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I got bored and started with one thought then evolved into this story; enjoy.

"Let me see if I got all of what you've told me" Naruto said to Itachi, who had his Akatsuki cloak zipped up, his face in its usual serious look with his Sharingan activated, and black hair laid back in its normal fashion, as they sat at a fire "you killed your clan because the old man Hokage found out that the Uchiha clan was responsible for the Kyuubi attack."

"Yes," Itachi said looking at his pupil who was five foot ten, same blonde hair in its usual messy fashion, blue eyes, with three whiskers on each cheek, and his Akatsuki cloak open showing a fish net shirt and black pants.

"But you didn't kill duck ass because you didn't want to have a harem?"

"Sounds correct," with a dead serious look.

"Tobi's a horny boy," Tobi said as he appeared out of nowhere "Tobi would've gone for the harem" then disappeared just as fast as he appeared.

"Wow," Naruto said in shock as he shook his head "well" as he stood up "I'm behind schedule, so I'm gonna get going."

"That month again huh?"

"Ya," looking at the almost complete moon "I should be back in about a month."

"Don't do anything stupid."

"Don't worry," as he zipped up his cloak "think about who I am."

"That's why I said don't do anything stupid."

"I'll act like I didn't hear that," as he walked away. 'Hinata-chan's birthday is the only reason I keep returning to the village' Naruto thought to himself as he walked through the cool night 'she's also the only reason I haven't attacked the village.'

In Konoha; "I'm sorry to have to send you on a mission Lady Hyuga," Tsunade said to Hinata who was dressed in her Hyuga clan robe and hair pulled back out of her face showing her white eyes "but I just got information that the Akatsuki have been spotted near the Land of Waves, and that one member had red chakra."

"You think it's Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked without hesitation.

"It's possible," looking at the papers on her desk "and since every ninja I've sent after him has failed, and he won't strike you; I want you to go on a solo mission to retrieve him."

"I want to go get Naruto-kun and be reunited with him; but I have things here I need to take care of," thinking about her duties as the head of the Hyuga clan.

"I understand that you've been busy with the duties since your father was killed by Orochimaru," with a sigh "but if Naruto-san were to return without permission he'd be killed on sight; he must come back soon and willingly with you escorting him. Here" as she pulled out a pair of forearm guards that are linked together by chains "take this; it'll make it so that he won't be able to use chakra. I had these made not long after he left" handing the shackles to Hinata.

"I'll go get him," Hinata said as she took the shackles and left the room. 'After almost six years since he left' she thought as she headed to the Hyuga compound 'I've finally heard word about Naruto-kun, I just hope I can convince him to come back.'


"Demon-brat; get lost" a restaurant owner shouted at Naruto as he threw a frying pan at him.

"You're not welcomed here!" another shouted as he threw a steak knife at him.

"Hey Naruto-san" the owner of Ichiraku Ramen Shop said as Naruto sat down at a chair "what happened" seeing the knot on his head and cut across his arm.

"The usual crap," Naruto said as he held the cut "can I get some ice?"

"Sure," as he put ice into a zip block and gave it to Naruto.

"Thanks" as he put the ice on his head.

"Lady Hinata," the owner said as he saw Hinata trying to hide "please come in, take a seat" as he pulled out a chair for her at the same table as Naruto.

"Umm" Hinata said shyly "thank you" taking the seat.

"What will you like to have" he asked her.

"Nothing big," keeping from making eye contact with Naruto "a small bowl of pork ramen please."

"Ok," turning from Hinata to Naruto "and the usual for you?"

"Yes please," still holding his cut and ice on his head.

"You should really go see a doctor about that cut," Hinata said to Naruto.

"They won't do anything;" looking at her surprised she was talking to him "they'll just call me Demon-brat and chase me out of the hospital."

"That's horrible," in shock.

"I don't care," as the owner handed him his bowl of ramen and chop sticks "one day; they'll regret that they didn't care for me."

"Why's that?" with curiosity.

"Because I'm going to become Hokage!"

"That's some goal," as she got her bowl and chop sticks.

End flashback.

'Why he gave up on that dream' she thought as she packed for her mission 'I'll never know. But I can understand why he left; the villagers treated him like an animal for something he has no control over. When I found out before the Chunin Exams I was shocked; but it didn't change how I feel about him. I wanted to help him, but couldn't. He always ended up saving me or having to help me; but now I have a chance to save him and help him get the life he always wanted. I wandered around that night because I couldn't sleep…'


"Naruto-kun" I said when I saw him wandering just as I was "what are you doing up?"

"I should ask you the same thing Hinata-san," Naruto said to me.

"I can't sleep," as I felt myself blush.

"You should really get back to your home," as he tried to walk away; that's when I saw the pack.

"Why are you carrying your pack?" I asked with concern.

"Because," turning back to me "I'm tired of this village treating me like an animal; I'm sick of doing everything I can to get respect and not even getting a bull shit thank you. I'm leaving; and I'm going to start over in a village that doesn't know who I am, or what's inside me."

"Naruto-kun," as I stepped closer to him "I've known about the Kyuubi that's sealed inside you" he looked at me in complete shock "but I don't care, I see you as another human, as someone that wants love, and I've always…" hesitantly.

"I've known you've been watching me," he said like it was obvious "I know that you tried to continue fighting Neji because you wanted me to notice you. I'm afraid though; that I'm the one that hasn't showed you the affection you deserve. But I'm not going to take you with me," predicting her next question "with the Akatsuki after me, and you being the heir to your clan; I can't put you in that kinda position."

"But," I said trying to convince him "I want you to be happy. To know love," as I hugged him "please stay."

"I can't," he said right as an explosion happened "Crap" taking a look back towards the explosion "I used too many paper bombs."

"You," in confusion "you blew up your…"

"Yes now I have to leave," as he removed my hands from around him "I'm sorry."

"Don't go" as he walked past me "I'll follow you if you go."

"Hinata-chan," as he appeared in front of me "I'm sorry" he kissed me on the lips.

"Wow," I said in shock right before I passed out. The next morning I woke up in my bed, I looked beside me and saw a rose with a note attached to it. I picked up the rose and read the note "until we meet again, Naruto."

End flashback.

Two days later, after Hinata left on her mission; "This looks like a good spot to set up camp for the night" Hinata said to herself as she set her pack down. Hinata is dressed in white pants that have a light blue strip down the sides, a light blue jacket with the Hyuga symbol on the back, her headband around her neck like always, her hair let down, which was cut off at the center of her back. "Who's there" she demanded to know when she heard a twig snap.

"You're from the leaf village?" she heard as a figure walked out from behind a tree.

"Yes," looking at the figure unable to see its face because of a straw hat that concealed the top half of his face while a cloak concealed the bottom half.

"You seem somewhat familiar" as the figure took a step out from the cover of the trees revealing his Akatsuki cloak.

"You're a member of the Akatsuki!" Hinata said in shock when she saw the cloak.

"Yes, yes I am."

"I've been ordered to bring back one member," as she took a defensive posture "I'll get information from you and carry out my mission."

"And who would that member be?"

"None of your business," as she charged at the person and landed a gentle fist hit directly into the person's shoulder.

"Nice hit," the person said with a tone that worried Hinata "I can tell you're a Hyuga, so I won't kill you" as he grabbed her hand and threw her across the clearing.

"You can tell I'm a Hyuga?" as she picked herself up.

"Yes," the person explained "I've fought against a few; so I know a gentle fist hit when I feel it, not to mention I can see the chakra veins at your eyes where you're keeping your Byakugan activated."

"Then I guess this won't be easy," as she took a defensive posture again.

"You really don't get it do you? I have no quarrel with the Hyuga clan so stay out of my way" trying to walk past her.

"I'm not letting you get to Konoha," blocking the person's path.

"Fine," shaking their head "but don't think I'm going to go easy on you" as the person flashed hand signs faster than she could keep up and was met by a water dragon jutsu. The person sent it towards her but missed as she spun around its head and came charging at the person. "Shadow clone jutsu," the person said as the person put his hands in one sign and clones appeared.

"Where did you learn that jutsu," Hinata demanded to know as she landed three hits into two clones and caused them to puff into smoke.

"I taught it to myself," as the person used the smoke to make a gen-jutsu. Hinata closed her eyes and when she opened them she saw the village in flames, with people screaming to get out of the gates but unable to move them due to seals placed on them by the Akatsuki, and in the distance she saw what appeared to be the Kyuubi destroying the Hokage tower.

"No," as she tried to move but found she was unable to because she was tied to a stump in the ground "this isn't real" she tried to tell herself as she looked at what was left of the Hokage tower with the Kyuubi towering over the ruins she saw a figure standing on the Kyuubi's head. When she looked more carefully she started to cry as she saw that it was Naruto, who was dressed in an Akatsuki cloak, leading the attack. "Naruto-kun" she shouted hoping that he'd hear her. When she shouted the person released the gen-jutsu and jumped back a few feet.

"That is what's to come," the person said "now" giving her one more chance "step aside or I won't be so kind next time."

"I won't let you" as she stood up and took a defensive posture yet again "attack the village I love."

"I tried to warn you" as the person charged at her with a kunai in his hand ready to strike and kill.

"Rotation" she said as the person got within striking distance and rotating quickly leaving a crater in the ground and knocking off the person's hat and opening the cloak.

"That was unexpected," the person laughed as he stood up "but then again; I shouldn't expect nothing less from the Hyuga clan."

"Don't under estimate me," Hinata said as she maintained her posture.

"Looks like I need to finish this quickly," the person said as he held out his hand and chakra started to spin in his palm "I normally wouldn't kill a Hyuga member, but if I don't get to the village by tomorrow night I'll miss my chance to see someone smile."

"That's the" she said in shock as the person charged at her "Rasengan!"

"Rasen…" right before he planted the Rasengan in her face and stopped when he saw her face "Hinata-chan?!"

"Naruto-kun?!" Hinata said in shock when she saw Naruto's face because of the light from the Rasengan.