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Paradise Dawn

Chapter 1

To Paradise Dawn

Summer was threatening to kill the inhabitants in the City. The heat, the scorching, burning, merciless Sun that was shining brilliantly on the sky, never once giving up its stare at the City. It was as if the Sun itself had an unforgettable grudge. And it was seeking revenge.

No, not really.

Roxas was merely searching for something to blame in that heat. He had been sweating all day long and he had bathe countless times that noon in order to get rid of the odor—not that he had any odor—and also to feel fresh. And what could be better to blame than the Sun? Sure, his laptop was emanating heat, sure his sister's baking made it all so much worse... but it was considered... not normal to scold his sister for the heat or even his laptop. Because unfortunately, he loved his laptop. Period. Uhm no, he also loved his sister, Naminé, his bizarre little sister who had a fetish over the color white.

Roxas wasn't sure why Naminé had so many obsessions over white things. Even her skin was blanched; all washed if she had crawled into the washing machine and accidentally poured too much bleach. And her clothes were always white. White little dress, white little mini-skirt, white shirt, white... Roxas didn't really take too much of a notice of what Naminé was wearing...inside. And he honestly didn't care.

Since they were brother and sister, they had a lot of resemblance. They had bright blue eyes and soft, blond hair. Though Naminé's hair was more washed out compared to Roxas' golden.

Currently, Roxas was wearing glasses, sitting on the sofa in the living room with a laptop that was radiating heat non-stop. He looked over to the kitchen and found a blonde humming a happy birthday song happily. Yes, it was his birthday and he was not at all excited about it. If only the temperature would drop... why oh why must he be born in Summer?!


"Roxas! Come here!" Namine waved his brother over, a bright grin was plastered on her face.

"Hot..." Roxas whispered, never once leaving his eyes of off his laptop.


Before the blond knew it, his sister was already standing right in front of him holding a huge baking pan that was filled with... chocolate chip cookies?

"Happy birthday!" His sister smiled cheerily, pushing the baking pan forward, urging Roxas to take one.

"For me?"

Naminé nodded eagerly.

Roxas hesitated. He knew...he knew that Naminé had just recently learned how to bake. "Thanks," he smiled as he took one of the cookies, appreciating his sister's kind thoughts.

Naminé waited until Roxas took a bite.

Roxas' eyes opened wide and he grinned, quickly eating up the cookie in his hand and taking another one.

It was surprisingly good!


"Wanna go to the beach, Roxas?" Namine asked, hopeful.

"Huh?" Roxas finally tore his attention away from his laptop, looking at his sister, then looking out the window. Everything was yellow outside, burning...melting... he gulped, absolutely having no desire to go out of his comfort zone. Then, he shook his head almost immediately.

"Paradise Dawn!" his sister exclaimed as if those two words would clear everything.

"What's that?" he asked, narrowing his eyes a bit.

"It's a heaven for summer. The beach stretched wide and the sand is light brown and there are a lot of people... naked..." Namine cheered.

"And why would I care about naked people?"

"C'mon, Rox. It should be a Paradise for you! You're bi for God's sake! You can see all those people with little clothes and a lot of skin!"

Roxas' jaw dropped open almost instantly. "Nam..." he shook his head. "I'm not interested," he stuck out his tongue and immediately ran into his room, locking it securely, carrying his laptop.

"Roxas! This is your birthday present from all of us. You'll like it there. C'mon, Rox. We'll drive there tomorrow. We even have a small house to live in for free. It's just 4 hours away. What do you say?"

"My birthday present?"

"Yeah. You have to come. Tell you what, you are free to leave if you don't like it there, okay? Riku has offered that. He'll drive you home."


"Yes, everyone will be there. Olette, Pence, Hayner, Xion, Kairi, Demyx, Zexion, Riku, Sora... everybody! And you're the birthday boy."

"Boy, am I lucky..." Roxas muttered, rolling his eyes. He really didn't have the energy to get flooded with drama. And he knew that once he had accepted this invitation, his entire summer vacation would be bombarded with drama. He knew his friend that much. Other consideration? He had tons of summer projects and homework to finish—which were due two and a half months away... but still...

"Roxas, don't let everybody down. And I refuse to let you ruin my trip to the beach because you're so stuck up in your homework."

Ah, sweet little Naminé... finally showing her true intentions. Roxas growled inwardly. "Sure, Nam. I'll pack..." he sighed, putting down his laptop.

"Ah, Roxas! You know I love you!" the blonde girl squealed happily.

"Love you too, Nam." Roxas answered, taking off his glasses and walking over to his closet, not exactly excited.


It was a mini-van packed with people and Roxas was sitting in that one corner of the mini-van, looking out the window, a laptop sitting on his lap.

"Roxas is bo---rrrringggg!" Sora exclaimed, sitting backwards to look at the blond.

"Yes I am," Roxas answered truthfully, typing away. He had a creative writing English assignment and so far he really had no inspiration whatsoever. He had tried to force some ideas out, but they didn't go well. In fact, in his folder, he already had twenty two documents each with at least two hundred words available but were stuck dead.

Sora grinned knowingly and snatched the laptop away from Roxas. "Hey!" the blond protested.

"It's your birthday, Roxas. You're supposed to be happy and excited. Don't be the slave of your laptop!" a brunet girl with curly hair named Selphie protested.

"Yay! Joy..." Roxas mocked squeal, sighing and rolling his eyes.

"You are such... a party pooper," Demyx, a Mohawk blond commented, grinning.

"Frankly, I am siding with Roxas," a lilac haired man stated honestly, holding his small book tight in case someboy decided to snatch his only entertainment away from him.

Demyx was the one doing so. "No books!"

"Gimme back!"

"No no, Zexy. We're going to the beach. No books and glasses allowed."

Zexion narrowed his eyes dangerously. "Don't make me... hit you..." he snarled.

"Eep! Sora!" Demyx immediately hid behind the brunet with spiky hair.

"Hehe..." Sora laughed nervously. "Hi, Zexion," he waved, feigning innocence.

"Where's your glasses, Roxas?" Riku, the silver head who was driving the car, asked.

"Meh... I didn't bring it. I figured that such rules will apply," Roxas answered dully, still staring out at the window. It was nothing but forests and asphalted roads... such joy...

"You... are such a bitter boy, Roxas..." Selphie sighed.

"Roxas is always bitter," Naminé giggled.

"Who wants ice-cream!?" Selphie cheered excitedly.

"I do! I do!!!" Demyx, Sora, and Naminé spoke spontaneously. Zexion, Riku, and Roxas didn't say anything.

Roxas finally cleared his throat. "...Sea-salt ice cream... if you have it, Selphie."

"Aww, Roxas! Of course I do! All you need to do is just ask!"

Roxas flushed furiously. "I asked..." he whispered.

"And you shall get what you asked for!" Selphie giggled, handing Roxas the sea salt ice cream, taken out from the freezer box.

Roxas accepted it eagerly, licking the light blue colored ice cream. There was a very faint and vague happiness present on his face.

"Sora, this is the last Chocolate vanilla," Selphie whined.

"And it's mine!"


"Selph, you're my little sister. Give it up!" Sora grinned, snatching the chocolate vanilla cone ice cream from the brunette.

"Riku, do you mind turning up the air conditioner? I'm burning..." Roxas asked politely.

"The radio too, Riku," Zexion spat bitterly. He really needed his book.

"I'll do it," Said Naminé, who was sitting in the front, nibbling on her French vanilla ice-cream.

Riku smirked. "Thanks, Nam."


'Welcome to Paradise Dawn'

Was the first creepy sentence that Roxas saw written on the board made of woods stuck between the bushes. Roxas huffed, taking in a deep breath, sticking the laptop that was previously confiscated by Sora into his dark blue backpack. He released a soft groan as he lifted his backpack onto his shoulder. The mini-van was parked at a parking place where lots of other cars were also parked there.

"Paradise...Dawn..." Roxas whispered.

"Don't make anymore creepy than it is," Zexion commented suddenly from behind the blond.

Roxas immediately yelped and jumped forward. "Geez, Zexion... You could have given me a heart attack."

"Such weak heart you have," Zexion replied coolly, leaving Roxas there.

"Zexy! I knew you're excited about all this! Let's go!" Demyx hooked his arms in Zexion's and dragged the lilac haired boy to the direction of the beach.

Zexion merely groaned as they disappeared from Roxas' sight.

Riku stepped out of the car, wearing sunglasses, looking hot and cool under the sun... which wasn't quite normal... who could look hot and cool at the same time under the sun?! Roxas had absolutely no idea.

"Let me carry that for you, So," Riku offered.

"Here you go!" Sora grinned.

"Oh Riku, do you mind carrying mine too?"

"No!" Sora answered, sticking out his tongue.

"Sora!" Selphie protested.

Roxas sighed. Sora and Selphie... he shook his head hopelessly.

"I'll go on ahead, guys," he muttered.

"Wait for me, Rox! Geez, have you forgotten about me?" Naminé whined.

"Ehehe..." Roxas laughed innocently, scratching the back of his neck.

"Right..." Naminé rolled her eyes and entwined her hand in Roxas'. The two walked passed the little forest and into Paradise Dawn.


"Welcome! To Paradise Dawn, everybody!"

Roxas looked at the person in front of him up and down. A redhead...with very very shocking red hair. Roxas felt like he was burning just by staring at the crimson color. It was downright scary.

The beach was stretching far and wide across the horizon. The ocean was a never ending sea of blue. A lot of people were gathered there, sunbathing, swimming, applying sun-lotion, carrying boom-box, playing with their pets... the sands were bright yellow. Palm trees could be seen standing tall at a corner. And in the middle of the sea was a small, far away island.

The area was noisy, filled with screams and laughter. And it was scorching. The sun was a perfect circle up above, behind the thin clouds.

"Axel!" Sora, Demyx, and Selphie shouted together, tackling hug the redhead.

"Easy!" Axel grinned.

"Hi Axel," Naminé waved, greeting.

"Nam, Kairi and Xion are inside the house. She's eager to see you. Go on in," Axel stated.

"I'll also excuse myself then," Zexion spoke, following Naminé.

Riku also followed shortly.

"Who?" Roxas inquired, frowning a bit. "Are you?" he continued.

"Hey there, Roxas!"

"How come... you know my name?"

Demyx, Sora, and Selphie finally stood up, followed by the redhead. "We'll be going into the house too, Ax!" Demyx grinned.

"Hope you have sweets!" Sora said, running towards the house located on top of the hill.

"Hey! Wait for me!"

And they were gone, leaving Roxas with Axel.

"I guess... I should follow them," the blond shrugged.

"Where cha goin', shortie?" Axel grabbed the blond's wrist.

"Excuse me?!"

"Excuse you," the redhead grinned. "You're excused!"

"I don't know you."

"Oh, you definitely know me!"

"You've gotta be kidding me. Go back to kindergarten and learn some more pick up lines, weirdo," Roxas groaned.

"You've forgotten..."

"Let go of me," the blond pouted.

Axel loosened his grip, watching as Roxas ran away from view.

Roxas couldn't stop frowning, wondering what was up with the redhead. Everybody seemed to know Axel...except Roxas.


And that's chapter 1. Hope you enjoyed.

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