Love's a Drug chapter 10

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Note from author: This is chapter 10! I want to thank anyone who reads this far because without people like you, I would have given up a long, long time ago! Thanks for sticking with me!

Kakuzu was the first to wake up, he quietly surveyed what was left of the backboard from their unintended sex rampage, making him let out a loud, very uncharacteristic sigh. The early risers moment of peace was halted when he felt Hidan stir within his arms. "Good morning." Kakuzu greeted his tired lover.

Hidan opened his eyes after hearing Kakuzu's voice only to find out about his embarrassing surroundings. A broken bed frame, sheets or blanket nowhere to be found and the two zombie lovers were snuggled up to enough each other that Hidan could hear all Kakuzu's heart beating.

'What the fuck is going on here? My head is freaking splitting into two and I can't remember how I even got here!' Hidan questioned himself.

Hidan opened his mouth only to find himself unable to talk due to a unbearably sore throat, aching head and thumping stomach ack. Rolling over, he buried his head into the nape of Kakuzu's neck letting out a small groan as he did so.

Kakuzu let out a laugh that could have easily been mistaken for a evil snicker, before saying; "What's the matter sexy, your head hurt? Or..." Kakuzu added on as he unhooked his hands from around Hidan's waist, only to reach down a little farther and grope at Hidan's behind. "Is it something else that hurts?"

"What the hell are you talking about you pervert! As if I would tell you anything about my body!" Hidan angrily shouted back, before even thinking about what he probably should have said.

Kakuzu's happy expression crumbled and hid behind a look of pure anger. Kakuzu rolled them both over and pinned Hidan to the bad, both hands over his head. "I want to know every little thing about you and your body! I'll talk about you any way I like because you're mine." Kakuzu stated in a very firm and irritated voice.

Hidan blushed scarlet red before opening his mouth to talk, only to be caught off guard by an opened mouth French kiss. Even as the kiss broke apart, he remained pinned and it really annoyed him. Finally, (After getting up some well stored courage) Hidan turned his head to the side, so that he faced the wall, instead of the man that laid on top of him and stuttered; "W-will you let go? W-we h-have ta get up."

Kakuzu didn't move, instead he attacked at Hidan's neck, nibbling and sucking. Hidan groaned deeply, his neck an obvious turn on. Kakuzu kissed up his neck and met Hidan's lips once again, kissing them as if he would never be able to do so again. After a few moments Kakuzu leaned back, admiring his work, Hidan's face was flush, his move remained open, lips slightly swelled, neck full of bright red hickies. "You look beautiful." Kakuzu murmured.

If it was possible to get a deeper shade of red then Hidan already had been, he achieved it. Kakuzu let go of Hidan's hand and sat up. "It's Christmas Eve; I want to spend the next 2 days with you and only you. I don't know what I'd do if you left me, it just doesn't seem possible anymore." Kakuzu paused only for a few seconds, enough time to pull a small bow off of the night stand beside him.

Holding the small box in front of him, he tenderly opened the bow tenderly; "I know it's selfish of me to feel like this but, I have to tell you anyway, because I might go crazy if I don't. When we are alone, I want you to think about only us, let no other human claim your thoughts, dream of only me. I want to capture your heart, your soul, your everything."

Kakuzu pulled the ring out of the box and slid it onto Hidan's finger and kissed him lightly, rapping his hands around the small of Hidan's back. A slow string of tears slipped down Hidan's cheek as he leaned forward, into Kakuzu's arms. "I do, I love you and I can't live without you either, not anymore."

"I want you to love me, as deeply as I love you. I want you to stay by my side forever and be with me forever and always because if you ever leave me, my heart shall follow and go to." Kakuzu continued on, only stopping for a breath and a sweet peck on the lip's which was stolen from an overly shock Hidan.

Never before had Hidan ever heard Kakuzu use such caring and expressive words. It shocked him to no end and back again, giving Hidan the unforgettable feeling that no one could ever love him more and Kakuzu would never love him any less. Nothing else was needed besides their beautiful love and nothing ever would.

The fights, the arguments, the disagreements and even all of the flaws which could be found in one another, all those things meant nothing at all. It had taken a long, long while but finally, both Hidan and Kakuzu suddenly knew what true love was. Love has a way of blinding you even in the darkest of places, it comes out of nowhere creeping up from behind and attaching itself deeply into your brain, not leaving until it knows you can't live without it, it changes you inside and out, love's a drug.

Well this is the end of the story, Hidan and Kakuzu found out what true love is and even though they both were scared, they stuck together. Tell me what you think about my story, oh and tell me what Naruto couple you like 'cause you never know what my open mind decides is cool next! ~Doom out~