Randy Orton as ortony

In this world,man's destiny is controlled

...by some transcendental entity or law.

At least, man knows that he has no control

over his own will.

Ortony, Ortony called a man with one eye and a scar scatterd across his face

What do you want Guts said Ortony. Guts looks down"we need to go see our new king'

Forget our new king I should be king he's the one who killed my dad and blamed it on a hart attack. you know we dont know that yelled Guts, Dont you ever yell at your master like that.

Im not your slave grunted Guts. Guts takes out his sword and stabs ortony in his hart. Ha ha now your just like your father Dead.

Ok i just wroted this to prove i can write a wrestling story.

You guys was right i cant. Im going to stick with the Rin savage story.

Hoped you enjoyed it.