch seemed to be amused by the glares and the theatrics given by the Black knights than anything else.

Ohgi suddenly snapped. "Make your decision, Emperor Lelouch!"

An awkward silence filled the hall as international representatives watched the most powerful man in the world with anticipation.

Will it be peace? Or will it be war?

Would it mean a new beginning? Or a continuation with the war against Britannia.

Then Lelouch chuckled. A dark and hollow one that chilled the bones of everyone who heard it.

"Lady Kaguya," He spoke. "May I ask you a question?"

Kaguya jumped at the question being directed to her alone. "You may."

"What trait is most important for the rule of governance?"

"Pride." The Japanese noblewoman answered without hesitation. "The Pride of self-governance."

"Good answer. You speak with wisdom beyond your years." He smiled, full of charm that Kaguya couldn't help but feel the heats coming to her cheeks.

"I would however, submit a different answer."

"Oh? Then what would that answer be?"

"Be careful!" Ohgi said on the radio. "He's trying to pull something."

"The will to destroy."

"The will to destroy?" Kaguya was clearly startled.

Lelouch laughed. "The will to destroy the world! And even one-self!"

The council leapt up in uproar with anger, confusion, demanding explanations.

"ORDER!" Xingke demanded. Then with seething fury, the Black knight commander turned to the Emperor. "Emperor Lelouch, do not speak in riddles. Make yourself clear."

Lelouch smiled. "Forgive me, Commander Xingke. But it was not I who came up with the idea. As a result, allow me to invite the man who did."

"Why thank you, my dear brother." He smiled and entered the Hall.

Members cried out in shock and horror at his presence as if they had seen a creature out of a nightmare.

Perhaps he was. The thought amused him to no end.

"Prince Schneizel?!"

He entered dressed in his well-known princely uniform of long white jacket and purple tunic. Several strands from his medium length blond hair covering his angel carved face slightly.

He walked right to the middle of the room to the metal prison the Britannian Emperor was trapped in.

The walls fell as the former Second Prince of Britannia took stage with Lelouch leaving in an elaborate bow.

"What is the meaning of this outrage?" A UFN councillor shouted through the angry and shocked cries from the rest of the council.

"Lelouch! You promised to come alone!"

Kaguya recovering quickly from her shock glared at the Emperor who was staring at Schneizel. There was a queer look in his face and she knew at once that he wasn't Lelouch.

"You would dare pull such parlour tricks on the world's nations!?"

The council screamed in outrage even as Black knight security began to swarm around the entrances.

"Please forgive the deception, councillors." Schneizel's smooth voice cut through the fury of the crowd easily. Almost at once the room began to calm down. It held quiet authority that demanded attention.

"But as my brother put it, what I am about to reveal concerns every one of you seated here."

"You just humiliated us in front of the world! How else would you expect us to take it?"

"That is correct. I have just gone to great lengths to pull a grand ruse on the nations of the world. Which is why I would have you to listen to my next words carefully…"

The White Prince of Britannia spoke the last words with utter seriousness that brook no opposition.

The Council despite their indignation saw it too. The Chairman Kaguya waved to him to stand where the fake Lelouch was.

That brought a great reaction from many of the nations.

"This UFN council has answered to Emperor Lelouch's request of joining the UFN and nothing more!"

"Are you here to make your claim to the Britannian throne?" Someone called.

More questions were shouted but the blond prince let the moment pass and spoke his next words with complete calm and clarity.

Schneizel shook his head. "No. I have no such desire nor am worthy of the title. And my brother here agrees with me." He said those words honestly and let them see it. "That belongs to our younger sister, Nunnally vi Britannia. For many of us have blood on our hands and we need someone pure and untainted to lead the new Britannia.

"Because ladies and gentlemen," He continued. "What is it that people truly want? Starvation and poverty? Discrimination and corruption? War and terrorism?"

He turned to the Council seated on all sides. His light violet eyes bore into each and every one of them.

"They want the problems that are flooding the world to end forever. People can't understand each other in these situations at all. "

Kaguya listened to the former Britannian Prime Minister's words and felt sick in her stomach even as she listened.

"Lady Kaguya…" Ohgi's voice came into her ear piece so suddenly that she jumped.

"What is it?" She almost snapped.

"Pendragon…its…it's completely gone."

"What do you mean gone?" The deputy commander sent an image on her personal console. The Japanese noblewoman's heart sank.

Where the glowing capital of the Britannian Empire once stood, a massive crater stood in its place. The blast radius had been considerably larger than that of the one in the Tokyo Settlement. Gusts of wind blow as if the centuries of careful planning and building the oasis-turn capital had disappeared completely.

It wasn't just the city that disappeared. The artificially grown gardens, rivers, hills amongst others had died together with it.

It was as if all forms of life had died there.

The land, save for the massive crater was once again belonged to the desert.

Kaguya's politician's mask cracked as she absorbed the image before her. Despite knowing better, the UFN chairman's eyes turned to the shining Second Britannian Prince.

At that brief moment, Schneizel's light violet eyes met her emerald ones and Kaguya could have sworn he gave her a knowing smile.

Black Knight 7th (Polish Legion) Squadron

Commander Frederik Szymanowski was out on patrol to screen the Japanese isles from any potential Britannian incursions.

As well as from any potential anti-Britannian hardliners that could potentially destroy the meeting.

He had fought the Britannians with the EU forces since the fall of Russia and harboured no sympathy for the ruthless invaders or believed they could change by the will of a single man.

However, Szymanowski was a soldier.

He would do his duty.

The Polish Legion was a long established unit that predates the formation of the EU itself. They have proven to be a force to be reckoned with in Napoleon's army and have maintained that tradition long into the European Unification.

They have served as the elite vanguard against monarchists, Britannians, the Chinese Federation and other colonial enemies.

It was no surprise that Zero wanted the Polish Legion in the Black knights.

Now in their new uniforms and knightmares, the 7th Legion would represent the best Europe had to offer to the world.

He banked his dark blue Akatsuki Commander Model aside to avoid a flight of birds. The red shield and white eagle of Poland was painted on his left shoulder guard and chest plate.

The knightmare followed his commands smoothly and moved as if his mind willed it.

The orientals, whatever else could be said about them sure do make great knightmare frames. No wonder the Elev-Japanese managed to do what they've been doing for so long.

Although to be fair, he should also be giving credit to the Indian engineers and to Zero of course.

The leanly shaped knightmare frame moved smoothly with a barely noticeable hum from its Glide system.

If Szymanowski and his men just had a few of these when the EU was still intact, the disastrous war against the Britannian knights from the group that they called Euro Britannia might have gone very differently.

He held little faith in the UFN but if they could end this unhappy conflict once and for all, then perhaps there was some hope at least.

"Commander, I've detected some energy readings in Sector B3. Britannian units are massing."

Or maybe not. The Polish leader switched all channels.

"Roger that. All units, on me." Szymanowski activated all combat sensors and weapon systems then pushed his thrusters forward.

The Akatsukis of the 7th Squadron formed up behind him without a word. This had only been their fifth sortie piloting the new knightmares but the Polish were already working them like veterans.

Several wings of Chinese gunships joined them and stopped shy of the international waters.

Before the line of Black knight aerial units, a mass of dark figures were already swarming forward in the distance. Szymanowski did not need to look at his IFF to know they were Britannians.

He activated his facespheres to zoom in on the units and their insignias.

Most of the knightmares wore Britannian army colours of purple shades. A few units were customised. One squadron were painted white, gold and red amongst others. He recognised them as Euro-Britannian units from the Gloucester and Vincent Ward's Roman helmet styled heads.

Several air and naval frigates followed them.

Tension filled the Black knights even as more UFN units joined them.

Realising he was senior commander amongst the mixed units, Szymanowski established a channel with the Britannians.

"Britannian commander, you…" Before he could finish, the Britannians suddenly changed direction and turned to their east, ignoring the mass of Black knights they were facing.

"What the hell? What are they doing?"

"Maybe they're not looking for a fight."

Szymanowski knew better. Such a large movement of military units meant something was wrong. This was definitely no withdrawal and they were in battle formation.

The Britannians were moving somewhere.

"Sir! What are your orders?"

Szymanowski didn't want to provoke the Britannians but if they were trying to attack something then he had to make sure.

"Send a message to HQ. Inform them of this. The rest of you follow me, we're going to shadow them."

They moved alongside them the Britannians and Szymanowski had a moment of alarm when he realised that the Britannian forces not only outnumbered but severely outgunned the Legion.

It was at least a small battle group with around a hundred knightmares and several support ships.

From his IFF screen, Szymanowski saw that his warning had been answered by other Black knight forces but should the Britannians choose to attack, they'd be overwhelmed before reinforcements reach them.

Strangely enough the Britannian forces gave no indication of their presence can continued to move east.

"Cholera! What game is he playing at?" The Polish Black knight muttered to himself.

After a few minutes of constant moving, the Britannian units suddenly revved into attack velocity.

"Make ready!" Szymanowski shouted but the Britannians were not crossing the waters. Instead they were engaging towards the same direction they were heading.

The Black knights watched the strange turn of events in confusion and readied their weapons. Szymanowski saw that the Britannians had completely ignored them and were focusing on something in the distance.

Feeling suspicious, he activated his long range scanners for any energy signatures in the region.

"Sir, message from HQ! Patching it through."

There was a click then a voice shouted.

"Commander Szymanowski! Pull your men out the Sector! Don't bother forming up! Just get the hell out of there!"

"Repeat HQ. What…" Before he could finish, the Polish commander's IFF screen flared in alarm as a projectile shot towards the Britannian forces.

His first impression was an intercontinental ballistic missile but it was far smaller than that.

And then in mere seconds, the entire Britannian battle group was engulfed by a massive blast radius of energy that completely overwhelmed his scanners.

The next moment, his knightmare went spiralling out of control.

Before the black out, Szymanowski caught a glimpse on his IFF screen: everything in the area had vanished…


Pacific Ocean

"Vanished. It was better for them than a lifelong loyalty to Lelouch, won't you say?" Schneizel reached for one of his vintages and with a small tug uncork the bottle.

Kaguya cried out on one screen. "But those were your own people! Civilians! That…"

"Lady Kaguya, what is the real difference between civilians and soldiers? Is there any real classification between men who are trained to kill and those who are not?"

He poured the white liquid into one of his glasses, smoothly and without shaking.

"In the end, when you look at them all." He raised the glass to the monitor screen so that its light would pierce through glass and the liquid.

"We're all the same. Human. Even civilians who have rejected war depend themselves on the police don't they? Everyone knows don't they that people are driven by their own selfish desires: the lust that dwells within the souls of men cannot be denied."

The light blond haired prince turned to the computer nearby.

"So why win the hearts and minds or touts some shinning ideology? My brother has been foolish in that regard."

The Black knights glared at 'Lelouch' that stood beaming at the former Prime Minister. It was clear that whoever standing with the Second Prince was not Lelouch vi Britannia.

"Why not bring peace to the world with a system of power?"

Xingke's eyes narrowed at the word. "System of Power? At the UFN council, you said that you're proposing a unified government based on peace! So that's what you really meant?"

"In 10 days," Schneizel smiled although they could not see it. "The Damocles will enter the air space of the United States of China and then switch over to the secondary acceleration after that in which it will schedule to ascend 300 km above the surface. From there we will be able to target every enemy nation with FLIEAs."

Ohgi slammed the table before him hard. "What?! You said you'd use it only against Lelouch! This…this is everything that we've been fighting against! You're trying to control the world through fear!"

"Mankind's history is war, Deputy Commander. Peace is a mere illusion. To turn illusion into reality is an arduous task. It requires discipline."

The Black knights were all dumbfounded by the mad vision the Second Prince of Britannia envisioned for them.

Todoh spoke, gritting his teeth through each word. "And you plan to 'discipline' the entire human race all by yourself? Only a god could pull that off!"

Schneizel turned to them and spread his arms wide. "Then it's that simple is it not? I shall become a god and bring peace to the world. I will be the world's saviour"

"You're deranged!"

"Magnificent!" Diethard Ried called out. "I knew I was right to change sides to you: surpassing Zero's chaos with a state of perfect of true perfection."

The man's face was contorted with a fanatical zeal that was sickening. Before his ranting could go on, a strong female's voice roared out.

"Schneizel! Tell me that what I'm hearing is not true." Cornelia's horrified face poured out from the door. In her rage, she had spoken out what she was considering to be a private conversation.

To her horror, her older brother turned to face her with utter honesty in his eyes.

"If we have to sacrifice one or two billion lives to create a state of permanent peace, then so be it."

"You're wrong!" She unsheathed her sword. "Peace attained by force is not peace!"

Even as the Black knight grasped, Schneizel turned to face her, his chest unprotected.

"I only want to give the people what they truly want. Is that so wrong?" He said softly.

"Anything except life!" Cornelia snarled. "I'll never forgive Lelouch. But you're far worse than he ever was!"

With that the Witch of Britannia lunged forward.

Despite danger in front of him, the Britannian Second Prince merely sighed and merely clicked his fingers.

Auto-turrets appeared out of nowhere and showered a burst on the violet haired woman, the bullets puncturing her white cloak and maroon uniform as it did her body and legs.

With one strong heave, the princess fell to the ground and stood still.

"You…" Ohgi stuttered in horror. "You just gunned down your own sister!"

"She is but one of billions. Sadly, sacrifices must be made and so, ladies and gentlemen, will you accept my offer?"

"We'll never side with a madman like you!"

Schneizel heard a beep from the monitor and he idly drank his wine and keyed into the system.

"Then you might want to take a good look at what I'm sending you."

He drained his glass and pressed the send button.

Fort Hector,

Duchy of Virginia, Britannia

"All signals from the Palace and twelve military installations have gone completely dark."

"Half our communication signals are down. Rebooting system. Stand by."

"X-Ray 5 has failed to report."

The Fort commander despite himself was already standing from his command chair and was pacing about the milling crewmen who were frantically trying to re-establish their lines.

"All your statuses and wealth was given by the Emperor and you can't even do a simple job as this!?" The fort commander snarled even though he knew that his men were trying their best.

The Britannian military had an absurd number of encryptions to protect their systems, lines of communications, military plans and troop numbers. It had to be as Britannia was an Empire that hosted mighty technology and there were just as many domestic enemies as there were foreign. Hackers, anarchists, revolutionaries, religious fanatics, rival factions, the full list actually takes up at least 4 pages.

For it to suddenly fall apart without warning was almost unthinkable to the Britannian soldier.

"Sir!" A female soldier called. "I've got a connection going with the West Coast!"

"Finally some good news! What do you have?"

"Stand by, commander." She typed a series of quick codes into her computer even as the screen flash in various colours.

"I'm linking it to the main screen."

The room had been so darkened by the system failure that the new screen caused the commander to flinch from the light.

"You're getting a promotion." He snarled. "Eyes here. Alright, whatever your previous duties were bury it. This is Level One. All security and signals over here. Anything that you spot, I want to see it on this monitor." He jerked a thumb at the screen behind him.

The female soldier who would soon be promoted quickly switched her duties on her screens. For once, she thought that the communication crew were finally being recognised. Join the army they said. Make your families proud they said. Truth was if you weren't a soldier or a knight, no one ever appreciates you. Perhaps what the news said was true. Emperor Lelouch was truly bringing a world of change, despite his policies destroying her own family's fortune.

With a practiced eye, she went through the military bases that they had connected to, trying to strike out those that were really gone and those that had just weak signals.

However, even as she struck those bases out she saw a pattern in those gone.

From Alyska to Hawaii Base and others, the bases that had weak signals all possessed the same armament…

She was opening her mouth to tell the commander when a bark of automatic gun fire thundered in the room.

She turned to see armed soldiers spraying the entire room with electronic slugs. Her monitor screen exploded, bombarding her face with glass and sparks.

The blast knocked her to the ground, face bleeding from a dozen cuts and burns.

She yelped as the pain overwhelmed her senses.

"Damocles, we've taken Fort Hector." An electronic voice spoke as she felt booted feet scrambling over monitors.

"Acknowledged. All bases counted for."

She felt a click of a pistol and before everything went black, she heard a phrase.

"Prepare to fire."

Northwatch Point,

Central Britannia

"Black King, respond. This is White Knight. Black King, respond!"

For the eleventh time there was only static.

Knight of Zero Suzaku Kururugi cursed and slammed a fist against the wall. "Damn it! All Guard units, this is White Knight. Respond."

The Japanese knight's heart pounded furiously as he watched the map of the Pendragon division's devastation for any form of signal: a cryptic alphabet Lelouch invented from their childhood, a descriptive chess notation, a symbol of their living in war-torn Japan…anything!

"Lord Kururugi." One of the royal guards called.

"Guardsman, what's the situation?"

"It's bad, my lord. It wasn't just Pendragon. Every communication relay from Alyaska to Silverite is either jammed or gone. We're flying blind here."

Suzaku considered the information he received. Whoever launched the FLIEA on Pendragon was well aware of Britannian military capabilities and the might of its military response.

Even without the Capital, the Britannian armies over the globe still numbered in the millions all with proper equipment and even without communication relays were capable of acting independently.

As such the enemy severed their lines of communication and severely delayed the Britannian response time by targeting their connections to the orbiting satellites.

Schneizel was no fool. He'd try to delay any form of response from the Britannian forces for as long as possible.

"Find a way to reach out to the other bases. Restablishing our communication lines with the rest of the Empire is top priority."

Although he could not see the man, Suzaku could sense the man frowning. "But my lord, His Majesty…"

"The Emperor needs eyes and ears when he returns. And it is also our best chance to find him as well."

He guided the Lancelot Albion to the most direct air-pattern to Pendragon. The skies as if weeping for the loss of lives poured without holding back. Light sizzles spark as the rain touched the green energy wings even as the water covered the emerald eye plates of the white and gold knightmare as if feeling the pain.

He activated his IFF screen on the corner of his HUD and enhanced the map. From the signals, he had gotten he saw that only a handful of the major military bases were still online but were too far from each other to lend support to one another.

As Knight of Zero, Suzaku could access them but not from the Lancelot Albion. Their northern army was in complete disarray though from the shock and slow recovery of the units he saw that it had been done recently. They had launched a counter-attack and were now licking their wounds.

It was a messy situation. All the prominent military bases had gone dark and whether it was just communication or they had been wiped out, Suzaku couldn't really tell.

Even as he watched his ETA timer to his destination, the former Knight of Seven felt odd about the pattern of the attacks even as he was worried for Lelouch and the others.

Their aggressor was without a doubt Schneizel. There were few with the resources or skilled enough to be able to perform such an precise attacks to the Britannian infrastructure.

Even as it was, Suzaku had served under Schneizel in the European Campaign. He had seen how Schneizel overcame the might of the European armies with precision and calculated ruthlessness that kept the EU armies from ever facing the Britannians as a unified force.

On the contrary to sentiments from the Euro-Britannian units, the EU forces were capable of fighting Britannia to a standstill. Suzaku remember cutting down many European soldiers who refused to surrender.

Given what he had seen of the White Prince of Britannia's ability, the Japanese knight knew that the attack was not over.

With the Lancelot Albion's tremendous speed and power, Suzaku was traveling at a speed that no other machine save the Guren could match.

Even as he was entering the Barony of Nevada, he felt his gut turning cold.

On his IFF, units bearing the Britannian domestic forces challenged his identity. After that clarification, their leader a former noble joined him with a dozen Flight-enabled Sutherlands and Gloucesters.

"It's as you see it, Sir Kururugi." The Britannian noble confirmed Suzaku's suspicions. "Everything's gone straight to hell. There is no contact from Pendragon Capital. We rallied most of the Home Guard thinking that it might be the rebels."

"It's worse." Suzaku answered, grimly. And then suddenly he was receiving a live communication from an encrypted source.

Thinking it was Lelouch, he answered it readily.

"Sir Kururugi!" It was Jeremiah. "Look to the skies! They've all been launched."

"Lord Jeremiah! Wait, what's been launched."

However, the guard commander's signal was breaking up.

"They're…targeting…ran…dom…mili…lians…both…losing…conn…" Then as quickly as it appeared, it was gone.

Suzaku tried to trace the signal but it was gone.

"Milord, what are your orders? Where is the Emperor?"

The Honorary Britannian was about to answer that question when he spotted new signals on his IFF.

Suzaku's eye narrowed at the images. Heat signals.

The Lancelot Albion's green eyes flashed and the white and gold trimmed knightmare blasted up in a flash of green glitter.

He pulled both VARIS rifles and activated his targeting system. As the targeting orbs appeared in his HUD screen, Suzaku locked on the heat signatures on the weapons that the former Second Prince of Britannia had unleashed.

"Milord, we've got a report. All Homeland missile silos are…"

The Knight of Zero twisted his controls for the Lancelot Albion to switch one of the VARIS rifles to Hadron cannon mode and pressed the trigger, unleashing a torrent of red and black beam that melt through the armoured casing and ignite the warhead inside.

Suzaku did not stop and swung the Hadron beam down on the other missiles like a sword, burning through their armour and warheads.

When the energy level lowered, the white and gold trimmed knightmare withdrew the blue rifle and shot towards the remaining missiles, one hand switching his other VARIS to rapid fire mode and reaching for his sword in the other.

The white knight closed in on the remaining one and pulled the Master Vibration Sword out of the scabbard. As the grey materials on the blade superheated and vibrated to red, Suzaku banked around the missile and dragged the tip of his sword along the armour, cutting through its engine and systems.

Leaving the falling missile, he turned to the next missile.

The Corseque-class ballistic missiles were not ordinary missiles. Within each rocket there were a dozen others, made to spread out and destroy airfields and roads to prevent enemy movements.

Even as Suzaku had disabled another, the remaining ones had disengaged and the dozens of smaller missiles began to ignite.

Activating his energy wings, the Knight of Zero raised his VARIS and unleashed a barrage of emerald energy blasts and VARIS rounds, shooting down the projectiles with pin-point accuracy that was known to him.

Despite the success, Suzaku knew that it was the first wave.

He quickly contacted the Nevada army base.

"Send the word to everyone you can reach. In the name of Lelouch vi Britannia, I order you to protect all civilian targets from those missiles at all costs."

"But Sir Kururugi, how about those heading to our…"

"It doesn't matter!" Suzaku snapped, startling the soldiers. He continued, not realising that Nevada Base had linked him to the main Britannian network reaching out to all the bases in the Empire.

"We pledged to the spirits of the founding father and the Glory of the realm our mother!"

The Lancelot Albion swept his sword down and his emerald wings gave the already shining white and gold machine beaming with a green light. Those knightmare pilots watched him with unwavering attention.

"We are the shield that defends the homeland and the halberd that shall smite those who would harm us. We pledge our life and honour to the Empire. You are the Knights of Britannia. Do your duty."

The entire Britannian military channel was muted by someone who was once considered a symbol of decay and loathing.

And then in a single howling voice, they responded.


Classified, Britannia

Guard captain Alistair gripped his sabre hint to control his anxiety even as he kept his eyes on the map.

"G1. G2. Status report."

"Reporting. Everything is clear, captain. No sign of contact."

At least our coms were shielded. Alistair thought relieved. The guard officer turned to his second.

"How's the package?"

The royal guard gave a glance at the monitor where it displayed a small lithe body at the end of the truck surrounded by four guardsmen in full combat gear.

A hint of lime green hair poured out slightly from under the hood.

Alistair wasn't sure why this girl was so important to be guarded by Britannia's elite. He had a full team of royal guards and a squadron of RPI knightmares.

He had a feeling his guard commander Lord Jeremiah Gottwald knew. But the captain knew that only his duty mattered.

It was strange Alistair thought. At other times, he would have never accepted a half-blooded commoner upon the throne of the Empire.

He was a pure blood through and through and was the captain of the palace guard.

And yet now he could feel nothing but absolute loyalty for Lelouch vi Britannia. It felt so sudden.

As if he was hit by a spell. Strange…

Then again it was a strange world and Emperor Lelouch was creating a new era.

His eyes went to the hooded green haired figure they were escorting. It hurt his head to think about it but Alistair could swear that he had seen her around the palace years ago...

"Captain! Enemy contact! Hadron blast incoming!"

No sooner did the guard have said it, a blast of crimson and black energy shoot through the torso of a Vincent Ward, the blast melting the metal neatly severing the machine in half.

"Get us out of here!"

Two white and red angel looking knightmares from Japan appeared and began descending towards the convoy. They were followed by four dark shaped figures.

"Team 1, engage the enemy! Team 2, stay and defend the convoy!"

Team 1 moved forward to engage them. Led by two royal guards, the Royal Panzer Infantry Vincent Wards opened up with their rifles.

The attackers spread out to avoid the volley fire. Instead of returning fire, they drew blades and moved in for close quarters.

Meanwhile the second team followed the convoy closely even as it changed direction.

The guard officer wondered how long they could keep the bastards distracted.

He watched the combat footage of the battle with team 1.

The escort squadron faced off against unknown angel-like frames.

A Ward fired a trail of bullets straight at speeding angel before the bone coloured blade sliced down and through the lean purple armour and flesh.

The angel's wings folded to dive down away from a second volley of sabot rounds even as it winked in behind the second Ward and drove the sword through the cockpit.

The next purple knightmare withdrew its rifle and bore down with it's double-bladed MVS lances.

Even as the angel locked blades, a Hadron blast came and erased the Britannian pilot out of existence.

Alistair knew that at this rate they would capture the convoy.

He activated his com. "Team 2. Watch yourselves. They probably have a second team over you."

The guard captain kept a close eye on the men. An attack would come at any moment. He must hold the pain of watching men dying for them.

Then Alistair realised it.


The roar of gun fire and the flight of knightmares echoed outside.

They had figured out that the two teams were merely decoys.

The line of trucks increased speed as the escorts both on ground and air moved into defensive positions.

Their own truck shook as a stray missile took out the vehicle behind them.

"Move! Formation Delta!"

A high level energy signature screamed in alarm on the computers as a black and crimson beam left a trail of flames.

"Driver, take us out of here!"

The guard captain pulled out his pistol and slammed a round into the barrel.

The column of trucks drove in disciplined movement and formed a defensive wall around their package.

The truck directly in front of the carrier sped off first and activating it's Gejun disrupter as it did.


A crimson and black beam vaporised it out of existence before its flaming debris to fall on their truck.

"Brace yourselves!"

The truck went out of control and even the buckled the inhabitants were jostled around with heads bashing into the walls

A black and gold figure approached them, smugly wondering how it was possible that these men were chosen for the Emperor's royal guard.

They had little imagination in their defence of the precious package.

The container had fallen its contents of armoured guards were struggling to get up.

Sighing, he drew his sabre and idly beheaded the nearest guard. He blasted the others with his pistol without a glance. Thanks to his forecast Geass , he knew exactly where they were and what they were going to do.

Poor stupid Lelouch. He thought. But then again, a FLIEA to his face and a hundred missiles from his own empire was something hard to predict. Stands to reason he didn't have a good back-up plan for this.

"Thank you, Prince Blondie." He muttered his gratitude to the White Prince of Britannia and his deluded schemes.

A hidden soldier came out with a rifle but he had moved too quickly such that the upraised sabre's tip ran through his throat of it's own accord.

In his com-link, Britannian soldiers screamed as the Alphas slaughtered them.

He paused and activated his Geass once more, his left eye glowing crimson with the avian sigil in his pupils.

As the images hit his mind, a smile formed on his face and he turned his pistol to a random direction and pressed the trigger.

The bullet flew and struck through the black-body plate of a guard carrying a woman. As the woman fell, long lime green hair poured from her covered hood.

The black and gold robed figure marched to the woman calmly.

After a few steps, he turned and leapt away.

A sword blade slashed down on the spot as its wielder also in a ceremonial uniform of the royal guard landed. The royal guard quickly recovered and fired his pistol at him.

He grinned as he leapt to dodge the bullets, laughing as each flew past him.

The guardsman did not stop there and charged forward.

"Yes, come on!" He shouted in glee as he moved to meet it.

A spray of blood exploded as they made contact.

The attacker flicked the blood off his blade as he headed towards his original destination.

He grinned as he heard a groan of pain escaping from the mortally wounded royal guard.

"No…." The guard cried.

"Yes…" He replied for no other reason than to agonise the soldier.

He reached for the green haired woman and gently touched her shoulder. He paused.

"Damn you…" He violently pulled her up by the throat and faced her.

The green haired woman smiled at him.

"All…hail…Lelouch!" She slammed a thick dagger into his shoulder.

Screaming in pain, he snapped the fake C.C.'s neck with a twist of his fingers.

"You…have failed…" There was a bark of laughter.

Anger filled him as he turned to the source.

"We knew you couldn't resist…" The dying royal guard sneered.

And then suddenly there were dozens of black and gold Vincents breaking their way through the remains of the trucks.

In a matter of seconds, the attackers were completely surrounded.

Twirling their double bladed lances, the royal guards brought the crimson blades aiming down on the white armoured angels.

A blue haired man dressed in a white and purple jacket climbed and stepped over the shoulder of a black and gold Vincent.

"So these are the ones who have dared to raise their hands against His Imperial Majesty?"

With each second, more lean figures appeared in the area until the entire portion had been completely surrounded.

"In the name of Emperor Lelouch!" Jeremiah Gottwald announced. "Lay down your arms!"

The man replied with the activation of his Geass.

This time, however the crimson sphere he saw in his mind was met with a wave of blue…

Seattle Naval Base,

Holy Britannian Empire

And so the pieces have been set.

Lelouch thought as he absorbed the information he was receiving from the monitors, his brilliant mind allowed him to analyse complex facts with several glances, filling the blanks as he went.

Schneizel's made his move.

The act of using the FLIEA on Pendragon was not just an attempt to kill Lelouch and paralysed the internal government but also to demonstrate to the world of the power he now wielded. With a single button he could erase the lives of millions despite his 'good' intentions.

Through that he had dragged unwillingly those who would not be swayed by his words to stand with him. By having the UFN council at his fingertips, he had full control of the Order of Black knights and now under Lelouch's former leadership had become a force as numerous and formidable as the Britannian military.

The Black knights, of course were not going to wholeheartedly comply with the deluded Prince's orders and would seek any opening to free the UFN. But no one would dare to risk the lives of millions with a rash and chancy move.

It was a move that achieved two goals. While disgusted, Lelouch could not help admire his brother. He had been an idol and fearsome adversary to the young Emperor as a child.

Not just that, Schneizel was thorough.

By chance that Lelouch should survive or if his forces were to act independently against Schneizel, the former Britannian Prime Minister had hacked through military communications and seriously hampered the army response time and strength by infiltrating and launching missile silos all over Britannia, targeting their own forces.

Lelouch watched footage of those being hit and saw that his brother had targeted military bases primarily but still many civilian cities had been hit and wiped out.

By doing so, Schneizel had almost wiped out Lelouch's ballistic missile capabilities and also damaged his standing forces. A brilliant two-folded attack.

The efforts of Kallen, Suzaku and many others minimized the damage the ballistics could do, his brother still had been too clever and the timing had been effectively and meticulously carried out.

While the Britannian Military was far too large to be crippled even by such a move, the attacks served to slow it down and hamper the mobilisation of Lelouch's own forces giving Schneizel enough time to prepare a suitable defence strategy to guard the Damocles as it ascended towards the atmosphere.

It was sound especially since Schneizel knew he could not fully trust the Black knights.

Another move that killed two birds with one stone.

The former Zero fidgeted with his black king. He and Kallen had narrowly missed being consumed by the FLIEA.

The loss of the Capital was severely felt as he had a large pool of elite divisions and forces there as well as essential administrative facilities.

Still he had been prepared. Lelouch had deliberately moved his Royal Guard Headquarters and the most vital resources to new locations that he had recently made during his ascension.

He watched the world map closely and glancing back to his chess board, made comparisons and mental notes.

From the way the Damocles had been moving after Pendragon's demise and the path of destruction it had made laid waste, it was planning to move to Japan through China in the safety net of the Japanese and Chinese Black Knight armies respectively.

Knowing Schneizel and the Black knight leaders, they would send forces to pin the Britannian armies all across the globe to halt the remaining armies from intercepting.

Lelouch moved one knight, a pawn and a rook down to the white enemy positions.

With most of the military pinned down, only a handful of forces could be deployed to face them. He had deployed all available forces in the Californian Base and dispatched naval detachments from Silverite before the arrival of the Black knight invasion fleets to bolster his main fleets gathering in Pearl Harbour.

Several Naval Battle Groups had been planted along the Pacific to screen the gathering forces. Once Lelouch himself had set sail, they'd gather all the forces positioned along the way and breakthrough the Black knights to face the Damocles and the core Black knight bloc in Japan.

However, the Emperor himself would not go with these forces as he would lead a second strike force from Alyska. They were already punching their way through the Black knights on the way to link up the Knight Orders of the former Euro-Britannia and push down to Japan.

That way they'll catch up with the Damocles at Mt. Fuji. Since the Black knights would be vastly outnumbered against Lelouch's armies, they would be stationed heavily around the sky fortress itself.

Besides, Schneizel had little intention to keep them alive. Once their usefulness was gone, he'd probably send them a FLEIA into their back as a present for services rendered

"Your Majesty," A soldier called. "We've found Miss Einstein. She's with Lord Lloyd right now."

"Very good. You may go."

"Yes, Your Majesty." The man saluted smartly and left.

Kallen entered the room as the soldier left.

Lelouch was unsurprised to see she'd cut off the long sleeves of her uniform and instead just wore long elbow length white gloves.

"What?" She blushed under his stare. "Damn thing's hot."

The young Emperor smiled but shook his head. "Oh nothing. You just look like your old self."

His words made her face turn red. "I'm not my old self. My old self would have torn this apart."

Chuckling, Lelouch beckoned her to the military table.

"How are your knights?" He asked.

Kallen shrugged. "They're rowdy, childish and very noisy."

"So you like them."

She grinned. "I love them. Thank you."

Lelouch smiled but then turned serious. "Good because I have an important job for you."

He took a letter and gave it to her.

Kallen stared at the letter then took it.

"Don't open it yet."

The red haired woman blinked. "That important?"

He nodded. "This is Schneizel we're dealing with. Because the Damocles has wiped out everything from Pendragon to Japan, we don't have sufficient forces to deal with him in that area. Not with Pendragon gone and the Black knights engaging our other forces.

He turned up his forces and explained the plan to her.

Kallen listened intently. "So we're basically going to head out before the Black knight fleets arrive here?"

"Yes, I have the 9th Fleet here." He indicated Alysaka. "The 7th Euro-Britannian Army is also waiting for us to link up. St. Michael and St. Gabriel knights will engage and try to wittle down the Black knights before we arrive."

The former Black knight studied the unit sizes and numbers and scoffed.

"For once numbers on our side." Even without the main force, this army would still outnumber the Black knight escorts.

"Though not by a large margin." Lelouch pointed out. "And the FLIEA of course nullifies that advantage."

"So the risks…" Kallen asked.

The dark haired monarch nodded miserably. "Are very real. But we've little choice. Either we wait for the full might of the Empire and risk fighting under the rule of the FLIEA or launch an attack that could wipe us out."

Sighing, Lelouch almost whispered. "The only way to tip the scales enough is for me to lead it personally."

Kallen looked like she was going to protest but surprisingly Lelouch didn't hear her snapping. And then strangely she chuckled.

Had their closeness changed her that much?

"So our odds are the same as they've always been?" Lelouch barked a laugh at that. Even with the might of the most powerful military force in the world, the situation was still difficult.

"I guess it really wouldn't be us otherwise."

Kallen smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek. She looked at him in the face.

"We'll win this." She told him sternly. And from her eyes, Lelouch could almost believe his queen's words.

Well, how was it, guys? Reasons for the hacking and using Lelouch's own ballistic strikes on his forces is that I'm sure Prince Blondie would be far more thorough considering his path of action. We all know more or less of the White Prince's actions would be so I try to do it in a way that would be different.

And so now all that is left is for the final phase of the story. Thank you for all the reviews and support. I never had imagined My Queen would receive this much attention considering the way the story started and how its my second major story. So thank you, guys and I hope I can meet your expectations.