Love's a drug

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It was a normal day at the infamous Akatsuki base. Almost everyone had missions, everyone that is except Hidan.

"Man, This fucking sucks!" Hidan whined to himself. " I'm going to go freaken insane from this boredom!"

"Why does everyone have to have a mission, but me?! Even my friggen partner has a mission!" Hidan complained to know one in particular.

Suddenly, out of nowhere Hidan heard a large, loud bang from the lairs kitchen. Hidan slowly stood up and causally paced towards the room where the racket had occurred.

When Hidan entered the kitchen the only thing he could see was out of place was a small container filled with pills and a small note taped to the side of it.

"Was it a teleportation jutsu?" Hidan mumbled as he walked foreword and peeled the note off of the bottle.

"To Hidan" He read aloud, "Keep these safe and try some before I get back, Kakuzu."

It took Hidan a while to register what had just happened. 'Kakuzu sent me something, when he was on a mission, he sent me something.'

Looking back at the last few weeks, Hidan tried to figure out why Kakuzu had had got him anything.

*Flashback* "Hidan put a shirt on!" Kakuzu shouted in his hot, strong, demanding voice.

"I will not, fucker!" Hidan screamed back trying to sound as impressive as his partner.

"Fine, catch a cold and die, see if I care." Kakuzu provoked back.

"Whatever, jackass you know very well I can't die." Hidan replied well trying not to sulk.

'Can't you see that I love you? Can't you see your killing me inside? I can't die but, I might if you keep shredding my heart like this!' Hidan thought well sighing. *End of flashback*

"What does he mean by, 'try some before I get back?' I don't even know what they are!" Hidan wondered in pure curiosity. "Kakuzu is suppose to be back tonight so I guess I will try, them a little before then. (It's not like they can kill me anyway)

As time passed, Hidan got more and more frantic, wanting to try what Kakuzu had given him.

Soon enough, (Around 10 p.m.) Hidan had given up with waiting and had decided that he was going to try the pills right after he had a shower.

Minutes later, (Hidan ended up have the shortest shower of his life because he was so excited he didn't even pay attention to his hair.) Hidan sat on his bed with 2 small pills in his hand. Taking a few deep breathes, he swallowed the pills.

After waiting a few moments Hidan quickly noticed 2 things, One – He couldn't stop himself from getting soo HARD that it was truly painful. Two – His insides burning with heat, as if something was missing that should be there.

All rational thoughts fled from Hidans head and the only thing left was that he had to fill that large void, which he was feeling.

Not being able to stand the feeling of being empty any longer, Hidan quickly shed himself of his pants and boxers. (That's right he's a boxers sort of guy)

Moaning with anticipation, Hidan stroked his own erection a few times before sliding his other hand further down. Hidan automatically stuck 2 fingers in, not caring about the pain, just wanting something to "fill" him.

Pumping the fingers in and out, he quickly decided that 2 fingers were not enough and thrusted in another. The feeling of having more in him made Hidan moan loudly. "Fuck, ah, shit" Hidan growled.

Hidan was so engrossed in the feeling of having something in him but, yet wanting something more/bigger that he didn't even hear the door open and close once more.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" A dark voice growled from the room's darkness, catching Hidan attention.

Hidan weakly looked over to the direction that the voice had come from and moaned his name; "Kakuzu!"

Kakuzu quietly stepped out of the shadow's and slid onto Hidan's bed. Making his erection very clear to Hidan. "Tell me Hidan, what do you want?" Kakuzu whispered as he let his eye's rack over Hidan's body.

Pl-please, I want you in me. Fuck me, m-make love to me, anything just touch me!" Hidan begged.

Those words were to much for Kakuzu. He undid his pants and pulled out his proud erection, before forcefully making Hidan pull out his fingers.

Hidan threw his head back and groaned from the loss of his own fingers.

Kakuzu quickly took advantage of the situation and leaned down, biting down on Hidan's ear, making it bleed, before whispering to him. "This will hurt." Kakuzu mumbled.

Without another second of hesitance, Kakuzu thrusted himself all the way into the smaller man. Hidan cried out in both pain and pleasure. His mind went completely blank; all that he could think of was that Kakuzu was filling his need, filling him.

As Kakuzu started a slow, yet rough pace, he moaned from the tightness of the smaller male.

Soon enough, Hidan and Kakuzu were both franticly thrusting and bucking at an almost impossibly fast pace, but neither of the immortal partners could last long like this.

Sensing how close Hidan was, Kakuzu reached down and started to pump Hidan's hard, burning erection.

Seconds later Hidan threw his head back and screamed his partners name as he shot his load over both of them.

As Hidan tightened and closed over Kakuzu's length, he groaned cumming into Hidans ass and after a few more hard and want on thrusts, he collapsed.

Both were to worn-out to talk or even think about what had just happened so they both quickly fell into the trance of slumber.

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