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It's often on the most ordinary of days that things take a turn for the weird.

Today was an ordinary day. Or as ordinary a day you can get when you're a professional wrestler. The normal of a professional wrestler is not the normal of the everyday man, the man who gets up, goes to work, comes home and lathers, rinses, and repeats. For a professional wrestler, the road and the air are just as much home as the bed you sleep in. But for today, Chris Irvine was at home, lounging in his favorite recliner and watching a classic hockey game with a beer in his hand.

Later, when things settle down, when he has time to think, maybe he'll blame the beers he has, but right now, they seem rather innocuous.

He likes the time he spends at home. It's like a vacation from work and he tries to spend those days with himself, where he doesn't have to be Chris Jericho all the time, but instead is just Chris, himself. He doesn't have to be "on" or interact with fans. He just sits and watches his game and he's content. When the game finishes and the last of his beers is empty, he has to find something to do and he isn't sure what he wants to do at the moment so he lies there and he closes his eyes and dozes for a bit, just a bit before waking up again. The sun is starting to go down over the horizon and he can see it out the back door out onto his patio.

On this day, the sunset is making the sky exceptionally bright. It's a strange mixture of colors too, not quite pink, but not quite purple. But everything is glowing. Everything is glowing and sparkling and there's a warm summer rain washing over the world just outside his window and it's the strangest thing he's ever seen. The sky has barely any clouds and yet it's raining, and not just a sprinkle here and there, but raining like the heavens are crying, weeping. It's a beautifully strange sight, but nothing he thinks out of the ordinary.

He watches until the rains stop, but the drops are still lingering on the grass like little diamonds, prickling against the waning sun. He gets up from his recliner and he stretches his arms over his head. What to do now? He's thinking to himself as he looks around his house, wondering what he can possibly do to pass the time. The great thing is that he doesn't have to do anything that he doesn't want to do. There are no matches he's forced to be in, no promos he's supposed to say, he could just stand there if he wanted to, but he doesn't want to.

He decides the computer is his best bet. Nothing a little surfing can't solve and if worse comes to worse, there's always porn. There are plenty of things to do on there though so he goes to his computer, sits himself down and turns on the computer, leaning backwards as it loads. He loves the quiet of his house. It's probably why he doesn't have a wife or kids, he just loves the quiet. It doesn't make him a loner, just someone who appreciates the merits of being alone and there's nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with that at all.

He's only on for a few minutes before the screen pops up with a new IM. He wonders how that happened. He doesn't remember signing in, but when he checks, he had the Auto Sign-in clicked on and that explains that. The message is from someone he doesn't know and he's hesitant to click on it. How would someone get his screenname? Only the people he was closest to had it and they were few. Maybe one of his friends had given it out and he hoped it wasn't from some girl asking for a date or someone that his friends were trying to set him up with. The last thing he needed was some woman thrown at him.

FixtheBrkn: Is this Chris Irvine?

IAmIrvine: Who is this?

FixtheBrkn: I used to know you. I mean, I still know you, we just haven't talked in a while.

IAmIrvine: Can I get a name so I don't know this is some lame person who I really don't know.

FixtheBrkn: You probably won't remember me anyways, we were friends though.

IAmIrvine: But you can't tell me your name?"

FixtheBrkn: What's the point if you don't remember who I am?

IAmIrvine: So I don't think you're a crazy stalker?

He thinks that's pretty obvious. Anyone in the world can claim to know him and not really know him. He plods through this cautiously because he doesn't want to give out information that could be used against him. He tries to figure out who this could be, but there aren't enough clues yet to deduce who this could possibly be so he stops trying. He'll have to try and get more out of him.

FixtheBrkn: I'm not.

IAmIrvine: Yeah, like I can trust you.

FixtheBrkn: I swear, I know you.

IAmIrvine: Prove it.

FixtheBrkn: Your second match ever, you ripped your pants around the ankles and you were scared that they'd rip up the seam during your match so you stapled them together.

He didn't tell many people about that little detail except his friends or people he actually knew. He knew the story had never really made it to the general public because why should it? It was just a story that he occasionally told while shooting the breeze with some of the wrestlers. Maybe this was someone playing a prank on him. That's what it had to be, someone making an elaborate prank and he'd walk into work on Monday and he would see pictures of himself posted everywhere and it would be a good rib and people would laugh.

IAmIrvine: Okay, so you obviously know me. Who is this? Jay, is this you?

FixtheBrkn: I'm not Jay.

Chris was not to be deterred however. He was going to get to the bottom of this and find out who was messaging him so cryptically.

IAmIrvine: Is this some sort of plan? What the hell are the guys going to do to me on Monday? Just tell me now and everything can be avoided. I know you want to humiliate me in some way, but you're not going to get away with it.

FixtheBrkn: You need to be with Stephanie McMahon.

IAmIrvine: What?

This was confusing. Be with Stephanie McMahon? What? Was he going to go up to her and talk to her and then they were going to dump coleslaw on his head. He was not going to fall for this. He's smarter than this, he knows this and he won't fall for it. Talk to Stephanie, be with Stephanie? This was not going to happen. Besides, Stephanie was married. He couldn't be with Stephanie if she was already taken, not that he'd want to anyways.

FixtheBrkn: You have to be with her.

IAmIrvine: No.

IAmIrvine: I don't think so

FixtheBrkn: You have to. You've only got so much time to be with her and you need to, please.

IAmIrvine: Dude, what the hell is going on? Who is this, seriously? If you guys are trying to get me to like fake hit on Stephanie and then you're going to get Paul to come get me, that is not cool. There's ribbing and then there's sicc'ing that nose on me.

FixtheBrkn: You've got to be with her.

IAmIrvine: No, dude, I'm not falling for this.

FixtheBrkn: It's...it's important.

IAmIrvine: What, is she being abused?

FixtheBrkn: No...

IAmIrvine: Then sorry, no knights in shining armor here!

He's getting frustrated now. This is going beyond a joke into annoying territory. He doesn't even like to think about work when he's at home and now he has to look forward to Monday and a prankster on the loose. If they would just identify himself, he could avoid said persons, but when you don't know, how do you avoid someone? He's going to walk in on Monday and keep on the look-out for people trying to prank him and that's not how he likes to spend his time. He's an adult, not a child.

FixtheBrkn: You have to, please, you just have to...

IAmIrvine: I don't have to do anything.

FixtheBrkn: I know you don't have to do anything, that's not what this is about, it's not about you, it's about...it's about things and stuff being set in motion and...

IAmIrvine: Dude, just tell me what the hell you have planned for Monday so we can get this over with?

FixtheBrkn: There's nothing planned for Monday.

IAmIrvine: Yeah right.

FixtheBrkn: Chris, please, listen to me, look, you need to be with Stephanie McMahon, you just do. Everyone sees it, you just need to be with her.

IAmIrvine: Hey dumbass, she's married. Even if I wanted to be with her, I don't think it would be within the realms of the moral code, you know, cheating and all the stuff.

FixtheBrkn: Break them up.

IAmIrvine: Oh, so now you want me to break them up? Not only do you want me to be with Stephanie McMahon, you want me to break up her marriage? Okay, so is this like someone who hates Paul and wants me to like make his life miserable, right? Well, I'm not going to partake in that. I don't even like Stephanie McMahon.

FixtheBrkn: You love her.

He starts to laugh, big, drawn out laughs. Him, love Stephanie McMahon? He likes her alright, she's cool, they've never had any problems. They've never been friends either so falling in love with her, being in love with her, that thought has never crossed his mind. It'd be a mixed up relationship because she's just not his type. Not that she isn't beautiful or smart or anything, just...not someone he could picture himself with. That's why he laughs, that's why he's starting to think whomever is on the other end of this conversation is on drugs. He doesn't love Stephanie McMahon so being with Stephanie McMahon is out of the question.

IAmIrvine: I don't love her.

FixtheBrkn: You do, I know you do.

IAmIrvine: Oh, then tell me how you know?

FixtheBrkn: I just know.

IAmIrvine: Okay, liar, whoever this is, we're through here. You can just go on my block list, yup, that's right, blocking you now, see, you, bye...

FixtheBrkn: Chris, please, listen to me, you have to be with Stephanie McMahon. You've only got so much time!

Chris was almost intrigued enough to find out what kind of time he was talking about. He was almost curious enough to keep talking to him, but his hand starts towards that block button anyways. He can't help it, it's gravitating towards it and he's going to click on it and that will be the end of it. Whoever this is can certainly choose some other poor schlep to play a part in his stupid plans. He can just go back to spending his home time relaxing. The porn is looking better and better at this point and maybe that'll help him relax.

But something in him stays and he won't regret it later, maybe he will, but he probably won't, he doesn't know yet because things have not happened yet and he cannot see the future, not yet anyways. But the future always reveals itself in some way. It prowls up on you, creeping silently and then pounces and you are suddenly in a situation you weren't prepared for and the future can be scary and it can be life-altering and his future was staring him right in the face.

IAmIrvine: How much time? What do you mean time?

FixtheBrkn: You only have so much time to be with her. You won't get a lot of time. You need to make this happen and make it happen fast.

IAmIrvine: She's MARRIED!

FixtheBrkn: You don't care about that, you can't care about that.

IAmIrvine: Why should I listen to you?

FixtheBrkn: Because you have to...please...

Even from behind a computer screen he could feel the desperation in this person's voice. Maybe he was going at this from the wrong angle. Maybe it wasn't someone trying to rib him or prank him, maybe it was a woman who wanted Paul all to herself. What a sad, sad woman that would be, but who was he to dictate who fell in love with whom? Was he willing to play along with this woman's plan to gain a man? It seemed silly, to come at him this way and not tell him who she was...unless Paul was having an affair.

IAmIrvine: Are you having an affair with Paul? Is that why you want her out of the picture?

FixtheBrkn: If that helps, then sure, yes, that's it.

IAmIrvine: I don't really believe this is the right way to go about things.

FixtheBrkn: It's the ONLY way!

IAmIrvine: Okay, okay, lighten up, sweetheart. I don't really believe what you're saying, but if you meet me on Monday, we can talk...

FixtheBrkn: We can't.

IAmIrvine: Come on, you won't even tell me who this is, really?

FixtheBrkn: I can't.

IAmIrvine: I would be ashamed if I loved Paul too, but we can talk this out like adults, right.

FixtheBrkn: Just please, be with Stephanie McMahon. I have to go, but please, just be with her, you've only got a short time for this to happen, please, you've only got a short time.

IAmIrvine: Are you pregnant or something?

FixtheBrken is offline (6:36:36 PM)

From the other side of the screen sits another man. He runs his hands through his hair and then stares at his hands. He knew it would be difficult to convince Chris, the man is stubborn, so stubborn, but he'd at least plant the seeds. Even if he blocked him, he could get himself unblocked no problem. Maybe if Chris believes him, then things can change. He doesn't exactly know how this is going to work, how this is working but he's been given a chance and he knows that he has to take advantage of this strange opportunity. He knows he can convince Chris Irvine to be with Stephanie McMahon...

Because he is Chris Irvine, three years into the future...

And his past self has one year to rescue Stephanie McMahon before she dies.