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(Normal POV)

"I'm bored."

Everyone in the room froze as the infamous words were spoke, their optics widening in fright and wariness, even as they turned to the one to speak the two innocent words. Bumblebee crouched down, prepared to grab his charge and run for his spark if need be, and Ironhide remained standing, only out of the sheer strength of will he possessed, even as the yellow Corvette sighed, ignoring them.

Sideswipe looked at his brother, raising an optic ridge. "I dunno about you, but I'm pretty pranked out, bro."

Ironhide's optics twitched, and he very nearly fell over backwards in shock. Wow. Primus, I never expected to hear that from either one of those two. He blinked, frowning slightly.

And his frown was mirrored by almost every other face in the room, Autobot and human alike.

Sunstreaker turned to his brother. "So? I'm bored. I've repainted myself ten times today alone, and can't afford anymore harsh chemicals on my armor, or I risk the colors bleeding into each other." He shuddered in horror at the thought. "And I've repainted my room twice to match."

"Our room."

The silver twin was ignored. "I've finished my work on base, and I haven't been off base for a month!"

"So get off base!" Ironhide finally snapped, his optics twitching as he watched the yellow twin suddenly perk.

Sunstreaker shot a mild glare at the weapons specialist for being yelled at, before realizing what had been said. Even as a look of regret began to cross Ironhide's face, he turned and transformed. 'Really?! Thanks old bot!' He was off in a squeal of tires, hearing his brother right behind him as he went, and together they abandoned base eagerly.

Ironhide watched them leave with a look of mild horror dawning in his face.

"You realize what you've just done, right?" Will's own eye was twitching, his hand poised over his pistol and his fingers twitching in sync with his eye as he watched them go.

"Oh yeah." Eyeing the nearest wall, Ironhide began to wonder if banging his head off it would do more damage to the wall, or him. "We're fragged."

(With the Twins)

Even as the twins streaked across the countryside, they soon found themselves pausing outside of a farm. Sunstreaker idled silently, watching as a nearby bovine recharged on, unaware of their presence. With a smirk, he raised an optic ridge, before a sudden data burst and nearly silent snicker reached his systems. Opening the file packet his twin had sent, he felt his hidden optics widen as he once again gazed upon the bovine in front of him.

A quick scan told him no one was home at the residence nearby, so he snuck up to the fence, extending tiny spindly arms from his front grill and reaching out. With a silent shudder of with held laughter, he pushed against the cow's side, the arms proving tougher than they looked as the cow fell over with ease, 'moo'ing upon wakening as it hit the ground.

'Oh Primus that was priceless!' Sideswipe broke out laughing over their bond, and they drove off in search of more fun.

Sunstreaker didn't bother answering, a smirk written across his hidden face as a sudden idea hit him. 'Remember that the humans don't yet have recharge berths for us?' He got a sense of confirmation and his smirk grew. 'How about we go Autobot tipping?' He suddenly reversed, ignoring the alarmed honk Sideswipe gave as he gracefully swerved around his brother's form and back towards the farm.

Sideswipe snarled quietly for the unexpected and careless move, before he suddenly froze. 'Autobot tipping?' The idea both frightened and amused him in one.

Sunstreaker transformed silently, reaching over and using a vent in his wrist to vent sleeping gas on the bovine below him. He watched as half of them fell over, their legs in the air before they rolled on to their sides, and the others remained standing. Then he picked up two of them. 'Ironhide and the other senior officers have their sensors tuned higher than ours.'

His twin watched his actions, barely disguising the look of disgust as Sunny picked up two of the sweaty, stinky creatures. 'Yeah I know. What's with the history lesson?'

'Not a history lesson, a reminder.' Sunstreaker handed the two unconscious bovine to his twin before picking up two more. 'The sounds these bovine make wouldn't be enough to wake us, but with their higher sensors...' He trailed off as he ducked into the vast desert, making a B-line far from the road and slowly towards the side fence line of the distant base, where a weakness in the fencing would allow them to slip the cows through, but keep the cows from getting back out.

Getting the plan, Sideswipe's optics widened in alarm and amusement, and he followed his brother to the weakness in the fence line, slipping the unconscious cattle through, before following Sunstreaker's lead back to the main gate, transforming and making it through, before 'casually' disappearing once again.


Many of the Autobots remained in the main hangar, in their bipedal forms, recharging. While alternate forms were an option, they tended to get cramped after a certain amount of time. As it was, humans shuddered unconsciously as they took in the still forms with the darkened optics, barely able to understand how anyone could be comfortable recharging on their feet.

Once the hangar cleared out, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe lit their optics and exchanged a smirk. They silently crept out of the room, making their way across the base to the cattle, and carefully picking them up. Luckily, the bovine were still dazed and remained silent, or at least very quiet, as the Autobot twins made their way back, placing the cattle in the room.

Then they made their way to the door, exchanging another look and leaning against the wall, waiting for the magic to begin.

It started with Bumblebee.

The cow in front of him seemed to wake up first, sending off a mild 'moo'. That was more than enough, however, and the scout's heightened sensors caught the sound, amplifying it, and causing him to jump as he woke with a start, losing his balance with a warble and falling over backwards.

That, of course, startled the other cows, who 'mooed' louder.

The Autobots began to awaken with a start. Ratchet jumped, knocking into Jazz and sending them both over sideways. Then Chromia jumped, her and her sisters getting tangled in each other and collapsing in a heap of lengthy limbs and a chorus of cries.

"Cow tipping I've heard of. Trust us to create 'Autobot Tipping'." Sideswipe snickered.

Optimus' optics snapped on, wide with shock and alarm, even as a rather startled look fixed itself across all his features, and he slowly began to fall over backwards.

"TIMMMMMMMMBBBEERRRRRRR!" Sideswipe yelled, laughing and wincing as the large Autobot leader hit the ground hard, causing the entire hangar to shake.

Sunstreaker laughed as well. "Wow. It's really true, what they say. The bigger you are, the harder you fall." He high fived his brother, then froze.

A loud, deep growl seemed to reverberate through the room. Slowly the twins turned to look, and blinked, both their sparks sending intense waves of fear to the other as they took in the sight before them.

"Oh pit! It's Frank!"

Ironhide ignored the rather strange comment as he took in his fallen -quite literally, too- comrades, and the perpetrators, who were running around like...well...bovine with their heads cut off. He glowered at the twins, his cannons rolling angrily as he stepped forward, grunting, huffing, and growling even louder.

Anyone who saw his optics shot out of his way as fast as humanly -or in some cases, mechly- possible as he began to run after the suddenly retreating forms. His optics flashed a deep, angry red as he heard them screaming at each other to run faster, ignoring Optimus' call to him to watch out for the humans as he jumped over sleepy soldiers and dashed through the door, taking the sharpest corners with surprisingly agility.

"Run, dumbaft, run!" Sunstreaker called, glancing over his shoulder.

Sideswipe was panting as he sped forward, his wheeled feet moving faster than they'd ever moved before. "I am running, glitch!" He yelped, jumping to the side and narrowly avoiding a blast that left a charred, smoking hole in the pavement behind him. "Smart move, genius!" He yelled, splitting off from his twin. "It was all his idea!" He pointed at the yellow twin as he took off towards the barracks, dodging and weaving between hangars as Ironhide roared with rage.

"I bloody well hate you!" Sunstreaker screamed, ducking under a blast, and jumping over the fence line of the base, making his way towards the mountain line.

Ironhide didn't even slow down as he grunted and growled again, chasing the yellow twin, the known perpetrator, over the fence and towards the mountains.

Back at the base, everyone was placing bets on whether or not Sunstreaker would manage to get away, or Sideswipe would be an only child before morning.

Note : Random idea. XD Some of this (including the 'Frank' line) was inspired by a conversation with greenleafprince, and a video from 'Cars' that I watched online. XD

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