Naruto's Big Secret

Story By: Final Knightmare

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Chapter 5

Kurenai was walking out of the Hokage's building having turned in her report after leaving Naruto's place that morning. I was already pretty late in the day, having attended meeting and filling out paper work for her upcoming jonin sensei duty had been tiring but she had finally finished and was on her way to meet up with Naruto once he got out of class.

"Hey Kurenai." Kurenai turned around and noticed Asuma walk up to her looking sort of uncomfortable.

"Asuma?" Kurenai asked a little confused. 'What does he want?' She thought.

"Oh um did you finish all your paper work?" He asked still kind of rambling. Kurenai frowned.

"Yes I just finished up, why?" She asked him. Asuma looked kind of nervous but never the less continued on.

"Oh… uh well I was wondering if you wanted to go out and grab a drink together later on today." He asked her. Kurenai was stunned.

'Month's of trying to get him to go out with me and he asks me now?' Kurenai thought. She had been chasing him a while back hoping he would get the message and ask her out, but now she was already with someone. Kurenai quickly made up her mind knowing without a doubt that she was already convinced of who her heart completely belonged to.

"I'm sorry Asuma but I'm still kind of busy." She said hoping he would get the idea. Asuma looked sort of disappointed but still played it off.

"Oh… ok… ah never mind then." He said trying to recover some of dignity and turned to leave. "I guess I'll see you around then." He said and turned to leave.

"See you." Kurenai said back to him as he left. Only moments later an arm slipped over her shoulders and the familiar scent of dango and tea entered her senses.

"You've been waiting forever for him to ask you out and now you just shoot him down." Anko Mitarashi asked Kurenai.

"Hello Anko." Kurenai said sighing. Anko smiled brightly.

"Hello Kurenai, so why did you turn him down?" she asked. Kurenai moved away from Anko and started moving down the street.

"I'm just not interested anymore." She said. Anko frowned and followed after her.

"You chased him for all this time and now you're no longer interested?" Anko asked.

"Yes Anko." Kurenai replied hoping her friend would drop the subject.

"Bull shit! Your fucking some other guy aren't you? Come on tell me who is it?" Kurenai almost tripped up at Anko's blatant outburst.

"Anko! Of course not!" Kurenai told her sternly.

"Sure tell me another one… come on who is it?" Anko continued teasing. Kurenai turned to her friend with a serious expression.

"Anko it's no one. Now I have to go. I see you later." With that Kurenai took to the roofs and moved away. Anko frowned, and then smirked.

'Cant dismiss me that easily Kurenai-chan.' Anko thought and followed after the other woman


Konohagakure Woods

Anko had followed Kurenai at distance for a while. Once Kurenai left the village Anko knew that something strange was going on. And that Kurenai must be meeting with someone, after all the only other reason some once would head out this was to train, and Kurenai was a jonin and they had their own training fields much better equipped than simply going out into the woods. Finally it seemed as though Kurenai had reached her destination and Anko slowed down making sure to conceal her presence. Moving around the area where Anko knew Kurenai was she stealthily crawled forward and looked into a small clearing where she saw her friend.

'Oh! Holy shit!' Anko thought as she laid eyes on the scene before her. Kurenai was practically assaulting a much younger guy. She was literally taking his clothes off and forcing her tongue down his throat. Anko watched with wide eyes as the woman dubbed the ice queen by some of the higher level jonin have sex with a young kid. A young kid that looked sort of familiar.

'Is that the Uzumaki kid?!' Anko thought surprised as Kurenai stripped off her own clothes and took the kid to the ground. 'What the hell? Why is she…?" Anko thought confused then a look of surprise came over as she saw Kurenai take out the kid's package. It was… well big for his age… big enough for a grown woman to enjoy if Kurenai's moans were anything to go by. Anko's eyes went wide as she saw her best friend willingly engage in sex with a kid, and the container no less.

'How the hell did this even start.' Anko wondered as she saw Kurenai impale herself repeatedly on the kid's stiff cock. Minuets passed by and they continued on fucking out in the open. Anko hadn't realized how long she had been watching only that at some point her hand had drifted down under her short skirt and onto her moistening pussy. Anko stayed like that for some minutes before she removed her hand. A strand of her liquid was spanning her fingers. Anko turned to the couple, Kurenai had since moved the cock out of her pussy and was inserting it into her ass.

'Woman likes it up the ass too huh.' Anko thought, and then slowly a mischievous grin spread across Anko's face. 'Well might as well make my entrance…' With that thought in mind Anko stepped out from behind her cover and casually walked up the two with a wicked smile on her face.

Kurenai was in heaven, or more the point her boyfriend was in her ass which basically equated to the same thing. She had followed him out here when he had left the academy and arrived just as he was going to start some training. Horny and wanting to prove to herself that Naruto was truly the one for her and not Naruto she quickly got him to fuck her. She had ridden his cock long enough to get some of their combined cum onto her ass to use as lubricant then proceeded to take him up her ass. She had her eyes closed concentrating all her senses on the feeling Naruto's cock was making in her ass, breathing heavily and panting Kurenai was too much into it that she failed to notice some one walk up to her.

"Wow you didn't even notice me did you?" Anko asked standing a couple of feet in front of Kurenai. Kurenai's eyes shot open at the female voice, it hadn't been Yugao as that would have been ok since the woman was having sex with them as well but no sooner had she opened her eyes that she recognized the voice as belonging to her friend Anko Mitarashi. Naruto began freaking out at having been caught by someone else, however this only served to cause Kurenai more pleasurable sensations. Kurenai moaned at the sudden feeling but could only watch in panic as Anko closed the distance quickly and planted her lips on her before she could even attempt to move off of Naruto.

"Mmmmm, Kurenai you really do have a wild side don't you… so how about you let your dear old friend join in huh?" Anko asked as she pulled away from the kiss smiling devilishly.

"Um… Kurenai… do you know her." Naruto asked extremely embarrassed to be caught like this though the sight of his girlfriend sitting on his cock kissing another girl was strangely a turn on.

"Anko… what?" Kurenai asked confused and embarrassed. Anko continued to smirk.

"Well you look like your having so much fun that I thought you might let me join in." She said with a mock pout. Kurenai's mind began to turn. On one hand having yet another woman have sex with Naruto would mean less of him for her. But Yugao knowing was bad enough and now that she had been a part of this she wouldn't say anything. Anko on the other hand was a wild card, who knows how she would blackmail her if she turned her away…and besides… she did care for Anko once upon a time. Memories of all those years ago when the two of them had found a little comfort in each other's arms during those cold lonely nights came flooding back to her. Kurenai looked at Anko in the eyes then turned around to look at Naruto's questioning face.

"Naruto-kun… this is Anko Mitarashi… can she join us?" Kurenai asked. Naruto noticed the look on Kurenai's face and remembered that Kurenai had said she once had a crush on a woman named Anko.

"Sure it's ok." He said seriously. Kurenai smiled at him with a look of thanks on her face as she turned back and looked at the smiling Anko. Anko steeped back and removed her brown over coat and then the rest of her clothes, doing so made two things painfully obvious. One is that Anko did not wear a bra or panties, and the second was that Anko's clothes were very easily and quickly able to come off. Now nude Anko bent down and began making out with Kurenai. Kurenai closed her eyes once again and started to move herself up and down Naruto's cock again. Naruto also concentrated on Kurenai's pleasure and got back into fucking his girlfriends ass, the sight of her making out with another woman a turn on. Anko pulled away from Kurenai's mouth and moved down clamping on to her big soft tits.

"Oh… Anko…" Kurenai moaned as the other woman used her mouth with expert precision on her chest. Anko meanwhile licked at her friend's tits once again remembering how it had been the last time. Anko then pushed Kurenai back forcing her to use her hands to stop herself falling on top of Naruto. Now with more room and a great view of Naruto's cock sliding in and out of Kurenai's ass Anko moved in and shoved her mouth onto Kurenai's still wet pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Anko!" Kurenai moaned as she felt her friend's mouth eat her out. Anko meanwhile was busily exploring her Kurenai's pussy with her tongue making sure to taste every part of her that she could. The familiar taste was there still as intoxicating as always, but the new and exciting taste was the one that Naruto's cock had left inside when they had been going at it only a short time ago. Getting a little exited Anko moved lower and took one of Naruto's balls into her mouth and sucked on it.

"Mmmm!" Naruto moaned at the sudden stimulation the other woman was giving him. Making sure to keep Kurenai happy Anko inserted a few fingers into her pussy for a bit while she sucked on Naruto's balls for while. Kurenai moaned loudly when she felt Anko finger her pussy. Knowing Kurenai was close Anko went back and started to roughly eat her out sending her tongue as deep into Kurenai's soaking wet pussy as she could.

"Ahhhhh!" Kurenai cried as she finally came under the assault of two lovers. She fell deeply onto Naruto's cock causing him to shoot his load deep into her ass as she flooded Anko's waiting mouth with her own liquid. Exhausted Kurenai fell to Naruto's side, Naruto's sperm dripping out of her ass.

"Damn Kurenai you never told me you liked up the ass when we were together." Anko said looking at Kurenai's ass and Naruto's cock. Taking a good look at him breathing there Anko decided she wanted her turn. Moving in on Naruto she took hold of his dick.

"He he lets how much of a stud you really are kid." She said and engulfed him into her mouth tasting Kurenai's ass on it, and strangely being turned on by the knowledge that it had just been in Kurenai's ass.

"Ah! Anko-san. I…" Naruto tried to say as the other woman sucked him off. Anko looked up smirking.

"Hey I know Kurenai gets to try this so now it's my turn, and call me Anko-chan." She said smirking before going back to his dick. Kurenai looked at her boyfriend and former lover and got hot. She moved around to Anko's behind which was in the air oh so lovingly. Placing her hands on either side of Anko's butt she got a good grip and told Anko.

"Well then let's see how much you like it." And spread Anko's ass cheeks exposing her anus. Moving in Kurenai began to lick at her back door so to speak.

"Mmmmm!" Anko moaned with a mouthful of Naruto still in her mouth. Anko had never given any thought to ass play before but with the sensations that Kurenai was producing she was seriously consider doing a lot more of this in the future. Kurenai moved to increase Anko's pleasure and inserted two fingers into Anko's wet pussy, unlike Yugao and herself which had a little bit of trimmed hair down there Anko was completely shaved. Pretty soon Naruto came again, one shot hit the back of her throat causing her to move back and letting the others hit her face, covering it with strands of his thick ejaculate. Naruto looked at her face.

"Anko-chan…" She smiled at him face covered in sperm.

"Heh… not bad Naru-kun…" she said then gasped a little bit as she felt Kurenai enter her ass with her tongue.

"Hey! Easy there!" she said moving her ass away from Kurenai. "Hey take easy there girl I'm new to that!" Anko said moving closer to Naruto. Kurenai smiled devilishly.

"You went complaining about it a while ago." She said smirking. Anko mock frowned then moved in to a kiss as Kurenai came up to capture her lips. Tongues dueling Naruto attempted to stand before Anko moved her hand to stop him and moved him back down. Anko broke the kiss with the other woman and looked down at Naruto.

"Were do you think you're going I'm not done with you yet." She said and moved over to him. She placed herself over his semi hard member and gave it a few strokes getting him hard again. "It's my turn now stud." She said and roughly impaled her pussy on his cock.

"Ahhhh! Anko-chan!" Naruto screamed as she roughly moved up and down. "That's right, fuck me baby! Fuck me hard!" She screamed very much so enjoying his cock. Anko looked at Kurenai.

"Now why don't you get over here baby and turn around." She said smiling lustfully. Kurenai blushed but did so never the less. Moving up she turned around and bent down a little bit. Anko reached forward and pressed her face into Kurenai's ass cheeks, finding her anus she started giving it a few licks.

"Ohhh! God! Anko!" Kurenai screamed as the woman ate out her ass.

They would continue on for about an hour, Anko enjoying all the new things with Kurenai and her apparent new lover Naruto Uzumaki.

Kurenai Anko and Naruto were getting dressed having finished up their little tryst in the woods.

"So what's the story Kurenai? You just decided to get up one morning and fuck a little kid or something. Naruto took offense to that.

"Hey! I'm not a little kid!" He said putting his hands on his hips. Anko grinned and patted his head leaning in.

"Of course you're not." She said moving down to pat his crotch. "There's nothing little about you here." She said grinning widely. Naruto blushed and Kurenai moved over to put her arm around Naruto.

"Come on Anko don't tease him." She said smiling. Anko smiled and stretched her arms back yawning.

"Yeah so Naruto here is good in the sack, how did you two hook up anyway?" She asked as they started moving out of the clearing on the way back to the village. Kurenai looked a little uncomfortable.

"Actually… Yugao Uzuki is with us as well…" She said embarrassingly. Anko got an unreadable expression on her face.

"With you how?" She said suspiciously. Naruto answered for her.

"Umm… as in we have sex with her too." He said blushing red. Anko's eye's went wide and immediately broke into loud laughter.

"HA HA HA HA! HOLY CRAP! You guys are in a harem!" She said laughing loudly. Kurenai looked away.

'Well we kind of aren't we." Kurenai thought. 'Never would have pictured myself in this type of relationship.' Anko continued on.

"Damn I've always wanted to be in something like this!" she said smiling happily. Naruto sweat dropped and Kurenai hung her head.

'Should have known Anko would have thought of this before.' Kurenai admitted.

"So where do you guys meet?" She asked still incredibly cheerful. Kurenai shook her head at her friend's antics.

"We just sneak into Naruto-kun's house after he gets out of class usually." Kurenai told. Anko frowned.

"Wait your still an academy student?" She asked Naruto.

"Um… yes." Naruto said.

"Oh well that's crap! We're all jonin kid so you better become a Shinobi quick, got it." Naruto nodded enthusiastically.

"Hey don't worry! I'm going to ace these tests and become a Shinobi, you can count on me!" He said loudly. Then thought of something. 'But I haven't had much time to train… every time I do Kurenai or Yugao show up and we do… 'other' things…' he thought glumly.

"Well any way there's no class tomorrow since its Saturday so I figured that maybe…" Anko interrupted him.

"You're free tomorrow eh… he he he alright! We can go on a date and have some fun together." Anko said happily. Naruto hung his head in defeat while Kurenai looked on apologetically to Naruto.

'How am I supposed to become a ninja if instead of training I'm having sex with my girlfriends?' Naruto thought as the continued on back home. 'The world is full of difficult choices.' Naruto lamented.


Konohagakure Naruto's Apartment

Kurenai stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry herself off. They had had a close call when they were getting back to the village; a passing patrol had stopped by and asked what she was doing there. Anko and Naruto had gotten away in time but had to leave her there to think up an excuse. When she had gotten back Naruto and Anko had already showered… and Anko was lounging around the place naked making Naruto blush at her carefree attitude. They had told her everything, including that Yugao Uzuki was also with them. She had been happy and excited about the weird tryst they were having and happily agreed to keep the activities quiet… so long as she continued to get great sex she said she was happily.

Kurenai entered the bedroom and saw Anko on top of Naruto making out with him in the nude. Sleeping in the nude seemed to have become the norm around here lately Kurenai mused before slipping into the covers on Naruto's side embracing him lovingly to her own naked body. Moving her hand over to a small radio on Naruto's night stand Kurenai turned it on found a soft music station, and lowered the volume. Anko embracing her new male lover soon closed her eyes contently; very soon all three of them started falling into a deep sleep.

"Good night Kurenai-chan, Anko-chan." Naruto whispered in between two naked women.

"Good night love, good night Anko." Kurenai whispered back.

"Night…" Anko whispered back but fell asleep first light snores already being heard. Soon all three of them drifted off to sleep.

It was the dead of night as Yugao entered the bedroom via an open window in the kitchen and started taking off her clothes and placing them on the table. Tired from her Anbu duties she had finally gotten off work and was looking forward to going to bed with her two lovers. Stepping into the bedroom nude Yugao was startled to see another woman in bed with them. The moonlight just barely sending enough light into the bedroom to let her see it was Anko Mitarashi.

'What the hell?' she thought. Kurenai still half asleep noticed and moved the covers behind her motioning her to get in. Yugao cautiously approached and slipped in behind her pressing her nude body against hers.

"I'm guessing you'll tell me in the morning?" Yugao whispered wrapping her arms around Kurenai. Kurenai nodded still very sleepy.

'Guess a lot happened today.' Yugao thought as she joined the others in sleep wondering how much more crazy their lives were going to get as things continued on.


To be continued…

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