Sasuke and Naruto are forced by their fathers to go to some business event. When they meet the sparks immediately fly. Can they keep their relationship a secret?

Snowysess: Okay I had like so many story ideas I didn't know which one to pick until I found one of my old journals and saw this idea. I was like…I could make this work! Then I did a lot of research on a few things so I decided it would be a drama too. I hope you enjoy it. Oh, and this is a lemon warning!


Chapter 1: Desire

Obsidian eyes gaze uninterestedly around in the giant dining room. Well, it was actually a ballroom but it was temporarily changed into a dining room for the many guests. People of upper class moved around to greet each other in fake happiness. Women had sparkling jewelry and expensive dresses while men wore their best suits and watches to such an event. That's what it was. This event was to increase the money of an already wealthy family.

The family that suggested this fake gathering was the head of the Uchihas. Fugaku Uchiha. All he cared about was the profits that he would be getting afterwards. The chandeliers hanging from the ceiling were being complimented on all night.

One figure though could see through such fake appreciation. He could see the small amount of jealousy or just bitter emotions going through most faces.

He sat back in his chair unfolding his hands. He didn't feel like being polite. He never did. His father forced him to be here. The only reason why he was here happened to be because his father cared about appearances. His brother wasn't here but that was only because he was disowned from the family years ago. If they didn't fake to be the perfect family he would've been gone. He only has been here for an hour. Another hour won't hurt.

He picked up a wine glass that was filled with a bubbly substance. He wasn't alcoholic so he asked for ginger ale. His obsidian eyes moved back at the tables as he finished his drink. He hated being here. He hated it more than he hated his family.

After all, he is Sasuke Uchiha. He hated everything about the Uchiha name. He always had to uphold the name with pride. A lot of people would be privileged to be an Uchiha. No. He wished he was never born in this snobby family. They only cared about appearances. He put his glass down and stood up from his chair. He had enough. He couldn't wait anymore.

He gave small nods of acknowledgement at some of the people sitting at his table. Then he simply walked off. He wanted to escape from this kind of atmosphere. It's suffocating just thinking about it. Luckily, he moved out of the mansion as soon as he graduated college and got a job in a law firm. He wasn't a lawyer and never planned to be. He hated anything that was even close to politics. He is sort of like a secretary but gets paid more than a normal salary. He moved on the opposite side of the city as far away as he could from the Uchiha Estate.

Of course, he was questioned at the decision so he came up with a lie. He told his father he wanted to be independent for a few years. It worked though.

He walked right out of the ballroom and went for the family den. He turned on the fireplace and sat down on the couch across from it. Finally peace and quiet.

It didn't last long.

"Hey…um…can I sit next to you?"

The voice was a husky whisper filled with nothing but sincerity. He looked at the man who asked and had to resist from gaping at him.

There standing not even a few feet away was a cute blonde haired man. His beautifully tanned skin, kissable lips, untamed blonde spiky hair, whiskered scarred cheeks, and most of all the most expressive blue eyes he ever seen. He didn't know what kind of blue that was but he would admit that they were pretty. When their eyes met he was sure that an immediate pressure was created between the two.

He gave a nod after a few seconds. He couldn't let his control slip in front of the stranger. The stranger sat right next to him and he could smell citrus fruits.

"I guess you don't like the party, right?" the blonde asked with a small smile on his face.

"What makes you say that?" Sasuke asked.

"I've watched you since you walked in with your family. Your face hardly changed."

"So you decided to follow me?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

The blonde had a small blush on his face. "No, it's not that! I was forced here by my father and you seemed so bored I decided I could entertain you."

Sasuke wasn't sure if he should talk to a stalker but technically the blonde wasn't. He was just curious and bored himself. It didn't sound too bad either but the more he stared. The more he felt his desire building up.

"What's your name?"

"Naruto Uzumaki."

Sasuke eyes widened. "You're the mayor's son?"

Naruto grinned. "Yeah."

Sasuke thought about this new information. No one never really seen the mayor's son before but they knew his name. For him to be at such a boring event said something. His father didn't like what he was doing like his did.

"I didn't see your father."

"Oh, that's because he isn't here. He hates going to these things. He said it would be so fake that it could suffocate him to death. To be honest, I would've left already if I hadn't seen you."

Sasuke stared blankly at him. His thoughts exactly. "Hn."

"It's like this…" a small hand was placed on his thigh causing the room to automatically heat up. "…I could tell that you were just like me."

Sasuke's eyes widened. "H-how?"

Naruto removed his hand with a small shrug. "I always have an intuition about people like me. So what does the son of the famous Fugaku Uchiha do?"

Sasuke had to correct his composure before he lost it in front of this blonde. He would not deny it. He wanted Naruto. He practically gave him an invitation revealing his real sexuality like that.

"I work at the Hyuuga's Law Firm."

"Hm, you don't like your job?"


"I could tell because there wasn't any excitement or change in your voice. I think you should do whatever you want to do."

"What about you?" Sasuke hoped to change the subject. He'll worry about what he wanted to do later.

"I'm a co-author of a few books and I'm a part time psychologist for kids."

Sasuke was starting to wonder how he could read him so well. It was the guy's job!

"Does your father dislike your choice?"

"He used to. He always tries to get me to promote myself at places like this and says I could do better. I enjoy helping the kids though."

"So you're only talking to me because I look like I need help?" he snorted.

He shook his head. "No. I thought I already made myself clear. I'm talking to you because I want to get to know you or…we could skip this part and fuck."

Sasuke choked on his spit at the direct statement. He could feel his face heat up as the blonde laughed.

Naruto continued to talk. "The tension is there. Why don't we leave this place?"

Sasuke stood up coming to a decision. "I'll be right back."

Naruto smiled leaning back in the couch. "Okay."

Sasuke came back with his car keys in hand. "My place or yours?"

The blonde still had a smile on his face. "Yours."

Sasuke's door didn't even close all the way before he captured Naruto's lips. The blonde responded by wrapping his arms around the raven's neck. Sasuke moved them slamming Naruto against the wall. The kiss deepened tongues overlapping in a fight to see who would explore each other thoroughly first. Sasuke let his pale hand grip soft spiky blonde hair.

He admitted in the car he was impressed by the cute man's blunt words. He wouldn't lie about not being surprised. It's not everyday you meet a straightforward uke. He'll take advantage of the situation since women wasn't really his thing.

Naruto moaned into the kiss causing his desire to skyrocket. That was a beautiful sound and he only wanted more to escape the blonde. He trailed a hand to the white dress shirt ripping the buttons apart.

Naruto whined but didn't complain when his suit jacket was sliding off his shoulders. Sasuke wanted to see more of that tanned skin. He pulled back a little to throw the jacket on the ground. He could see a small four pack on the blonde's abdomen. His hips were slim matching his body perfectly. He licked his lips before slamming his mouth on to the citrus smelling blonde's.

He raised his hands to trace over the flat stomach loving how Naruto moved closer to each touch. He pushed the dress shirt off next. He moved his pale fingers up to the already tightened nipples. He could feel him squirm in his hands.

Sasuke broke the kiss sucking on Naruto's neck. He licked at the skin and a low moan escaped the blonde's lips. He felt himself harden before he ducked his head taking a nipple in his mouth. Naruto cried out fisting his raven hair. He swirled his tongue slowly and sucked. He loved the desperate noises Naruto was making in that husky voice of his.

He switched to the other one not lingering long. He pulled away kissing pink swollen lips. Naruto opened his eyes lust clouding the pretty blue.

Sasuke loosened his tie and kicked off his dress shoes. He kissed Naruto once more time and walked up the staircase. He had a three bedroom house on the opposite side of the city. He wasn't kidding when he moved out of the mansion.

"Follow me." He said.

Naruto followed him like a lost puppy into his room. He smirked as he hefted the blonde up and tanned legs wrapped around his waist. Their erections rubbed against each other between the fabrics of their clothes.

Sasuke groaned taking Naruto into another heated kiss. This time it was slower but still had a rough feeling since their teeth clashed together a couple of times. They didn't care because it didn't stop them. It only increased their desire. None of them knew what to make of these fast feelings. All they knew was that they needed to be released from it before it swallowed them whole.

Sasuke turned around laying Naruto on his bed. They grinded their erections together. The blonde whimpered when Sasuke suddenly pulled away.

Sasuke started to take off his belt and Naruto got the hint. He unhooked his legs from the raven's waist to take off his own belt. Sasuke then started to take off Naruto's shoes and socks. He practically yanked them off his feet.

Sasuke smirked when he saw Naruto pout. "You're quieter than I expected."

Naruto gave him a half hearted glare which only made Sasuke give a low chuckle against warm tanned skin. A shiver went up Naruto's spine.

Soon nothing was on between them. Sasuke's eyes drank in Naruto's flushed face and the smaller body. His body was close to being feminine and he would've looked like a girl if it wasn't for the broad shoulders. It didn't matter to him. He'll fuck him senseless if he looked like a man too. He would say that Naruto looked cute sprawled before him like this. The only reason why he wasn't saying it was because he didn't want to talk.

He bent his head down taking a small lick at the pre-cum covered cock. Naruto moaned loudly gripping his raven hair again. He tasted sweet. He wondered how someone could smell that good and taste that good in the throws of sex. He covered his mouth over the length while Naruto panted. He was trying to hold in the moans.

Sasuke moved his mouth up and down about to do a trick that would have Naruto calling his name. He swirled his tongue around the head both ways before he quickly deep throated the blonde.

"Sasuke!" Naruto moaned loudly in the room. Sasuke would've smirked if he didn't have his cock in his mouth.

He did it a few more times releasing the cock from his mouth. He lifted up to where he hovered over the blonde. He kissed him again letting the blonde taste himself. Naruto was about to wrap his arms around his neck but he rolled off the bed swiftly. His erection was bobbing with each step over to his dresser. He pulled out two condoms and a small bottle of lube.

Naruto knew what was coming so he spread his legs raising them as high as he could. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the position coating his fingers quickly with lube as he climbed back over to the blonde.

He spread the blonde's legs a little bit further and gently pushed his finger in. It was so tight and warm. He couldn't wait until his cock was buried within it. He moved the finger around and added the other digit. Naruto moved on his fingers their eyes connecting throughout the whole time. Naruto's body shivered at the feeling of something inside him. Sasuke couldn't blame him. He was holding back on the blonde as well.

Sasuke twirled his fingers in the tight hole spreading them as much as he could. He leaned down to kiss the back of Naruto's right thigh. He was trying to find his prostate. Naruto moaned loudly at the feeling and Sasuke watched in awe. The blonde's pleasured filled voice and face was addicting.

When Naruto closed his eyes tightly and gave out a loud gasp Sasuke knew he found it. He pressed the area a couple of time loving how Naruto threw his head back in a silent scream. He pulled his fingers out and tore open on of the condom packets. He rolled it on and placed the head of his cock at the lovely quivering hole. He leaned down sucking on Naruto's collarbone. He then pushed in slowly groaning at the tightness.

Sasuke sat still waiting from Naruto adjust. He was above the average size male so he knew it hurt. Naruto squinted his eyes at the pain and took deep breaths calmly. It was to be expected. Once he calmed down Sasuke moved his hips at a certain angle in order to hit his prostate. With a harsh thrust Naruto moaned in pain and pleasure. Sasuke helped him move against his hips in the same rhythm as his. He groaned every few thrusts his hair sticking to his face in the sweaty dance. It felt too good. He couldn't stop the maddening pace now.

He could feel his orgasm coming towards him and he rolled his hips trying to slow down. The blonde moaned at the feeling.

"No! Keep going!" Naruto cried out his voice hoarse from moaning too much.

Sasuke didn't need to be told twice. He had to look anywhere but Naruto to keep from releasing. When Naruto tensed and whimpered a sticky substance coated both of their stomachs. Sasuke felt the quivering hole tighten around him as he came closer and closer. He thrusts became harder and he came too his arms collapsing. He panted against Naruto's sweaty chest knowing his was probably the same or worse. He pulled out with his knees feeling funny. He never felt that after sex.

He took off the used condom throwing it on the floor. He'll pick it up later. Naruto kissed his cheek as he wrapped his arms around the smaller body. Naruto looked like he was about to say something. Sasuke kissed those full lips to stop him and both let sleep claim them. They'll talk more in the morning.

Snowysess: This too me three days to write! Did I improve on my lemon skills or does it still need work? Anyway tell me what you think!