Pictures scattered on the floor,

A book or two laying open on the coffee table,

I don't like coffee,

It's bitter and ruins my mood.

A diet coke half full on a coaster,

Two bags of crisps on the sofa,

Alone in this house.

So boring.

Pencil tucked behind my ear,

My fingers drumming rhythmically,

On my crap laptop keyboard.

Music belting out of the surround sound,

'Causing me to wince often,

But the music is soon forgotten,

Because the boredom takes over,

And I'm tapping this keyboard,

Trying to occupy myself,

As my friends are probably out somewhere,

Not being succumbed to boredom.

No sleep last night,

Woke up at four in the afternoon yesterday,

Not tired at the moment,

At two thirty in the afternoon,

Just boredom surrounds me,

The the beating of my heart,

The beating of my fingers connecting with my keyboard,

The soft purr of my cat,

And the music,

That's like heroine to my brain.