Dusty's Big Brother.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this story, Tim bowler and his publishers do.

Chapter two: where the bloody hell is he!

"Where the fucking hell has he gone now!" Dusty's dad shouts. The two girls come running to Josh's room, his pillow is covered with blood, his bed sheets are on the floor and the window is wide open, the room freezing cold, and a note on the bed.

"hello mum, dad, dusty

I'm sorry for all the pain I have caused you, I know how much of crap person I am, I hope that one day you will forgive me for what I have done, I have been the worst son, brother and friend anyone could wish for, I hope that one day you'll realize your better off without me.

The worst brother, son friend and person in the world, Josh"


A young boy, aged about 16 is standing at the top of a cliff, tears streak down his face, his eyes are red from tiredness and rubbing them. The boy has a rope tied around him and on the other end a bag or bricks.

"I'm so sorry." he keeps repeating over and over again. "I didn't mean to hurt anyone, I'm so sorry." he cries at the thought of never being able to look into his sisters eyes, or to get a hug of his parents, never going out with his mates, but for what I has done, he thinks, I deserve it. He thinks that his family will be better off that he's dead, that no one will really miss him, tears still running off his face.

Josh Stands up, he feels the freezing cold on his body, he has no shoes on, the snow if freezing his feet, he walks towards the edge of the cliff, he picks up the bag of bricks, tears have gotten worse now, he gets ready to throw the bricks over, he stops to think about what he is doing, then with a burst of strength he throws the bricks of the edge.

Everything seems in slow motion to him, the fall, the cold wind brushing on his pale skin and his white hair, the falls taking forever.

He gets engulfed by the water, images of the things he's never going to have or see again start appearing into his mind, his sister, Dusty, his farther and his mother, his friends,, he tries to let out a cry but his mouth is flooded by water, he tries to swim, but the bricks are keeping him down, he struggles more and more until darkness overcomes him…