Introductory video to the story can be found on Youtube under the search words "DistantLands" and "Sinbad." Use both words when searching separated with a space, and do not use quotes. Hope you enjoy the video. Now, on with the intro.


Dear reader,

Nice of you to show up and give this story a try. At least, it is sort-of a story, but we will explain to you how it all works in just a moment. It might take a little time, so bear with us.

Unlike the average fanfiction, this story is a collaboration of more than a dozen authors. Sounds strange? Let me explain.

"Distant Lands" is an Adventures of Sinbad rpg forum where writers gather and take on one or several characters to play them and see what comes of it. Its members decided that it would be nice to break the story, as it develops on the forum, into chapters and edit them for fanfiction net readers to read and get some fun from it. So what you will be reading is basically our rpg as it goes along, edited into a story format. So what exactly does that mean, and why do we think it could be a cool thing to post and read?

1) Variety!
There are, as we stated already, several writers, each writing one or two characters. This means different writing styles throughout the story, but it also means that we have a number of people doing really great in-depth character work.

2) Surprises are half the life!
We have a rough idea of the story and know what we want to exclude and include. We have some major plotting ideas, but other than that, nobody knows where this is going. It is a brand new experience for every chapter. Our story forms as we play, developing alongside with characters´ interactions and in game developments. That means you never know what´s coming your way which can be rather exciting to read.

3) Interactivity!
Each writer is part of the story with his or her characters. It´s a fun way to write, and it´s pretty interactive. If you like what you read and want to become part of it, just contact us via e-mail.

4) Tons of stories all in one!
For you as a reader, this means once you start you´re heading into a pretty complex story with a number of different storylines. They are connected, they meet and drift apart, and they show developments of many characters, each one important and individual in their own way.

Here´s a bit about the plot:

The rpg, and therefore this story, takes place a few days after the end of season 2. Sinbad and his crew have left Scratch´s Island with their captain deeply shaken about the events, but his crew barely less so. The captain has realized that he was on a slow but steady road down, and after a year of that due to losing Maeve, he and the crew now know that some things have to change, but that's not easy. However, now they are back on the open seas again, busy shipping a cargo to Basra.

Basra is still the place it used to be, but there are a few new characters. We will meet Kriss, the owner of a tavern, along with quite some familiar faces whose stories will affect and be affected by the arrival of the Nomad crew.

Danger, nonetheless, is not too far away. After a year of absence, Rumina is back for revenge. In the storm in which Maeve got lost, Rumina tried to get hold of her, but the spell that was supposed to kill Maeve, backfired on its caster and Dim-Dim stepped in before anything bad could happen. Instead, Rumina was weakened severely, needing a year to recover. A year in which her anger and hatred has only grown.

Maeve is still with Dim-Dim. Desperate and hopeless, she has still not found a way out and wonders if she ever will.

Distant Lands starts off just there, with slight changes to the second season in so far as that we all agreed we will stubbornly ignore the origin of the rainbow bracelets as shown in the show. There were no aliens. There never were. No, sir. Instead we make Dim-Dim the giver of the rainbow bracelets.

Okay, moving on. In the cast, you'll find lots of old friends here, but a few new faces as well. And if a writer or his style catches your attention, many of us have accounts. (Players with accounts are marked with *)


The Nomad crew:
Sinbad: played by Niliathiel*
Almighty Master of the Seven Seas, he is cocky, witty, sarcastic, and madly in love with Maeve, whose disappearance has brought him into depression. He had a rainbow bracelet on him, though he does not know who gave the rainbow bracelet, when he woke up from a storm that almost killed him.

Doubar: played by TiaKisu*
Older brother of Sinbad and first mate, he is a gentle giant who has a big heart and looks after his younger brother.

Firouz: played by Modestus*
Scientist of the Nomad, his inventions come in handy.

Bryn: played by Modestus*
Sorceress found on island and joined the crew after Maeve disappeared, she does not remember her past and is learning to control her powers better. She also had a rainbow bracelet when she woke up on the island.

Maeve: played by Maevelynn*
Hot-tempered but passionate Celtic sorceress, she joined Sinbad's crew after her mentor, Master Dim Dim, became trapped in Turok's spell. After one year, she got washed overboard in a storm.

Rongar: played by Anime Princess*
Silent moor, he cannot talk due to the fact that his tongue was cut off.

Dermott: played by fancyfool*
Maeve's hawk and taken up by Bryn when Maeve became missing, he is actually Maeve's bother and can share his thoughts telepathically with both Maeve and Bryn along with others who hold the power.

Others (goodies and in-betweens)
Master Dim Dim: played by Jen
Maeve's mentor and powerful sorcerer, he was trapped in an alternate dimension by Turok's spell, carried out by Iblis (also known as Admir), a demon who was later killed by Sinbad, and the crew have been searching for him and seeking a way to free him. He managed to rescue Maeve when she got washed overboard in the storm and took her into his alternate dimension where he could train her magic.

Talya: played by eewone
Pirate Queen known as the Black Rose, she used to be part of Sinbad's crew many years ago before the storm that almost claimed Sinbad's life. She was later taken up by Rumina and had a spell placed on her.

Caipra: played by floflo185*
Wife of Master Dim Dim, she lives in Basra and desperately waits for Sinbad and his crew to find her husband. She helps out the crew with her Magic whenever she can.

Serendib: played by Marina
Witch in training and former pupil of Rumina, she was saved from Rumina's spell on her and her home, the Isle of Mist, by Sinbad, Maeve, and the crew.

Mala: played by TiaKisu*
Sinbad's mother who died when he was only two, she was killed in a storm but managed to watch over her sons in spirit and visits them when they are in danger. Sinbad nor anybody else in the crew, except Doubar, knows who she is. She has partial control over the sea.

Rumina: played by Electra11*
Daughter of Turok and sorceress, although she had a crush on Sinbad, she vowed to kill him. However, after the Griffin's Stone, a magical stone, was dropped into her cave before Maeve became washed overboard, Rumina became weakened.

Turok: played by MidnightDew*
Father of Rumina and a powerful, yet evil, sorcerer, he was killed be Sinbad but was later resurrected by Scratch, the devil.

Plunkett: played by eewone
Pirate and nemesis of Sinbad, he joined forces with Rumina against the captain of the Nomad.

Scratch: played by Negalmuur*
Demonic devil, he strives to get Sinbad's soul and formed a short-lived alliance with Rumina about a year ago to destroy the captain and his crew, which did not succeed. A few days ago, he managed to lure Sinbad to him, trying to get him to join the dark side. But, with the help of Mala, Sinbad again prevailed, and Scratch's plan failed. However, this would not stop Scratch from achieving his goal.

Original characters
Eleana: played by MagicalMoonStar*
Witch in training in Captain Plunkett´s crew, her parents were killed in a war and she became a slave until she managed to escape.

Kriss de Valnor: played by Inbid*
Tavern owner in Basra, she had a son and met Caipra in Basra. She can also use a sword and is very skilled in archery.

Rhyad: played by Manu
Pirate and first mate in Captain Plunkett´s crew, he takes care of the Apocalypse, the name of Plunkett's ship.

Sean: played by Marina
Middle aged sailor of Nomad crew, he was raised by a fishing family but was thrown out due to his insistence to become a sailor and was taken up by Master Dim Dim at the age of 6. He left Master Dim Dim before Maeve came to the sorcerer.

Viola: played by Jen
Sailor but not part of Nomad crew, she was born in Japan where her village was destroyed by an evil sorcerer who took her as a slave. When she escaped, she changed her name to help conceal her identity.