Chapter 7


Gently, I placed the fragile looking Bella in her queen-sized bed. For some ungodly reason Rose decided that Bella needed a bed so ridiculously huge. Slowly, I sat down on the edge of the bed and watched my little angel sleep. She looked so at peace lying there. So innocent and young. It made me wonder what sort of parent could leave such a defenseless creature alone in the world. It was mind boggling and completely disgusting. Humans are completely brainless and irresponsible.

A soft sigh coming from the young human brought me back to reality. She was someone who needed a loving family and protection, she deserved happiness. But we were dangerous, nonhuman. We are a dammed souls walking along this planet. So why would we be sent such a innocent child who deserved better then a group of killing machines? Was this some sick joke?

Edward, Jasper mutely says. My emotions were getting out of control with all my pondering.

"Sorry," I mumble. It was inaudible to Bella's human hearing but she still stirred in her sleep.

Are you staying behind on our hunt tonight, Carlisle's voice flooded through my head.

"No, I'll stay behind," I whisper softly. Smiling down at the tiny human.

One of us can stay back and watch her, Edward.

"No, its fine. I don't mind staying behind with her."

He's really attached to Bella. It's so nice to see Edward's spirit lifted. How lucky we are to have been blessed with such a wonderful gift, Esme thought to herself.

I rolled my eyes but the small smile stayed on my face. Bella was going to be okay in this house. In our world. I won't let a soul hurt her; ever.


I woke up when my tummy started to make noses. Jus like the monsters when they growl at you on Monsters Inc.

I yawned very loudly and at up on my big girl bed. Rose said I needed one this big. She's very silly if she thinks I need a bed this big!

There's a knock on my door. I bet its Edward!

"Come in," I call to my visitor.

Oh! I was right!

"Edward," I yell happily.

I always liked when Edward came to get me up from my naps. He smiled at me as he came over to my bed. I held my hands up so he could pick me up.

"You hungry little one," he asked my softly.

"How did you know," I ask into his neck. I was still very sleepy but my tummy wouldn't let me sleep anymore.

"The ears remember silly Bella."

I liked his voice. It was like music. Just like the pretty music the played to me on the piano.

"Do you think I will hear like you when I'm older?"

"Only if you eat your carrots." He gave me that crocked smile and it made me feel special. Edward didn't smile a lot when he talked to Rose. But he always smiled when he talked to me!

I was going to eat lots of carrots it I could hear like him…Wait a minute.

"Aren't carrots good for your eyes not your ears."

I felt my face get all confused. Edward just laughed as he set me down on the kitchen counter. I let my feet swing back and worth and he fixed me up my snack.

He let me have three chocolate chip cookies! Mommy never ever let me have that many.

"Edward," I asked shyly.

"Yes Bella," he said in his pretty voice.

"Can I have chocolate milk," I ask softly. I looked up at him and waited for his answer.

"How about we don't tell mom that you had any. You know she doesn't like you having it a lot."

"Oh thanks you Edward!" I clapped my hands and smiled as he handed me my blue sippy cup.

After my snack Edward brought me to the living room and put on Diego for me. I was getting very sleepy all over again.

"Edward," I said. I don't think he understood what I was saying. He just wrapped my blankie around me. I was laying down on him. My eyes shut by themselves and I felt myself starting to go to sleep. I think I heard Edward humming a pretty song to me. Maybe I was just dreaming.