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Chapter Summary: Honey cannot be injured by another hand, but what if he hurts himself instead?

Chapter One: Untouchable

Mitsukuni Haninozuka is most feared warrior of all time, asked by world leaders never to fight to his full extent. When fighting, he has never been beaten and the only one who has ever come close to winning against this fearsome teenager was his own cousin, Takashi Morinozuka.

It was believed that Mitsukuni was untouchable, and could never be hurt.

That is, until he broke his leg.

Everyone was in shock when they heard that the Haninozuka was injured in a bad way, and there were whispered rumors that someone had finally risen to the challenge and beaten the adorable boy up.

Although, the fact was that the poor boy had jumped from a high tree and landed wrong. So, maybe the only thing that the Haninozuka needed to fear was himself.

Mori was quite surprised by how fast everyone had found out, well-wishers coming up to him that following Monday and asking him to tell Honey that he was in their thoughts, or giving him sweets or plush animals to give to the injured boy. By the time that club activities had started at three that day, he had two and a half truck loads full of things to give his cousin.

"It's not like he's dieing." Haruhi had commented, when she saw that he really DID have that much to give to Honey.

"This is normal." One of the twins commented before they turned to Mori. "Mori-sempai, how are you holding up?"

Mori gave a slight shrug of his shoulder before he turned to walk away, only to trip over his own feet.

"Don't worry Mori-sempai, It'll heal just fine." Kyoya commented, taking a bit of inventory of the items for Honey.

Host activities without Honey seemed to come and go just like that and Mori soon found himself at the Haninozuka estate. He left the unloading to the servants as he quickly made his way to Honey's room.

"Takashi!" The boy exclaimed excitedly at the sight of his cousin.

Mori smiled as he then walked over to Honey, looking over his small body. He was dressed in white pajamas which had pink rabbits on them.

"The doctor said I can go to school tomorrow!" Honey exclaimed, shifting to sit on his elbows to look at his cousin more directly. "Did you miss me?"

Mori nodded slightly at the question before looking to Honey's injured leg. Of course, Honey had chosen to color his cast pink and had made Mori draw a little Usa-chan on it, but it didn't distract from the fact that his leg was injured.

The other host club members came in, visiting their companions for an hour or so before leaving the two boys alone once again.

"I can't wait to go to school tomorrow! I hated being stuck in bed all day." Honey said with a slight pout up at his taller cousin before he smiled. "And I get to be in a wheel chair, so you can push me around!"

Mori just smiled lightly before he looked down.


"Takashi, it's not your fault I broke my leg." Honey stated firmly, watching the other.

"But I l-"

"It's not your fault." Honey said, putting a finger to the other's lips with some difficulty. "I climbed the tree, and you told me not to jump, but I did anyway. It's not your fault."

Mori remained silent for a few moments before he nodded slightly, making Honey smile. "You can't protect me from everything."

Mori looked up at the other boy before he stood silently as if he were going to leave. Instead, he moved closer to the boy, kissing him on the lips softly. He lingered there for a few moments before he pulled away.

"I'll be here at the usual time." Mori then turned and walked out, closing the door softly behind himself.

Honey blinked a few times before he kind of smiled. So, was that Takashi's decision then? Why couldn't he wait until his leg wasn't broken? Ah well, Honey would wait to make the next move until his leg was healed.

After all, it wouldn't be as fun unless he could run away from the other.