Psycho Chan's Note: Okay…I have been straining my skull for a second chapter. You know how hard it is to think of something for these two to do!? Damn…I mean…when Twitter Chan and I go on dates, we go to Hobby Lobby and look at all the shiny things. Sometimes, if we're there late, I'll push her in the cart like a maniac…until we get yelled or kicked out…

Movie Date

Well…somehow…today, Virgil Hawkins finds himself in a movie theater. Only two months ago, he would have been seen here with Daisy. They had dated for a while but with Virgil always disappearing, Daisy thought it best for them to just be friends. A little sore because that's what Frieda had told him, Virgil smiled and they stayed friends. He was suppose to be here with girls. Not other guys. Not bullies from school. Not criminals he was suppose to put in lock down. God, just not with HotStreak.

But he was. Virgil drug the red head to a movie a couple days after…the…incident as Virgil tells himself. They were watching some action movie that neither of them really understood or cared to for that fact. The two spent about twenty minutes arguing about what film to see. HotStreak liked horror and Virgil liked Sci-Fi…so obviously neither could agree. So, they randomly picked the action film. Bad decision on their behalf because now the both of them are miserable.

However, it wasn't all bad. Francis paid for the movie tickets and for some snacks. Which was good because Virgil never seems to have enough cash on him. Between buying new shoes and more fabric to patch his coat, being a hero had it's down sides. The movie was almost over, the most dramatic part of the plot was being unfolded. Virgil watched with a almost interested look on his face. He's the kind of person that even if he doesn't want to watch a movie, he gets into it if he watches it from the beginning.

Francis however, has been bored out of his skull. He wasn't at all surprised that there weren't that many people in the theater for this crappy film. In fact, Virgil had to tell the red head to stop blowing smoke rings before he activated the sprinklers. This was another reason that man didn't date. The rules. Damn the rules. There were too many.

Speaking of rules, the rebel thought of one that was always fun to break.

Moving the empty popcorn bucket, Francis catches the attention of his date. Virgil looks to see Francis lean forward, pressing his lips to his own. A bright blush forming on his face as the other man nibbles his lower lip. Before he can pull back, the hero shivers as he feels the red head's hand wonder up the front of his body, snaking up his neck. Warm hands tilt his had up slightly for a more comfortable position.

Unable to deny the man, Virgil shyly returns the kiss having decided that the movie sucked. The younger teen nearly moans out loud as a hot tongue slips past his lips, toying with his own pink organ. Timidly, Virgil brings his dark hand to where Francis held his neck, lacing their fingers.

Francis enjoys every welcoming invitation, continuing the french while holding the boy's hand. He hadn't seen Virgil since he had taken his body, which he admits was a rather…ruthless move. Virgil gave the older thug his number for him to call. Francis was a drifter, so he used pay phones or lifted cells from idiots who weren't watching close enough. As long as he could call people, he was fine.

The younger teen flinches as HotStreak moves his hand down to his jeans. "HotS-"

Not wanting to stop, the red head presses his lips harder to Virgil's plump lips to muffle his name, rubbing small circles on the boy's inner thigh with his thumb.

"What are-"

"Trust me Virg" HotStreak whispers, moving his kisses to Virgil's neck. Before Virgil could say anything more, his pants were unbuckled and opened, freeing his slight erection. That cursed nipping on his skin was very distracting, but not as much as the sudden spark of pleasure that rose out the boy as his member was stroked lazily.

A faint hiss escapes Virgil's mouth as he bites his lip to keep quiet. The sound of the movie slowly drown out of his attention as his eye sight grow hazy. Warmth spread throughout his body as the friction from the growing pace of HotStreak's pumps on his erection. Slight whimpers could be heard from Virgil as he quickly loses control of himself, especially when Francis begins to nibble on his ear.

Arching off the red theater seat, Virgil opens his eyes slightly, seeing a way to muffle his moans. Opening his mouth, Virgil pulls the larger body closer desperately, sinking his teeth into the man's neck. Virgil tastes blood as his white teeth break the pale skin in his mouth. All he wanted to do was scream. Scream out in pleasure and bliss…in private.

Virgil's body jerks as he comes, shuddering.

Shivering at the feel of the other's mouth over fresh blood, HotStreak pulls his sticky hand away. Virgil blushes furiously as the other man brings cum covered fingers to his mouth, licking up the hero's seed. Still recovering from his fuzz, Virgil quickly makes himself decent. Brown eyes meet with green as they stare at each other for a moment. "U-uh…"

"No one saw if that what yer worrin' yer pretty little head with." Francis speaks softly, kissing the boy once more.

"But what if someone did?"

"Then they're sick perverts for watchin' two boys get pretty damn friendly." HotStreak snickers.

Oh! They're the perverts!? Have you looked in a mirror lately?

With a kiss on the cheek, Francis settles back into his seat.

The younger teen blushes as the rebel takes his hand, lacing their fingers. "Don't worry about it Virgil. I was careful." The red head kisses the back of Virgil's dark hand before returning his attention to the movie that was pretty much over.

Though…when he does that…he isn't as big a pervert as I thought…

"Hey HotStreak, wanna go out to eat after this?"

Francis turns his head slightly to see Virgil looking down in embarrassment. He had actually asked to go somewhere else. They had planned on a movie and joked about dinner. Guess it wasn't much of a joke now. The red head smiles softly, something he's rarely ever done.

"Sure. Anywhere you want V."