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Note : I'm super hyper because of a really big ice cappochino today, and I was thinking up pranking ideas for the twins when I thought of something friends and I used to joke about during high school. Different ways to drive a teacher insane. LOL! This is only a one-shot, but depending on how many pranks I can find, it might be a mini-series, all focused on the twins pranking an Autobot.

Summary : Sunny and Sides decide to drive the other Autobots insane the best way they know how. With the help of the Earth's Worldwide Web, they come up with numerous ways to prank them. Poor Autobots.

Warnings : Maybe some Cybertronian foul language. That's about it.

Rating : 'T' for language

Pairings : More or less Canon.

Legend :




(Scene/POV Changes)



(Normal POV)

Optimus cycled his vents in a sigh as he walked down one of the massive halls of the new base he, and the humans' government had set up, under Hoover Dam. He looked to a data pad he carried, where lists of inventory, new arrivals, and public grievances were waiting his review.

And as usual, the lamborghini twins, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were number one on the grievances list.

It didn't help they had it out for Prowl, Ratchet and Ironhide.

It also didn't help they'd enlisted the help of Sam, at times Mikaela, and a few other humans and Autobots milling around the base. Sometimes he didn't wonder if the Decepticon attacks weren's a blessing in disguise, seeing as how it kept them in perspective.

Optimus only thanked Primus they had seemingly decided to stay with targeting the three Autobots who knew best how to handle the adolescents. The last thing he needed was the military getting involved in their pranks. Well...anymore so than Will's willingness to help them out, or Epps' obvious enjoyment of their jokes.

Turning a corner, Optimus raised an optic ridge when he passed the said twins, heading down the hall in his direction. They were whistling innocently, an action that usually meant they had just finished setting up one of their pranks. And no thanks to the Earth's Worldwide Web, they had no shortage of pranks to pull. Catching their optics, he narrowed his own optics and watched as Sunstreaker grinned broadly, before Sideswipe nudged him visciously.

Which left a big scratch.

Which made Sunstreaker let out a surprisingly feminine screech.

"Watch the paint!" Sunstreaker smacked Sideswipe on the back of the head, before stalking off down the hall, muttering under his breath about careless younger siblings.

Shaking his head, Optimus turned and began down the hall once again, taking his time as he kept an eye out for the overly squishly humans that tended to seemingly appear underfoot randomly.

Hmm... Perhaps Sam's joking suggestion of a 'Human Crossing' sign had some merit.

By the time he got to his office, he'd forgotten all about running into the lamborghinis and swiped his hand over the panel outside his door, to open it. With a soft hiss, the door slid up and out of the way, and he ducked slightly -for not even the Autobot-sized doors were high enough for him- and entered the quiet room. Pausing a moment, he carefully eyed the room.

They've never targeted me before, but I wouldn't put it past those two to suddenly decide to hit me now. His optics scanned the room, before running scans on the room. Nothing appeared to be out of place, so he wandered in, placing the data pad on the desk as he walked around and pulled out the seat. Still seeing no problems, he sat down on the cushioned surface, grimacing against the unusual feelings. Humans, and their...'perks'. He'd never had need of such 'comforts' but apparently the humans didn't understand that.

They'd insisted his seats and recharge bay were fully padded.

Returning his attention to his work, Optimus once again took up the pad. He skimmed through the grievance notes, taking notice it was more or less all about the pranks of the twins, and ignoring the comments since they all came from the same three 'bots. In all honesty, he wasn't sure there was a whole lot he could do about them, they were still fairly young and rebellious.

Still...he would need to have a talk with them about messing around with Prowl's faulty logistic routines. As occasionally amusing as it was, it wasn't necessarily a good thing, regardless is Ratchet explained it wasn't all that dangerous.

He took more time and care on the other aspects, sending a notice to Ratchet about acquiring more raw materials to be used to help repair injured Autobots, and placed the pad back down. Reaching out, he went to lift a second data pad in front of him, which had been there when he came in.

When it wouldn't budge, he frowned. He dug his fingers in a little harder, and pulled hard. Then he winced before his eyes got wide, as a large hole erupted in the top of the wooden desk it had apparently been...glued to? Looking closer, he shuttered his optics and cycled his vents.

Superglue. Shaking his head, he put the pad down on another part of the desk and messaged Ironhide to discipline the twins for ruining a gift from the humans, though he had warned said humans that a wooden desk would probably be less efficient than a metal one. He then reached out for a container he'd laid at the edge of the desk before, which he usually used for his morning energon.

That, too, was stuck, but Optimus wisely chose not to pry at it, already fearing his desk was beyond repair. "I need to have a word with those two." He muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose before cycling his vents yet again, and standing up.

....Only to feel the chair come with him.

He paused, his optics widening with horror as the realization hit him.

Not just the desk. His optics narrowed dangerously as he felt his irritation rise, and he stood up straight, effectively breaking the back off the metal chair with a loud crunch and clang. Then he took two steps back, walked around his desk, and reached back, pulling.

It didn't budge.

He pulled, and he pulled, and he let out a fairly impressive snarl when he realized the chair itself was made of Cybertronian metal, and would not break easily. Even the cushion seemed to refuse to tear, and after a moment, he sighed.

Accessing his internal communications link, he took a deep breath and mentally forced down his rising anger. "Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, I'd like to have a word with you, if I may. As soon as you can be at my office." He'd let the message out over the entire network, more than aware that all the Autobots would hear it, and know full well the twins were in trouble.

He mentally compared it to a 'naughty student being ordered to the principal's office'.

Then again, that was full well what this was. Walking over to his door, he swiped his hand over the panel, and very nearly groaned when the door beeped in the negative, remaining shut. I'm going to make those twins wash every floor in the base, with Ironhide watching over them, and giving 'Hide full permission to blast them if they try anything. No, I'm going to make them help Ratchet do inventory. He reached out and repeated the gesture, ending up with the same lack of effect.

Turning slowly, he paused and winced when the chair banged against another chair that was in the room, sending the other flying. Primus, help me. Reaching back, he once again began his tug of war with the chair, not giving up, despite it's seeming lack of doing what he wanted. He pulled and pulled, letting out grunts as he tried to get better leverage and pulled.

He even bent over, hoping that would help. When it didn't, he turned his back to a metallic desk right beside the door, and began to squat down, listening to the bangs the chair made as it met the resisting metal of the desk. He winced, as he felt the cushion moving around, but it didn't seem to be doing any good.

Just as he was about to hit the desk again, the door beeped and swung open, revealing the twins...and Prowl.

Optimus' second in command froze at the sight in front of him. His commanding officer was standing sidways at the door, bent over and with a chair stuck to his aft. "Sir...?" Warning, system overload. It definitely wasn't every day the twins were daft enough to even target Prime himself, let alone get away with it. It also threatened to overload his sensors, seeing the utterly ridiculous display in front of him.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe's jaws dropped in tandem, and they began to howl with laughter, almost doubling over at the utterly ridiculous image their boss 'bot was portraying right now. Even seeing the dark look on his face, and knowing they were going to be punished, they couldn't help but laugh.

He blinked a moment, taking in the horrified and humiliated gaze of his leader and trying not to think of how wrong this looked, before Optimus grunted and slammed his aft down in a harsh squat.



The cushion ripped and the chair fell to the ground loudly, leaving Optimus standing there with a rather...fuzzy behind.

Does not compute. Blinking again, Prowl looked from his normally majestic leader's angry, embarrassed expression, to the chair on the floor. He didn't know whether to be angry, amused or horrified. His left optic twitched. Does not compute. His mind couldn't wrap around how Optimus had actually fallen victim to one of their pranks. All of a sudden, there was a loud pop, and smoke started to seep through Prowl's helmet. His optics offlined, and he keeled over, hitting both twins as he did a nose dive to the ground.

"Watch my paint!" Sunstreaker yelled, moving aside, even as Sideswipe at least tried to catch the larger 'bot.

As the twins took another look around them and once again began cracking up, Optimus let out that groan, and shook his head. He called for Ratchet internally, before quickly hiding a smirk. 'Ratchet, when you get here, do me a favor and bring Ironhide, and a large can of superglue.'

After all, if the twins found his humiliation so funny, maybe they'd like to spend a week glued to each other.


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