Naruto's Big Secret

Story By: Final Knightmare

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WARNING! Lemon! The following chapter contains adult material so if that isn't your thing don't read on.

"…" Talking

'…' Thoughts (words italicized)

… These designate a small passage of time but still in the same place

Chapter 3

Konohagakure – Isolated Alleyway

Yugao moved her arms around Kurenai completely embracing her as she deepened the kiss by slipping her tongue into the older woman's mouth. Kurenai closed her eyes and hoped it would be over quick. Kurenai tried to block out her feelings as she felt the younger woman's tongue gently lapping at her own, if anything the woman was skilled with it. Having the very attractive woman like this was giving her feelings that she did not want right now, another time another place… and before Naruto and she would have enjoyed this immensely, now however it just didn't feel right even if her body was getting turned on. Yugao grasped her behind, massaging Kurenai's ass with her hands.

"Mmmm." Kurenai moaned softly trying not to let herself get carried away. Yugao noticed however and slowly and seductively slipped her tongue out of Kurenai's mouth and never taking her tongue away slowly and seductively licked the side of Kurenai's face. Kurenai shuddered in delight despite herself.

"Hmmmm, you can't hide it I know you're getting turned on by this." She said and backed away from Kurenai letting the other woman catch her breath. Yugao smiled and removed her vest; she moved her hands to her waist and dropped her pants revealing she had no panties on.

"Kurenai… I'm waiting." She said with a smile as she sat up on an old crate. Kurenai looked at the junction of Yugao's legs before moving in and bringing her face right into Yugao's pussy. Her nose resting on Yugao's neatly trimmed pubic hair Kurenai dug in greedily eating out the younger woman.

"Ohhhh that's good… keep it up Kurenai." Yugao moaned as she leaned back getting more and more comfortable as she felt Kurenai's wet tongue enter her. The smell, texture, and wetness made Kurenai lose herself. Closing her eye's Kurenai gave in and for now all she would think about would be Yugao and the pleasure she was giving the other woman. Yugao laid completely on her back and stayed here greatly enjoying the feeling of being eaten out.

It had only been a few days ago that she had tried to go ask Hayate out on a date only to learn that he was out on a mission. Then she had been called into the Hokage's office and asked to keep an eye on Naruto Uzumaki, not a strange request. Every ANBU in the village has a story or two about the trouble that kid had gotten himself into at one point or another. Getting sent to look out for him was no hard task and she had in fact found him quick enough. It was what she had found that had changed her life in ways even she did not know. Now here she was being eaten out buy a woman she hadn't even every thought about sexually until she saw her and Naruto having sex. Kurenai's tongue was making itself known however. Shaking out of her thoughts Yugao buckled having reached release.

"Ahhhhh!" Yugao moaned loudly and came sending a rush of fluid into Kurenai's mouth. Kurenai stood up; Yugao's liquid still running down her chin. Yugao sat up and captured Kurenai's lips in a kiss making sure to lick her own juices off her.

"Mmmm, not bad Kurenai… now… strip." She told her. Kurenai brought her hand to her clothes and did as the woman said trying to do everything as quickly as possible. Yugao watched entranced as the bandages and clothes slipped off Kurenai's body exposing her nude body to her eyes.

"Not bad Kurenai, not bad at all." Yugao said as she moved over and embraced the naked woman once again kissing her on the lips. Kurenai squirmed a little bit as she felt the other woman's hands roam her back side. Yugao was greatly enjoying this and once again slipped her tongue out of her mouth before trailing it down Kurenai's neck and down to her chest. Reaching a mound of flesh Yugao dipped her tongue in a little more licking Kurenai's amazing tit. Reaching her nipple Yugao circled it with her tongue before lapping at it like a kitten.

"Mmm." Kurenai moaned a little at her nipple hardened at the attention. Yugao moved in and gave Kurenai's nipple a quick suck before moving on down her body with her tongue. Reaching under the swell of Kurenai's breast and down her taught stomach Yugao briefly dipped her tongue into her navel before sliding down into Kurenai's trimmed bush of hair.

"Oh!" Kurenai let out as she shuddered feeling Yugao's tongue right above her pussy. Kurenai had to lean back against the wall as Yugao continued her odd journey down her body. Teasingly Yugao avoided Kurenai's moist pussy and slid her tongue around the edges of Kurenai's pussy licking in between her pussy and thigh. Wrapping her arms around Kurenai's left leg Yugao continued her journey down Kurenai's body and moved down her thigh and lower leg. Reaching Kurenai's foot Yugao removed Kurenai's sandal and using both her hands to hold her foot licked the underside of Kurenai's foot sending shudders up the woman's spine.

Suddenly Yugao enveloped Kurenai's big toe in her mouth and sucked on it. Kurenai suddenly felt odd feelings well up in her. Never before had she ever give any thought to that particular part of her body in any sexual context before but right now as she felt another woman suck on her toes Kurenai's mind began to really enjoy this feeling. But as quick as it came it was over and Yugao let her foot go and move backup her body.

"Time for the main event Kurenai baby." Yugao said and plunged her face into Kurenai's dripping pussy.

"OHHHHH!" Kurenai cried as Yugao assaulted her core with an almost animal like frenzy. "AHHHHHHH!" Kurenai yelled as Yugao added a few fingers into her pussy. Yugao had moved a little and was assaulting her clit while fingering her pussy.

"Mmm…Mmm…" Kurenai moaned as she bit her lip trying not to cry out to loudly. Yugao however gave a wicked smirk and moved her hand away from Kurenai's pussy and quickly slammed her middle finger deep into Kurenai's anus.

"OHHH! GOD!" Kurenai yelled. "YES! OH GOD YES!" she cried as the pleasure suddenly grew too great to hold back. Yugao happily lapped at Kurenai's increasing wetness as she pumped away at Kurenai's ass slowly adding another finger into the woman's hot and tight rectum.

It had been too much for Kurenai the sudden stimulation at having her ass penetrated and finger fucked has sent her over the edge. Griping Yugao's head with her hands she held on as an orgasm tore through her leaving her week in the knees. Yugao moved up to help Kurenai stand and moved her over to the crates where she laid her down. Panting hard Kurenai noticed Yugao lick the fingers that had been in her ass. Kurenai nearly wet herself again just watching that.

"You're a dirty little girl you know that right." Kurenai said nothing her face red as she blushed. Yugao smiled and moved up onto the crates with Kurenai and moved so she was on her hands and feet above the other woman facing her pussy. Bending down Yugao moved into Kurenai's pussy again and started licking. It didn't take long until she felt Kurenai enter her as well. In an almost cheesy old movie scene, music began to sound in the alley way. It was soft and classical. The building next to them was a music shop and someone must have started playing something. The music however set the mood.

With a sort of mutual understanding both Kurenai and Yugao slowed down. Lying down on top of Kurenai Yugao and Kurenai gently lapped at each other's pussies. The music continued on almost as if it was the soundtrack to their love making, as the music continued on so too did they.

Kurenai was sitting down on the crate fully dressed as Yugao hugged her from behind gently kissing her neck. They had finished up moments ago after brining each other to orgasm. It was now that the guilt of enjoying the sex so much had finally gotten to her.

"Yugao… I love Naruto… I can't do this with you." She said trying to gently move Yugao's hand away from her.

"But you liked this as well right?" Yugao asked as she sucked on Kurenai's neck softly trying to leave a mark.

"… I did… but I… but I just can't." She said as a tear rolled down her cheek. Yugao noticed this and knew she had better move a little faster.

"Just tell me one thing then…" Yugao asked. "If you could have both of us… would you?" Yugao whispered. Kurenai stopped her gentle struggling.

"What?" She whispered. Yugao tightened her grip around the other woman.

"Think about it Kurenai… do you think Naruto would mind all that much? I mean he is a man after all and two women is one of their biggest fantasies. And can you honestly tell me it doesn't turn you on? His large cock pounding away at your ass while I eat you out… doesn't that send chills down your spine just thinking about it?" She said. Kurenai's eyes were wide as she listened to Yugao.

'The two of them… at once?' Kurenai thought as images of what a scene could look like flashed in her head. Yugao looked at Kurenai face and noticed her sadness dissipate and be replaced by a redness in her cheeks.

'I have you now… he he he.' She thought as she knew Kurenai had reached a decision.


Konohagakure – Outside the Academy

The bell signaling the end of classes rung and Naruto quickly shot out of the building and raced down the streets on his way home.

'Kurenai-chan will probably be over in a little bit.' Naruto thought as he took to the roof tops to get there faster. 'I can probably get some training in today before she gets there.' Naruto mused as she landed on his veranda and entered his apartment. However he didn't get very far. As soon as he entered he saw what was waiting for him on the bed. Right there lying on his bed was his girlfriend Kurenai completely naked looking into his eye's with a mischievous smile. And right next to her was another equally naked woman with long purple hair and looking at him just as mischievously.

'What the hell?!' Naruto thought.

"Welcome home Naruto-kun." Kurenai said as she got up and moved over to him. She bent down and gave him a long passionate kiss. She pulled away and moved behind him hugging him.

"I'd like you to meet Yugao Uzuki she's a really good friend of mine." Kurenai said as she moved him closer to the bed where Yugao made no move to hide herself and slowly parted her legs allowing Naruto to see her.

"Hello Naruto-kun, I've wanted to meet you for a while now." She said smiling. Naruto was blushing like mad and tried to look away from the woman's blatant display.

"Uh… hello." He said embarrassed. Kurenai moved him right up to the edge of the bed only a short distance away from where the other woman was laying naked in his bed.

"Yugao and I had lengthy discussion about some things Naruto-kun and we thought that it would be great if the three of us could be together." She said blushing.

"Together?" Naruto asked. As Yugao looked on with a smile on her face.

"Yes. The three of us can be together. Yugao can be both your second girlfriend and she can be my girlfriend as well." Kurenai said as Naruto seemed to get redder. Kurenai laughed softly and kissed him on the cheek. "Come on Naruto don't be shy." She said as Yugao sat up and held Naruto close. Bending down Yugao captured his lips in a kiss as Naruto's eyes went wide.

"See Naruto she really likes you too." Kurenai said into his ear as he kissed the other woman. Kurenai took the opportunity to move her hands down to his pants and undo them reaching inside his boxers to grasp him.

"Mmmm" Naruto moaned softly as he felt Kurenai's hand encircle his cock and gently pump him as he kissed another woman. Yugao moved her tongue around Naruto's own making sure she explored carefully. Kurenai took the opportunity to pull down Naruto's pants releasing his erection. Yugao stopped the kiss and moved back so she could get a better view of Naruto's equipment.

"My my Kurenai wasn't kidding when she said you were big." Yugao said as she took Naruto's cock into her cool hands making Naruto shiver. Naruto leaned back into Kurenai's bosom as he felt another woman rub his dick. Yugao pulled back his skin and touched the head with her delicate fingers making sure to explore every inch. Kurenai unzipped his orange jacket and took it off him.

"Doesn't it feel good Naruto?" Kurenai whispered into his ear then captured his lips in her own kissing him deeply. Reaching under his shirt Kurenai began to rub his chest as she continued the kiss. In front of Naruto Yugao moved down and started licking the very tip of Naruto's cock like a young kid would an ice cream cone. Naruto shuddered in between the two women. He had been hard most of the day constantly thinking about sex with Kurenai. Now he was making out with his girlfriend and another woman was giving him a blow job. Kurenai suddenly stopped the kiss and looked down Naruto's front.

"Hey! Not fair Yugao I want him too!" Kurenai said mockingly. Yugao moved her head away from Naruto's cock.

"Oh? Well then I guess we should share huh?" Yugao said smiling. Kurenai quickly took hold of Naruto's shirt and took it off him. Yugao moved to the side of the bed and Kurenai motioned Naruto to climb on and lay on his back. Kurenai quickly took off his sandals leaving him as naked as they were.

"Kurenai-chan is this ok?" Naruto said still a little caught off guard at suddenly being naked with another woman about to have sex.

"Don't worry Naruto I want this too… lay back and I promise you you'll enjoy this." Kurenai said. Yugao already closing in was soon joined by Kurenai as the two women dragged their tongues down Naruto's shaft. Getting into it both girls began using their mouths together to bring Naruto to orgasm. Naruto shuddered and grasped at his bed sheets as the two older women went down on him. The hot wetness as they ran their tongues up and down his cock was getting too much to bear. Kurenai and Yugao then started alternating sucking on his cock each one passing it to the other as after they gave him a few good sucks bathing his cock in both their saliva.

"Ahhhh! I'm cuming!" Naruto yelled as if finally became too much to bare and finally blew his load. Kurenai it seems had been the lucky one and received a heaping helping of her boyfriends cum in her mouth. Yugao, somewhat put off that she hadn't received his cum moved to Kurenai and kissed he the lips drinking Naruto's cum from the other woman's mouth.

"Don't be too greedy Yugao." Kurenai said as Yugao tasted her lips getting more of that wonderful liquid into her mouth. Kurenai turned to look at Naruto who was recovering from his orgasm. Kurenai moved over and moved her crotch over Naruto's face.

"Naruto honey can you lick me?" She said. Naruto looked up into the red lust full eyes of his girlfriend and nodded moving his head up and lapped at his girlfriend's pussy. Yugao mean while was on a mission, a mission to receive more of Naruto's wonderful cum. Yugao briefly looked up as Kurenai moved her ass down onto the boys face having him eat her out even more. Returning to her ministrations Yugao took his rapidly hardening cock into her mouth and deep throated him.

Naruto moaned out load but was largely muffled by Kurenai's pussy as she sat on his face. By that time Kurenai was more than lost in her passion and was actively rubbing herself up and down Naruto's face.

'This is amazing.' Naruto thought as he lay there with two naked women on top of him. 'When I was with Kurenai-chan it was amazing now I'm with her and with another girl.' The feeling his cock was experiencing inside Yugao's mouth and the feeling of his head between his girlfriend's thighs was an amazing experience. Moving his hands around to Kurenai's back side Naruto slid a finer into Kurenai's rear entrance remembering that she really liked that.

"Ahhhhhh!" Kurenai moaned as Naruto entered her ass. Yugao meanwhile could feel Naruto well up inside her mouth about ready to blow. She quickly took him out of her mouth not a moment too soon she realized as Naruto exploded sending strands of his hot cum on to her tits. Kurenai mean while had also came and nearly fell back as she bent backwards in delight. Kurenai fell off to the side of Naruto as he lay there catching his breath. Yugao watched Kurenai and Naruto lay there next to each other as they regained their breath in the aftermath of their orgasms.

Yugao moved up and sat between the two of them, her long purple hair falling down her shoulders and covering he breasts.

"I hope you two aren't forgetting about me." She said with a smile. Kurenai looked at Yugao.

"Well Naruto will have to take care of you then, I really have to be going." She said. Naruto sat up in the bed looking towards Kurenai.

"You have to go already?" He said.

"Yup it's getting pretty close and I still have to take a bath." Kurenai replied. Yugao took Naruto and Kurenai's hands and began to pull them up off the bed.

"Well then we should go get cleaned up don't you think." Yugao said and led them into Naruto's shower room.

Once inside Yugao moved Kurenai over to the small tub and turned on the water. "Come on Naruto let's get Kurenai all cleaned up for her mission." She said smiling.

"I can take care of myself just fine thank you very much." Kurenai said blushing.

"I know but it's more fun this way." Yugao replied. Naruto moved over and got sponge and soap as Yugao took the shower head and turned on the hot water getting Kurenai nice and wet as Naruto began to lather her up.

"Yah come on Kurenai-chan just relax we'll take care of you." Said Naruto smiling at her.

"Fine then just don't get to playful I have to get to the Hokage's building pretty soon." Kurenai said as Naruto and Yugao began running their hands all over her body "supposedly" washing her…

Kurenai opened a small box that was on Naruto's dresser that she and Yugao had bought before they had come to his apartment today. Inside were pictures taken with a camera that instantly developed pictures as soon as they were taken to avoid having to take them to a developer. Kurenai and Yugao had purchased the camera together to have a somewhat naughty record of their strange relationship. The first few pictures at the top of the pile where more for Naruto's enjoyment and showed a strip tease that she and Yugao had taken pictures of before Naruto had come home.

Setting it down Kurenai moved to the bed and picked up the newly taken pictures. They were of Herself, Naruto, and Yugao in several posses together. Most of them where quite graphic like the one of herself giving Naruto a blow job in the shower that Yugao had taken, and another they had done of Herself and Yugao sandwiching Naruto between their naked bodies in the tub.

'We really need to get some non explicit ones to frame up.' Kurenai thought as she placed the newer photos inside the box and hid it inside Naruto's dresser. She moved over to the bed again and picked up her headband. Tying it securely she went over to the bathroom. 'I can't really take any longer I have to finish the mission.' Kurenai thought and looked inside the bathroom. Inside the tub Naruto and Yugao were making out together.

"Alright I'm leaving, I'll try to be home as quick as I can Naruto-kun, you and Yugao can have some fun together while I'm gone ok." She said. Yugao and Naruto pulled away and looked towards her.

"Alright goodbye Kurenai-chan." Naruto said a little upset that she was leaving. Yugao smiled at her.

"Don't worry I'll try not to wear him out so bad while you're gone ok babe." Yugao said.

"Right… anyway I'll see you later." Kurenai said and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Yugao moved out of the tub laid down on the shower floor and spread her legs letting Naruto see her up close.

"Alright then Naruto time to get to work." She said smiling. Naruto blushed a bit but moved over to Yugao and held his cock at her entrance.

"What are waiting for Naruto-kun I haven't had your cock in my pussy yet." She whispered lustfully. Naruto nodded a bit and slowly brought it into Yugao's pussy. Gently sliding inside her Naruto began to slowly move himself inside and out.

"Ohh… that's it nice and slow." Yugao said dreamily. Taking his cock all the way inside Yugao gasped at the fullness her pussy was experiencing. "Oh my Naruto be careful with that big cock of yours you might just get me and Kurenai pregnant." She said. Naruto however didn't take it as a joke.

"Wait! What!?" He said still inside her. Yugao laughed softly still having Naruto inside her.

"Ha ha ha don't worry… Kurenai and I have been using a special Jutsu to stop that from happening. Otherwise you could easily become a daddy in nine months." She told him.

"Oh… man you had me worried for minute there. I don't think I'm really cut out to be a dad right now." Naruto said relaxing back into the smooth motions of fucking Yugao.

"Ohhhhhhh… that feels good." Yugao said softly, greatly enjoying Naruto's big hard wet cock inside of her.

"Yugao-chan how did you and Kurenai even agree to this anyway?" he asked her.

" I saw you and her having sex… I… told her what I saw and asked her… uh… uh… if…. If I could join in" She said in between gasps as Naruto continued to fuck her. "To be honest… I kind of seduced her into it." She said.

"Oh… It's just that I was wondering… it's not like this stuff happens normally right." Naruto asked her as things started heating up down there and he picked up the pace.

"Heh... Naruto you're anything but normal… you're great." Yugao murdered as she neared her own peek as well. Naruto continued pumping away at her and pretty soon came hard.

"OHHH! Yugao!" Naruto cried as he pounded deep inside her one last time.

"AHHHHHHH!" Yugao yelled feeling his hot seed enter her for the first time. Naruto collapsed on top of her, her hot large breasts providing some of the softest pillows he had ever felt.

Later that night Yugao and Naruto cleaned up and went to sleep in his bed. There were few words said between them as Yugao took Naruto into her arms and held him close to her as sleep over took them both.

The next morning Yugao Uzuki sat at Naruto's side watching him sleep. She was decked out in full ANBU gear with her mask next to her. She moved her hand caressing Naruto's face as she watched him sleep suddenly a thought struck her. In her mind the fourth Hokage's face flashed over Naruto's face…

'What… it can't be…' Yugao thought as she continued to study his face.

'No it's just a coincidence… right.' She thought. Just then Naruto stirred from his sleep eyes opening to the morning light.

"Morning sleepy head… you know it's not very ninja like to sleep in right." She said. Naruto rubbed at his eyes a bit then looked at Yugao.

"Morning… I have to go now I have some ANBU duties I have to take care of today before we can have any more fun. I'll find you later in the day alright." She told him. Naruto nodded still somewhat asleep.

"…alright… I'll see you later." Naruto said. Yugao leaned in and kissed him softly. She sat up and put her mask on. With a wave of her hand she was gone. Naruto stood up and went to the bath room to get ready. A little later he came out teeth brushed and more awake now.

"He he he today's going to be a great day." Naruto said out load after having spent the day before indulging himself in many wonderful activities with his two girlfriends. Naruto gave that some thought and blushed a little bit.

'Guess not many people can say that.' He mused to himself happily and moved over to the closet to get ready for the Academy. However on the doors to the closet was a note.

Dear Naruto Love

Yugao and I bought these too while we were out. Remember we talked about this so I had better not see you back in your old ones when I get back.

Love Kurenai

Naruto quickly opened the doors confirming his worst fear. All his orange clothes were gone! In their place where different outfits consisting of a tough black leather like material. Emblazed on the bottom of the pant legs and at the bottom of the jacket where dark red flames decorating the black leather clothes. He recognized this material, it was the same stuff they used inside those fancy ANBU black ops vests, he had heard about it in class one day… one where he was actually awake. Aside from those there also other jackets and pants much like his old ones except black and more durable. Looking down below he also spotted a new pair of combat boots to match the new clothes.

Looking at the clothes Naruto was so overcome by emotion he finally cracked and yelled out loud.

"AH! My clothes! Where the heck did they put them!" Searching franticly Naruto suddenly had a bad feeling and looked out one of his windows into the ally way bellow. There in the dumpster down bellow he saw his old orange cloths thrown in the dumpster now completely ruined by other garbage that had since been thrown on top of them.

"NOOOOOOOO!" he cried out in despair. About half an hour later Naruto was dashing down the street decked out in his new clothes and boots.

'Ah man! I feel like such a weirdo. Why couldn't they have asked me before they threw out all my stuff?" Naruto mentally lamented as he dashed down the street avoiding peoples shocked stares.

'…oh well… at least I'm banging two of the hottest kunoichi in this entire village… and I guess the clothes are not too bad.' Naruto thought happily as he continued on to the Academy.

To be continued…

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