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Chapter One.

He was being dragged backwards. Through the sands. Tears were streaming down his face but no one cared. Kodos simply looked on and ordered the soldiers to take the nine to a ship. He could always see his Aunt's face as he was herded into the ship. She was crying to. Crying because she knew she was going to die, but also happy that he was going to live. There was only one other child on that ship. He was staring at the wall and refused to look at anyone.

When they got to Earth, his brother was waiting for him. He lived with Sam for a couple of years then went his own way. He never told anyone. Well, sort of.

After a year at the Academy, Jim told Bones what happened to him on Tarsus 5. He then said he was lying. Bones told him that he shouldn't lie about that. Innocent people died in that planet. Jim looked away. He couldn't look Bones in the eye for weeks after that. He was afraid he'd see that look in his eyes again. Pity…Pity and Disgust. He didn't want anyone to look at him like that. So he never told anyone. He vowed he never would.

Well that plan got shot to hell, didn't it? Starfleet had orded them back to that dreaded planet. When he had refused to set foot on the planets surface, Spock and Bones had looked into the massacre's survivors. They found out that Jim was one of nine people who Kodos and so generously allowed to survive. After that, the entire crew found out and suddenly Starfleet knew. Jim suddenly had respect from everyone he met. It was an empty respect for Jim. Bones corned him in his quarters a week after that. Told Jim he should have told him. Jim yelled he had. Bones looked ashamed. Jim left.

Bones spends an awful lot of time making it up to him. Trying to prove that he still is Jim's best friend. Jim told him to stop it. Said that it took along time to regain trust. Bones said he understood.

It's been a year and they're slowly getting there.