Peanuts Survivor: It's Kenya, Charlie Brown!

By: Shannon

NOTE: I do not own the rights to either Peanuts or Survivor.



Charlie Brown [to the camera]: I never thought Franklin would conspire against me or try to turn my best friends against me. Luckily, Linus stuck close to our alliance.

[Snoopy and Woodstock come back with firewood for boiling the water]

Schroeder: I've got the matches. [Starts boiling the water for the rice.]

[Suddenly, a scream is heard not far away]

Schroeder: Charlie Brown, who was that?

Charlie Brown: It must be Linus. I never knew he could scream that loud.

[The two of them come running to Linus while Snoopy and Woodstock tend to the rice]

Linus [sweating]: There it is! [Points to a cobra ten feet away from them, his hood flaring up]

Schroeder: Now Linus, remember what our guide book said about venomous snakes...

Linus: We...we....we...s-s-s-s-should back off?

Schroeder: Right.

Charlie Brown: The best thing to do is stomp our feet.

Linus: Why?

Charlie Brown: Snakes don't have ears and they can't hear us but they can feel vibrations. If we stomp our feet, they'll feel the vibrations and just crawl off somewhere else.

[The three of them start stomping their feet and the cobra slithers away into some nearby bushes.]

Linus: That was a close one!

Schroder: Linus, you got to be more careful! That cobra could've had your life. Plus, we don't have antivenom. What were you doing there anyway?

Linus: I was collecting some wood for a fire until I found a huge log and this snake slithered out of it.

Charlie Brown: That's where snakes like to hide, Linus. Be careful next time.

Linus: Yes Charlie Brown.


Peppermint Patty [to the camera]: Ever since we won immunity, Lucy has been slacking off lately. She never wants to do anything because she's "tired." So Marcie, Sally, and I are stuck doing the dirty work while that vain airhead talks about herself.

Lucy [to the tribe]: So, I was like, Schroeder, will you marry me?


Lucy: And he says, "OVER MY DEAD BODY!"

[more laughter]

Peppermint Patty: I don't blame him. Who'd want to marry you anyway?

Frieda and Violet: Ooooohhhhhhh....

Lucy: Well, well, well Peppermint Patty. I didn't know you had it in you. Trust me, you'll be eating your words once you lose your chance at a million dollars!

Peppermint Patty: To me, that would be like paradise because I won't have to listen to you brag AND I wouldn't have to share the winnings with you!

Sally: This doesn't look good.

[Peppermint Patty and Lucy exchange insults]

Marcie: Would you two quit arguing? We've got a reward challenge today!


Jeff: Okay guys, how's life in Africa?

Linus: It was frightening.

Peppermint Patty: It could be better [gives Lucy a dirty look]

Jeff: Well, today, I'm glad you have your bathing suits on because this reward challenge will require you to get wet. See that cliff over there? [points to a cliff] One team member from each tribe will jump off that 50 foot cliff, into the water. Then, you will swim over to the shore and run across the finish line. The first tribe to have ALL of their members over the finish line first wins the reward. The reward this time is a coup of chickens and a rooster. That should provide you with an ample amount of chicken until the merge. Since the girl's tribe has one too many members, one will have to sit out.

Lucy: That's easy. Peppermint Patty, you will sit out. I'm going to be the STAR of this challenge!

[Peppermint Patty says nothing but sulks]

Schroeder: Okay guys, we can win this one. Peppermint Patty's not playing in this round.

Jeff: Survivors ready....GOOOOOO!

[Marcie and Schroeder face off.......then Violet and Charlie Brown......Sally and Woodstock.....Frieda and Linus....then...Lucy and Snoopy......once they jump in the water, Lucy is slow to emerge and swim to shore....thus giving the boys' tribe a win in the reward challenge]

Jeff: Congratulations guys, here's your reward. Girls, sorry about that. See you at the immunity challenge.



Schroeder [to the camera]: I felt great winning the reward challenge but then I realized that we actually had to kill and cook the chickens for food rather than eat them precooked like we're used to eating chicken.

[The boys are sitting around a fire, eating chicken, except for Woodstock who was eating some rice.]

Linus: This is good.

Schroeder: I'll say. It beats rice any day of the week.

Charlie Brown: I felt sorry for Peppermint Patty. Lucy was being selfish to win the challenge so she took her out.

Linus: Tell me about it, she's my sister.

Schroeder: If I could, I'd vote her off.

Charlie Brown: Me too, Schroeder.


Peppermint Patty: Thanks a lot Lucy! Now we're stuck with rice for the next three days!

Lucy: Well, sorry! My foot fell asleep.

Marcie: Some excuse, Lucille.


[Lucy storms off to the other end of the campsite]

Sally: I say we form an alliance to vote out Lucy.

Marcie: That's good but we need to lure Violet or Frieda over.

[Frieda comes over, carrying an armload of sticks.]

Peppermint P.: Hey Frieda!

Frieda: What?

Peppermint P.: Wanna join our alliance?

Frieda: Why would I want to join your alliance?

Marcie: To kick out Lucy.

Frieda: Well, she has acted like a total pain lately....

Marcie: Perfect!

[Meanwhile, Lucy is eavesdropping on their conversation.]


Jeff: Okay guys. This immunity challenge will be interesting. There are two rows of targets. You and your tribemates will have to shoot arrows at those targets. The tribe who gets ALL of the targets gets immunity. The other tribe will go to Tribal council tomorrow night. Oh, and the girls tribe needs to eliminate someone to even out the competition.

Lucy: Sorry Peppermint Patty but we're gonna win this one! [pushes Peppermint P.]

Jeff: Lucy, no pushing please. Survivors ready? GOOOO!

[The girls have trouble trying to aim for their targets while the boys manage to quickly hit their targets.]

Jeff: Congrats to the boys tribe! You guys will be sitting around for the next 3 days. Girls, I'll see you tomorrow night at Tribal Council.


Jeff: Well, well, ladies. Welcome.

Marcie: Hi Jeff!

Jeff: So tell me, on a scale of one to ten, rate how hard it was to get along with each other.

Sally: I'd say a 5 Jeff. It's hard to get along but we pull through eventually.

Jeff: Well, you know the rules, get up there and vote.


Peppermint P.

Jeff: Once the votes are tallied, the decision is final and the person must leave tribal council immediately. One vote, Peppermint for Lucy. One for Lucy, two for Lucy. One for Frieda and one for Lucy.

Lucy: Frieda you traitor!

Jeff: Lucy, the tribe has spoken.

[extinguishes the torch]

Jeff: Okay guys, you can head back to camp.


Lucy - Frieda

Marcie - Lucy

Peppermint P. - Lucy

Frieda - Lucy

Sally - Lucy

Violet - Peppermint P.


I can't stand Frieda! That traitor...why I oughta...[CENSORED]