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Epilogue II.

Ga Eul`s POV.

After the nerve-wracking confrontation with my mom at Starbucks, she told me that she had to go to some meeting. So that`s why Yi Jeong will be the one to bring me to Giezelle`s studio. Mother was completely accepting of the situation. She simply adores Yi Jeong now. Obviously, he has his way with women, even my mom.

"According to the GPS, we`re right in front of the studio now." Yi Jeong said with a bubbly tone. He was still happy about what went down a while ago. The building was huge. It even had a valet. We went down the car and walked hand-in-hand to the studio.

"Bonjour!" A woman in the front desk greeted. As we reached the designated floor where the studio was, we were greeted by a small receiving room where a girl was sitting in front of a desk which had a telephone, papers that seemed important, coffee, and some other stuff. Above the girl`s head was a sign that said Giezelle in cursive. Aside from the assistant`s desk, there were some leather sofas on the other side of the small room. Yi Jeong and I sat there as we waited for the assistant to finish her call.

"I can`t believe this is all happening." It suddenly got out of my mouth.

"Hm?" Yi Jeong looked up from our hands to look at me. He intertwined our fingers and was slowly stroking my fingers with his other hand.

"You know, how everything seems to be in perfect place." I said, leaning my head on his shoulder. "Our problems are slowly vanishing."

Yi Jeong smiled his dazzling smile. "Yeah. We`re meant to be, Ga Eul-yang."

"We surely are." We stared at each others eyes until the assistant cleared her throat. I faked a cough as I stood up to speak with her. Yi Jeong followed me shortly, not letting go of my hand.

"Hello, welcome to Giezelle. How may I help you?" She said in perfect English. She might have noticed we aren`t locals.

"Hi, I`m Chu Ga Eul." I said and smiled showing my teeth.

"Oh!" The assistant gasped. Then she suddenly went all panic-y. "Hi Mademoiselle Ga Eul. Madam Giezelle told me about you. You`re the face of her line! Well, sorry for babbling. Come in, come in. Madam is waiting for you."

She stood up and that was when I saw that this girl was tall! She was about 5'7 I suppose. Maybe she had that model dream. She also has a beautiful face which would compliment her body, too. The assistant opened the glass doors and led us to the studio with racks of clothes. I spotted Giezelle inside another room that was separated from the main room by glass. Yi Jeong and I followed the assistant as she opened the glass door to room where Giezelle was.

"Madam." She said in a shy voice.

"Yes, Gela?" Oh, so her name`s Gela. Giezelle looked up from the paper she was observing. She saw me and a smile adorned her face. "Oh there you are, Ga Eul!"

"Hello, Giezelle." I said, flashing her my smile. "Oh, this is Yi Jeong, by the way, my boyfriend." I said proudly. That earned a smirk from Yi Jeong.

"Hello, pleased to meet you, Madam." Yi Jeong said in his alluring voice and shook Giezelle`s hand. I noticed the assistant, Gela, was gaping at him. So I sneaked a glance at her and she looked away.

"Gela, get these two wonderful people something to eat. Tea?" Giezelle told Gela.

"Sure, why not." As Gela left, we sat down on the seats in front of Giezelle`s desk. "Mother tells me you are so kind to lend me a dress to her birthday?"

"Oh darling, it would be my pleasure to dress you for the party." She said in an animated tone. "It would be a sneak peak into your career as my top model.

"I would be honored to wear your designs." From what I have seen until now, Giezelle is a talented designer. She will surely be famous.

"Well, okay then. Follow me and I`ll show you the dresses I had in mind." She went to the main room and Yi Jeong was left with me.

"I`m sorry for bringing you here." I apologized. I mean, what fun would it be for him, right? "I know it`s boring. You can leave any time you want."

"Psh, and miss you being dressed up like a doll?" His tone sarcastic. "Never." He planted a kiss on my lips, just a peck, stood up, took my hand, and lead me to where Giezelle was.

It took us about two hours to find the perfect ensemble. It was a white lace sleeveless dress that reached my mid-thigh. There was a red belt on my waist that will give me the curve. Giezelle told me to pair it with pumps that had a bow.

"You look perfect." Yi Jeong whispered to me as I twirled around showing the outfit. The heels were the perfect high for me so I won`t have any problems walking.

Before we went out, I thanked Giezelle for her help.

"Thank you so much." I said as we kissed with our cheeks. "I`ll see you at mother`s party?"

"Of course, darling." She said. "Thank you, too. I can`t wait to see you at the party."

I waved as the elevator door closed. I was holding a paperbag that had the dress and the shoes while my other hand was intertwined with Yi Jeong`s.

"By the way," I said. "Thank you for today."

"You`re very welcome. It was fun for me to see you in all those cute outfits."

I smiled and blushed at the thought he was just looking at my the whole time. I stretched to my tiptoes and gave him a kiss. He shifted his body to face me and kissed me back. He deepened our kiss and our tongues were fighting for dominance until we heard the elevator bell. I bit my lower lip and he just chuckled. We got too blown away by our love.


"So, dinner?" Yi Jeong said as we were in the car.

"Do you want to eat dinner with my mother?" Yi Jeong didn`t respond so I took it as a gesture he didn`t. I dialed my mother`s number and after a few rings she picked up.


"Hey, mother. It` me."

"Ga Eul! How was your dress-picking?" She asked me.

"It was wonderful! I`ll show you the dress when we get home." Which reminds me… Where will Yi Jeong stay? "Anyway, I called to tell you Yi Jeong and I will eat out."

"Hm. Okay, dear. Have fun." My mother said. She has accepted my relationship with Yi Jeong, thankfully. "Oh Ga Eul."


"Would you kindly put me on speaker phone?" What? I was confused but I did anyway.

"You`re on." I informed her.

"Yi Jeong."

"Yes ma`am? I mean, Iris." Yi Jeong said, correcting himself.

"Have her home before 9. Got it?" I chuckled. That wasn`t expected.

"Yes Iris." With that, mother hung up and we were left to decide where we were going to eat.


We ate at this famous restaurant in Paris, with a great view of the Eiffel Tower. It was all so unrealistic but I convinced myself it was real. I was in the City of Love, with Yi Jeong-sunbae.

"I love you." Yi Jeong said, out of nowhere. I laughed at him. "Whaat?"

"You are so random, Mr. Yi Jeong."

"And you, are so formal, my love." He said and kissed my hand.

"Well, whatever. I love you too." I replied.

Nothing can spoil this moment. Every trial, every problem we faced all lead to this perfect moment right here. I`m so glad everything worked out. Only one last problem to go.


It was the day of my mother`s party. Before I got ready, I heard daddy arrive. As I went down the stairs, I was surprised to see him with Jun Pa.

"Ga Eul. Come here." Daddy said. I slowly went to where he was.

"Yes, daddy?"

"Jun Pa tells me you have kept something from me." I glared at Jun Pa. So it was my fault now?

"Yes, daddy." I said. "I`m so sorry for everything."

Out of nowhere, I started to sob because of all the guilt. I didn`t like lying to my parents. It makes me feel so guilty to see them forgive me all the time but I still end up doing the same mistakes.

"It`s okay, Ga Eul." Daddy said. Shocking, isn`t he even mad? "Jun Pa`s a great friend. He loves you very much."

After saying so, he went to his room and left the two of us alone. Wait, did daddy just say friend? I sat down on the nearest sofa once daddy was out of sight.

"Phew. I`m shocked. He didn`t throw a fit." I looked at Jun Pa. "Sit here. Tell me, what did you say?"

Obviously, Jun Pa had something to do with his calmness. "I explained. Everything. The truth this time. Told you I was going to tell them. I`m sorry, Ga Eul, for doing all this to you. I really just wanted you back, but I did the wrong thing. I love you, but now, I`m trying to be a friend to you and show you how much I care."

Jun Pa was so sincere in everything. I didn`t know what to do so I just hugged him. "Thank you." Was all I said. Yes, daddy was right. He is a great friend.


Okay. Officially, everything is now perfect. My parents both have accepted Yi Jeong and Jun Pa is out of the picture. Okay, maybe not completely since he`s still a friend but I`m sure he won`t get in the way of my relationship with Yi Jeong.

The party is going smoothly. Everybody loves what I`m wearing, I thanked them, and told them it was from Giezelle. Some early promoting doesn`t hurt. While I was talking to some people, Yi Jeong snuck up to me from behind.

"Hey there, beautiful." He whispered in my ear and pulled my hand. I excused myself and followed Yi Jeong.

We were in the garden now, the scene was just wonderful. The moon was shining brightly on us and the garden lights adorned on the two of us.

I was busy staring at all the beauty in front of me until I heard Yi Jeong`s sweet and alluring voice. "Ga Eul-yang."

I looked at him to see that he was staring at me.

"I`m so lucky to have met you. You`ve changed me. From the womanizing ways, to a one-woman man. From an arrogant brat, to a hopefully humble person. You make me feel loved, always. You never fail to make me smile. In other words, you make me feel like the luckiest person alive." Yi Jeong said. "There`s only one thing missing, though. That one thing would make everything perfect."

"What is it?" What could possibly be missing?

I saw Yi Jeong reach up to his pocket for something. A box. Oh. My. Gosh. He knelt down on one knee while holding my hand.

He is not doing this right now. Oh my gosh. Everything in my mind went blank and I couldn`t think from all the excitement.

"Marry me, Ga-Eul yang."


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