Bella already knew about vampires before Edward came along. She lived with some for 2 years after a tragic event that left her alone with no parents but they aren't vegetarian like the Cullen's. Now certain events forces Bella to move to Forks without her new family.

Chapter 1:

"Mom! Dad!" I shouted through the house. Everything was quiet, too quiet. "MOM? DAD?"

I was walking through each room, shouting to them but they never answered. I started to get an uneasy feeling, like someone or something was watching me but when I turned around I found nothing. I glanced down at the floor, looking where I was going, being careful not to trip again and found a red liquid trail. I bent down and my head started to spin, it smelt strongly of blood, my one and only weakness. I looked back to see if the trail was behind my and where it came from. It was coming from the kitchen. I looked forward again and followed the trail of blood; it was leading to the main bedroom.

I started to breath through my mouth as the smell of blood got stronger as I walked closer to the door.

"M-m-mom? D-dad? A-are y-you in there?" I asked in a small, shaky voice, but there was still no answer.

I reached the door and paused. Scared out of my mind as to what I might find. I took a deep breath through my mouth and pushed to door open slowly. I shrieked loudly.

I woke up with a start, my body was covered in sweat and I was shaking all over. I tried to show down my heart before me family could hear its rapid beating and come and check on me. But before I could even slow it down a notch my bedroom door flew open and in walked my 'parents' and older 'brother'. I looked at they guiltily, but all they did was give me a small knowing, yet sad smile. They knew all about my nightmares.

"Was it another nightmare Bella, love?" My 'mom' asked me. She came over to me and sat beside me on the bed. Her hand came out to stroke my head but I instinctively flinched way, the nightmare still fresh in my mind. Hurt flashed in her eyes when I moved away but was quickly covered up and I immediately felt guilty, I did not like hurting her feelings. Her hand was still raised to my face so I lent my face against it. She smiled at me lovingly and began to wipe away the sweat on it away. Her ice cold hands felt soothing against my hot face. I smiled up at her to let her know I was alright again.

"We heard your heart beating fast and thought you might have had another nightmare again. We wanted to know if you where alright." Dad asked from behind mom. Jason, my 'brother', had made his way over to the other side of my bed and was now laying next to me with his head on the pillow and a hand on my hair, playing with it. He always knew how to calm me down properly and make me feel safe.

"Yes Dad, it was the same nightmare again. But I'm alright now thanks." I gave then a reassuring smile. I'm sure they know it was fake, I was never good at lying, but they didn't say anything.

"Yo sis, do you have to go back to sleep?" Jason asked knowing full well I didn't want to return to the dream. "I need someone to challenge me in Guitar Hero, because there too losers," he pointed to mom and dad, "are not much of a challenge considering how old they are." I started laughing at what he said; Jason technically was older than them in one way at least.

"Yeah Jason, I can see how they are much older that you, considering that you are a 450 years old vampire and they are only 245 years old." I said.

"Ha ha ha Bella, you are very funny."

"Well I never thought about being a comedian, do you think I will have a shot at it?"

"No a change it hell" he said simply, laughing at his own joke.

I rolled my eyes at him and tried to push him off the bed but he was too heavy, a dead weight.

I climbed off the bed and went to my bathroom off my bedroom. Mom and dad left but Jason stayed and picked up my very weathered Wuthering Heights and started reading.

My shower lasted 10 minutes before Jason got too impatient and threatened to drag me out of the shower if I took any longer.

We headed down to the spacious lounge and started to set up when mom came down and announced that she and dad were going hunting for the night. I cringed, I hated their diet , feeding off humans. At leased they try making up for what they are by ridding the earth of the scum-rapists and murderers.

Jason and I ended up playing for 2 hours straight; we were even up until mom and dad came barging through the front door looking frantic. Mom looked as if she would be crying if she could.

"What is the matter?" Jason asked, "What happened?"

"The Voltaire is on their way." Dad said.

"WHAT! Why? What did we do? How do you know?"

"We were hunting and we came across two nomads and they were talking about us and how the Voltaire found out that we were hosting a human that knows about vampires."

"Shit! This is not good. Stephan, don't you have a house in Forks? Could we not send Bella there for a while? Until they are gone?" Jason asked dad I have heard of the Voltaire once before and what I heard was not very good. They were the royalty of the vampire community.

"Excellent idea. Susan, go and pack Bella's bags-everything that is hers must go-"

"Should I pack our stuff as well?" mom asked.

"No, we can't go with her otherwise they will know we have something to hide if we run away." Jason said. My eyes grow wide, they have never left me alone before, I started breathing hard and my vision started blurring as my eyes filled with tears, NO! They can't leave me! I could hear my own heart beating loudly in my ears.

"Bella, honey, calm down, y-" Susan started.

"NO! Please, you can't lave me, please" I begged as the tears started rolling down my cheeks. My leg felt like jelly and I felt myself tipping backward. I fell into Jason's arms and he curled me into a ball against his chest, pulling me into a hug, holding me together.

"Please don't go, don't leave me" I chanted into his chest and griped onto his shirt like my live depended on it.

"Belly, you know your big brother wouldn't leave you unless it was for your own safety, and if the Voltaire finds us with you they will try and kill you, and if that happened, I will fight to the death to save my little sister, and you don't want me or mom and dad to be killed now do you?" I thought about what he said. I don't what them dead, they are the only family I have. They helped me so much. I nodded to him that he was right. He carried on. "We are only going to be gone of…lets say 3 to 4 months. Just to be safe." He reassured me, "and then we will fetch you."

"Do you promise?" I asked

"Yes I promise, but if we have to stay away longer, I will call you to let you know." I nodded my head slowly but my grip on him did not loosen.

"Come on Bella, its time to go." I heard Stephan say to me as he tugged on my arm. I slowly let go of Jason and allowed Stephan to pull me out.

"Now Bella, you are going to get on a plan that will take you straight to Port Angles and there will be a car waiting for you under the name 'Wallace', you take that car and drive for an hour on the road and it will take you straight to Forks. Once you are in Forks take out the GPRS at find the programmed name HOME, it will lead you to the house. Will you be able to do that?" Stephan babbled on as I tried to pay attention to what he was saying.

"Okay" I said in a weak voice.

"We love you sweetheart, never forget that." Mom said to me as they packed my things into the trunk of the car that was waiting for me. "We will fetch you when this all blows over but until than, stay safe for me-for us."

"Yes, take care and don't trip over the people in Forks Belly. I what to find you in perfect condition, alright?" Jason said as he gave me a goodbye hug. I grinned at him despite myself and playfully punched him.

"Adieu…for now." I said to them and climbed in to the cab.

The drive to the airport was quiet and that left me with a lot of time to think about what was happening.

When we got to the airport, the cab driver popped the trunk but didn't help me unload my bags and as soon as I closed the trunk, he took off.

"Thank you so much for your help." I muttered sarcastically to myself quietly, but maybe not quietly enough as some of the people turned to look at me strangely. I blushed and looked down, letting my hair cover my face.

I found a trolley to put my bag on and walked stiffly to the booked tickets booth to collect the ticket Jason bought.

"Your plane leaves at 11:45 in terminal 2, you can wait in that waiting area." The lady said. Short and sweet. Nice.

Mmm, that means I have 30 minutes to check in my bags- My tummy rumbled loudly and I blushed again as peoples head turned to the sound, a grin on their face. And maybe get something to eat.

I groaned to myself. I'm so TIRED! I didn't sleep a wink on the plane, my mind was to busy swimming with today's events and worrying if my family was safe.

I bragged my bags lazily through the airport and walked towards the information desk.

"Hi, Uhm…do you know where I must go to get the keys for a stored car?" I asked an old-ish looking lady behind the desk.

"Yes dear," she said with a smile, "You go straight down the hall until you get to the coffee shop, the rental and stored cars are down the flight of stairs to the left of the café."

"Thank you." I said with a smile. The people seem friendly enough here. If I must go pass the café I could get some caffeine for the road. Dad did say that Forks was an hour away I took off down the hall towards the café.

I got myself a Coke and found Stephan's car. The car attendant helped me pack the car with my bags and with thanks I headed towards my new home for the next few weeks or months.


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