Chapter one the beginning

Throughout his life Ryoma was never really the prized child of his family that spot, belonged to his brother Ryoga.

Even at a young age know one really noticed Ryoma and he was pretty much invisible to all that saw him or better yet saw through him. Even his parents pretty much never really noticed him except for special occasions.

Today was his first day at Seishun Gakuen in Japan which they just moved to. Unfortunately he had to go to school with his brother.

"Chibisuke, make sure that you don't talk to me or let any1 know you're my brother got it?" Ryoma just fixed his glasses which meant whatever to his brother.

Ryoga, looked like a model, he had a nice dark tan, brown eyes, a tall well built body, and black hair like Ryomas, would sometimes have a tint of green. He was a cocky and self absorbed person who flirted with every girl he saw and thought to highly of himself

Ryoma on the other hand was small, had a somewhat scrawny form, and had large golden catlike eyes. He wore somewhat baggy dark colored clothes outside of school. He also wore glasses (even though he doesn't need them to see at all). Ryoma was a quiet type of person who liked to read books more than talk to people and never got into fights unless he couldn't get out of it but not many people knew that he was somewhat cocky himself.

"Not like anyone would think we were" though he wasted his breath his brother was already flirting with some third years (Ryogas third year and Ryomas First year). Seeing that, he walked away.

The first few morning classes went as he thought, he was invisible. "Why in the world am I at school? I already know this and the teachers just repeat the same things over again." Ryoma thought as he stared out the window of his 4th period class. Ryoma was an intelligent kid who was at the top of his class at his old school. So he never really paid attention unless he felt like it.

During his free period he started looking for a place to sleep at school because right after his free period was lunch so he could sleep for a while. He had no luck finding one though.

Just then, a large wind blew straight in Ryoma's face and his class schedule which he had been holding, went flying into (you guessed it) the tennis court.

Ryoma had never played tennis before but his dad, brother and even his mom played it. The reason he didn't was because his family was so wrapped up in their brother's playing skills to know he even existed. This made Ryoma hate tennis. Though sometimes he watched Ryoga and his dad play on the court they had in their yard.

As Ryoma walked in to get his papers, he didn't realize that is WAS the tennis court or the many people that were there.

I said he was intelligent not that he was to bright of his surroundings.

But at the moment he picked them up, there were 2 people playing a match and talking.

"BURNING!!!! COME ON COME ON I'LL BEAT YOU ALL DOWN TO A PUPL WITH MY BURNING TENNIS!!! COME ON BABY!!!" (Bet you can't guess who that is). "Can't you take it easy for once Kawamru-sempi?" asked Momo breathing heavily.

"COME ON BABY" kawamra hit the ball so hard that it flew straight past Momo and headed straight for Ryoma just standing up. "WATCH OUT!!" Momo yelled as the ball was coming closer to Ryoma's face.

As soon as he realized what was going on, without thinking he grabbed the nearest object he could block with which turned out to be a racket and swung it as hard as he could and amazingly hit the ball straight back at Kawamra but right as it went over the net it hit the ground and started spinning around in a circle on the ground without bouncing up soon pulling off all the green fuzz off the ball.

Shocked at what just happened everyone looked at Ryoma which was still in a daze. When he snapped back to reality he dropped the racket and ran apologizing in the process not knowing that he just started an epidemic.

As soon as he ran out of the court the owner of the racket entered the court. As he walked over to his racket he realized everyone staring at the gate. When he finally looked at the ball and then his racket he just then realized that it had a broken string he looked at the gate puzzled.

Back at Ryoma who had just made it to an open area with a tree he sat down and looked back at what had just happened. "Ah well ill just give them another ball tomorrow if they ask but I'll probably steer clear of the courts from now on" he thought to himself.

The next day went normally until English class which was 3rd period when he realized all the people talking to each other. Ryoma decided to ignore it even though he was wondering why some people would look in his direction.

During free period Ryoma was walking outside when he was stopped by to second years. He looked up with a pissed off glare and tried to go around them when they stopped him again.

"Hey where do you think you're going brat?" one of the boys asked. Ryoma just glared at him wondering why the hell this guy is bothering him. That's when he realized that he had a tennis bag and said

"Sorry about the ball yesterday now please leave me alone" as he started to turn around to leave he was grabbed and turned around to face the boys again.

"Don't think that you can just walk into the court and show us all up and leave without a match" upon hearing this Ryoma started to freak out inside. Just as he was about to protest the boys dragged him off towards the courts but not to any court, it was the girl's courts as one guy was saying so they don't get disturbed.

When they finally let go of Ryoma he immediately said "WHAT THE HELL I DIDN'T SHOW ANYONE UP AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO PLAY TENNIS!!!"

The two guys just became more pissed off thinking he wasn't serious "SHUT UP WE SAW WHAT YOU DID AND WE KNOW YOU CAN PLAY NOW PICK UP A RACKET AND PLAY ME!!!"

Knowing he couldn't get out of this he decided to take the racket they gave him and with that the game started. Ryoma had first serve and after he hit the ball it came zooming back towards Ryoma who's first instinct was to dodge it completely. "PLAY SERIOUSLY KID!!" yelled the angered teen.

"How can you play seriously when you don't even know what you're doing?" Ryoma thought as was getting back up.

After about one game some people started to see what was going on but very few and one of them was Oishi from the regulars who recognized the kid from Momo's description.


"I still don't believe that some random kid did-"Oishi was cut off "WAAAAAA!! REALLY LETS GO FIND HIM AND SEE HIM DO IT!!!" Eiji was exited to find this amazing freshman. "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING PRATICE IS STARTING" Teizaka entered the room full of regulars as the all left saying "HAI"

Back to the present, the game count was 1-0 and 15-0 was the score. Ryoma was still unable to even hit the ball until he heard "What's the matter squirt can't hit a ball anymore now that you're playing someone with talent?"

That must have hit the red button cause right after he served it came shooting back straight passed him he couldn't even follow it. At that moment Ryomas eyes changed from their usual not caring and kind of sad feeling to determined and pissed off. "You wanna call me squirt again Mr. Big shot?" Ryoma smirked "Mada mada Dane".

The player mumbled "Lucky shot I bet you can't hit it again" as he got up and served his so called "bullet serve" which Ryoma hit back with ease.

Shocked at what he had just seen Oishi ran back to tell his friends what he had just witnessed.

Ryoma won 2-1 and went back to his usual self not really noticing what just happened and how he acted, all he saw was the 2 kids running away yelling "WE WONT FORGET THIS" and he just shrugged and when to eat his self-packed lunch.

Back to Oishi who had just met up with the regulars breathing heavily, Eiji decided to ask first "Nah what's the matter why are you out of breath Oishi?" everyone else just stared and waited for an answer. After he caught his breath, Oishi started explaining what he had just seen with all eyes on him.

After finishing his story Inui starts writing down in his notebook what Oishi just told them while everyone else just stood there until Eiji puts on a huge smile and starts jumping up and down with excitement. Momo then smiled with satisfaction while saying "See? I told you guys that he was good but you didn't believe me"

"Well then we'll all have to greet him tomorrow now wont we" Fuji stated with a smile while everyone else felt a chill go through the air.

On his way back home Ryoma halted when he heard a familiar voice call his name as he turned around to find out it was his brothers running up to him. To be honest Ryoma was quite shocked due to the fact that in public his brother didn't want to be seen with him so he had no choice but to ask why.

Ryoga smirked and began telling his reason on why he stopped him. "Well I heard an interesting rumor today about a boy with black hair like mine and glasses like yours hit an incredible shot on the court a few days back." He paused for a moment to see Ryomas expression which didn't change and continued "You wouldn't happen to be that freshmen would you Chibisuke?"

Ryoma not even wanting to reply just fixed his glasses and walked away. "OI WHERE YOU GOING CHIBISUKE?!?!" "To get a Ponta at the market" Ryoma voice was just barley loud enough for his brother to hear.

When they got home Ryoma looked down to see Karpuin his cat waiting for him to arrive while his parents greeted Ryoga. Fortunately his cousin named Nanako did treat Ryoma and Ryoga the same and he got a hello from her.

As he went upstairs to do his homework once again Ryoga stopped him "you never answered my question." Ryoma glared at him then answered "you know that I hate tennis so why would I play"

Ryoga smiled and blurted out "HAHA WHAT WAS I THINKING YOU PLAYING TENNIS HA" as Ryoga was bragging Ryoma mumbled pretty loud "to bad you haven't gotten better then you were 2 years ago and still can't beat an actual player" Ryoga stopped and turned to the walking Ryoma

"what did you say four eyes?" Ryoma smirked letting out his true nature that he never shows and says "nothing that you need to know" and raced upstairs into his room before Ryoga could catch him.

It's true that Ryoga isn't an amazing tennis player but his dad just won't admit it he thinks that Ryoga is the best.

Another thing is that everyone even Nanako had forgotten that Ryoma didn't need glasses and he chose to wear fake ones for no reason.

In his room Ryoma was thinking about the incidents that have taken place these past few days and wondered "How was I able to play tennis? I hate tennis and have never in my life ONCE played that game. So why now?" he thought about it all night and after a dinner of learning his parent were going to America and leaving Nanako in charge he forgot about it for a little and went to sleep.