If you were to of told me that I'd met one guy who would change my life forever in a small town in New Hampshire while I was visiting my aunt after a hard break up with my consecutive boyfriend for 2 years, I would have never believed you. I would have told you multiple times that you where wrong and that you had no idea what you were talking about. Never would I have though that this would ever be a part of my life. I never thought that my boyfriend, Jake, would dump me right at the end of senior year.

Jake was I guess as you could say, perfect. He was the star of the football team, class president, and completely gorgeous. He stunned everyone with his good looks. His hair was always like all the other boys in school but what made him stand out above everyone else were his ocean blue eyes. Those eyes made all the girls want him, so I was incredibly surprised when he picked me to ask to homecoming junior year and even more when he asked me to be his girlfriend that night. When he asked me out I said yes, no questions asked, because I had a crush on him for all of high school because after all who didn't love a boy with blue eyes?

Then again though, it wasn't just Jake's looks that stood out. His personality did too; he was the kindest person I had ever met from holding doors open for everyone to helping someone pick someone's books after they had been stampeded in the hallway by all the seniors, he did it all.

I never saw the break up coming though, but now as I look back I can see the signs. When I went to hold his hand and he would always find ways to get out of it, but that was just Jake. He never really was a touchy person but he had always held my hand where ever we went. Now I realize though that when I held his hand I was always trying to control my breathing but now I realize that I should have thought more about how my hand would feel without his hand there. Also during this time I should have worried more about the happy ending that I always wanted but I guess it was never meant to happen with him.

In the end everything all came down to one thing, love. Love was very complicated, messy, and sometimes difficult but I learned that in the end, everything is worth it.