Chapter 16: New Journey into life.

The new mother was trying to breast feed her three hour old, still unnamed daughter, but the three hour old baby was too tired to feed, so instead Ororo spoke sweet nothings and prayers in her daughter's ears as the door the door opened.

"Hey," there was a semi-loud feminine whisper coming from the door "can we come in?" It was Jean.

Ororo waved and nodded, smiling; "sure, I have someone that I want to introduce you guys too." She put her daughter on the bed, still wrapped in the blanket and waited for the team to gather around the bed.

Scott found himself sitting on one side of the bed, while Logan sat on the other side.

"Born at 37 weeks, she weighs five in a half pounds and is 19 inches long, and, despite worry because of earlier complications-She is completely and totally healthy."

The girls cooed quietly at the baby, while the men sat and smiled and congratulated each other as if they were the ones that pushed her out.

"What did ya name her, Sugah?"

Ororo smirked, "Honestly? I still have no clue, every time I try a name on the tip of my tongue it just doesn't seem to fit at all. Nothing seems to suit her. Nothing..nothing feels complete."

"'Cept for the Journey"-Logan didn't realize he was talking out loud.

"What?" asked Ororo and the rest of the team.

Logan coughed "it was something Scooter said, earlier. Sorry. It just kinda rang true all of a sudden."

Ororo turned to Scott who was sitting on her other side; "and what is it that you said?"

He shook his head, "It isn't important."

Hank quirked a smile "it must've been if it is still ringing in Logan's ears."

Scott glared directly at Hank behind his ruby-quartz visor.

Hank grinned.

Jean spoke, "Tell us. Ororo can be the judge on whether it was important."

Scott frowned, "I knew there was a reason why I divorced you."

Jean cocked an eyebrow and folded her arms, it was to state a simple challenge and he knew it, he didn't fall for the bait.

"Essentially I told Logan: think about this year-think about all the highs and lows. All the battles we lost and won, amongst ourselves and amongst our enemies. Think back to all the times we have all cried together, laughed together, loved together." He looked between Jean and Ororo for emphasis, "And as its almost the end of the year, there is nothing more forthcoming and almost Karmic then for this little girl to bring us to the end of our journey of what was 2008." He sighed "thats all I meant."

Ororo at one point during his speech picked up her daughter and she had laid her on her chest; giving birth and the stress of company was beginning to ware on the African woman. The last little bit of Scott's speech had played on her mind and she kept staring at her daughter.

"Its perfect Scott."

"What is?"

"Team. I will like you to meet my daughter. Journey N'Dare Summers-Munroe."

However, instead of looking at the team for confirmation, or Scott. She found herself looking at Logan instead.

Logan sat further up on the bed and pulled the pink blanket away from Journey's face so he could get a better look and smiled "perfect." He whispered, and kissed Ororo on the cheek.

She smiled forgetting about the rest of the team for a brief moment, lost in their own little worlds, she found his eyes with hers and eventually she found her voice, "what is perfect? The name? Or who the name belongs too?"

The palm of his hand touched her cheek "everything."

A flash from Remy's digital camera brought them out of their little moment; "eh, sorry the flash was supposed to be off."

"It is okay, brother," she smiled "will any of you like to hold her?" she held her daughter out, still making sure she was supporting her head and body and waited for someone to take her.

It was Logan, no surprise there. He held her close to his body and stared at her for a few moments, he leaned his lips to her ear briefly and whispered something that only he, her and the two telepaths in the room would know.

He then passed her around the group so they could all have their moments with the newest member of the X-men (give or take 20 years, and of course if that is the path that she wanted to go down).

She leaned back quietly, more into Logan's arms then onto her own hospital bed, but it was nice being held, exhaustion was quickly taking over and her eye lids began to feel like lead; but not wanting to be rude she tried to fight it.

"Tired?" he whispered as he kissed her hair.

She shook her head no, but her yawning said other wise and he smiled.

"Want me to tell everyone to get out?"

She shook her head again, she had plenty of time to sleep later; preferably in her own bed at home, but she would talk Hank about that later. Instead she was enjoying the moment at hand.

Logan found himself telling her about the conversation between him and Scott that happened, just four hours ago; and she found herself smiling softly in a half dream state.

Although neither one made promises of marriage and children of their own-she was blissfully, stupidly happy.

She did what Scott had suggested: she mulled and thought over the last few years: She thought about battles won and lost in the heart and on the battle field, about tears and laughs and Although she knew she could not possibly have measured a year in spectacular moments; Ororo could measure a new beginning, and it all started with her daughter's first cry.

As she looked at the bundle of joy wrapped in a pink blanket and a mass of curly brown hair that was her daughter; she couldn't possibly think of another journey she would rather start-then that of motherhood.