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Sam sat on Carly's couch, watching TV. Carly was at the kitchen table, drawing. She's become a lot better since she drew that bunny on ICarly. Now her drawings were beautiful. Sam got up and got a bannana from the kitchen. She looked over Carly's shoulder.

"What'cha doodlin'?", she asked.

Carly held her drawing pad up so sam could see. She had drawn a fluffy white kitten with pink paws and a pink heart mark on her chest.

"It's my cat, Pinkkit.", she replied proudly.

Sam raised an eyebrow.

"Carls, you don't have a cat.", she said.

Carly laughed.

"Not a real cat, Sam. A warrior cat."

"What in the name of cheese is a 'warrior cat'?"

Freddie came in with a warrior's book in his hand.

"Hi, lady.", he said to Carly, then he turned to Sam. "Hello, creature."

Sam threw her bannana at him.

"Sam, be nice.", Carly said.

"Carly, you know that's never going to happen." Freddie said.

Sam nodded in agreement.

"For once, I actually agree with you, Benson.", she said.

Freddie walked into the kitchen and looked at Carly's drawing.

"Nice. Hey, did you get to Bluekit?", he said.

Carly nodded and turned the page. There was a blue-gray kit with black paws and a black muzzle on it. Freddie smiled.

"It's perfect! Thanks.", he said.

Carly smiled. Sam scoffed.

"Why do you two care about those stupid cats so much?", she asked.

"Bluekit is not stupid." Freddie said, acting insulted.

Carly looked at the clock on the wall.

"We better go. The convention will be starting soon.", she said.

Sam cocked her head.

"What convention?"

"The warriors convention." Freddie said, walking towards the door.

Carly grabbed Sam by the hand and lead her to the door.

"Wait, I don't wanna go!", she protested.

Carly stopped.

"Then stay here. All alone. So bored..."

Sam sighed.

"Fine, Carls. You win."

Carly dragged her away and the three teens went to the convention. Or at least, they walked there.

Sam walked beside Carly. A vodoo shop caught her eye and she darted towards it. Carly and Freddie followed her. She looked in the window.

"Come on, Puckett! You're not gonna make me late for the book signing!", Freddie said.

Sam didn't care.

"If you care about your book so much-", Sam said. She snatched Freddie's book. "Come and get it!" She ran into the shop and disappeared.

Freddie groaned and ran after her. Carly sighed and walked into the store. Sam ran to the back of the shop and sat down. A thick, red book fell in front of her and she began to read it.

"Hmm, let's see....'To find what you seek, take another look. Your answer may be in a book.'", she read. She rolled her eyes and closed it. She put Freddie's book on top of it and picked it up. Freddie and Carly came running to her.

"What do you think you're doing, Puckett?", Freddie asked angrily.

Carly shuddered.

"Hey, Sam, can we leave? This place freaks me out."

Sam laughed.

"Sure, Shay. This place is full of baloney anyway. That spell was so lame."

Freddie crossed his arms.

"What spell?"

Sam repeated the spell.

"To find what you seek, take another look. Your answer may be in a book."

The red book began to vibrate and Freddie's warrior book began to glow yellow. Sam dropped the books on the floor. A red portal opened up and before they could react, it sucked them into the book.

Sam opened her eye a slit. She was surrounded by trees.

"Ah!", Carly shreiked.

Sam spun around and saw a light brown cat with hazel eyes and white paws. Sam blinked.


The cat nodded slowly.


Sam nodded back.

Freddie looked at Sam. She was now a golden colored she-cat with green eyes.

Sam looked at Freddie. He was a brown tom with blue eyes and a white stomach.

"What happened to us?", Freddie said.

Carly gulped.

"We're warriors!"