Her eyes grew wide and her ears lowered in fear.



The gray medicine-cat apprentice had fallen off the cliff and gained many wounds in the process. The worst part? At the base of the cliff was a lake, almost invisible in the night, but Sam could hear sounds of an aquatic struggle. A faint gasp reached the she-cat's ears and a little gray spot surfaced.

"Jayfeather? J-Jayfeather!" Sam hissed. Her eyes desperately scanned the side of the cliff, searching for a safe way down. /Is that him? that can't be him! I-It just can't be. . .oh my god, it is isn't it?/

"Sam? Jayfeather? Where are you?" came Carly's voice. Sam whipped her head around and bolted towards the sound of her best friend's voice.

"Carly, help!" she shouted. "It's Jayfeather, he-" she suddenly crashed into another cat.

"Ow! Sam, watch where you're going." Freddie hissed. Sam was on her paws quickly and helped the tom to his.

"Sam? Freddie?" came Carly's voice. She seemed to pad out of nowhere. "Are you guys okay?" Sam shook her head furiously.

"Jayfeather's in trouble! He fell off this huge cliff and landed in a lake; I can't get to him!" she blurted out. "There's no way down. He's really hurt and-"

"Sam, calm down." Freddie mewed. Sam's fur began to bristle.

"I CAN'T CALM DOWN!" she growled. "Jayfeather might be dead, okay? DEAD!"

"Don't talk like that, Sam!" Carly scolded. "Just tell us where Jayfeather is. We'll find him, and he'll be okay. I know it." Sam nodded and led them up to the clifftop she was just standing on. A strange scent filled the three cats' nostrils before they reached it, though. Sam stopped to investigate; Carly and Freddie followed in suit. There were four dark feline figures sniffing the air nearby. One was noticibly bulkier than the rest; two of them were a lot smaller than the others. . . they might have been apprentices. The last cat sported a feminine figure, slender, but clearly powerful.

"Uh-oh." Freddie breathed. The largest of the four figures turned and faced the iCarly crew.

"Halt!" came his low, angry growl. The other figures turned as well, and they made their way over. As they came closer, Sam could make out their pelt colors, thanks to the light of the moon: the two sleekest ones were a forest brown, one had a white right front paw and the other had a white left front paw. The largest cat was a smoky gray, and the other was black, white, and gray all over.

"Who are you?" said the large cat. "Why are you here, trespassing on Earthring land?"

"We didn't mean to trespass, Sir. We were being chased by foxes." Carly spoke up. "We're looking for our friend; he's in trouble and-"

"Who are you?" the tom growled again. Sam padded up to him and frowned.

"Sam. Freddie. Carly." she said stiffly. She growled a little bit. "Now are you gonna help us and our friend or not? He's drowning because he ran off the cliff while the foxes were chasing us and-"

"Drowning?" the brown cat with the right white paw gasped. It was clear to the iCarly crew it was a girl. "Thunderwind, can't we help them? Please?" To the trio's surprise, the large smoky cat said nothing. Instead, the tri-colored she-cat spoke up.

"Of course we can, Sparrow." she mewed to her. She turned to the iCarly cats. "I'm sorry, you all. Ashtail here has a short temper." The one called Ashtail stepped back just a bit and lowered his head slightly, embarassed.

"It's alright, so does she." Freddie mewed, pointing to Sam with his tail.

"Jayfeather?" Sam murmured impatiently.

"Ah, Jayfeather. . ." Thunderwind mused. "Is this the friend that needs help?" With a flick of her tail, she summoned the two brown cats.

"Owl? Sparrow? Show them the quickest way down." she ordered. "And bring them back to camp afterwards; they'll need a place to stay for the night. Ash and I will go back to base and alert Rubyshine and Flash you're coming. The poor cat will probably be in shock from falling so far and hitting the water. . .I'll send Maplestep and Honeydew to assist you."

"Yes, Thunderwind." the pair said in unison. The twins beckoned to the iCarly crew by tail and the five started off down the hill.

"You probably know this by now, but I'm Sparrow." Sparrow said. "And this is my brother, Owl." Sam was right on the younger cats' tails, and Freddie and Carly were right on hers. She was terrified right about now.

"Stay close." Owl murmured. "Watch your step." He took a sharp left turn; Sparrow and the iCarly cats followed.

"I've never seen you cats before." Sparrow said. "Where are you from?"

"There's another forest over the mountains. We came from there." Freddie answered. The smell of water grew stronger and stronger with each pawstep the cats took; they were close to the lake. However, the sounds of struggle grew fainter and fainter as they neared the lake. . .Sam hurried to the head of the small group, all senses on alert.

"There!" Sparrow exclaimed. "It's right over there." She felt Sam's severe unease; the golden she-cat ran ahead. The forest opened to a large meadow and smack dab in the middle was the lake. The waters were still. . . where was Jayfeather?

"Oh my God." Sam breathed. She ran to the lakeside and yelled for all she was worth. "Jayfeather? Jayfeather! Jayfeather, can you hear me? Where are you? Jayfeather! Say something, anything!" Carly, Freddie, Sparrow, and Owl caught up and were now on either side of Sam, searching the water for the gray medicine-cat. A loud splash echoed through the meadow and the crew caught sight of two feline figures in the water. One was unconcious; the other was pulling the first to the shore.

"Is that him?" Owl asked. No one replied. The iCarly gang ran to the other side of the lake, trying to get a better glimpse of the cats. Once they came closer, they discovered another cat sitting on the shore. She had a light gold pelt decorated with white flecks. She looked at the iCarly kids with surprise at first, but it soon melted into curiosity.

"Honeydew!" Sparrow and Owl called from behind. The new cat looked around Sam, Freddie, and Carly to look at the twin apprentices. Owl and Sparrow padded to her side and she looked out into the water.

"Maplestep's bringing him back." she said. "But that cat doesn't look good. His head was sinking underwater when Maplestep jumped in. He almost sunk too far down for a cat to swim." The iCarly cat's fur stood on end as they watched helplessly form the sidelines. Sam closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them, the lake was emitting an eerie white glow. She lowered her ears and stole a glance at Freddie and Carly, but their expressions didn't change. No cat's did. She blinked and the glow was gone, but by then Maplestep and Jayfeather had reached the shore. They were a few tail-lengths away, but the other cats closed the gap quickly. Maplestep's thick brown and gray fur was dripping wet, so it was harder for him to move. Jayfeather just lie on the grass, limp, motionless, almost like-

"Is he dead?" Carly asked fearfully. "H-He's not dead, right?" Owl lowered his head and put his ear to Jayfeather's chest.

"I can't hear anything. . ." he whispered. "I-I don't know if he's breathing." Honeydew frowned.

"That might be because his fur is fur is all wet. It's probably blocking the heartbeat and his breathing might not be so strong right now. You two-" she mewed, looking at Sam and Carly. "Lick his fur dry, warm him up. Sparrow, Owl, do the same to Maplestep." But Maplestep had already begun to smooth his fur while the other cats were talking. The four cats performed their assigned jobs and Freddie spoke to Honeydew.

"What happens to him now?" he asked. Honeydew wrapped her tail around her front paws and sighed.

"We see if he improves." she replied. "We can't carry him back when he's in such shock; moving him in a state like this could kill him. We have to get him stable for a while at least before we take him back to base. But Rubyshine and Flash will take care of him then, so if he makes it that far, he'll be fine for sure." She paused for a moment. "I'm sorry, in all the excitement I missed your names. I'm Honeydew."

"Freddie." Freddie said. "The two she-cats are Carly and Sam, and Jayfeather is the tom on the ground." Freddie shot a worried glace Jayfether's way.

"He'll pull through, don't worry." Maplestep encouraged. This was the first time he had spoken that night.

Jayfeather's Point of View

My head is throbbing and I can't feel my paws. I can't feel any part of my body. I can barely stand up. Wait . . . where am I? This isn't the forest, this isn't the Starclan camp. It's all black. Foxlengths and foxlengths of just . . . black. It's cold. There's not another cat in sight. I can't even smell one. Am I in the Dark Forest? Somewhere in between-

"Jayfeather." I was called by an unfamiliar feminine voice. I turned around and came face to face with a snow white cat, sitting on a small boulder. Where did they come from?

"Yes?" I responded. The cat climbed down and the boulder faded away. "Who are you?" The cat smiled and I just noticed she had storm gray eyes.

"I am just a lost voice in the wind. It matters not who I was, Jayfeather. But what does matter is who you will be." she told me. "You are apart of a special prophecy-"

"I'm one of the Three." I cut in. "Yes, I know." She chuckled and padded to my side. What's so funny about that?

"The Three chosen cats, yes, yes, we all know about that." Who is we? "But this is more important. It's happening sooner. Much, much sooner." She became serious. "You will face a great enemy, Young Jayfeather. There are evils in this forest that will spread across every bit of land under the sky if they aren't stopped. Your path has crossed with cats who will help you fight. The battle starts here, in the forest, among the tribes. It will reach your home in a matter of days. Help the tribes defend themselves and they will help you defend your home. The attack force is much too strong for your clans to fight off alone, or even altogether; you'll need help."

"Why me?" I asked. "And where am I?" The white cat grinned.

"You are in the Forest of the Fallen." she said. "It's a lot like Starclan. It is Starclan, in fact; all the cats that have passed on live either in the sky among the stars or down below. . ." The she-cat walked in front of me and her storm gray eyes shifted into a white color.

"You will see the world in a new light, with brand new eyes." she said. She focused on me and I felt my body twitch. A warm energy started in my stomach and spread throughout my body. I could feel my paws and legs again, but my head? Lighter than air. I found it hard to concentrate and then it escalated into trouble remaining conscious. The white cat faded away, saying "Don't forget, Jayfeather: see. Don't just look at the world. See it. Feel it. Take it in and breath it out."

I blacked out and fell to the ground. When I came to, I was surrounded by strange scents from two or three different cats. I was reminded of the medicine den back home a little bit, but something was different about this. It wasn't bad, just different. I felt a warm pelt brush against mine and then it happened. Sam's scent hit my nose and I immediately relaxed.

"Please wake up, Jayfeather." Sam murmured, running her tail over my back.

"Sam?" I croaked out. She stirred excitedly beside me.

"Jayfeather?" she said. I raised my head and opened my eyes. Something amazing happened. I saw white. Then I saw blurry shapes. The shapes got color and became more defined. I blinked and the world came into focus for the first time. I was in a cave, I think. I saw a large tom sitting close to the cave entrance. I turned around and saw a gray and white tom, apprentice-sized, looking back at me.

"Jayfeather?" Sam mewed. I turned to my right and stopped breathing for a moment. Wow.

"H-Hi Sam."

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