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Paradise Dawn

A Short Filler

Roxas' Curiosity

And now, a short little piece for Sexy-Tacos-Emo-Waffles.

The beach was calm and serene in that middle of the afternoon.


Roxas was hiding on top of a palm tree, waiting for the right opportunity to come upon him. He took in deep breaths, waiting and waiting and waiting. There was no doubt. He was certain that all that waiting would eventually bear fruit for him. And he was determined to settle and qualm his curiosity once and for all. That day, that hour, that minute, that second, right then and there.

And there was his victim, walking below him. He watched, calculating the time…the exact second and millisecond. It had to be accurate! It had to be, or it would all be useless. He closed one of his eyes in order to concentrate better, holding a living thing firmly at both of his hand, taking care not to hurt said living thing.


"Shhh!!" Roxas hissed in anger. He thought the cat had agreed to him that it would kept quiet and Roxas would give him two cans of tuna afterwards. "No tuna for you!" he whispered, still holding the cat carefully. "There he comes!" he spoke to no one in particular.

Then, without further ado, he released the cat, right on top of the spiky red head below.

"Sorry, kitty." He mumbled to himself, silently mourning for the cat.

The blond closed his eyes, expecting the worst, but nothing really happened. No shrieks, no voices of cats meowing in pain. When he opened his eyes, he found out that the cat had gracefully landed on a certain redhead's head. And the seemingly deadly, spiky red head was flat…

… "It's not sharp and deadly?" Roxas' breathe hitched, wondering if he should be relieved that he didn't just kill a cat or sad that he was wrong with his thoughts.

"A cat!" Axel grinned brightly, a little bit surprised at first. But then, he pulled the cat down and hugged it closed, stroking the soft golden fur. "Where did you come from? Jumping on my head like that…" he spoke gently, smiling.

Roxas' jaw dropped open. And he flushed.

Then, he clicked his tongue. "Damn… I'm wrong…" he released a deep sigh.

"Is there anybody there?" Axel looked around while holding the cat.

Roxas immediately held his breath, praying to God that Axel didn't find him.

The cat meow-ed, as if protecting Roxas. Roxas peeked out of the leaves of the tree only to find the cat staring at him as if saying, 'You'll give me my tuna.'

The blond narrowed his eyes, thankful yet at the same time not liking the look of the cat.

Then he lost his balance and there was a loud noise.

And the blond fell.

And there was a loud meow as a cat landed on a sandy area.

And there was a thud as a certain blond landed miraculously on open arms.

"Ah, an angel fell from the tree!" Axel exclaimed, having safely secured the blond.

Roxas pouted, blushing brightly. "Let me down."

"No. What are you doing up there?" the redhead grinned.

"It's my business," Roxas countered bitterly, not happy that he had lost his cool.

"I think it's mine…since you practically threw a cat on top of my head, Roxas."

"I did NOT!"

"You so did! Your face is so red!" Axel laughed.

"Meow…" the cat meow-ed as if asking for attention.

"Looks like you owe somebody something, Roxas."

"Shut up. How did you know anyway?"

"I'm a psychic. Love you, Roxas!" the redhead exclaimed as he pressed his lips to the blond's temple lovingly.

Well… that didn't go too well…




I am sooo sorry that I haven't updated for so long. So here's a little filler for you guys for your end of weekend. … -sad.

So, hope you enjoyed. Sorry, I haven't got to write anything for this yet. I'll try my best on it. xD

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