Been a while since I last posted a chapter but got it out now let's just go to where we left off its still the same night as when Fuji and Momo dropped off his Ipod

Chapter 9

It was around 8:30 when Ryoma decided to go back downstairs to get something to eat. When he entered the kitchen, Nanako was in there getting a drink of water. She looked up; she noticed him standing there and smiled. "Oh Ryoma-kun, are you hungry?" Ryoma nodded. "I saved you some food; we had Rice and Beef stir-fry." She walked over to the microwave and pulled out a plate of food and handed it to Ryoma.

"Thank you, I'll bring my dishes down when I'm done." he turned around when Nanako stopped him "Oh wait, here's Karupin's dinner." she smiled as he took the bowl out of her hands and went upstairs.

Next day

The next morning was the same as any other morning at the Echizen household, when the doorbell rang. When Nanako answered she was a little surprised to see Momo standing there but she smiled and greeted him.

"Ah, you're here for Ryoma right? He'll be down in a minute, I'll tell him you're here." Momo thanked her as she walked upstairs to fetch Ryoma. A few minutes later he walked downstairs and greeted Momo at the doorway.

"Momo-sempai." He yawned

Momo smiled and put him in a headlock as they walked out to his bike. "Echizen, what was up with you ditching us yesterday?" Momo asked and Ryoma shrugged, "I DID have homework." he answered tiredly. Momo snorted "You and your Honor's classes, you should just quit and join normal classes like the rest of us!" Momo chuckled when he heard his friend mutter "I'd rather quit tennis."

"We'll talk about it later. Let's get to practice before we have to run laps." This time Momo laughed when he heard Ryoma groan. After they reached school, they changed and entered the courts where Eiji was waiting with his usual greeting for Ryoma.


Eiji jumped onto Ryoma knocking both of them to the ground.

"sempai can't...breathe" Ryoma gasped as Oishi ran to free the freshmen from the redhead.

"EIJI! He can't breathe!" Oishi yelled. Eiji looked up to his doubles partner then back at the young boy in his arms before quickly letting go and apologizing.

"Gomen, Ochibi. Let's go warm up!" without waiting for an answer; Eiji dragged the reluctant freshmen towards the far end of the courts.

After all the regulars gathered on the courts, Inui walked over to them with a medium sized box. "Today we will test stamina, so everyone put some weights on your wrists and ankles before we continue." All the regulars obeyed and after the regulars had about 5 grams on both their ankles and wrists Inui continued.

"Okay, we are going to have light practice matches and the server must score a point in 10 rallies or they get my new creation" Inui held up a light blue liquid with some red swirling around inside and as expected all the regulars (excluding Tezuka and Fuji) paled. Inui either didn't notice the scared looks of all the regulars or didn't show it, but he continued on anyway. "The pair ups will be Ray and Oishi, Eiji and Kaidoh, Kawamura and Momo, and lastly Tezuka and Fuji." With that said Inui closed his notebook and walked out of the courts to speak with Ryuzaki as almost everyone on the courts froze in shock and the last pair up.

"Fuji vs. Buchou? That's a match I want to see"

"Fshhh." Kaidoh turned and walked away towards his designated court.

Fuji just smiled and looked over to Tezuka "Well, this will be an interesting match; wouldn't you say Tezuka?" Tezuka just glanced at the retreating back of Inui before heading to a court. Fuji laughed and quickly went to follow him. Momo walked over to 'Ray' and slung an arm over the smaller one's shoulder.

"Oi Ray, you gonna finish your match against Oishi quickly to go and see Fuji and Buchou play or are you gonna pout about not being able to face either of them?" 'Ray' in response just shrugged Momo's arm off and walked over to the court where Oishi was waiting.

Inui walked up to the court with Tezuka and Fuji and after pushing his glasses up, started to explain. "The rules of this practice are: You are not allowed to use any special serve but during the rally you may use any moves you know. You switch serves every 10 rallies and you have 15 minutes to play."