Naruto's Big Secret

Story By: Final Knightmare

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and any of its characters. This story written for entertainment purposes only and no profit was made.

WARNING! Lemon! The following chapter contains adult material so if that isn't your thing don't read on.

"…" Talking

'…' Thoughts (words italicized)

… These designate a small passage of time but still in the same place

Chapter 6

Konohagakure – Five Years Ago

Mikoto Uchiha walked down the street on her way back to the Uchiha district. Her son Sasuke was still at the academy training late again so she figured she had plenty of time to go and buy some food to make dinner tonight and was now on her way back home. She moved down the street and soon came to a small park. Cutting through the park would be the fastest way home she decided and made a fateful decision to head that way.

Walking by some trees she suddenly stopped. She heard the faint sounds of a small child crying. Curious as any mother would be she moved off the path and looked for the source. As she cleared some small bushes she saw a little boy sobbing at the base of a tree. She recognized him instantly; he was the demon fox's container Naruto Uzumaki. Those marks and bright blond hair made him very recognizable. She had never really thought about him at all, all she had known was that he was an orphan that the fourth had chosen to be the container for the fox… but now watching the young boy cry she realized that there was much more to him that she had thought possible.

Stepping closer the maternal instincts inside of her came to the surface. Many in the village still viewed him as viewed him as the demon itself and never associated with him. Actions of the parents made an impression on their children and soon they too did not speak with the boy. But right now seeing the boy cry she realized just how hard the boy had been living, alone with no parents and no friends for all of his life would bring anyone to tears. Searching the area she soon found the reason for the boy's current state. Across the park there were some children about his age playing and next to them were their parents happily playing with their kids. No wonder… he had just been reminded of what he didn't have.

Determined to help the young boy in some way she walked up to him and kneeled down. Naruto looked up eyes still red and watery from his tears.

"Hello. My name is Mikoto. What's your name?" She said smiling. Naruto looked at her with sad eyes. He finally opened his mouth and spoke.

"Naruto Uzumaki." He said softly.

"Well Naruto why don't you tell me what's wrong." She said. Naruto looked uncomfortable and tried drying his eyes.

"I just… I… I wanted to play… but the other kids didn't want me to." He sniffed. Mikoto looked sad.

"I'm sorry those other kids just don't know any better… listen why don't I walk you home its getting pretty late… would like that?" she asked reaching out for his hand. Naruto looked up wiped some tears off his face and nodded.

"…ok." He said softly. Mikoto smiled and took his hand into hers and let him lead her down the road while she still carried her groceries in her other hand. The moved down the street heading ever closer to where he lived when Mikoto noticed how thin the boy looked.

'Maybe his guardians are not feeding him enough.' Mikoto thought worried that the boy had been adopted by some bad people, especially if they let him wander the streets out this late by himself. Moving into a more residential area Mikoto looked towards a larger building that they were approaching.

"Do you live here Naruto?" She asked. Naruto turned around to face her looking a little better than before.

"Yes." He said simply. Heading up to the top apartment that obviously had to be where he lived she noticed that all the lights were out and as far as she could tell there was no one inside.

"Naruto where are your guardians?" She asked frowning at how they let the child be alone like. Naruto just shook his head.

"I don't have any, I live here alone." Mikoto's widened.

"What!?" She asked startled at the news.

"I don't have any parents; the old man gave me this place awhile ago so didn't have to stay at the orphanage anymore." He said.

'The old man? Does he mean the Hokage?' Mikoto thought. 'He lives all by himself?' Naruto fished a key out of his pocket and opened the door. Moving inside Mikoto noticed how bare everything was. Apart from a scattered piece of clothing or an empty container of instant ramen the boy really did have very little in his home.

"Naruto do you really live here alone?" She asked him worriedly. Naruto turned around felling better, perhaps at having someone to talk to.

"Yes… but the old man stops by a lot and he takes me shopping and sometimes we go get some food at a great ramen place." He said.

'So the Hokage is looking after him.' Mikoto thought. She looked at how barren and empty the kitchen was. 'But obviously not enough.' She figured seeing as he most likely ate only instant and ready to eat meals. She cast her eyes down at the bags in her hand then looked up at Naruto.

"Naruto how would you like me to make you a home cooked meal? I'm sure you would like that right?" She asked with a gentle smile on her face. A look of happiness crossed his face but he tried to hide it quickly.

"Yes… but… why?" He asked confused as to why someone he had just met wanted to do something like this for him. Mikoto put the bags down and put her hands on his shoulders.

"Well I thought that maybe we could be friends, and friends do nice things for each other. So would you like to ne my friend?" She asked. Naruto looked at her with smile on his face.

"Yes." He said smiling. Mikoto smiled back at him.

"Alright then why don't you go wash up and I'll make you something good ok." She asked with a smile on her face. Naruto looked happy.

"Alright... Thank you." He said and moved to his bathroom where she heard him turn on the water to the sink. Mikoto moved over to the kitchen and set her bags down on the table. Looking around the kitchen she quickly noticed that he had plenty of cooking utensils but they were all unused. As she pulled out what she would need she thought of her own children. Itachi was already a prodigy in the Shinobi arts, pushed by her husband and other clans men Itachi had become a powerful ninja. Pushed so hard Mikoto often wondered what it had cost the boy, often he would act so strange around the rest of his family, Sasuke it seemed was the only one he really opened up to anymore. Then there was the death of Shisui Uchiha he had been recently found drowned in a river and suspicion had already been cast on Itachi.

Mikoto frowned as she thought of her oldest son. She heard Naruto in the bathroom probably brushing his teeth and remembered of her youngest.

'Sasuke is about his age isn't he?' She wondered. Naruto had been alone so long and had mostly taken care of himself, would Sasuke ever be able to take care of himself if something should happen to herself and his father? Thinking about it she shook her head.

'Of course he would he has the entire clan… Naruto doesn't.' She thought as she began cooking a simple but good meal for Naruto. Sasuke was still young and was following after his brother trying to be a better ninja; it's why he was at the academy to this late hour after all. Naruto emerged from the bathroom and walked over to the table. Mikoto turned around smiling.

"It's almost done Naruto." She said as he took a seat. Naruto was looking kind of nervous and finally spoke up.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" He asked. She looked at him sadly.

"I have a child of my own about your age Naruto. I wanted to do this for you because I felt bad, No child should be alone Naruto." She said and placed some food on a plate and placed in on the table before him. Naruto looked down at the delicious looking meal and smiled.

"Thank you Mikoto-san." He thanked her and started eating. Mikoto stayed at Naruto's place close to half an hour talking with the boy as he finished his meal and talked excitedly with her telling her about how the Hokage would sometimes come over and have Naruto come with him when he visited various places around the village. Mikoto told him about her own family and Naruto learned that she was Sasuke's mother. A fellow classmate that he really didn't know that much. Promising to return the next day Mikoto soon left Naruto's apartment on her way home.

'Perhaps I can get Sasuke to be his friend?' Mikoto thought as she moved down the streets on her way home. It was getting late already and Sasuke might have already come back home she thought. Rounding the corner and entering into the gates that marked the clans residential area she immediately knew something was wrong. It was quiet… to quiet. The area was almost saturated with a dark foreboding feeling in the air. Panicked she ran straight home only to stop in the middle of the street as see laid eyes on the dead bodies of some of the clans members. Dread filled her completely. Suddenly she sensed the presence of someone arriving nearby and activated her sharingan as she turned around.

"Your late mother." Her son Itachi said standing before her dressed completely in his battle gear and covered in blood.

"Itachi!" She cried looking at him. "What's going on?! Where's is everyone?!" She cried. Itachi however looked on emotionless as always before he finally spoke up.

"I killed them." He said simply. Mikoto's eyes went wide her own three tomoe'd sharingan still activated.

"…What!" She cried out.

"My abilities have been repressed by this pathetic clan. This whole clan is a disgrace, their ways are antiquated and completely worthless, they stopped my progress and stunted my abilities to grow beyond their own limitations." He said coldly. Mikoto was stunned beyond belief.

'My own son… How? Why.' She thought then yelled out. "WHY!" She cried out. Itachi looked at her coldly.

"To measure my capacity mother." He closed his eyes then opened them again. In the place of the normal sharingan a new and strange design was there.

"Mangekyo Sharingan." He whispered. Suddenly disappearing from her view even with her own sharingan activated he reappeared behind her. Mikoto looked down; there in her stomach was the other side of Itachi's blade. Not even giving her a chance to cry out he kicked her off the blade and sent her crashing down the street. Itachi walked over to where his mother laid broken and dying. Mikoto looked into the eyes of Itachi, his cold stare looking right back down at her. He silently lifted the blade above his head. Mikoto could only watch silently as readied for the final blow. Suddenly out of the darkness a barrage of shuriken flew through the air where Itachi was. Reappearing above one of the buildings Itachi looked down at the rapidly approaching ANBU black ops. He had taken too long and his mother had been late in getting home. Out of time Itachi cast a last look at his mother and fled, the chances of her survival were slim… still he could not delay any longer. Itachi fled his former home, ANBU black ops right on his tail attempting to catch up.

An ANBU member kneeled down by Mikoto Uchiha and checked on her condition.

"Hey! This one is still alive! Get the medics here quick!" He yelled out. All around the compound ANBU and jonin were arriving quickly. Bodies were being found everywhere as the search for survivors continued. Nearly all the Uchiha had died that day Sasuke and Mikoto Uchiha were the only ones found alive.


Konohagakure Hospital – Five Years ago

The Hokage was standing by a window looking into the operating room where medics where hard at work trying to keep Mikoto Uchiha alive. An ANBU walked up to the Hokage, white hair poking out the sides of the mask.

"The ANBU squad following Itachi was lost track of him… he's escaped." He reported. The Hokage continued to look into the other room.

"Where there any other survivors?" The Hokage asked. The ANBU shook his head.

"No only Sasuke was left uninjured aside from whatever Genjutsu Itachi used on him, but it seems as though our forces arrived just in time to stop him from completely killing his own mother." He said. The Hokage continued to look into the room.

"Very well… go and make sure the ANBU secure the Uchiha grounds, once this gets out the other villages will know we are at our weakest." The ANBU nodded and departed quickly. Slowly from the darkness two figures walked up beside the third Hokage, an old man and woman stepped up beside him.

"Itachi did not finish the job?" Asked Koharu.

"Are we to find another means to finish it?" Questioned Homura. The Hokage shook his head.

"No… Itachi took care of it, as far as Sasuke and Mikoto will know he acted of his own free will. She will be allowed to remain alive." The three simply stayed there observing as the medics attempted to keep her alive.

About one month later Mikoto Uchiha awoke from her coma and attempted to peace back her life with her only remaining family Sasuke. When Naruto had asked the Hokage what had happened he was only told that Mikoto and Sasuke had lost all their family in a tragic accident. The Hokage had been surprised to hear that Mikoto Uchiha had stopped by his place that night and cooked him diner. Had it not been for Naruto and Mikoto's meeting that day she would have most likely died as well.


Konohagakure – Mikoto and Sasuke's Home – Present Day

Mikoto Uchiha awoke with a start sweat pouring down her body as she breathed heavily. She had once again had that nightmare. Only this time it was different, this time she remembered about that young boy Naruto. She of course knew that it was thanks to that boy that she was alive. All those years ago her single act of kindness stopped her from going home just long enough to survive Itachi's killing of her whole family.

'Why did I remember him now?' She wondered thinking of Naruto. It had been ages since she had last thought of the boy. Thinking about it she was ashamed, she had promised him that she would be his friend and then never talked to him again… it was perhaps unavoidable she told herself, after all that very night she had lost almost everything and had been in a coma for a month afterward. Trying to put those bad thoughts behind her she moved to get out of bed. Pulling the sheets off her she stepped out of bed exposing her nude body to the early morning air of her bedroom. She moved into the bathroom next to her bed room and stepped inside. Turning on the hot water of the bath she stopped to notice her patch of black pubic hair.

'Maybe I'll go to a hot spring today.' She mused and reached for a razor and shaving gel and gently began to shave herself. It had been a while and she was getting kind of wild down there. She trimmed herself until there was only a nice shaved patch of hair above her pussy and stepped into the bath to bath. As she lathered herself up she idly wondered what had become of Naruto Uzumaki since that day she had net him.


Konohagakure – Local Hot Spring Resort – Later that day

Naruto, Kurenai, Yugao, and Anko stood before the entrance of the establishment. Naruto had finally been able to convince his girlfriends that he needed to train and had spent the entire morning with them out on a training field practicing his Taijutsu. He had improved a lot thanks to their instruction and guidance on fixing his technique... right now though he was all sore and bruised thanks to Anko-chan's definition of the torture she called training… and she seemed to be doing more grabbling than necessary. It was now mid day and they had just finished training. Once they were done Naruto wanted to return after they had something to eat and continue with some jutsu practice but thanks to Anko's insistence they were now here… at a hot spring.

"Do I really have to do this?" Naruto groaned while in his Sexy Jutsu disguise. Anko looked at him smirking.

"Of course you do were all sweaty and tired, I think this is a great place to relax." She said smiling. Naruto frowned.

"I don't it's relaxing that you want to do in here." He murmured. Anko looked at him frowning.

"What was that brat." She asked. Yugao moved in between them.

"Come on we can worry about that later, we still need to sneak him inside." She said smiling. Kurenai sighed and put her arm around Naruto's disguised form.

"Come on it'll be fun." She told him smiling. Naruto nodded accepting of his fate.

"Alright! Then let's go!" called out Anko as their group moved into the building.

Mikoto Uchiha stepped out of the hot water and into the changing rooms the women shared. It had been a very relaxing and pleasant bath she thought as she took off her towel and moved to the locker where her clothes were. But just as she reached for her things she heard noises coming from another hot spring. It was another all female bath separated from the others that people often rented out for more private baths with friends. Curiosity getting the better of her she moved over to the opening and walked around a corner to sneak a peek inside. What she saw stunned her.

There in the water were three kunoichi that she recognized from around the village. Kurenai Yuhi a new jonin renowned for her specialty in Genjutsu, Anko Mitarashi a special jonin assigned to the ANBU black ops as an interrogator, and Yugao Uzuki an ANBU black ops member known for her deadly skill with a blade. All three of them were nude but that was expected since this was a hot spring, what was not expected was the fact that all three of them were having sex with a young boy that they had obviously snuck into the bath.

'Oh my god!' She thought as she saw Kurenai Yuhi take the boy's large penis into her mouth as Yugao Uzuki sat on his face. Anko it seemed was sitting naked on the boy's chest making out with Yugao. Eyes wide Mikoto Uchiha stood there hiding as the women changed positions and she got a good look at who the boy was.

'Naruto!' She thought in surprise as she saw who it was. Breathing heavily she watched as Kurenai climbed up on top of him and guided his dick into her pussy. It was that where her eyes settled on. Watching that long hard cock disappear and reappear into Kurenai's pussy was a transfixing sight.

'My god… I never knew he was so big…' Mikoto thought as she continued watching the amazing sight before her. Not even noticing when she started she soon realized that her fingers were now gently probing her moistening pussy. She stayed there for a few minutes watching the scene with an ever more lustful expression as her eyes transformed into the sharingan and continued to watch memorizing every detail to her memory. It had been such a long time since she had ever even masturbated let alone have sex, and now before her was this amazing scene that she couldn't help but give in. It was wrong not just what they were doing but what she was doing as well. No longer able to hold it in any more she moved back into the dressing room and entered the bathroom finding an empty stall. Sitting down on the toilet seat she began to furiously move her fingers in and out of her pussy her body demanding release.

A while later Mikoto stood up and inserted her fingers into her mouth tasting herself.

'Fine… if those women are having Naruto-kun in such a way… then I will to.' She thought firmly. Thinking of the boy's naked body she returned to the locker room changed and left the building intent on one thing and one thing only.

'Naruto-kun… you will be mine.' She thought lustfully remembering him in vivid detail thanks to her sharingan. But first she would have to make some plans.

Naruto walked away from the bath house on his way to Ichiraku's ramen restaurant. While he was there with the girls a few more kunoichi had arrived to bathe and the girls had been forced to sneak him out of there. However there seemed to be sort of party or promotion going on because the owner came out and announced that they had all sorts of free food and drink. The girls were willing to go but Naruto told them to enjoy themselves and not worry about it.

Walking down the street Naruto felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around and came face to face with someone he hadn't talked to in years, Mikoto Uchiha.

"Hello Naruto… it's been a long time right?" She said with a look of sadness on her face. Naruto instantly remembered back to those years ago when he had first met Sasuke's mom. He remembered thinking he had finally found someone who cared for him only for it to be taken away that very night. Naruto looked up into her eyes.

"…hello Mikoto-san." He said uncomfortable. Mikoto looked sad for a moment before she spoke up again.

"Naruto-kun can you sit with me for a moment?" she said motioning to a nearby bench. Naruto nodded and the two walked over to sit on it.

"Naruto I wanted to say I was sorry… all those years ago I promised to be your friend by I didn't keep my promise." She said sadly. Naruto looked up.

'No… the Hokage told me all about what happened… you were asleep for a whole month and after that you still had a lot to do at the hospital before you were even better… It's not your fault Mikoto things just went bad." He said sincerely wondering why this had come up now, it's not like he had any bad feelings towards her, heck he still liked her more than he would ever like Sasuke that's for sure.

"Still Naruto It's no excuse… I… I need to apologize… I sorry I didn't go and try to find you afterwards." She told him. Naruto tried to reassure her.

"No really Mikoto… what happened was horrible and who knows how you were feeling… I don't have any bad feelings really." He said trying to reassure her. Mikoto smiled a bit.

"Thank you Naruto… Hey listen have you eaten yet… how about you come over to my house and I can cook you another home cooked meal… would you like that." She said smiling. Naruto thought about that for a moment.

'Kurenai, Yugao, and Anko are at the hot spring… I guess it couldn't hurt.' He thought.

"Alright sure I'll go." Naruto said happily. Mikoto smiled widely.

"Great! Then let's go!" She said happily and led Naruto back to her house. 'Heh paying off the owner was worth it then.' She thought happily.


Konohagakure – Mikoto and Sasuke's Home

'Shit!' Was Mikoto's first thought when she and Naruto arrived and she saw Sasuke there having come home early for lunch. 'He spends hours every day training at this time and he chooses today to come home on time.' She thought. She was in the kitchen finishing up making the lunch while the boys sat at the table silent and staring at each other with an air of hostility. She had to tell Sasuke that Naruto had helped her a while back and she was repaying him by treating him to lunch. He wasn't happy and made that known by his less than friendly attitude. Still her plan was still not completely destroyed she figured, after all she could probably get Sasuke to leave right after lunch and she could then be with Naruto alone after that.

"Alright it's ready boys." She said happily as she came into the dining room carrying the plates. Setting them down she noticed Sasuke had taken the head of the table for his own, and that Naruto was sitting on another side of the table. A thought had then struck her… a most perverted thought but one that exited her greatly. She quickly sat opposite Naruto.

"So Sasuke how did your day go." She said happily as she passed out some drinks. Sasuke grunted but answered anyway.

"Fine… I was just training today nothing big really." He said awkwardly in front of Naruto who he considered a complete dunce.

"Oh that's good." She said happily as they continued to eat quietly. Slowly and ever so carefully she moved her bare foot up and placed it gently onto Naruto's crotch and began to gently rub his cock though his pants. Naruto's eye's shot wide as he dropped his spoon onto the plate. Mikoto smirked.

"How do you like it Naruto-kun." She asked with a very strange smile. Naruto looked at her in horror. She smirked once again.

"The food dear how do you like it." She asked. Naruto looked down at the food blushing like mad as he felt her foot gently rub him more and more.

"Um… its good." He said quietly. Sasuke arched an eyebrow at the idiot and went back to eating. Mikoto grinned and rubbed him harder.

"Oh? Really well then have some more." She said and pushed the tray containing more food closer to him. Naruto was trying his best not to make it obvious as Sasuke's mom quickly got him hard.

'What the hell!' Naruto thought panicking. 'Why is she doing this?' He wondered. Then she suddenly got more aggressive and found his pants zipper with her toes and slowly pulled it down. Naruto could only swallow his food and try not to panic as his dick was freed from his pants under the table and her warm foot began to gently stroke him up and down. Sasuke was quietly eating hating the fact that his mom had invited in this idiot who looked like he had gas or something.

For several minutes Naruto endured the feelings trying his best not to make it to obvious as Sasuke still looked at him like he was a complete weirdo due to his behavior. It hadn't taken long and he quickly came covering Mikoto's foot in his cum. He tried averting his eye's from Sasuke's view as he did so. Thankfully it finally came to an end as Sasuke said he was done and left the house going back to training. Naruto sagged in the chair finally released that he had left and Mikoto finally removed her foot from his dick. Sliding her chair back Mikoto silently brought her foot up and began to lick the seamen off her toes. Naruto stared transfixed at the sight and hadn't even remembered to move from his spot. Finishing up Mikoto stood and moved around to his side of the table.

"Naruto… I want you." She said lustfully and kissed him on the mouth. Naruto's eyes went wide as she did so. Reaching under the table she took hold of his cock and held it firmly as she kissed him.

"Mikoto-san I can't do this." He said horribly embarrassed when she finally pulled away. She continued to gently stroke his dick up and down as she looked at him.

"Why? I saw you in the hot spring with those other girls… why can't you do it with me." She said. Naruto panicked.

"You were watching?" he asked her. She nodded.

"Yes… I got so turned on I knew I just had to have you." She said lustfully.

"But I can't Kurenai-chan, Yugao-chan, and Anko-chan are my girlfriends." He insisted. Mikoto smirked.

"Well I can be your girlfriend to Naruto." She said and then moved he head down and took him into her mouth. Naruto tried to stop her… but she was aggressive and quite determined to continue. Unable to stop Sasuke's mom from continuing on, Naruto stopped struggling and let the older woman go on. Mikoto continued sucking, taking in Naruto's cock into her mouth.

'It's been so long…' Mikoto thought idly as Naruto's scent entered her nostrils and his precum entered her taste buds. She had spent so many years without the company of a man after her husband had been killed. She almost didn't realize how much she missed it up until now. The musk of his cock driving her crazy she doubled her efforts and vigorously used her tongue and lips to bring him to orgasm faster. Naruto placed his hands on her head entangling his fingers into her hair holding her to him. Encouraged Mikoto began making loud slurping noises as she sucked hard on his cock.

"Mmmm!" Naruto moaned as Mikoto took him deeper and deeper into her mouth eager to taste him in every possible way.

"Mikoto-san! I'm coming!" he yelled. Pulling out she clamped her mouth over the tip and let the gush of white seamen enter her mouth finally tasting that which she had gone without for years. Mikoto stood up using her hand to wipe off any extra cum off her mouth and lick it up. Naruto looked up in a daze. Mikoto moved in and embraced him. Suddenly Naruto found himself in a bedroom. Mikoto had used her Ninjutsu to get them here he realized.

"Mikoto…"Naruto whispered but stopped as Mikoto's clothes came off as the woman shed them before his eyes. Standing there completely nude she lustfully walked over to him and took him down to the bed. Naruto's eyes went wide as moved his head to her chest as she laid down on top of him.

"Come on Naruto-Kun suck my breasts." She moaned placing her nipples above his face. Feeling her nipple at his lips Naruto opened his mouth started sucking.

"Oh yes…Ohhh." She moaned as she felt Naruto suck on her tits. Naruto was not going to lie to himself he thought Sasuke's mom was extremely hot, and after one more girl wouldn't really be so bad… heck Kurenai was the one who brought in Yugao and Anko… so it should be ok for him to bring in Mikoto… though avoiding Sasuke would be a pain in the ass. Pulling way Mikoto moved down and once again kissed him on the mouth slipping her tongue deep inside his mouth kissing him passionately. Breaking the kiss she stood up above him and positioned herself over his face. Bringing her fingers to her pussy she spread her lower lips and smiled.

"Come on Naruto-kun… please I really need it." She said panting. Naruto looked up into her moist folds and moved his head up till his lips gently touched her wetness. Once again tasting another woman like this Naruto's mind began to fog as he closed his eyes and slipped his tongue ever deeper into her hot core.

"Ahh…Ahhh…" Mikoto moaned as she felt him probe areas of herself that hadn't been touched by another person in years. Not wanting to wait she spun around, pussy still on Naruto's face and laid on her side as she brought her face in closer and once again took his meat into her mouth.

"Oh! Ohh…" Naruto moaned as she began to vigorously take in his cock and suck on it as he worked his tongue all over her pussy. With Mikoto's eager technique and the feeling of her grinding herself on his face Naruto finally came once again filling the mature woman's mouth with his seed. Buckling in pleasure Mikoto almost painfully ground herself on his mouth and began squirting out her wonderful love juice. The two spent a few minutes there continuing to lap at each other coming down from their high. Moving back and lying on her back on the bed Mikoto breathed deeply, enjoying her first sexual experience in years. Naruto sat up and looked at her nude form. Giving him sleepy eyes she beckoned him over to her.

"Come here Naruto." She called. Crawling on her bed over to her she motioned him on to her stomach and took hold of his dick placing it between her twin mounds. She smiled at him and pressed her breasts together engulfing him in her wonderful softness. His member once again hardened and she got to work pumping him between her tits.

"Mikoto…Mikoto-chan…" he panted. Mikoto smiled and closed her eyes as she added her tongue to the mix and began lapping at the tip whenever it slid out between her breasts. After a while of this wonderful treatment he incredibly came once again, this time however he sent his cum straight at her face, his seed landing on her face, cheeks and hair in thick strands. Naruto moved off her while she stayed their luxuriating in the feeling of his seamen all over her face. She smiled at him cum dripping from her face and hair. She moved up and turned around standing on all fours. She thrust her ass towards him.

"Naruto fuck me… fuck me hard baby." She cried. Naruto moved up and took her ass cheeks in his hands and spread them open exposing two holes that he knew could bring pleasure to a woman. Taking his cock in his hand he guided himself into the familiar female body part that he had become very well acquainted with in the past few days.

"OHHH! Oh Yes!" She cried as he entered her. His hand wet from their combined sexual fluids Naruto brought a finger and gently inserted it into her anus and gently began to probe her.

"AHHHH! OH Naruto! OH God!" she cried feeling pleasures she never knew existed. Encouraged Naruto began to speed up pounding into her with an almost animal like desperation. They continued on in that fashion both of them seeking that release once again…

The door opened and Sasuke Uchiha walked in holding one of his t-shirts.

"Mom have you done the laundry yet I'm look…" he stopped mid sentence. Naruto turned to him still buried deep into his mom with two fingers in her ass. Mikoto turned as well cum dripping off her flushed face. Sasuke's world seamed to shut down. His shirt fallen to the ground his mind tried desperately to understand what he was seeing. There was his mom…and the dead last of his class…naked… Sasuke's eyes only just began to go wide as his mind finally told him what he was seeing. But before he could act on it he fell to the ground in a dead faint. Mikoto's sharingan was spinning wildly in her eyes before returning to normal. Naruto quickly pulled out of both her holes.

"Ah!" she squeaked feeling him leave her.

"WHAT! WHAT DO WE DO NOW!?" Naruto cried as he tried franticly to find a way out of the situation. Mikoto gingerly tried to stand still horny and pissed at being interrupted.

"Don't worry I put him into a Genjutsu with my sharingan." She said looking at Naruto letting him see her eyes. Naruto seemed to calm down if only a little bit.

"What?" he questioned.

"Sharingan, my family's blood line trait. At my level I can place him into a Genjutsu so powerful that he won't be able to tell whether or not something really happened. He'll wake up tomorrow thinking he just had the most perverted dream of his life…" Naruto breathed relieved.

"Oh thank god." He said. Mikoto turned to him.

"Hey don't go relaxing just yet were not done yet." She said smiling. Naruto turned to her eyes wide.

"What! But what about Sasuke!" he said panicking.

"Oh don't worry about him; he won't be up for hours." She said and pounced on him eager to resume their activities. Naruto tried his best to ignore his fellow classmate who was laying face down on the floor completely knocked out as he continued to bang his classmate's mother.

Naruto put on his clothes that his girlfriends had gotten him and turned around as Mikoto got up off the bed still naked and kissed him.

"Bye Naruto-kun." She said smiling at him. Naruto smiled back.

"Bye Mikoto-chan… I'll talk to the others when I get the chance ok." He told her. She nodded back happily. Naruto went out the window and took to the roof tops heading home. Mikoto sighed wondering how things would turn out now…

"Pretty good try bribing the hot spring owner to keep us there longer Miko baby." Said Anko. Mikoto whirled around and came face to face with Kurenai, Yugao, and Anko.

"WHAT! How long were you here!?" She blurted out. Kurenai frowned and stepped forward.

"Long enough." She said. The girls all stepped in closer surrounding Mikoto. She looked around at their unreadable faces.

"…so what now." Mikoto asked quietly. The girls all looked around at each other.

"Well its obvious Naruto cares for you." Yugao said. Kurenai nodded.

"Yes… and I suppose that another addition our little group is acceptable." Kurenai said thinking of her boyfriend. 'After all… I did bring in Yugao and Anko… He should be able to do so as well.' She thought. Mikoto smiled a bit.

"Oh well that's good then." She said happily. Anko grinned and stepped forward.

"Hold on there sister it's not going to be that easy." She said smiling. Mikoto looked curious.

"Then what do I have to do?" she asked. The girls all looked around at each other and grinned.

"You… don't have to do much…" Anko said then took out a bag full of plastic and rubber adult toys.

"We'll be the ones doing things to you…" She said smiling. The girls started undressing and closing in on Mikoto who looked at all of them in surprise as they descended on her in a pile of naked female flesh.

Mean while still lying on the floor half way into the room Sasuke still laid on the floor knocked out and completely ignored.


To be continued…

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