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Hello to you. I found myself loving the shit out of Spain/Romano and France/England so I started to write. Aah, I dunno what'll come of this but I hope you enjoy it anyway. xD

Please excuse Prussia and his cussing.

Prussia couldn't stop laughing at the sight of his two former allies. The loud sound of schadenfreude rang all over the large hallways of where the meetings of the world were held and many countries turned their heads to look what it was about, then, upon seeing it was just Prussia being an ass, turned to mind their own business again.

"Y-you stupid fucks," he managed to say as he struggled to breath. "What the hell happened?"

He looked at both Spain and France who were standing in front of him, both sporting rather painful looking black eyes. The angry shade of purple and gray was covering the upper corner of the Frenchman's eye, leaving the impression that a violent assault had landed on his temple while Spain's was more on his cheek.

"I discovered something wonderful!" Spain said, all too cheerful for someone so beaten up.

"I discovered something terrible." France responded sulkily, covering his beaten eye with his hand. He glanced at the beaming Spain beside him and Prussia watched with tremors of mirth running up and down his spine, as the Frenchman tugged Spain's shirt from his pants and slid his hand under it in some sort of a twisted revenge for not being as miserable as he.

Spain noticed nothing. Prussia was amused.

"So what did you two discover, then?"

"I'm in love," Spain said enthusiastically, waving his arms in excitement. "With Romano!"

"The fuck? How is that anything new!?" Really, the man had been all over the boy since forever. Heck, everyone knew that! You'd have to be blind not to notice. Well, blind or Spain.

Spain blinked, not quite getting it. The albino just sighed and rolled his eyes, resting his hand on his hip. "Let me guess. The moment you realized you were in love you ran straight to that grumpy little Italian hottie, confessed and tried to kiss him. Little bastard then freaked out and punched you in the face. Das ende."

France leaned against the tanned nation who had his mouth open in wonder, trying to ask how the hell Prussia could know all that, but was unable to do so in his amazement. Giving the poor confused man a hug, France sighed dramatically. "Our Spain has always been a bit slow."

"What about you then?" Prussia asked, responding France's I-don't-want-to-talk-about-it look with a sadistic smirk full of mockery. "Were you rejected again, poor bastard."

"Actually, I-" France started, straightening his back in an attempt to seem less miserable. "I'm in love as well."

Spain, still in his arms, gasped in delight. "Isn't that great?"

"Yeah," Prussia said, voice dripping with sarcasm. "How unexpected from a guy who's in love with everything that's doable."

"Ah, you don't get it at all, mes amours!" He mourned, the back of his hand resting on his forehead to create comical drama.

"Who is it then?"

The blond man froze for a while, then slumping into the depressed stage he had started his not so good day with. Aware that his two friends were looking at him expectantly, he covered his face with his hands and spoke with all the misery he had in him.

"An Englishman."

A silence hung around them for a while before Prussia broke it.

"Wait, wait, wait," he said, grabbing the Frenchman's tie. "You mean THE Englishman? With the eyebrows? The one who can't cook to save his life? The one who bullied our Spain-boy here? The one who's kicked your sorry ass more that it can be kicked!?"

When he received a weak nod from the blond, Prussia almost gave him another black eye to match.

"And the black eye?" he asked after he had managed to hold himself back.

"Well, after I realized it I went straight to confess to him and tried to kiss him but he freaked out and punched me in the face."

"...I can't believe how pathetic you two are." Prussia said with a sigh, shaking his head and letting go of the man's tie.

"If you're a man, just throw them to the wall and take them!" He declared loudly, the mad glint from his former days returning into his eyes as he gave his golden advice. "For fuck's sake, I can't believe I ever allied such useless dipshits!"

"Oh?" Was breathed into Prussia's ear suddenly, and the man froze dead in the middle of his madman laugh, a drop of sweat forming on his brow.

France and Spain watched as Hungary appeared from nowhere, an odd sense of perversity lingering around her. "If I remember correctly," she breathed into the albino's hair. "When you confessed to me and tried to kiss me something far more pathetic happened."

Prussia visibly shivered, France noted in fascination.

"After how many weeks was it that you woke up from that coma?"

"Sorry guys, I gotta go." And with that, the Prussian was no more, his retreat quick but not as passionate as an Italian's, Spain noted. The only thing he had left behind was a giggling Hungarian, eying the two nations sweetly, but unable to conceal the obvious hunger in her eyes.

"Just for the record," she said. "I agree with what Prussia said." then she swirled around and continued on her way with a skip in her step and a camera in hand.

"...Just throw them to the wall, huh?" France mused as he patted Spain on the butt.

To Be Continued... (obviously)